Contact of Burger King (UK) customer service

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Find below the customer service details of Burger King (UK). Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the fast food chain.

Head Office (UK)
Burger King UK,
Park House, 15 Bath Road,
Slough, SL1 3UF,
United Kingdom

Customer Service
Phone: 033332074208
Phone: +44 1753 500000
Web: Support


About Burger King (UK)

Burger King is the place where people come thronging to taste the best burger concoctions. What is better known as ‘Home of the Whopper’, Burger King has been serving some of the best selling burgers for more than 50 strong years. This American multinational fast-food chain is headquartered in Miami. Burger King was initially launched as Insta-Burger King, which was later changed to Burger King. The fast food restaurant’s menu includes a variety of burgers along with fries, desserts and drinks. The Whopper is one of the first additions by the company to the menu and has successfully positioned itself as the signature BK product. Burger King is currently owned and operated by 3G Capital, which is a multi-million dollar investment firm. Today it has got more than 18,000 outlets running in more than 100 countries. Most of the outlets are located in the United States, and the rest are owned and operated privately. Burger King came to the UK in 1976, with its first outlet located at the Haymarket in Central London. 

The burger restaurant suffered losses at the early stages in the United Kingdom. This was when the operations headquarters for European operations was located in Zurich, which was later moved to London in 1983. By 1997, Burger King owned 465 outlets. Burger King is the second-largest hamburger chain in the world, and its commitment to signature recipes and premium ingredients have helped it race ahead. In the UK, the menu includes the famous Whopper, Steakhouse Angus, Bacon Double XL, Double Whopper, Bacon King, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Kids Hamburger, Chicken Royale, Roadhouse Crispy Chicken, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Fries, Jalapeno Chicken Fries, Halloumi King, Halloumi Bacon King, Veggie Bean Burger, and more.

In the UK, you can order food from Burger King via Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Just Eat. You can also go to the restaurant if you want to dine in or eat out. Burger King’s UK website will help you locate the nearest restaurant. If you want to register a complaint or give your feedback, you can contact the customer assistance centre on their dedicated helpline number. You can also write in your feedback or suggestion in the contact form, which is available on the website.

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  1. I passed your competitor in Leeds today with its appealing looking festive offering and clean store. Tempting as it was we told ourselves Burger King first time every time. We went to your Boar Lane Store. The lady took our order then proceeded us to tell us there was no one cooking or indeed in the kitchen at that time.

    We waited and waited and food started to come out but ours took forever. What followed was nothing like I have ever tasted in Burger King ever a dry shriveled up double cheeseburger but only one lot of cheese NO MUSTARD NO KETCHUP NO PICKLES. My husband’s looked like slop on a bun. The chips were fresh but the burgers clap cold which doesn’t take a genius to work out we were served up something that had been cooked ages before. The restaurant didn’t look clean, there was rubbish everywhere. I had to wipe our table down before we could use it.
    So disappointing I could have gone home and cooked better!

  2. Just visited Burger King at Forton services, I hav never in my life been to such a dirty place!! Every table had litter, chips, salt, dried ketchup on them, I had to wipe my table before I sat down!! The floor and windowsills were filthy too, windowsills in particular were covered in dead flys and lots of other dirt!! The burger was lovely as always, im not complaining about the food at all but the manky state this restaurant is being allowed to serve the public! If I worked for B.K. I’d come down on the manager of this place like a tonne of bricks!! This place gives u a bad name I’m afraid, Iv never in my life made any complaint but feel compelled to in this instance, only to let u know what’s it’s actually like. Regards Fiona

  3. Why can’t anyone get a hot drink at BK? Nothing worse than tepid chocolate or coffee. And to add insult to injury…a cup with the warming Caution Hot, stamped on it?

  4. Every disappointed with service, no smile , didn’t check order properly. Got an extra burger but no drinks.
    Have never been treated this way before and will never again.
    Store no. 27747 served by Chloe

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