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Contact Floryday: Find below customer service details of Floryday, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the fashion retailer and its services.

Floryday Head Office
#207-3, Third Floor,
207 Regent Street, London, UK

Floryday Customer Service

About Floryday
floryday customer serviceFloryday is a Chinese fashion retailer, particularly dealing with women’s apparel and fashion accessories. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the e-commerce company is owned and operated by ZCHK Limited. Product categories found on Floryday include dresses, coats, shoes and bags. Shoppers can filter products by color, price, material, size and style.

Most products on Floryday come with discount off the retail price. They also come with description, available sizes and shipping information. Products can be purchased with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal. As for shipping, products are shipped within 7 working days. Shoppers can expedite delivery with Express shipping option. Floryday uses reliable couriers such as DHL and UPS.

If not happy with a purchase, customers can return same within 14 days of purchase date. The refund does not include shipping fee. Products must be returned in its original condition. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, return or others, reach the Floryday customer service.


  1. Did not receive my order! This is a joke of a website! Do not waste your time. Cannot get any response why I did not receive it. I would never recommend buying from Flory! I’m done with it!!!

  2. Diane Mersh Reply

    I ordered a top, as a present, on the 26th April 2020.
    It still hasn’t been delivered, one month later. Delivery quoted as 7=10 days.
    I have filled out their contact form 3 times but no reply. My email to the address they stated has just bounced back.
    There isn’t a phone no or address you can write to.
    Facebook are constantly showing their Ads. I advise everyone not to buy from them. The products are made in Hong Kong.

  3. Edith Stevenson Reply

    I do not think that this is a reputable company. I ordered three things. Two arrived weeks later and fabric is extremely
    flimsy. one sleeve could not fit over my arm. The third piece has still not arrived in the mail. The website is unreachable.
    I will not be recommending this company to anyone. The clothing designs are lovely but the quality of fabrics and workmanship are dreadful. This is false advertising.
    I will be very curious to see if my money is refunded and if my third garment appears in the mail.

  4. I have filled in a returns form and was told I would be contacted within 72hrs with the address to send it to. I’m still waiting. Can’t find a phone number to speak to a person. Sorry I ever delt with them.

  5. I placed an order almost 10 days ago, determined to find out where my order was I decided to write customer service for answers was told they could not send my order out due to the fact they were waiting on a back ordered item although the rest of the order was ready. After reading the reviews I am concerned about the competency and quality of this company

  6. I placed an order almost 10 days ago, determined to find out where my order was I decided to write customer service for answers was told they could not send my order out due to the fact they were waiting on a back ordered item although the rest of the order was ready. After reading the reviews I am concerned about the competency and quality of this company.

    • Louise Cainey Reply

      I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered, its apparently impossible to contact anyone or get a reply to emails .not sure where to go from here.i want to return the dress I purchased from them as it’s to big ,I have never received a confirmation email from them ,so have no order number ,no invoice in package. It appears to be impossible to send return form to them on line ,as I need a order number ,so around and it goes.

  7. Should have read more of the comments before dealing with this place. They sent me the wrong order, charged me twice and I have been trying to contact them since early March. No emails, text, phone call, message -NOTHING!

  8. I was very disappointed to receive my orders a month after my holiday – it was supposed to come in 7 days. Also nothing fits XL is more like a size 16. I am still waiting for a return notice.

  9. Edwina Lawforc Reply

    I ordered a pair of sandals three weeks ago, to date I have not received them even though they have received payment. I will not purchase anything else from this firm they are not very efficient.

  10. I have been trying to contact ANYONE at Floryday about returns and I get zero response! I’ve gone to site, chat, email nothing. They charged me twice for same order. I couldn’t get through to cancel within hours of ordering. But they got their money!

    • karen checkley Reply

      Yes, I notice that they have been paid for the items I have purchased (reflects on my bank statement) but I know nothing more about my order. No response from their email address either?

  11. Purchased dress from Floriday. Wrong size sent – not size ordered. Cannot contact you. Reading comments from so many disappointed people with similar complaints and finding it impossible to contact you by any available method. I am beginning to wonder if the whole thing is a Scam.

  12. Kathleen Semelbauer Reply

    I ordered 2 dresses from Floryday 2 weeks ago and did receive a confirmation with a order number on it. When I submit that order number, it says there is no such order number. Now I’m worried that I will never receive these dresses and they are for a rehearsal dinner and wedding. I was told it would be here in approx. 18 days and I still cannot track it. Please make me know this is not a scam! So glad I paid through paypal!!!


    I need to retun my item purchase but no one want to assist with a warehouse address in SA. They only provide me with the address in China and to return one item is R1500 in posting….this is more than the item I purchased and it is not to satisfaction. I need the warehouse address in South Africa

  14. Pamela SLOAN Reply

    I have received a dress which bears no resemblance to the one I ordered. I buy most of my clothes online and I’ve never come across such an opaque exchange procedure. A cynic might conclude that making the act of returning a garment almost impossible is a deliberate ploy. Having read the negative comments about quality etc. I’m beginning to regret placing my original order. Floryday have £40.33 of my money; this is not cheap. Had it been £20.33 I would not expect good quality nor good service but for forty pounds it is reasonable to expect both.

  15. Jo withrington Reply

    Earlier this week I received 4 items of clothing which I had ordered from you on 10.08.19. The order number is 022015093238
    I was not sent notification of its imminent arrival as stated in terms and conditions fortunately I was able to receive it.
    Unfortunately the items were not suitable and so I want to return them. This is proving to be very difficult if not impossible.
    There was no return form (as there is with other companies) included in the package.
    The return form I have been directed to on your site does not allow me to enter reason for return and therefore I can not proceed.

    There is no return address, there is a tab for a contact telephone but there is no number.
    I am really unimpressed with this service and would greatly appreciate an early response from
    you explaining how I am to return these items and have my money refunded.
    I am aware that I have just 14 days to return the items and receive a refund.

  16. Brenda Morrison Reply

    I am trying to check on a dress I ordered…order #028434796649. Dress needed to attend a wedding and after seeing the negative posts, I am concerned. Any update would be appreciated. And — WHY do you not have a customer service number, even though your site lists a tag for it – nothing will come up. My first time ordering and I am not sure why so much hassle!

  17. Ordered what I thought was nice linen white trousers they are awful terrible material cheap and nasty spoilt my holiday was banking on them to where with tops I ha e bought . Where’s the address to return them ?? Never shop with you again ?

    • Kerry Hopkins Reply

      Hi not sure what country you are in but if you go into returns online it gives you a number of drop off places you can return parcel to and they onforward.

      When you follow their instructions you say what country you are in and you have a number of choices of locations eg im returning parcel to a a local chemist. You pay on the site and print off a label you stick to the parcel.

      I have returned a dress today for refund – I certainly hope it doesn’t take a long time to get refund like a lot of people have commented

  18. Debra C Friday Reply

    I ordered 3 dresses from floryday 3 weeks ago, money was taken from my account for the purchase, confirmation for order was sent to my email, tracking information, but when I went back to retrieve information, tracking email information was nowhere to be found!
    I sent email to floryday and return email states they had no record of my order! Shady, shady, shady!

    • Kerry Hopkins Reply

      You need to demand a refund immediately or you will take action- it does sound strange. I received my order within three days of ordering.

      You have proof of payment they have no leg to stand on – do t give up.

      Now that I know they are Chinese company makes sense doggy

  19. I ordered several tops at the start of June, nothing has arrived, but they have taken my money, so disappointed, wanted these for my holidays, have saved up to buy these, am really upset

  20. Vincenza Antonucci Reply

    It seems impossible to submit the form for the return of the item I bought. I tried and re-tried with no success. So frustrating! It seems done on purpose…
    I received a dress a few days ago and I am not happy with the purchase. The style doesn’t suit me, nor I like the quality of the dress.
    Please let me know ASAP where to return the dress. I hope you will get in touch as stated on your website.

  21. Lynn Shultz Reply

    Please add my name to the huge list of very dissatisfied customers of Floryday! Four days after finally receiving my order I submitted a request for return as the fabric used was very flimsy – rather like one might use for a lining – and the sleeves were too tight for me personally. To date, now over two weeks later, and after multiple return requests to meet the company stated “14 day ” return policy, I have heard absolutely nothing from customer service. I am very upset, to say the least! This was my first transaction with this company and it certainly will be the last! No one can afford to lose money like this particularly since I will end up paying over $20.00 in to and from shipping for a $41.00 plus tax dress!! (Item #1310270)

  22. I requested a return they sent me emails and I keep the link doesn’t work so now I have no phone number no way to contact them back to get another submittal and it’s after the 14 days. This is a terrible terrible customer service company no 800-number no live chat no communication

    • Louise Cainey Reply

      I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered, its apparently impossible to contact anyone or get a reply to emails .not sure where to go from here.i want to return the dress I purchased from them as it’s to big ,I have never received a confirmation email from them ,so have no order number ,no invoice in package. It appears to be impossible to send return form to them on line ,as I need a order number ,so around and it goes.

    • Kerry Hopkins Reply

      I had no trouble returning dress from Australia just printed off their label paid for shipping and dropped it off. Sorry you are having so much trouble. I have asked for a refund and judging by comments here that may never happen

    • Judi McDonald Reply

      How does anyone get in touch with this company? I am trying to return a dress and it will not accept my form. Cant get phone number or anyone to help. Is there anyone who has had success with returns

      • Georgina Hodgson Reply

        Yes I had success with a return I did recently. I sent them an email and they replied with options so I went onto my customer account on their website and clicked the item I wanted to send back and they sent me the return address through that. Can you go into your orders in your account and you should find info there. I sent them a photo of the postal receipt and they refunded me within a day before recieving the parcel. I thought they were pretty good to be fair so ordered more stuff and am pleased with it?

  23. Thelma McCray Reply

    I ordered a dress in April and returned the dress, which was poor quality and did not fit. It has been two months and have not recieved a refund. I participated in the online live chat and these people have been giving me the run around. Never ordering off this website again.

  24. I have asked for an address to return the dress that did not fit me. I hope you can be trusted and Please email the form and the return address. This is my 2nd request for the address. I am not very happy after reading all these reviews! If you want to continue to get orders I suggest you follow through on your promise of returns.

  25. Karen Hart Reply

    I wish to return 2 items that do not fit and get a refund. I have tried to fill in on line form. But it doesn’t recognize my order number and won’t submit. please would you send me address to send parcel back to and refund my money thank you.

    • Did you ever get a response?
      Oh my God!!! I just ordered from them last week and it says 3-6 days as I selected expedited delivery. I notice they are not responding to me even though I have been trying to reach them since two days ago to follow up. My dresses have not been shipped yet… Please help anyone!!! I even chatted with their help online, but the person shut me out when I asked for a number which I could reach anyone to speak to to discuss the urgency of the need for the dresses to be delivered today unfailingly…I’m just reading all these reviews and experiencing same… I think I may have ben scammed too!!!!

  26. I am from Cape Town South Africa and I have ordered my purchase on 27 May 2019 and immediately I received a confirmation nr of my order and payment went of my bank account but when I entered my order nr to track for my order it went through in a minute but when I tried the following day and other day their system kicked out my order nr and said it does not exist. I can’t find a phn nr to contact this company and until today I have never received any emails from this company,am very hurt and very disappointed.

  27. I ordered a dress i need to return and get a refund. It’s far too big it’s the smallest size in that dress . Doesn’t hang nice at all. I requested confirmation of a returns address I’ve heard nothing this was a week ago. I cannot find a telephone number to call so I can actually speak to someone.
    Can someone contact me by email with a telephone number please.

    Christine Bashford

  28. Ayakha Mhlebi Reply

    How do I get contact with you, as I want to return a coat I’ve ordered 2 weeks back and quality is very poor and very thin compared to what I’ve seen online. I need my money back please.

  29. Joan Smith Reply

    I have tried to track the items I have purchased with the order number but it is. It accepting the number Floryday Has put on the order. I wanted the items for my holiday leaving 1st June but. no luck so far.
    I can not find a telephone number to speak to anyone. I shall not be using this site again.
    I will keep to my normal company Kaleidascope. They do what they promise .
    Joan Smith

  30. I ordered a pair of sandals from you and I am very disappointed with the material used for the uppers of the sandals. I do not think the product description was very clear. I think the material is like cheap plastic & not very well made which does not reflect the cost of the item. I regret purchasing the item.

  31. Carolyn purssell Reply

    I wish to return two dresses for a refund where do I send them. I am in the uk , please I hope you can help the reviews seem shocking. You should publish a telephone number for us to call instead of all this nonsense, it seems after care is rubbish

  32. Elizabeth Fitch Reply

    Please forward to the above email address a returns form. The dress is nothing like that advertised. I expect the form to be emailed to me by return. I was unaware of such negative feedback your company has. If I had known I would not have purchased anything from you. Please do not hesitate with forwarding my return.

    Elizabeth Fitch

  33. Dreama Leone Reply

    I ordered a dress and finally got it in 3 weeks. This order was totally deceiving. I want to return it, but it is impossible to contact someone for the 14 days notice they require before returning your item. I am sure if I just returned it without the notice, they would keep the dress and I wouldn’t get a refund. I would never order anything from this company again. Unbelievable

  34. I have tried to get hold of return information from this company and it is very difficult, if not impossible. They don’t provide any information on where to send the return items or how to go about it. There are no telephone numbers and they don’t provide any information at all. I am shocked and disappointed and will never order from this company again or any other Chineese online fashion retailer. They are running their business in a dishonest way, advertising with 70% off etc, yet the clothes are really cheap and of horribly poor quality, and you dont even get what you pay for with 70% discount. Dont ever order from this company!!!

  35. Please, send me phone number of Customer Service. What I received today, it has nothing to do with the dress I paid for. I already published picture in your Facebook page and will send to all my contacts. I am agree with dozens of negative comments and complains.
    Waiting for phone number.


  36. I have just orders 3 blouses from you all i love but after reading the negative comments i am rather concerned. Will i get my order and if not satisfied will i be able to return them. From the comments written it seems to be a huge problem. I hope i will have a better result.

  37. Wanda Reese Reply

    Just like other customers I’m having the same problem love the dress but it was to small was trying to return dress for a bigger size but can’t get a return address or number. I haven’t received any kind of response from them it’s been over a 24 hours don’t want to but I want be ordering anything else after I receive this exchange.

  38. I have been waiting almost a month for a sweater I ordered. For at least two weeks, I’ve gotten the same message when I’ve tracked it: “Status, Pre-Shipment, Origin Post is Preparing Shipment”.

    I doubt I’ll order from them again.

  39. Cindy Blackburn Reply

    I have been waiting six weeks for a dress. It has been sitting in China since March 22nd. I ordered this dress for a cruise and now, because of the delay, I will have to go out this weekend and purchase one from the mall. Although their items are cute and favorably priced, I have no plans on ordering from this company again.

  40. karyn cameron Reply

    I am still waiting to hear something regarding my order. I cannot find a phone number (communicating via email is not doing very good). The only address I could find is in the UK. I have checked and Floryday is supposed to have a warehouse here in the US, where is it and why can’t I find it? After reading these comments I’m wondering if ANYONE has received their Floryday order, and does it always take so long. Why would it take so long if there’s a warehouse in the US. They pulled the money off my card like right away, and I’ve received nothing that I’ve already paid for.

    • I ordered two dresses, different colors on Feb 13 2019 for my
      April 5th wedding. Dresses arrived April 3rd and were totally inappropriate. The two dresses didn’t match at all. They are crap dresses. I wouldn’t pay $1 in a thrift store for these dresses.
      I had to go out the night before my wedding and get a dress from T J Maxx. It is basically a daytime summer dress but it was far better constructed at a fraction of the price from Floryday. It was an Anne Klein dress. I’m so disappointed and wasted $170.

  41. Caryl ROTHWELL Reply

    I received a Floryday dress on Saturday 30th March. It unfortunately does not suit me. I wish to return it and have a refund. This is absolutely normal with all on-line shops; it is a trust between the potential buyer and the on-line seller, that having paid in advance, you have the choice either to keep the item, or return it and have your money refunded.

    I now “trust” Floryday to be in touch with their rreturns address. Caryl Rothwell

  42. Liana Švecová Reply

    I would like to refund my purchase here , i have bought a dress from you and the size doesn’t fit me . So would you please send me an adress so i can send you your product back .

  43. Sharon Crawford Reply

    I too have been waiting for my package since I ordered almost 4 weeks ago. I filled out the online form to inquire about it and pressed send, but my sent folder doesn’t even show that it went out! Something isn’t right and I am afraid they have my $36.00 and my credit card info!! I will NEVER order from this site again!! It’s too bad as the clothes were really cute :(

  44. Shirley Dishinger Reply

    Like those before me, I am very disappointed. I was sent a message that my item had been shipped on March 1, 2019 and should arrive in 8 – 18 days. It is well past that time period and I tried to track it through our local Post Office. They found the tracking number and said it had not left China yet. That was on March 27, 2019. I have resigned myself to the fact that summer will be here before my coat. Please find out what the delay is. I do not appreciate being lied to and this was a test purchase. I had planned to order several more items and have now decided against it if this is the treatment you give your customers.

  45. In early Feb. I ordered a blouse # 1284382. I never received confirmation reply . But on Feb. 27, 2019 money was taken out of my account for $47.97. As of today, 3/27/19 I have not received the blouse from your company. If you can’t send it out immediately, will you please refund my money? I have ordered many clothes from your company over the past year and have always been satisfied. Will you p,ease respond to my complaint?

    • Judy wirth Reply

      I need to return the dress that I recently received. Does not fit. Return instructions require contacting you first. Please inform me immediately on where to return the dress.

  46. Sian Skerritt Reply

    I need to return a dress as it’s much too big. It seems impossible to get details for returns. It only arrived today and I always return goods promptly if unsuitable . Order no 028556954725 .

  47. I paid on my credit card and paid extra to have express delivery in 3 days delivery by courier to my door. 10 days have passed and you have not replied to my email i I cannot find a telephone number on your site. Please advise when I will receive the clothes I have paid for? Order number 023146850376

  48. I’ve sent, this is my fourth (4) message trying to get a correct return address, no such luck. I definitely bWill Not be ordering from this site ever again and I will not encourage anyone too Order from Flory day. Karen Williams

    • Sheri Cereghin Reply

      As all of the comments before me. I too was looking forward to my two dresses I purchased. Well in advance of up coming events. Received conformation they were shipped, however it has been WELL past the 18 days. Holding out hope.but. Not really, they have away of running you around the info you are seeking. l also had more orders ready to go . Gee you think that alone would be the motivation for fixing things trying to be addressed fixed. But ,I guess they get away with something they are satisfied with. Too bad repeat customers or satisfied customers are not one of them.

  49. Carol Beez Reply

    I returned a dress the next day, after delivery. The money was taken from my account on the 18th Jan. Since then after repeated messages, l still haven’t heard from Floryday, except once, l was told a Ziaul would phone, he didn’t.
    I would like to phone them, but cannot find a number. I feel once they have your money, they not interested

  50. Caroline Van Laere Reply

    Just received my order 029590836698, and would like to return 2 items out of 4, because the quality of knitting is rather poor, or even very poor actually. Hard to believe those items are really priced 70% off, or even 50% off. Please let me know the nearest return address, I’m living in Brussels.

  51. Carol Ann WHITELOCK Reply

    I am having the same problem. I need to return dresses but cannot get any details. My 14 days is almost up and the dresses was too big. The delivery invoice is not much help either. Poor for communication.

  52. I am flabbergasted to be told in your chat that you don’t allow customers to try on clothes and neither do you have a phone number to ask if they are serious! Surely you cannot be serious!
    The agent then suggested using their size chart, but there are other factors that determine if an item is going to be suitable besides size. The item might look hideous on the woman! Then what? She can’t send it back because she’s tried it?

  53. Jocelyn Jones Reply

    Having read the long list of customers comments, I don’t feel confident in buying anything from your website which is a pity. The clothes look really nice but I couldn’t be bothered to wait for delivery or worry about receiving full refund, let alone quality and correct sizing. I am in the UK and a regular size 12.

  54. Return policy? Can I return dresses for any reason? You mention that customer needs to state a REASON for a return. If I want to return an item that I just don’t like (for no specific reason) can I get a full refund?

    I have never ordered from you before and I don’t want to pay for dresses unless I’m assured I can return everything if I don’t like them for any reason (as long as it is within 14 days). Why does customer need a reason?

  55. Kathryn L Guilmette Reply

    I have two dresses to return and my 14 days are running out. I went on the website to fill out the return form, but my order # does not appear in the drop-down menu. Please let me know where I ned to send these dresses for a refund.My order # is 020836005011; the items are 2 of the same dress, item code 01955220519

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