Find below the customer service details of Giant Food Stores, along with an overview of the supermarket chain.

Head Office
1149 Harrisburg Pike Carlisle,
PA 17013,
United States

Phone: 1-888-814-4268
Phone: 717-249-4000

About Giant Food Stores
The Giant Food Stores, also known as the Giant Company, is a US based regional company that operates a chain of supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores in the north eastern states of the United States such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and New Jersey. It was founded in 1923 with its headquarters in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Over the years it has gained immense popularity and is currently one of the largest retail chains in the region with close to 200 stores and 35000 employees.

One of the features that attracts customers to the Giant Company is its focus on providing high- quality products and produce that is sourced from local farmers, producers and suppliers, ensuring that the freshest seasonal produce, meats and dairy products reach the customers. The Giant Company is environmentally responsible and focuses on earth friendly initiatives including reducing food wastage, investing in renewable energy resources and in using energy efficient lighting in all its stores and warehouses.

The Giant Company has different formats of stores depending on the location, demographic and requirement of the community. There are traditional supermarket models that offer a wide variety of products such as fresh produce, meats, seafood, bakery items and ready to eat prepared foods. Most of the Giant Company supermarkets have in store dining stations such as cafes and delis and also include services such as pharmacies and fuel stations.

The hypermarkets of the Giant Company are called Giant Eagle and offer a larger selection of products, including apparel, electronics, household requirements and all grocery items. They are fashioned in the one-stop shopping destination style and customers can come in and shop for all their needs in one location, making it very time saving and convenient.

Products are arranged in aisles such as organic, local produce, festival essentials, global flavors, produce, meat, seafood, dairy, deli and prepared food, beverages, bread and bakery, frozen section, groceries, snacks, beverages, laundry and cleaning supplies, home & office requirements, health & beauty products, baby products and pet store.

The third type of stores that the Giant Company operates are the convenience stores located mostly in urban areas. These stores are designed for customers to make quick purchases and so are smaller and stock limited products.

Prices at the Giant stores are pocket friendly and offer great savings to the customers. There is also a Giant Choice Rewards program that one can join and save money through loyalty points. It includes savings on gas, points that can be redeemed on groceries and special rewards or CHOICE points for online account holders that can be redeemed weekly.

The Giant Company is committed to customer service and ensures that every customer has a satisfying shopping experience at any of their stores. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, the Giant Company has invested in its digital capabilities, making the e-commerce platform and mobile app stronger. Also, based on the type of store and the proximity of the customer’s residence, there are options for store pick up or home delivery, making it convenient for customers who are busy.

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Last Update: June 19, 2023