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Contact SheIN: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Rm 19c Lockhart Ctr 301-307
Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: nil

About SheIn
SheIn is a Chinese online clothing retailer launched in 2008. The website features trending styles, designs and patterns for young women and teens. SheIn has an in-house production and quality check team checking the standards of items. The clothing retailer currently ships to over 80 countries. It also operates separate websites to cater to shoppers in US, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy and the Middle East. The websites are operated by SheIn Group Ltd. The website is available in multiple languages, with the option of price being listed in USD, EUR, INR, GBP, SGD, AUD and JPY.

Fashionistas can explore the What’s New and Trends section on the website to see fresh and contemporary designs. The Sale section has those items that you can get on fabulous prices. Product categories found on the website include tshirts, tops, bodysuits, shorts, skirts, pants, jeans, blouses, swimwear, men’s clothing, dresses, shoes, flats, boots, slippers, sneakers, sunglasses, belts, hats, and scarves.

Each product listing contains description, size guide and price. There are also high quality pictures accompanying the products giving closer view. Payment for purchases can be made using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. The shipping options and timeframe is revealed during checkout. Standard shipping within the US takes 6-8 days. The processing of orders takes 3-7 business days. A confirmation email will be sent with details of tracking and others.

After receiving the item, if you are not fully satisfied, you can return the same within 60 days for a full refund. The items must be returned in its original condition. All returns will be processed within 7 days upon receipt of package. Regular shoppers can register for the SheIN Bonus Point loyalty program to earn and redeem points. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, shipping, or others, reach the SheIN support.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. I ordered at SHEIN for the second time as the first Oder was successful.Right now my order was supposed to be delivered on 15 of December 2021 and there hasn’t been anything.Tried calling the delivery company but there’s no response and the only thing written on the tracking is moved to NNN and it’s been since the day I was supposed to receive the delivery. Please help me ,I had paid everything and am sure I never received any missed call from the delivery people.

    • My kids are waiting for the delivery impatiently. How do I tell them it ain’t coming. What company does not have a contact number. Buffalo logistics is forever unavailable. Shein sends an email I must pay customs. HOW??????. No other details. I am also told that the order will either be returned to them or destroyed.

  2. Hani Al-Mohair Reply

    unfortunately, I found that the company has very bad customer service. No phone number to contact. they are using the bot for answering the customers ( no respect). and they are answering the emails after 24 hours. I received the wrong order and now I don’t know where is my order and how can I reach them and get my order soon.

    • Me too! I just ordered some clothes but looked at what had shipped and it definitely wasn’t my order. They also put in the complete wrong address so I can’t even get the package when it comes. But was still charged for it.

  3. I have lost my phone whereby I lost tracking number in it, I was supposed to check my order I’m so worried about it, the worst part I payed custom at buffalo please I really need help with it in order to see where are my orders

    • I ordered some items off of SHEIN and was charged an extra $30.97 for the shipment to pass through customs, I’m now receiving emails saying my shipment has “attempted failure”. Now I can’t even get in contact with the company and will probably not receive a refund because I don’t have my package. It’s been over 3 weeks since I ordered as well. Not impressed

  4. I ordered three items October 3 it is now October 20. I still know nothing if I’m even going to get anything. I will never order from them again I can’t even get a hold of them. No phone number.. nothing

    • lisa garner Reply


      This is the number I found online for shines customer service. I would also try emailing them. They’re telling me I’m not posting enough lines so I’m just writing this because apparently you can only answer with a certain amount of words which makes little sense.

  5. Elizabeth Riley Reply

    I wish I had to read these comments before ordering from SHEIN. I ordered goods to the value of £38 + from them and even though they stated the goods would be delivered by Royal Mail on 17 September 2021 I received an email saying the goods was delivered by Hermes. There was a photo of the building I live in but no picture of a parcel. This is the first time I order from this online shop and I am so disappointed. After reading all these reviews I know I will never get the goods I ordered or my money back. These people seem to have no contact number or any conscience. I would never order anything from them again. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM YES THEY ARE SCAMMERS. In future I will stick to companies I know of in the UK. Is there any overseeing body that people could report to, to have this company removed from the internet?

  6. I placed an order and recieved a message saying my card information cannot be confirmed. I’ve ordered a number of things off the internet and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten that message. I have sufficient funds and Green Dot said the problem was on Shein’s end. I’ve contacted what is supposed be customer service according to my google search results but the only thing I’ve recieved from Shein is a message saying my order timed out, was automatically cancelled and instructions on how to repurchase my order. Which doesnt make n e sense bcuz how can I repurchase sum thing that I never purchased bcuz my card information cudnt be confirmed and purchase did not complete, timed out and ultimately cancelled, therefore repurchase is not the correct term to use when an order has been cancelled. I have received that same message at least 6 times but never a solution 2 ny problem or even an attempt 2 fix my problem. I will not be making n e more purchases from Shein as their credit card machine doesn’t work and their customer service is nonexistent. I was told the f iui set day my problem wud be fixed in 24 hours and this is going on the 4th day, so that’s not a good sign.

  7. I payed express shipping and never received my order it was over $300 it says delivered but i don’t have it and I called customer service they said they’d track the truck and have them call me but never did

  8. This site is awful. I reviewed items that were way too big and also one item I bought never showed up. So now I am having to pay to return the huge dresses and it’s hard trying to get to customer service!!!

    • Placed an order with shein on 3rd December. Its normally royal mail. But this time its hermes. It should have been delivered on 14th December & iam still waiting. Can’t even get a refund. There is no customer service at all. So now iam out of pocket.

  9. I’ve placed an order and this is a rip-off. I bought one set from this company and I’ve only received the shirt without the pants. This is a scam, don’t buy from this website.

  10. I see that this is common for July orders. I placed an order on July 28 with a delivery date of August 6th and it has not arrived. And you can’t get a live person with customer service.

  11. I have ordered my SHEIN outfit on the 28th of July and was supposed to get it today on the 6th of august and still haven’t gotten my order wondering what has happened because I want it here by tomorrow

  12. I ordered from SHEIN on the 17th of July and it was supposed to arrive on the 28th or 29th well it didn’t arrive so I gave it another day and it still didn’t arrive so I contacted them which took FOREVER for a response. And they told me to give them 3 more days and if it wasn’t here within those 3 days to contact again and they would talk to me about a refund so I waited and still nothing so I contacted them again and they said it would be here August 3rd it was not here. Here it is August 4th and they refunded my whole order and gave me $134 back when I paid $162 so I waited 19 days for NOTHING but a refund of only half my money. this is ridiculous I will not be shopping from here again. what makes it even worse is my sister ordered hers a day before mine and hers got here on time so it doesn’t make since for mine not to come on time.

  13. Sphiwe Mathebula Reply

    I ordered on the 9th of July and my order was supposed to have arrived from the 29 July to 3 August, but I haven’t received it and it say it is delivered on the website. I’m fuming my first online order and this inconvenience.

  14. I ordered from shein and received my delivery in (Egypt). But was surprised that i had to pay another (1850 EGP) for customs. And before I confirmed my order it said free shipping and free delivery.

  15. I did not receive the parcel even though it was estimated to come between 11-13 of June. I gave it a couple of days and checked with the mailbox and asked the neighbors as well if they saw it around. It is marked as delivered even though i did not received it yet.

  16. I returned an order and said the return was processed and I was refunded, but it’s been a month and I still don’t have my money back. It’s not in my SHEIN wallet and it’s not in the original account that I bought the items with, this was the return method I chose.

    • Same here! returned 3 items on April 30 and it is like they went into a black hole. I want my refund!!!! The problem is the return label is tracking that it is still in transit… for 2 months?! Seems shady that I have sent back 3 dresses and still have no refund. Feel like I got scammed here!

      • Same experience, Returned items arrived to the warehouse on April 16. I have yet to receive my refund as it says processing warehouse inspection. Attempted to chat with customer service and was told there are delays due to changes in warehouses.

        • Does anyone have a phone number for these people or could tell me how to contact this company??? They have taken money off of my granddaughter debt card, she accidentally hit the wrong state when making her order,we can’t find away to get help with it

  17. I purchased a bow top sandle from SHEIN. The base is foam & the elasticated band is very loose. I slipped in them down my carpeted staircase and broke the two bones in my ankle.

    I think they are unfit for purpose & should be pulled from your inventory,

  18. Hello, I was supposed to have a delivery today from GSL Belgium. From 1 the driver he did not even ring my doorbell he came to the door and left without ringing (I looked at him from the window and I made a sign for him to wait, he left without following up). The second thing you send me an order that has nothing to do with my order the SHEIN reference of my order is different than the one that was delivered to me I received a sweater while I had ordered around items summer.

  19. At first I loved shein for their nice & affordable clothing but omfg….they take SO long to deliver. I ordered clothes on May 17 AND i paid an extra $12 for a faster shipping and it is still not here. This is ridiculous! It has been saying in transit from May 23. I wouldn’t have mind if I paid for regular shipping, but the fact that they literally said it would be here within a week is annoying. Like shein what you have to lie for!?? Making me spend extra money for it to come a month later. This is so frustrating because I cannot contact them in any way but email & they don’t even answer that. I’m never placing an order again because they really do not care about their customers!

    • I ordered a swimsuit from here and received the bottom and not the top! There is no way that I can contact customer service at all!! I will never order from Shein again if they don’t fix the problem!

  20. Very disappointed in this company! I placed and order and the first one was returned for unknown reasons. The second order was shipped and said delivered, but still have not received anything, after a month waiting. Now I’m out a lot of money and no way to contact them. Worst customer service ever! Will not be ordering again.

    • Isis Echevarria Reply

      Agreed ! Worst customer service ever! I placed a package in MARCH!! Never received it due to “wrong address” was told to contact all the delivery companies in my area to see which one had the package. NONE had the package AND on the website said my package had already been “returned to sender”. I tried emailing twice to the supposed email they provide and there is no number. The computer to message with issues is horrible and yet still no refund on my package that I NEVER received. But supposedly we are to receive a refund a few days after the package is on it ways back to sender. Lost a lot of money as well, this is horrible !

  21. I ordered first week in April and all I see now in the tracking is it is in transit. It is almost two months now.

    • Hi! I was wondering if you ever got your refund? Bc I had an issue same to yours. I’ve also tried to email them no response and you can only leave messages with who ever answers but they never call back. Never again will I order from SHEIN

  22. Disappointed and fuming! I returned an item as the arm length was too short paid for tracked postage and shows on Royal Mail it arrived on 30th April it’s now the 19th May and there website still shows on my account that they have not received it. When they clearly have they signed for it. Cant find anywhere to contact them it’s all just robots that churn questions at you that are useless. So not only have I lost money for the jacket £15 I’ve also lost £6 for delivery cost. It’s beyond a joke how can they run a company without a customer service. I will not be ordering from them again!

    • I will NEVER shop here again. I bought some stuff and it was too big so I returned them in the beginning of may and It was over $100 worth of items that I returned. It’s the end of the month and I haven’t heard anything. It was accepted by usps and last I heard it was in New Jersey but that’s it. I can’t even get I to contact with customer service to get my money back. Smh this is the worse

  23. Very disappointed that my order has not arrived yet.
    The estimated date was 10 to the 15 of May 2021.
    I am still awaiting my order its been more than a shows that my package has been delivered but I haven’t received anything. Won’t order from shein again.

    • Lisa Johnson Reply

      I return a few items in the end of April. I sent them back by UPS and they were supposed to have receive them, someone signed for it at their New Jersey Warehouse. On the website it says haven’t received and then they asked me for additional information which I gave them. I even tried emailing them no response, there’s no way to contact customer service the number they provided don’t work. I really did like their clothes and my first order came within a week. But now I am so f mad. I would have been okay with just the credit. So it looks like I lost $100 but I will be filing a suit to get my money. The headquarters is in Hong Kong and I have the address, I will be sending them a letter certified to give them a chance to send me my refund if not I’ll be talking to my lawyer. I don’t have $100 to throw down the freaking drain.

  24. Sangeeta Singh Reply

    I ordered my things on 30th of April and it was showing delivery date on 10th or 11th of May. Still didn’t received . And its horrible that we can not talk to any one as there is no contact number. One order I received which I ordered later . Donno what to do now,?

  25. My order says it is delivered, but it is no where to be found. I have tried contacting them, but haven’t found any way to do that yet. All i get is questions and answers from their page.

  26. GSHMLR00200089S
    I ordered a 4xl in a top and your package says 4xl but inside is a 1xl. I am from South Africa and this remains your fault.
    I do not have funds to return on my expense because you do not check. I want a refund or the right size posted to me on your expense and have the wrong item picked up on your expense.

  27. I am very disappointed with your service thus far. A friend recommended to take a look at your site and I spent hours of my time looking at clothing and accessories, as you know how many products you carry. I read multiple comments on sizing to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. I was informed I would receive my products I ordered (12 of them) between april 27-may 2. I looked out my door every morning anxious and excited as I have never ordered anything online before. I then get an email on may 1st that my order was shipped back to you. Why?? Regardless, now I’m denied 2 products I originally ordered because you are out of stock?? They were sent back then given to another customer?? Now you are stating I exchanged them when it was no fault of mine! Then I’m given 50 points worth 50 cents as compensation?? Also I have to wait another 3 weeks for my products?? Unacceptable. 50 cents is insulting. Never mind the fact I only apparently have 30 days to use it towards another order.

  28. I ordered two shipments within a day of each other and paid for express mail. My fist package was early. My second still has yet to come and it says it was SHIPPED APRIL 17th. It’s now May the 3rd. I want to be able to talk to a customer service representative because this is absolutely ridiculous. Literally my second order EVER. And if this continues it will be my LAST

    • I will not be buying from them ever. Their service is very terrible plus its hard to contact them. I ordered for some items and they sent me a different item and now don’t even know how to reach them. No one is even responding to messages. They are waste of time.

  29. I ordered 2 packages and purchased the fast shipping for $12.99
    My shipment was delayed and you guys only compensated me .50 cents.
    I want my $12.99 back For both shipments please.

  30. I recently bought two swimsuits and when I bought them it said I could return them but then I got back from out of town and my swimsuit we in. I tried them on they didn’t fit and I tried to return them but it says I can’t return them.

  31. I received my order from shein, it was a top. The quality was not a good one, it was different from the photo and now I can not return it, as according to the instructions I should find the “return items” button on my account. I can only see my order and the buttons ‘track’, ‘repurchase’, ‘my review’. I ‘ve searched the whole menu and the whole account and did not find what the instructions of return mention. Furthermore there isn’t any contact detail to address to. I searched google, but any link I found was a page with an error. Totally uneccaptable for an Eshop not to have a contact detail. I think shein is a fraud. Don’t buy from this shop. They have poor quality Chinese items and you can’t contact them, thankfully I only got an item from this Eshop.

    • Cynthia Jones Reply

      I have been waiting for my order for over 1 month now I’ve asked for a refund and I haven’t received a refund or any information about my order or my refund and this is the second time I’ve had an issue with this company. They have very poor customer service. I think i woll have to contact my attorney about this situation because at this point I feel like they are stealing from customers and they need to be stopped.

      • I also bought clothes worth €153 on the 16th of November and only received them on the 21st of December only to find that almost everything didn’t fit,out of 9 items I only took 3 and returned the other 6 today and I was told that I can’t get a tracking number since it is free post and if I want a tracking number it would cost me €62 which is almost half of what my order cost and that’s ridiculous,so I guess I just have to wait and see if I actually get my refund or to just forget about it but it was a lot of money I really regret buying from them!

        • I too made an ordered worth 300 and I still have not received my package. It had been over a month now and I have not gotten any contact from them about my order. I was previously was suppose to get my order in the 2nd week of December but they said it might be late. I am worried and I have tried many ways to contact them and found that this is the only possible way.

    • I want to return a few things also and i have the same problem, any ideas of what i could do? Ive been searching for hours on how to return these things but there is no “return item” button for me either. Very dissapointed

    • I have bought 3 items from shein and not one of them have been delivered to me. I have put in the right address and everything. At first it was delayed it was supposed to come on April 1st but was delayed and now it says April 7th. Iv waited, it told me it delivered to me but obviously I never got it, i used the app shop to track it and when I did it said it was coming right to me. Later on that day I looked it never came and said it was returning to sender. I have spend over 50 dollars and this isn’t the first time this has happened. I’m very upset.

  32. Hi people, never ever buy from Shein.. they are scam is what I understand. I have not received my package. And no customer service helpful. A legit business will never lose customers but shein is least bothered about customer concerns. They come once in a while to attend customer concerns on their facebook page comments but are too busy in replying other customers who questions about process to order and shipping process and make fool out of other customers just like some whom they have fooled.. plesse beware guys, shein is not legit.. i have lost £78 and for my shock they not at all bothered in helping.. I thought they are legit and their page seems so deceiving which I realized later..

  33. I need to return some items but it says my ( basket) is empty as if I’ve not ordered anything! How do I return goods as there doesn’t appear to be a contact number

  34. Has anyone received a reply back or Refund??
    My package was sent back even though I paid Express shipping. Are they a scam? I’d greatly appreciate if anyone can let me know

  35. Mickele Parro Reply

    I placed my order on May 20, 2020 and now it’s June 24, 2020. I have not received my package. In my tracking information, it said it was enroute to the sender. I checked my courier and they said they sent it back to Shein. Shein charged me for the clothes that I didn’t receive. I would like for it to be sent back to me or a full refund. Thank you!

  36. Hi! i accidentally pressed comfort delivery when my stuff DID NOT arrive yet. How can i fix this because it didn’t arrive yet but it’s saying it has. Will i still be receiving the items i bought?

    • Hello. I have made an order for over £120 and have not recieved this yet. Really disappointed as it has been a month now..the tracker states that it has been shipped but it has not been delivered. Shein needs to contact royal mail and either resend me my order or give me a refund. Really worried after seeing all the messages below. Please can shein get back to me ASAP.

    • I did the same!! Did it still end up coming in :(? Because I tried emailing them that I actually didn’t mean to click “confirm delivery” but they haven’t answered and I want to make sure I end up getting it, it wasn’t cheap

      • I’m in much the same position ordered items on the 18th February, which I got my email confirmation tracking Number ect, I’m still waiting for my delivery and I haven’t got any email or confirmation about my delivery I find it very difficult to get in contact with shein not straight forward at all. I dont know is this legit company as there so many bad reviews. I just tried emailed them so will see if they will get back to me.

  37. I ordered i teams from shein over two weeks ago. they still have not even shipped. I haven’t got an update since the day that I ordered them it just says processing, it’s been 16 days since I ordered and it still says processing? I have sent so many emails and have not got any response. This is the last time I will try to reach out to get some help before I cancel my order. T

  38. I ordered my clothes and it’s saying that I wasn’t home when in fact I was home all day ? never going to order from them again, like I can’t even get a contact number how silly….

  39. I placed an order on the 9th of November 2019 and now its December 7th and I have not received my package. When I tracked my package it said that it’s in Beijing and its supposed be sent to a United States address. I really need my package. So I would love if someone could contact me regarding this. Thank you

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