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Contact KFC – South Africa: Find below customer service details of KFC South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the restaurant chain and its services. Reach KFC South Africa customer service below for complaints, queries or feedback.

KFC Head Office
KFC (Pty) Ltd
Block C, 4 Bruton Road,
Bryanston, 2021

KFC Customer Service
Phone: 0860 100 222
Email: [email protected]

About KFC South Africa
KFC store south africaKentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) began operations in South Africa in the year 1971. The fast food restaurant chain has over 820 stores, mostly franchise owned. Yum! Brands, Inc is the holding company of KFC.

The menu at KFC restaurants include fried chicken, burgers, wraps, fries, salads, drinks and ice creams. Popular burgers include Colonel Burger, Crunch Burger, Grilled Burger, Hot Zinger Burger, Hawaiian Burger and Tower Burger.

Locate a KFC restaurant nearest to your address here.You can locate a store that offers delivery, has drivethru or WiFi. Sign up on the website to receive promotions and offers at stores. For more information or queries on store locations, menu, delivery, parking, or others, reach the KFC South Africa customer service.

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  1. Sharon Atkinson Reply

    I just Bought a sweet chilli twister meal at KFC in Piet Retief. As usual I ask for no mayo as I am highly allergic. I get home and all i have is a wrap with ONE chicken breast the size of a large chicken strip and sweet chilli sauce. Where is the rest of it? The lettuce the tomato etc? And my chips were still raw and cold inside. .
    I am highly disgusted

  2. I am at KFC, Arcon Park, Vereeniging and the service is very poor!!!! Orders are wrong, we are waiting now for nearly 30minutes for an order

    The drive thru is also not an option as people have to waiting in the parking lot for their orders.

    Please upgrade your services as you will loose customers

  3. Placed an order online for nuggets meal and when I open my meal to eat was so disappointed by what I see in there. This is not worth the value for the money I paid for. Had 3 nuggets 10 chips. The burger was dry and very less lettuce and a very small pies of chicken burger it looked like a chicken strip. I was so disappointed and hungry. After looking forward to having a nice lunch. I would never recommend this to anyone was telling my colleagues that I should have took my money and bought a nice burger meal from another restaurant.

  4. I am so disappointed in this company, I logged a complaint almost 3weeks ago regarding their overcharging of delivery fees as well as the quality of food received and would you believe me, I am still waiting on feedback. I am will not even mention previous experience, because it won’t even make a difference, even though I gave them another chance after the previous experience, believe me, now, I lost all faith in them. I will buy somewhere else from now on, and no, not a KFC franchise..

  5. I don’t know of any Resturant who handle people the way kfc does honestly! I’m highly disappointed and livid! Kids slept hungry last night because of bad management. KFC protea north is the pits! Whiles in the drive through line, their employee comes car to car telling us we will wait for 10mins they are preparing meat. We wait until we fall asleep in the cars, mind you we can’t go back coz there’s cars in front & behind us and no side exit. We end up waiting an entire hour, then we start asking what’s going , we see the same employee going car to car asking for orders in a piece of paper and we see the ones who ordered inside leaving with food and we finally think we will get our orders. The line starts moving after 20more mins and just by the window we see two people walking through and they take their order, another customer in front of us address the issue that we have been waiting in line for more than an hour and you go serve people who come from nowhere and walk in the drive way. We intervene and ask how much longer are we going to wait in this line they tell us 3mins. 20 mins goes by and nothing. Instead we see them cashing up and cleaning the floors. I decided to go to the window and a few gents leave their cars and do the same. I ask for the manager, they laugh and say sorry and don’t call they manager they instead take chances telling us there’s no meat. After waiting 2hours In line you tell us that. Worse it’s past 22:00 now and restaurants are closed due to the covid restrictions, where are we supposed to find food at this hour?!. Finally the manager comes after 15 mins of going back and worth with their employees, and she tells us to wait an additional 15 mins she’ll prepare the food. Like what the hell? After waiting two hours you couldn’t prepare the food now that we complaining you want to start the process again and make us wait!?, I ask. We then have to leave it’s almost curfew time and we have no food, all because they failed to tell us early that there’s no food instead we have wasted our time, and petrol waiting in the drive through for a stinking attitude and incompetence!

  6. Regarding the beyond dismal service and attitude at KFC Oribi Plaza yesterday early evening. The ad board flashed so fast I could not read it. I ended up letting 2 customers move ahead of me. I then moved forward. I ordered 2 items. I wanted to upscale the small chips to medium chips with the 3 piece chicken. No I’d get the order AND a medium chips. What is that? The cashier cum order lady was about as concerned as a dead chicken. I was confused asked again. She explained again. I left because of this travesty. The lady could clearly cared nothing. Zero client service. What is that? The KFC standard or what?

  7. Shanita Fredericks Reply

    I had a terrible experience today at Pelican Park KFC plus coming home. And the mash and gravy which I bought 4 tastes like burn.. Im really disgusted by the service and How slow the staff is there and no-one is giving and explanation as to why things are delayed. I am a regular customer at KFC and really this KFC is by far the worst to order or buy from.

  8. Placed an order online for delivery on the KFC app with my bank notifying me money withdrawn but the transaction itself failed. Tried again on a second attempt with the same result. Tried contacting the store but they responded that is ” not their issue with the online orders”. Absolutely terrible service when all what was required was a family meal. Will consider not using the online app again or even purchasing from KFC in the future. Thank you.

    • Melissa Swail Reply

      Did the same!!! Ordered online, no order received by store but money deducted from my account and two months later I am still waiting for a reply from customer service and a refund. The managers and team leaders are never available and they take your details promising a call back but this never happens. Extremely pathetic service from the customer service department heads!!!

      • That is my situation as well, from September 2021 till today almost 2 months later. I spoke with Mbongeni from their call center today and he said that he has no idea why I haven’t been refunded, everything was sent to their finance dept but they dont respond.

  9. My family and I love a KFC now and again but it’s sad to see how things are going pear-shaped. Let’s face it we Buy it because its tast is unique and cannot be copied. Not any more. More often than not the batter or coating is raw and hard. I might be wrong but there is a procedure that is followed that is there in place to avoid these problems. Taking pride in ur brand is really important in delivering a world loved brand. Lose that and u lose it all. Come on people let’s not just say ( welcome to Africa)

  10. Milton Pieters Reply

    On 14 Oct 2021 I ordered a 12piece feast of R199.90 online and also paid online. The SMS to collect never reached me and I cannot get my order due to that. I phoned head office and was assured a refund. I’m still waiting

  11. This is my 2nd time complaining about rotten coleslaw at Northam KFC. At first I reported the matter to the manager but he was kind of rude and we started arguing, remember it’s me who phoned him.Next day I returned it maybe he thought I was trying to score a free meal while dropping it at store I wanted them to taste it and tell me. He was not there. Yesterday again I bought family treat it’s the same,so should i call them back and give them peace of mind? KFC northam I am so disappointed, you used to be the best but now you are worst.Maybe we should stick to chicken licken only or Nando’s franchise should be recommended this side.

  12. KFC Westridge in Mitchell’s Plain is the ultimate pits. This is my 2nd run in with them in just a few weeks. And I have complained previously.
    Today at the drive through I placed my order which was resaid to me, but when I got to the window to pay, the cashier got my order wrong. OK, let’s try ordering for the 2nd time. I paid and went to pick up my food. Only for the woman at the collection window to ask me again what it was I ordered. OK, now for the 3rd time I repeat my order only to find out that the darn cashier never rang up the milkshakes (after enquired about the missing milkshakes) and the woman says to me it is ok. 3 minutes later Ayabonga comes and without any respect, manners or professional ethics, says to me: The milkshakes must be paid, it is R40. Huh????? No apology or greeting me or acknowledgement of my presence? Bloody rude. Now I am passed irate. I take out the R40 give it to him and he comes back, shoves the slip in my hand and off he goes. Then the lady returns for a 4th time wanting to know if it is a chocolate and strawberry.

  13. Hi I just wanted to say KFC app doesnt really offer good deals anymore even the all in one plus is no longer available then the quantity amounts are only 2 per a customer for the 50/50 deals , in order to get more customers please offer better deals and much more affordable cause from my personal opinion there are many other restaurants that offers better deals , also economy is tough make it affordable for all to enjoy so that you will get more consistent business .

    Thank you

  14. KFC hasn’t been delivering! Honestly, on Friday I ordered zinger wings (Park Station branch) but they gave the MrD driver the wrong order and they didn’t even do anything after that.
    Then on Monday.. I ordered wings online (Braamfontein branch) .. hoping I’ll stop by and collect them…turns out the restaurant was closed.. but I had already paid.. they were operating online and whatnot. They didn’t refund me or anything like that.

  15. Was disgusted with the kfc located in south way mall in sea view Durban. Caught all the staff drinking at the back while handling our make it worse cars were parked all over waiting for their food while the staff was busy in their own world.

  16. I visited a KFC outlet at the Crescent in Umhlanga with my family on 31st July at lunchtime.
    Before we even entered the store, we were told that there was only chicken and chips available. Nothing else could be ordered from the menu which I thought was very strange.
    After placing our order we literally had to wait for 30 minutes for our food order and it wasn’t a complicated order. We ordered 4 x streetwise 2. I am extremely disappointed with the service and I don’t think I will be visiting a KFC anytime soon and definitely not the branch at the Crescent Umhlanga.

  17. KFC Ormonde, Is by far the worst ever outlet to deal with. Staff think they own that franchise. Rude unfriendly and uncooperative. Be it an online order or in-store, pathetic poor service.

  18. I hereby write this complaint because it occurs for the 3rd time at the very same outlet. I bought a takeaway of ALL IN ONE PLUS for R129.90 only to realize that all salads are rotten. I’m not a kind of a person who complains about such things but please take kind to this. They’re also don’t add mayonnaise to them. They’re not talking customers serious not at all.

  19. What is wrong with Kentucky Tableview Cpt. I will never order foods from them again. Forgot my lunch at home today. Thought to order a streetwise for myself and colleague. What a disappointment the chicken was cold and rock hard like biltong. I am livid. Is this your standard you uphold Kentucky? People pay for their foods!!

  20. I purchased KFC last week Friday at the Umgeni Business Park branch and was very disappointed with the product. The zinger wings are really not zinger at all. They used to be nice and spicy but now it just has a powdery taste.

    Did you guys change the formulation? I’m going to buy and check once more from a different branch to check if its branch related or not, however in the past few months that I have been purchasing KFC the wings were very bad and not up to its usual standard.

  21. Yesterday i purchased a meal at KFC COMMERCIAL road in Pietermamrizburg and I must say the service from the lady at the door to the cashier to the order was excellent.
    The lady Nelly at the door who was in charge of the sanitisation was very friendly and asked me how was my day and I asked her about the white coat and why do they use it and why do they do sanitation and she explained it to me.

    She was very polite and assisted me she asked if I had placed an online order and if I am picking up and I said no and she showed me where to stand and I was then served by the cashier who was so cheerful and very friendly and she assisted me and helped me place my order Nomfundo was her name.

    The person Xolo who gave out orders was so polite and she repeates my order and asked me. If i needed anything else and she was very helpful full of smiles and i was impressed and it made my day.

    I would like to thank the team and the management who were so polite and friendly and the food was out of this work tasty and was not disappointed at all. And service was great fast and quick they were busy but they were doing there best and i was not complaining.

    Well done guys keep up the great service

  22. Bought KFC tonight at a strand branch in the western cape. Not only were we waiting so long in the drive through, they never gave us cool drinks with our meals and to top if off was the zinger wings undercooked. I am disgusted with the service and quality of the food. KFC quality has really become poor.

  23. Bought kfc at Monument Spar in Kimberley. When I received my order (drive thru) the man at the counter specifically told me my order of zinger wings is in the box. When I got home the zinger wings was not in the box. This is not the first time an incomplete order was given to me. Why is this happening at this kfc? I called the customer care line to report the incident, I was told that I would shortly receive a sms with a voucher to get the order whenever I am at that kfc again, very apologetic, but yet again NO sms was received! D

  24. I went to KFC Northmead in Benoni and bought a R199.90 bucket meal which I was not really impressed with. When I tapped my card to pay the lady told me it did not go through, I trustingly tapped my card again. When I checked my bank statement 4 days later I discovered that I had been charged twice for my order. I believe it was a deliberate.
    Beware of this branch. The food was worth the R199.90 advertised in my opinion. I will never go to KFC again!

  25. This evening I visited KFC hillcrest and made an order of R29 bucket meal, then decided to change the order to a 6 piece special but the lady called (Thembeka) gave me attitude, saying she already punched in the bucket meal and now she must “delete”…the way she was rude she left us to call her supervisor and never came back to finish processing my order but the supervisor processed the order and offered an apology… as customers we don’t need cashiers like that to serve customers.

  26. Solomon Matli Reply

    I bought a 6 piece chicken take away at KFC Pretorius Street on 18 May 2021 at 15:09. My order no was 613. On my arrival at home at 16:00, I found out that it was extremely dry, not fresh and tasting like a card box. It was a R69 chicken special. I want to know whether it was this way because it was on special? I’m disappointed and wasted my money

  27. Plz can anyone tell me what is wrong with kfc. The salad cream is awful. There is no zing in the zinger burger. The wings are so bad end overcooked with no seasoning. The tomatoes and salad leaves are limp. Overall the food has become disgusted. I can post how much we have spend the past couple of months hoping it would improve.

  28. I placed an order on a drive away of an a Street wise 3pap and small salad on the 09/05/2021 at about 21h03 the very friendly lady who was helping me. She mentioned that meat was not ready at the time on my arrival but will be ready in a new 30 minutes. I placed my order and I drove away. When I came back on the time she mentioned everything I have ordered was in clean kfc packet and the meal was fresh and the salad also fresh. Really like to thank who ever made my meal feels this special. I thank you. KFC montague gardens (shell garage)

  29. I place an order online and collect at the Rocklands Mitchell’s Plain store. I order extra sauces and paid for it. When I got home to find out that there was no and I mean no sauce on any burgers and wraps. And the week before this my wife order a crunch burger and she only got one half of her bun. The people at the counter was not very helpful. Don’t think I’m gonna go there anymore.

  30. I would like to to compliment KFC PLATTEKLOOF VILAGE I had a great experience last night , I was trying to Order through the KFC online App but it wasn’t working and I tried several time but it didn’t work , I was frustrated because I wanted the 50/50 promo for the wings. I gave up and decided to phone the store , there was a Gentleman in the name of Down He was very helpful I did a phone order and I explained to him the that I couldn’t order via the KFC for the promo he sincerely apologized and he invited to the store so that he can help through the online himself , I sent my husband and he was helped by Down . Down used his own phone to help my husband and that for me it called an extra mile and my husband paid immediately and received his order in the next 60 sec of the payment, I was amaze and thank you to KFC Plattekloof village and to the Entire team.

  31. I was at the drive through at the Vorna Valley Midrand branch I ordered my meals and was told to wait in the parking area. I waited for 20mins for my order to be brought to my car when it got to me they even stuffed up my drinks order when I got home the children was bland and tasteless. I have never been so disappointed.

  32. On the 31/03/2021 I went to KFC Wilrogate at approximately 10:30am through the drive through and purchased a 9 piece bucket and a all in one plus (order no 490).
    I placed my order and had to wait 5 minutes before paying for it as it took 3 people to capture the order on the system, I then proceeded to collect my food and had to wait another 10 minutes before I could get my full order. This happens every time i go to KFC Wilrogate. I then got home as we were leaving for the holidays. On route the family decided to eat the KFC, only to find that out of 15 pieces of chicken that i purchased, there was 9 extremely SMALL pieces of the wing in there?????.
    How is it possible that they would give me 9 pieces of the wing when i purchased 15 pieces. My understanding would be that the different chicken pieces will be allocated accordingly. Further to this, there was only one tub if mash and gravy in the bag.
    This was extremely embarrassing as we had family and friends that were ready to consume this meal.
    I honestly feel that I am a sucker for punishment as whenever I go to KFC Wilrogate there is always a problem with my order, it’s either I get the absolutely tiny wing pieces and they are constantly forgetting items from my purchase. This is a rip off as I am paying full price for all the items.

    Please can you investigate this as I am tired of being constantly ripped off by KFC Wilrogate.
    The expectation is that I should get all the items that I pay for and I should get a variety of the different pieces of chicken and NOT get 9 tiny pieces of the wing out of a 15 piece purchase. At the end of the day I am paying FULL price for all of the items

  33. (Watery) or they were out of stock. This is not the first time this has occurred. Similarly this happened last week . I left all 3 establishments without any ice cream aswell as without any food. REALLY BAD SERVICE.

  34. I am very disappointed in the service of KFC, Heidelberg. I was there on Saturday, I had a difficulty of placing a order, everything I wanted to order was out of stock, the person that assisted me got frustrated and went started throwing around racist accusations. Today I went back to buy ice cream, asked around the staff to find out whether they do have the Sundae Treat, they told me I had to go stand in the que and wait? Eventually got to the front again, and the person that assisted me could not apologize for me wasting time just to find that they still do not have stock. If they came to me and said sorry we don’t have stock, it would be okay but now wasting my time and also giving me attitude. Is this how you people run a business? Staff is unfair, unfriendly and incompetent of doing their job. I must say one a weekly basis I buy more than R500’s food.. But I do not feel I want to support this place anymore, how are we going to rectify this matter? Wrote a hello Peter review, but still no one can come back to me with any feedback

  35. I went to a KFC in King Williams town in the Eastern Cape main road Alexander. Just wanted to compliment the staff on their fast and friendly service especially the supervisor by the name of Thembi. I remember her name because she was very nice and friendly.

    Keep up the good work.

  36. Ntombkhulu Reply

    I’m extremely dissapointed with the service I constantly get from the KFC (Arcadia branch in Pretoria). The orders take for ever I don’t recall a day where I leave that store certified,
    the store seems to always be out of stock and mostly the service it’s poor. There is never an explanation for this instead the cashiers will rather get into an unnecessary argument with consumers. The manager and supervisor need to step up because really this is annoying.

  37. I placed an order for my girlfriend using the KFC app. Told her to go with her dad to pick up. When they head over to the restaurant the staff there have no idea of this order. They cannot find it on the system although on the app it shows that the item has be paid for and the money already has been deducted off my account. It’s so disappointing that my girlfriend and her family had to go without supper tonight because your bloody app doesn’t work and at the same time Ur staff couldn’t help at all as well. Instead they kept saying the money hasn’t come through. They didn’t want to help and mad it seem as if we didn’t pay. It’s completely uncalled for what a bloody terrible service for a popular restaurant.

  38. Last week I had gone to North Beach KFC & ordered 3 Slider Crunch Meal @ R49.90 each. To my surprise it was not a Crunch Slider but more of a Nugget placed in it. It was very disappointing to know that KFC can do false advertising. Even my grandchild whose 3 years old also refused to eat such a thing.

  39. Good day,

    Today 13/08/2020 we went to KFC Fortgale Mtata and order the Kentucky for Two which is advertised for R99.90. When it came to paying for it it was not for R99.90 but R102.90 and when I asked why I was told I was being charged for the cups which cost R1.00 each and when I asked why it says R99.90 manager(Bulelwa Mqokozo). Funny thing is in East London Beacon Bay KFC you pay exactly what is advertised R99.90. Question is are your franchises charging their own prices now? Why are they putting up false prices only to get to the till and it’s something else?

  40. I ordered crunch sliders box meal buddy for delivery from KFC Fourways Crossing and it was delivered with no chicken piece in it, the chicken in the sliders was Eaten and left a small tiny piece. There is no lettuce in the sliders as well. This is horrible and utterly disappointing. How do you serve such disgusting food that someone else has eaten to a paying customer especially in the Corona Virus time we are living in. I want this sorted out immediately.

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