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Contact Floryday: Find below customer service details of Floryday, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the fashion retailer and its services.

Floryday Head Office
#207-3, Third Floor,
207 Regent Street, London, UK

Floryday Customer Service
Email: [email protected]

About Floryday
floryday customer serviceFloryday is a Chinese fashion retailer, particularly dealing with women’s apparel and fashion accessories. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the e-commerce company is owned and operated by ZCHK Limited. Product categories found on Floryday include dresses, coats, shoes and bags. Shoppers can filter products by color, price, material, size and style.

Most products on Floryday come with discount off the retail price. They also come with description, available sizes and shipping information. Products can be purchased with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal. As for shipping, products are shipped within 7 working days. Shoppers can expedite delivery with Express shipping option. Floryday uses reliable couriers such as DHL and UPS.

If not happy with a purchase, customers can return same within 14 days of purchase date. The refund does not include shipping fee. Products must be returned in its original condition. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, return or others, reach the Floryday customer service.

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  1. I paid on my credit card and paid extra to have express delivery in 3 days delivery by courier to my door. 10 days have passed and you have not replied to my email i I cannot find a telephone number on your site. Please advise when I will receive the clothes I have paid for? Order number 023146850376

  2. I’ve sent, this is my fourth (4) message trying to get a correct return address, no such luck. I definitely bWill Not be ordering from this site ever again and I will not encourage anyone too Order from Flory day. Karen Williams

    • Sheri Cereghin Reply

      As all of the comments before me. I too was looking forward to my two dresses I purchased. Well in advance of up coming events. Received conformation they were shipped, however it has been WELL past the 18 days. Holding out hope.but. Not really, they have away of running you around the info you are seeking. l also had more orders ready to go . Gee you think that alone would be the motivation for fixing things trying to be addressed fixed. But ,I guess they get away with something they are satisfied with. Too bad repeat customers or satisfied customers are not one of them.

  3. Carol Beez Reply

    I returned a dress the next day, after delivery. The money was taken from my account on the 18th Jan. Since then after repeated messages, l still haven’t heard from Floryday, except once, l was told a Ziaul would phone, he didn’t.
    I would like to phone them, but cannot find a number. I feel once they have your money, they not interested

  4. Caroline Van Laere Reply

    Just received my order 029590836698, and would like to return 2 items out of 4, because the quality of knitting is rather poor, or even very poor actually. Hard to believe those items are really priced 70% off, or even 50% off. Please let me know the nearest return address, I’m living in Brussels.

  5. Carol Ann WHITELOCK Reply

    I am having the same problem. I need to return dresses but cannot get any details. My 14 days is almost up and the dresses was too big. The delivery invoice is not much help either. Poor for communication.

  6. I am flabbergasted to be told in your chat that you don’t allow customers to try on clothes and neither do you have a phone number to ask if they are serious! Surely you cannot be serious!
    The agent then suggested using their size chart, but there are other factors that determine if an item is going to be suitable besides size. The item might look hideous on the woman! Then what? She can’t send it back because she’s tried it?

  7. Jocelyn Jones Reply

    Having read the long list of customers comments, I don’t feel confident in buying anything from your website which is a pity. The clothes look really nice but I couldn’t be bothered to wait for delivery or worry about receiving full refund, let alone quality and correct sizing. I am in the UK and a regular size 12.

  8. Return policy? Can I return dresses for any reason? You mention that customer needs to state a REASON for a return. If I want to return an item that I just don’t like (for no specific reason) can I get a full refund?

    I have never ordered from you before and I don’t want to pay for dresses unless I’m assured I can return everything if I don’t like them for any reason (as long as it is within 14 days). Why does customer need a reason?

  9. Kathryn L Guilmette Reply

    I have two dresses to return and my 14 days are running out. I went on the website to fill out the return form, but my order # does not appear in the drop-down menu. Please let me know where I ned to send these dresses for a refund.My order # is 020836005011; the items are 2 of the same dress, item code 01955220519

  10. Julie Wilkinson Reply

    I wish to return a jacket that is too small – not the size I expected at all. Please tell me where in UK to send it. having read comments above I wish I had never ordered from you but I did like the styles on offer.

    • Nancy Barisano - Munter Reply

      I bought this dress for a wedding but it is an
      X-Large, too big. So if you please exchange for a large this would be satisfactory. Your sizes run very different in the USA. Trying to get in touch with someone to return for correct size or a refund has been very than difficult than I could imagine. Please send me a telephone number so I can contact you. I would just need the right size dress or a refund of: $47.99. How can I send this dress back to you? You said above my text there is a telephone number but there is none. I see a lot of frustrated comments above. Please respond!
      Sincerely, Nancy Barisano – Munter

  11. Jennifer smythe Reply

    Do not order from this company. It is very near impossible to get a return address from then,they do not add one inside the delivery parcel. You only need to read the reviews to see how many complaints are posted here on this subject. The company is a disaster. I will never deal with them again.

  12. Mrs c a moore Reply

    I wish to return 2 dresses as they do not fit me would like a return address to were I send them would appreciate it if you could do this as I have read a few negative comments so if you could send return address I would be happy

  13. I purchased a coat for my daughter for a Christmas present which she choose on florydays website and when it was delivered it looked nothing like the picture and very poor quality too. I have emailed florydays and have had no response from them and they have an office in regent street London!!!! With no phone number,it’s a joke they take the money quick enough and give you 14 days to send your items back with a refund policy,so where is the return address and where’s my refund as I’m a widow whose trying to survive in life and I’ve read all these bad comments against this company,shame on you as nobody has said a good word about this company and I’ll never order from you AGAIN and nor will a lot of people!!!!!!!!

  14. How can you say easy RETURNS
    I cannot even get a response to my email
    Surely we are within our rights to be refunded
    All I ask for is how to return it
    Obviously the 14 days will be up by the time we get a response
    This is disgraceful
    I would not recommend you to anyone
    Your customer service is NILL

  15. Gloria Bergin Reply

    Need to return 2 dresses that I ordered for my daughters wedding that’s not suitable. Pretty poor quality and too tight. Tried to contact the courier company Yodel to return who say I have to get in touch with you for collection.
    Would be grateful if you could advise how I go about returning these items as I have only 14 days for return. I have been round and round in circles. Not able to find proper telephone number for someone I could speak to

  16. Dorothy hale Reply

    I am still awaiting credit on my two dresses returned the day they arrived I returned them to the address on the package and have proof of posting. As yet I have not had a credit of £108 06. This is an appalling case of swindling people out of money. I feel now is the time to further my investigations on an illegal business. Dorothy hale

  17. I have ordered one dress which arrived and is too small . This has to be one of the most complicated mail order company’s I’ve ever dealed with.
    There is no address to return items and you have to email on the day of delivery if you want to send the item back.
    I am now waiting for 2 further dresses which have been dispatched and 2 weeks later they have not arrived.
    Is this company a scam ???
    When I tracked the items they were waiting for a courier !!!
    What is going on Floryday not impressed and will not be ordering again.

  18. suzanne kanfi Reply

    This company is not at all reliable. There is no way to return an item despite their promises. The fit is absolutely horrible. I’m out $40. Please please please, people don’t get swindled!!!! I am going to report them.

  19. Lesley Heal Reply

    Wish I had read these comments before ordering clothes.
    I need to return items have but have
    I foolishly spent over £100 and fear this may not be a genuine company.

  20. Chris Oneill Reply

    I would like to exchange a dress that is too small and it is XXL. I will need the next size up which I guess is 3xl. I have never worn dresses this size, but the sizing must be different with your company. Please send me an address to send this to and would you be able to send the right size after you get this one back.

  21. It would appear we are all finding rerunning items problematic. I have retuned an item from a previous order as per process outlined on website and via chat live site. I am still waiting for reimbursement. I ordered other items, one of which I now need to return and again it appears we cannot locate how to return. What is the issue with giving us a returns address as per usual practice. This often makes me think they don’t want you returning goods which is in breach of our rights as consumers.

  22. Donna Brown Reply

    I am trying to return the items I ordered. Order number 022318841727. Please send me the address I can Mail them to. We have tried site you say on Google but still no results. Be clear when you reply.

  23. I contacted you 2 x’s now to tell you that the size measurements you post DO NOT reflect the accurate sizes of womens bodies. I have a dress that I bought going by your size chart and does NOT fit! I t is a Xlarge and it is very big and I have asked you both times that I what YOU to pay me back for the shipping back to you bc it IS YOUR fault and not mine. I am still waiting for this to be done and all you have offered is a credit for the amount of the shipping back to you so as you said…that I may buy another item. I DO NOT WNAT ANOTHER ITEM!!! I want your company to do the right think and credit me back the shipping cost. I have not shipped it back bc I am waiting for a positive reply to this issue and you also did nOT send me the info of where to send it back. I wait your response.

  24. Ellen Luelo Reply

    Order number 029847807092
    I wish to return the dress as it does not look good on me.
    Floral 3/4 sleeves midi A line dress 01955219894
    What is the address where I should send the dress?
    Thank you for your help.

  25. Carla Goffard Reply

    This is the second time I am asking you for assistance in returning articles that have been purchases for refund. The first request was places approximately June 13, 2018. The site said that my E-mail had been received and that I would hear back within 24 hours. That did not happen.

    You requested the item number and the reason for return; so here I go again:
    1) item# 1685261642, color gray, size XL
    This is a top with a slit sleeve which I
    did not realize at the time. I am a burn
    victim and that type of sleeve does not
    work for me.

    2) item# 1955132223, color black, size XL
    This item simply does not fit at all.

    3) item# 1955219326, color burgundy, size XXL
    This item simply did not work for the
    original purpose intended.

    After seeing all these responses from other individuals whose issues have not been addressed
    either–I am certainly disappointed and wish now that I never would have places an order. However, I trust
    that you will honor your commitment to customer
    satisfaction and that I will hear from you promptly
    to provide instruction for making the returns and
    receiving reimbursement of funds extended. I thank you in advance and will continue to wait to hear from you.

  26. Marie Alberti-Thomson Reply

    I have 3 dresses to return. They came the day after I left for out of state. Just got back after two weeks and found the package I had hoped would arrive before I left. They are all too small – marked XL but are more like L. How do I send them back. I don’t seem to be able to use the phone listed. What does the + before the numbers mean. Is it an out of USA code?

  27. Susan Ruden Reply

    The dresses ordered are of poor quality. Plus I ordered quick delivery for shipping within 5-7 days for a wedding event but did not get the items in that window time frame. I would like a refund of both the dresses as well as the expedited shipping cost since it took over 2 weeks for the items to be delivered to me. Item order number is the same for both dresses in size medium and small #1955153186 . Susan Ruden

  28. Georgina Cane Reply

    I need to return a dress that does not fit but cannot enter my email address in the relevant box to contact customer services as it will not allow me to type it in. Please let me know where to send it.
    thank you.

  29. Eva-Maria Grosskopf Reply

    I wish to return 3 items ,they does not fit well.
    Please send me a return adress.
    Order # 024637698382

    If you could help me and reply back to my query as soon as possible I would be very grateful

    Thank you

  30. Susan Richman Reply

    I need to return order #022647404527, love the dress but it doesn’t love me.
    Please advise me on the return address, I do not have a copy machine and will have to hand write the return label. If you have a return location in USA that would be appreciated

  31. Peggy Behling Reply

    I am returning 3 of 5 dresses. Already wrote two emails to customer service and called the service number and left a message. I still have no answer as to where to return these items. Time is running out or is that the intention so we are not able to return things? Very bad return service. Please answer today. Thank you!
    Order number: 025902997306

  32. Karri Ferguson Reply

    I want my refund “immediately “! There is no working contact information. I have been trying to reach you (as have everyone else on the comments list) because we are ALL dissatisfied with what we received. My order number is 027210609438 and if I do not hear from you in 7 working days I will be filing a complaint with PayPal, Visa, Amazon and every other company throuywhich people pay for terrible items on your website.

  33. Brenda Schnitker Reply

    I was wondering when I should receive my dress I ordered on 4-30-18. It says it will be mailed within 14-21 days. It has now been 30 days. My payment was quickly taken. Please tell me the dress should arrive soon!

  34. Sara Devins Reply

    I purchased 2 of the same dresses to see if either would work, and they will not. I will be sending them back.I am finding the same frustrations as other writers. I cannot find where to send back this order and I am within the 14 days. Please advise immediately.

    I was so excited about your products, but apparently, you do not honor people’s desire to return things. Please give me information, I have tried every avenue. Thank you

  35. Irene harrison Reply

    Wish to return 4 items but nowhere in your customer care information mumble jumble can I find a simple contact number to enquiry as to how to return the items as there was no form included in the parcel. Something you really should address. Very very frustrating. Why do you make it so difficult.
    I would like to return these items ASAP. Totally unsatisfied with the quality. Looks lovely on your website sadly I will not be a returning customer.
    Also your delivery was well off target. Only received items today 22nd May. Placed order on the 5thMay

  36. I have received the three items I ordered from Floryday and I am very disappointed with their poor quality and inaccurate sizeing. I am desperate to return them in the 14 day period but can find no instruction anywhere as to how.This is very worrying and upsetting as my order was for way over £100. PLEASE stop treating your customers like this and advise us all IMMEDIATELY about return and refund procedures.

  37. I have to return some of my order please advise how to do this as no returns form attached. It has past the 14 days return date as I had awaited weeks for delivery and was getting quite worried that this would not be delivered at all. Subsequently I have been on the holiday that I wanted these clothes for for nearly 3 weeks. There is a UK address on one package but as the order came in different packages I was not sure if this is the one to use.

  38. Sylvia Buck Reply

    To Floryday Customer Service personnel,

    This is my second attempt.

    Please forward to my email address Product Return form for and the correct address label also for dress No. 1955215685.

    This does not have the length needed and does not combine with my jacket.

    My previous order fitted perfectly.

    Regards, S Buck

  39. Mary M. Morgan Reply

    I need to return a shirt I just received yesterday, May 9, 2018. Please give me the address in which I need to mail it back to for full credit on my debit card. This is in reference to order number: 027288898779. Thank you.

  40. Linda Anderson Reply

    I ordered a dress on April 4, 2018 and did not receive it until April 28th. The dress is too tight to wear comfortably and was afraid of ripping out the top where it is tight. Trying to send it back but am not finding any information to get that done. I will be calling my credit card company and getting the charge taken off. Will send the dress back as it is useless to me.

  41. Monica spence Reply

    I’ve asked you about returning a dress but received no reply. I’ll now contact my credit card provider and see if they can help recoup my loss. This is a poor show Floryday – and I see I’m not the only person you have let down

  42. Brigida Heinrich Reply

    I want to return the several dresses I ordered. Not one fits.
    Please send me the return address.Order No. 065041985768
    Unfortunately I read all the comments too late otherwise I would never have ordered one dress!! So I wonder if I will get an address to send the items back.

  43. Patricia Stafford Reply

    Wish to return an item that does not fit. There is no info inside package other than email addresses. When I go to one
    of the sites, it is so jumbled and offers no info. Please advise as to returning order # 025410202183. Thank you.

    • My package with Floral Buttons ¾ Sleeves Midi Shift Dress (1955104858) and my Floral Cotton Round Neckline Long Sleeve Blouse (16455242890) arrived yesterday, May 29th , and I need to return the items since they do not fit.

      Please advise where to send these items back to, and please send my refund for these items.

      Thank you,

      Christine McGourin

    • Margot Grassie Reply

      Please can I have a return address for order No.020299021812,
      Item code 1955187438,the item was too small.

      Please send return address
      My order no.020299021812
      Item code 1955187438

      Dress for too small, ordered XXL

    • Rachel Roberts Reply

      Has anyone had a refund for the items they wanted returned?

      Has anyone had a refund for the items they wanted returned?

      Has anyone had a refund for the items they wanted returned?

  44. Sheila Stinson Owens Reply

    Where do I return three of my 6 items purchased? I am within my 14 days since delivery. I am satisfied with half of my order, but others do not fit me properly. I would appreciate a prompt response. Sincerely, Sheila O. my order number is 028346012653

  45. Kym Hewson Reply

    I have 2 dresses that I need to return as they are too small. I have tried ringing the contact number given but to no avail. Please help as I am also afraid that my 14 days will soon be up and I will not get a refund and will be left with dresses that do not fit

  46. Lynne Clarke Reply

    I need to return a dress please, the dress is too small and nothing like the quality I was expecting I live near Nottingham, where do I send it to please for returning 28th April 2018

    • Pam Weston Reply

      Did you have any joy ? I live in Nottingham too and impossible to contact this company. I have two dresses I need to return. Will not be using again especially after reading all these comments.
      Many thanks Pam

  47. Sandra Reilly Reply

    I posted a message on here yesterday and I have had no reply.
    I need an address to post back an order.
    I am contacting you within the 14 day stipulated period.

  48. Doreen Chapman Reply

    Again no reply still waiting for moderation after reading some of the previous comments it seems like it is extremely difficult to contact anyone at your company and to get any service is there anyone working in customer care my order no is 02192355023 if I don’t receive a reply in the next 2 days I will return the items to the address in NSW and I will contact Pay Pal to retrieve my money back

  49. Kathryn Evans Reply

    I purchased item 1955249305 v neck 3/4 sleeves shift dress. Oh my god, it resembles a granny nightie. A dress that I paid $103.20 for 01955203181 that I could probably wear to a fancy dress party and a cover up swimwear top 30015256578 that is just awful. The quality is cheap chinese shit and poorly fitting. I paid a total of $189.61 now along with all you other people I am going to have to take it up the tail pipe because we have all been had!!! Need to get in touch with Fair Trading to stop these arseholes ripping other unsuspecting people off.

  50. I need to return two items. They are too small and are not corresponding to your size chart. I want my money back and am disappointed that there is not a phone number to contact for return.

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