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Find below the customer service details of Marie Callender’s. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the American restaurant chain.

Head Office
27101 Puerta Real,
Suite 260,
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
United States

Phone: 800-595-7010

About Marie Callender’s
Who does not love a good dessert? If you are craving for some decadent pies or luscious cakes, head out to the nearest outlet of Marie Callender’s and satisfy your sweet tooth. Marie Callender’s is a casual dining restaurant chain in the United States with its headquarters in California. Founded in 1948, the chain currently operates from over 29 locations in California, Utah and Nevada. The strength behind the restaurant chain is Marie’s expertise as a baker and her secret recipe for the freshest and tastiest pies. The company still painstakingly follows Marie’s recipes and style of cooking.

Marie Callender’s has a diverse menu consisting of sweet and savory delicacies, including pot pies, salads, and burgers and of course a whole array of sweet dishes. Every pie at Marie Callender’s is baked fresh, and sports her signature style crust and one of her many popular fillings. You can buy her pies by the slice or whole. She has special pies of the month and seasonal specials including fruit and vegetable pies that are locally sourced fresh from farms.

One of the most popular items on Marie Callender’s menu is the cream pie with a mouthwatering selection such as Lemon Meringue Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie with Vanilla topping, Fresh Banana Cream Pie with sliced almonds, Coconut Cream Pie, German Chocolate and Pecan Pie and Double Cream Lemon Pie. Special recipes include Double Cream Blueberry Pie, Custard, Cream Lime Pie, Pecan Pie, and Chocolate Satin Pie.

Marie Callender’s is also known for her Cream Cheese Pies, which have luscious cream cheese filling, graham cracker crust and are topped with sour cream. Popular Cream Cheese Pies are lemon and Kahlua. Another delicious offering on Marie Callender’s menu is their Fruit Pie. You could try their Apple Pies with a dash of cinnamon, sweet and tart cherry pies, French Apple Pie, Peach Pie and Pumpkin Pie. They also have unique flavors such as Razzle berry and Rhubarb and a selection of Cheese cakes.

Apart from all these sweet treats, you could try the savory delights at Marie Callender’s. They have a range of appetizers, Soups, Chilli, Salads, Pot Pies, Burgers, sandwiches and Tacos. Marie’s signature Pot Pies include Heartland Chicken, Mini Pot Pie and Shepherd’s Pie – all with a wonderful flaky crust and a side of mashed potato, coleslaw and cornbread. Comfort food entrees include roast turkey, beef stroganoff, chicken fettuccine, pot roast and Marie’s famous meatloaf. You could choose from Chicken, Turkey, Beef or meatless options from any of the above orders. Of course, you need to check the menu at your local outlet to see what they have on offer.

If you are planning a party or a special event, you could ask Marie Callender’s restaurant to cater your event. They provide all their regular specials in addition to party platters and family meals. You could also host your events for up to a group of 20 people at the Marie Callender’s banquet spaces and include the convenience of having your event catered to by their restaurants with mouthwatering dishes from their menu.


  1. Kitty Strouse Reply

    I purchased two of the large size chicken pot pies. I cooked in the microwave following the directions on the box. They were extremely dry and no gravy at all…just the chicken and vegetables.

  2. I used to buy 10-16 of your frozen dinners a month. But now I am going to pass on your products. I have had to throw out too many because of poor quality control. The meals were not sealed properly and contained too much frost. I don’t trust food that isn’t sealed.

  3. Patricia Tinsley Reply

    So sorry but your big beef pot pie was awful, the beef consisted of 2 pieces, which did not taste like beef 2 pieces of carrot,about 6 small bits of potato.Gravy was watery no taste.

  4. I live in Texas. I always bought four to six of your frozen Tortellini dinners every week them all of a sudden they weren’t available!! I never bought any other frozen dinners from any other vendor after I tasted Marie Callander’s frozen dinners. I have also eaten at your restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. The best home made restaurant food ever!

    My favorite besides the Tortellini is the Turkey and stuffing and the Fish which is no longer available either. Don’t understand why these delicious foods aren’t available anymore!!

  5. We’ve bought two lemon meringue pies, one from IGA and the Ellen from Walmart. The meringue the lemon. The crust there’s something going on does not taste nowhere near what they used to. They are terrible and then within a day they are soggy mess. Not happy at all

  6. I purchased a slow roast beef dinner. It was terrible. I had to eat with a spoon there was no distinction between the gravy, meat or mashed potatoes.

  7. Mary Ann Varrassi Reply

    I always liked your Chicken Pot Pies, but lately the crust is soggy. The crusts are always cracked when I open them. I only use the microwave. You use to have a special coating under the lid where they would brown up nicely in the microwave. I’m very disappointed.

  8. Marilyn Ennis Reply

    Purchased your large size, beef pot pie. The photo on
    box looks delicious, but it was very disappointing. Didnt even compare to the photo. What happened? Cooked in microwave. The crust almost disappeared when punctured with fork. No gravy or sauce. There were 2 tiny pieces of carrot. I saw no potatoes or celery. Almost 1,000 calories for 1 serving? Is that correct? There were hardly any ingredients. The beef was strange looking. Serves 2? Not hardly. Glad I added extra carrots. Will make my own next time.

  9. I bought two of the sweet-and-sour chicken dinners. I was really looking forward to it because I’ve been good in the past, I cooked both of them according to the directions, and the rice was mush, it was so bad I had to throw them both out.

  10. Yesterday I bought one of your pie’s (key lime). I was so looking forward to having a piece. To my total surprise it was HORRIBLE! It was gritty and didn’t have any taste so I had to throw it out. In addition your cherry pies have really gone down in quality. Some are so runny they won’t set up but still have a wonderful taste unlike your key lime pie’s. Also, I had a lemon meringue pie that had almost no taste. Your pie’s use to be just delicious so what has happened?

    • Bought your chicken pot pies, after we microwaved one the crust was bland, very dry and not browned liked they used to be. The inside was very dry, no sauce and few pieces of chicken and veggies. The second one we cooked was the same way. I am very DISAPPOINTED by the quality of your product.

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