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Find below the customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the fashion retailer.

Head Office
7 Temasek Blvd,
#12-07, Singapore 038987

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: nil

About SheIn
SheIn is a Chinese online clothing retailer launched in 2008. The website features trending styles, designs and patterns for young women and teens. SheIn has an in-house production and quality check team checking the standards of items. The clothing retailer currently ships to over 80 countries. It also operates separate websites to cater to shoppers in US, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy and the Middle East. The websites are operated by SheIn Group Ltd. The website is available in multiple languages, with the option of price being listed in USD, EUR, INR, GBP, SGD, AUD and JPY.

Fashionistas can explore the What’s New and Trends section on the website to see fresh and contemporary designs. The Sale section has those items that you can get on fabulous prices. Product categories found on the website include tshirts, tops, bodysuits, shorts, skirts, pants, jeans, blouses, swimwear, men’s clothing, dresses, shoes, flats, boots, slippers, sneakers, sunglasses, belts, hats, and scarves.

Each product listing contains description, size guide and price. There are also high quality pictures accompanying the products giving closer view. Payment for purchases can be made using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. The shipping options and timeframe is revealed during checkout. Standard shipping within the US takes 6-8 days. The processing of orders takes 3-7 business days. A confirmation email will be sent with details of tracking and others.

After receiving the item, if you are not fully satisfied, you can return the same within 60 days for a full refund. The items must be returned in its original condition. All returns will be processed within 7 days upon receipt of package. Regular shoppers can register for the SheIN Bonus Point loyalty program to earn and redeem points. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, shipping, or others, reach the SheIN support.


  1. Suzanne Allen Reply

    Absolutely the worst online shopping experience I’ve ever had. Poor quality clothes received a week after delivery date. Can’t get into account to process a refund so imagine thats how they make there money.

  2. Not at all happy, my order wasnt delivered on time and I couldnt talk to any one for help. I am really upset at my purchase.

  3. I guess I’m done with SHEIN. Too many people in the comments with my same problem. My son’s bday is tomorrow, I ordered clothes well over three weeks ago, it says sent but I haven’t received my package.

  4. briana redl Reply

    I got my package in a timely manner but made a return which went successfully and asked for my refund to be made to my original form of purchase, which was a credit card. They refunded it to a PayPal account (which i don’t even have by the way) and i’m frustrated i can’t reach them in any way about it.

  5. I’ve never encountered a problem until now. I ordered my niece’s Christmas present in November to make sure I would have in time for Christmas. Now tracking says it was signed and delivered and I have not received anything. I have tried to contact SheIn and has been in vein, there is no number you can call and the customer service they have is automatic and never gets you anywhere. I am so disappointed! Christmas is around the corner and now my niece does not have a Christmas present. It was $100 dollars worth of clothes and shoes, now I just want my money back.

  6. I ordered some boots on Nov 29th and said my stuff will be here Dec 11-13 and it had said delivered and i still have not gotten my boots. Highly disappointed and upset. Everytime I get on the chat always busy and takes 48 hrs for them to get back with you through email not happy and was my first time ordering from them . Never again. I better get my money back.

  7. Absolutely disappointed with the incompetent delivery guy, who returned my order to the warehouse but didn’t even attempt delivering it.

    And to top it off he doesn’t know the warehouse number and the number on the website doesn’t even go through.


    What a joke

  8. I have been waiting almost 2 months for my order. Not able to speak to anyone and no updates. First time ordering and it has not been a good experience!! I almost forgotten what I ordered….just would like money back

    • I have been waiting almost 2 months for my order. Not able to speak to anyone and no updates. It stated that it would have been here on oct 31-nov 3 2022 and I haven’t received anything I just want my money back .

  9. I have ordered some items in August and till to date I haven’t received my refund. I’m disappointed with shein. I have completed the refund form and forwarded my proof of payment for speedy refund all they say we will revert back to you.

  10. Felicity Mbolambi Reply

    I’m so disappointed about waiting for something I paid in full for such unreasonable time. My order was supposed to be delivered on the 4/12/2022. Until today I haven’t received. The couriers you use here in South Africa are not reliable . Please review your customer services.

  11. I will never order again it’s been over 2 months and haven’t received my order. Can’t talk to a real person and get a complete run around with emails. They sent me the wrong thing completely. WHERE IS MY ORDER???

  12. They are not legit anymore. I paid for my order an amount of more than R2000.00 via my bank app. They changed the way of payment that allow us to use their link for SARS or delivery. I paid the money and sent them screenshot of history of payment and they don’t want to accept it. Their WhatsApp number is not working, they don’t even bother theirselves by responding on my chats. Their 087 and landline is not even ringing it is just cutting and m so disappointed on them

  13. How can I contact customer service about tracking my order because I still have not received my package and it’s been over two weeks. I’d rather get my money back if they have not packed it yet.

  14. I haven’t received my order for a long time, either you can deposit my money in my account or SHEIN Wallet. Why is no one solving my problem yet? I got an email from every SheIn employee, but each of them said something, then I got an email from another SheIn employee, but no one solved my problem, because every time I email the employees SheIn will change everything, put yourself in my place, how can you solve the problem!!!!!!

  15. Angela Banks Reply

    I ordered my dress for a work related event tomorrow with more than enough time to get it. They don’t have any working customer service phone number. The emails are automatic. My package says it was signed for but left at my door. Video says different and city street cameras agree. I don’t have a dress or my money either.

  16. Never had a problem with shein before except for today. Tracker says signed and delivered..Never received my $100 ?? oh dear.I’m so disappointed right now ?

  17. I order from shein, they were normally good with their shipping, but lately, I ordered 2 separete order, one has come. but the other one is missing, i kept on sending them an enquiries about my undelivered orderorder but no reply yet. I hope they will reply mvery soon. When track that order, it says returned to sender and says the person is unknown to that address, and also says unknown address. But I have the same address all that time, and the other order was delivered to my address. I dont know whats going on with them. But if they dont nreply very soon, I will put a complaint to authority who i hope will listen to me.

  18. This company sucks. I ordered clothes a month ago. No confirmation email, but charged my credit card. How do I get a refund? I checked my credit card and payment went through. BBB should be involve.

    • I agree Patricia. This was my first and last time ordering from this company. They overcharged me for sales taxes and when I returned items for refund, they didn’t refund any sales taxes period.

  19. I received my order but the items that I ordered and paid for were not all delivered. I contacted the delivery company and they suggested that I contact Shein I’ve been trying to do that.

  20. I placed 2 orders over a month ago. Not heard anything from them. No emails or anything! My credit card said I was charged for them. Still want my orders if possible.

  21. Yvonne Wright Reply

    I’m loving Shein, my biggest problem are returning item it’s not very clear. Why don’t you have a simplified system in place?. Pls anybody out there who can help. Worried that the return time will run out, leaving me with two unwanted items I want to return.

    • You are allowed 1 free return per order. To start a return select the order your item was purchased. Select return and confirm item to be returned and select reason. You will want to return any items within that order at this time for free. They will provide a shipping label that must be printed and placed on a sealed package. I just reuse there’s and cover the label used to ship to me.

    • That’s just so amazing how I can find myself in the same situation like you! We’re currently October, 22th and I placed two refund. And just like you I find myself with two unwanted items. Also this system with the chat conversation is so badddd!! I can’t even be updated about the process, or how long it’s going to take, nor to mention that their return policy is maximum 45 days when they take a lot in the delivery time. And yet when it’s about to get people charged they are so fast. At the minute they quickly cut your money. It’s not serious on their part!

  22. I will never buy anything from this place again!! Absolutely horrible customer service. Didn’t receive my order and there isn’t anything I can do ?

  23. I have been buying from shein since the pandemic started and I’ve never had a problem until today when I received the package and a dress was missing and then another order says it can’t be delivered, to contact your delivery service. But I don’t know who my delivery service is. How do you contact these people to find out where my order is and where my dress is?

  24. Never Again! Spent about $50 on my baby girl clothes. Order never came. I looked up tracking number on FedEx… It just kept saying “pending”. I waited 30 days til I finally reached out to FedEx Customer Service and was told that the package from SHEIN arrived at FedEx EMPTY! It’s difficult getting in contact with SHEIN via online chat it’s pointless using it. There is no way to contact them via phone for some reason and they also do not have a functioning email.

  25. Returned order still awaiting refund. No customer service what so ever!! Tried on line chat with SHEIN Bot – no response.
    Nothing on the app that shows how to contact customer services? Now going to get my credit card company involved. Dissatisfied and disappointed.

  26. Lydia Muweh Reply

    The tracking of this order GSUNCE39T00MB4K says it has been delivered but I haven’t received the order. Also a blue dress in my previous order wasn’t received too but tracking also shows its been delivered

  27. They said they posted my refund for 164.61 and I never received my money back. I never have issues with them for me always work fine
    I tried to get in contact with them with out any success I am extremely surprised because I am been dealing with then with several purchases and never had any problem

  28. I ordered kids sneakers on, the order processed through SHEINCOM Bloemfontein. I have an order number but no tracking number. My order basket is empty. No contact email or number for SHEIN. It’s terrible!

  29. It’s crazy they don’t have a customer service number. I have 9 transactions from my account and I didn’t order any of it. My bank is saying call Shein, first. These people have no contact number that I can find! I’m pissed.

    • It’s sad my daughter loves their clothes but I’m gonna have to stop buying here because there is no customer service or person you can speak with. I got an email stating I had items lost and transit and they were giving me bonus points like what? No I want my money back

      • They’re usually ok, I only had problems with my last order. Tracking said “signed for” but I never signed nor received. I’m not ordering again until they replace my order. Mail has been slow lately so I’m hoping for the best.

  30. I ordered a package on 6/3/22 and still have not received my order. I contacted on track and was told they would reach out to me with updates. It showed delivered on Shein app but it is not!!! I’m really upset I spent $60 and got nothing.

  31. I ordered some sandals , they just came in the mail in received 2 left slides ! After waiting 2 weeks to get my order ! In this never happened to me before with them ! But next time I will not be ordering anything else from them . This Suck ! And sheinnnnn Watchhhhh who packaging the orderss !!!

  32. I ordered from Shein. Received my order today and I am not happy. I ordered the airpods, heart pattern case compatible with airpods, luminous silicone case compatible with airpods, figure graphic case compatible with airpods and sunflower case compatible with airpods. I got the cases but not the airpods.

    • They are probably the cases only….i’m not sure if you mean the actual airpods but you aren’t finding airpods with a cute case for $1.50 anywhere!

      • Michelle L Smith Reply

        Has anyone received a “delay” on their tracking info? Is it delivered FedEx or USPS? It’s supposed to be delivered between July 14-17, but message says its in delay because no one was home when delivered. I was home.

        • I just saw after I purchased my order is that they switched shipping companies. They use lasership now & they are not reliable.

  33. Ollie M Jackson Reply

    I have placed several orders with this company, was satisfied, until my last order was placed, they’ve taken the money from my account, and now the order is on hold, they’ve cooked up some ridiculous stuff asking for verification code of from my financial institution, will not happen. Very disappointed.

  34. I ordered a ring light & phone holder for my mum for her birthday! It arrived without the connecting piece to hold the phone holder on to the light… completely pointless and a massive downer on her birthday present we had already been waiting for!!

    • First and last time ordering from SHEIN!!! Received email saying my package was delivered but I never got it! Tried to reach out to SHEIN. Gave me a tracking number for ups. I Filed a claim about my package and it said it needs a contact number for the company. I had to FB message SHEIN (which I had to go through hoops) and ask for a number and they told me they don’t have a contact number. How do I file a claim if you don’t have a contact number. Ask for a full refund and I’m getting the run around.

  35. I ordered two items on SHEIN with Visa cards and when received the items they didn’t fit. When I went to return the items they asked if I wanted the money transferred to SHEIN wallet and I said yes.. After they were returned I did receive my refund to my SHEIN wallet and I tried to purchase three other items. I just received an email from SHEIN fraud Dept. that my order did not pass their risk system.

  36. I have been ordering from Shein for awhile and never had any issues until recently, my account was suspended and I don’t know why. No number to contact them, tried emailing them several times, no response, tried to contact customer service but because my account was suspended. I have restricted service, tried talking to live agent, who take their time to reply and next thing you know your chat ended midway due to inactivity.

  37. What a terrible service. Order placer ages ago, email received to say order would be another 2 to 5 days, 10 days later and still no sign. Email says here is 50 coupons for the inconvenience well they can keep that as will never order from this website again or recommend anyone to use it. I expect the blame will be put onto postal service but surely a company of this size would have ensured better facilities. Dreadful website and even worse customer service.

  38. I had purchased months and months ago two bathing suits I received one and still over three months waiting for the second one to come in and I would like to know where it is. I purchased it I paid for it and have never received it. I have tried for days to get a hold of someone they put you on the chat that does not respond and put you in contact with someone they want you to pay for to speak to. I am very disappointed and I will be going to the Better Business Bureau about this company.

    • I ordered four things, which was split into 2 packets. Received only 2 items, I’m still waiting for the other two things that I ordered to get here. This is my first time using SHEIN and I was trying to confirm that i received only 2 things. But it made it seem like I got everything I ordered.

    • I placed an order with my correct address and I got an email that my order was signed for and delivered to me and I never received the order. I tracked the order saw it was delivered to a wrong address which was what happened with my previous order. I sent an email to them and I got a response in Chinese. I also tried to chat with one of their representatives and he told me there was no such order after giving him details of my order.

  39. I placed an order April 15th my estimated delivery rd date was April 28-30th. I never received it. I was told to keep waiting and then May 3rd they sent a message saying my package is lost. Now I have nothing to bring to my trip for Mexico like I had planned. A reshipment won’t reach to me on time. I was lied to the entire time by the shein agents.

    • Same thing happened to me and it kept saying it was delivered. How do I even reach customer service, this is ridiculous. I’m never ordering g from here again. I work too hard for my money just for them to just take my money

    • I ordered some items about a month now but had to return 2 of the shoes, shein sent me a notification saying that they have received the returned items and refund have been made but up until now I still have not received any money back to my account. I have tried contacting them but no response. I am really disappointed and do not know what to do next as there is no reliable means of contacting them, they made their system so that they can reach you but made it impossible to reach them, that is fraudulent.

  40. I have made two separate orders, each having between 5-8 items. That was about 3 weeks ago, haven’t received anything besides a black jacket I purchased. This is ridiculous and no one way to contact any one. I do not recommend

    • I purchased a few items 2 months ago and I still haven’t reviewed my order. This is my third order so I’m confused as to why I have to wait for so long for my order. I paid customs twice because apparently I did not “pay the first time”. I even provided proof of payment. Do I get my refund or how is this gonna play out??

    • I tried to place an order on my debit card which had more than enough to cover the balance. It was denied requesting another form of payment. I gave my American Express card information and it was denied requesting another form of payment. My husband gave his American Express card information and that still wasn’t accepted. Upon doing further research, we learned from friends that their card information was stolen by Shein and expensive fraudulent charges were made on their cards which were extremely difficult to reconcile. Trying to communicate with anyone from Shein is virtually impossible and more money is charged for simply trying to do so. I don’t trust this company.

  41. I am missing 2 items shoes and a Blouse. Spent over 10hrs and still nothing is happening. If this is what Shein stands, I will never spend another dime. I will call my credit card if these 2 items don’t come to me

  42. The service of this company is disastrous, the shoes never arrived and they do not return the money, Jerica from Shein responds saying that you have to wait and you cannot make a complaint, it is unfortunate.

  43. I had a transaction to show up on my cash app that I didn’t make nor did I authorize one. I reached out to cash app only for them to tell me that it’s a pending charge and there’s nothing they can do, I reached out to Shein company through customer service and no response. I don’t appreciate being taken advantage of.

    • I order a package January 7, 2023 and I recieved and email on the 23rd saying its been delivered and signed for. I have not recieved any package nor signed anything. I’ve email multiple time checked with neighbors and tried to get through customer service. It only allows me to text a bot not a real person or even have a # to call. I don’t appreciate not being able to get through to someone or costumer service in regards to my order I’ve spent money on and I can’t even get a respond or refund back.

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