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Find below customer service details of Best Buy Canada. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the electronics retailer.

Head Office
Best Buy Canada Ltd
8800 Glenlyon Parkway
Burnaby, BC
V5J 5J3 Canada

Customer Service
Phone: 1-866-237-8289 (general)
Phone: 1-877-423-3429 (Best Biy for Business)

About Best Buy Canada
Best Buy is a well known global retailer of technology products and services. The American retail giant began in Canada in the year 1982. It operates a chain of outlets selling computers, tablets, smartphones, cameras, camcorders, car electronics, accessories, peripherals and much more. Headquartered at Burnaby, British Columbia, Best Buy manages sales and other operations through more than 12,000 employees nationwide. A wholly owned subsidiary of Best Buy Co, Inc, the retail giant is today the country’s largest consumer electronics retailer. Products are sold under the brands – Best Buy, Geek Squad, Best Buy Mobile, Best Buy for Business, and ReClaim brands. Best Buy boasts more than 250 million visits to its stores each year. The stores currently number more than 175 and can be located at Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. Locate a Best Buy nearest to your address using the store locator online. The stores can be located by city or zip code.

The multichannel retailer also sells products on the website. Featured brands include Acer, Amazon, Apple, Asus, Bose, Canon, Dell, Google, HP, JBL, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Philips, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Sony and Toshiba. You have the option to shop online by brand, what’s popular or latest in the catalog. There is a brands directory, if you are looking to shop for products from a specific brand. As for categories available to explore, there are laptops, tablets, computer accessories, printers, ink/office supplies, cell phones, cameras, headphones/speakers, TV/home theatre, video games/movies, musical instruments, wearable tech, sporting goods, toys and major home appliances. Like all other ecommerce stores, you can easily filter products by brand, price, features and other parameters. If you are looking for saving on your online shopping, head to the Sale or Deals section for items with 30-60% off actual price. With the Low Price Guarantee, shoppers are assured of best prices for products online. And if you find a lower price with a retailer or authorized dealer online, Best Buy will match that price. You can visit the Help Centre on the website to know what products qualify and how you can request a price match.

The product pages have all useful information on the item, including the highlights and specifications. Besides the specs, also know what’s included in the purchase and other questions to do with warranty and shipping. Find pictures as well as promotional videos giving a glimpse of the product. Shopping on can be done using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Best Buy Card and PayPal. You can also use Best Buy gift cards during checkout. Shipping information will be revealed at the final checkout process. You can choose to order and pick up the same at a nearest store or have it delivered to your address. There are standard as well as express shipping options. Free shipping is offered for orders more than $35. This does not include large or heavy items. The shipping costs vary according to location and weight of item. Products that have been shipped can be tracked by signing into account. You can also view and manage orders there. As for return policy, the website states eligible purchases can be returned or exchanged for 14 to 30 days. You can choose to return the product by mail or at any nearest store.

Have a special occasion coming? Best Buy gift cards sure can be a thoughtful gift. There are plastic gift cards as well as e-gift cards. They can be used online or at any Best Buy store in Canada. You can even check the balance available online. Gift cards are available for value of $10 to up to $500. Regularly shop at Best Buy? Register for the Best Buy Card for a number of shopping benefits. Card holders enjoy flexible financing options throughout the year, free supplementary cards and easy online account management. For complaints or queries on store locations, cancellation, refund, delivery, warranty, career, or others, reach the Best Buy Canada support.


  1. Bernard Brulé Reply

    Hello … I had the chance this week to go to Best Buy in Granby, Quebec and I was served by two really professional employees … Mégane and Charles. They answered all of my questions about buying a cell phone. They were extremely patient and kind. Well done to them and … thank you very much.

  2. Jeff Albert Reply

    When I need a tech item, my “go to” has always been Best Buy in Woodbridge, Ontario. Having said that, when I walked into the store today and was ready to purchase a new Onkyo 7.1 receiver because I couldn’t get volume with one I purchased at that same store location 7 years ago and there were no similar styles of receivers in stock. I believe that there was one 7.2 receiver to choose from. The salesman was very nice ans told me to go to 2001 audio across the street or Visions at the corner. I very much appreciated that he helped me and I ended up buying an Onkyo TXNR696 that they price marched with you and loaded into my car. How can Canada’s #1 “Go To” for receivers not have inventory. OK, were in a Pandemic and there is a shortage of Chips, freight is an issue from overseas, etc. Honestly, if I was the district manager of that store, I wouldn’t let them open the door until they had a proper selection even if it meant transferring from another store. Cant believe that with the supply chain you have in place, that you cant get it right. Hard to gain customers, but easy to lose them. Jeff-Thornhill, Ontario

    • Paul Steele Reply

      I find the same issues with Best Buy, sadly never any stock. We have bought well over $10 000 of products at best buy over the last several years, always had great service. That said, we just bought a new business laptop, had to go to another retailer as Best Buy had zero stock. Also shopping for VR system today in Calgary, no stock on any of it at Best Buy, only online. If I am going to shop online I may as well order it form someone with a better price point. My thoughts are that Best Buy is actually driving customers to other retailers to buy because they don’t have stock.

  3. Scott Yates Reply

    Had a bad experience today. I asked a question on how to renew my BB CC. I was rudely told to scan the bar code that was on the front of the counter. I wasn’t quite sure how to do that. So he came around around the corner of the desk clearly agitated. He pulled out his phone and told me he has a “real” phone. His was an I phone mine is a pixel. After we figured it out as he left he pointed to the counter and told me they sell real phones over there. Took me a lot to stay cool, as I am 30 years his senior.. very disappointed.

  4. Joel Freudman Reply

    Unlike most people who post complaints here against Best Buy or Geek Squad, not only am I sharing my own experience of their deceptive anti-consumer practices so as to warn other consumers, but more importantly, I’m also sharing several lesser-known but fairly effective steps you can take yourself to make your complaints known to Best Buy, assuming you have genuine complaints.

    I purchased a highly-recommended laptop from Best Buy in Toronto in January 2020. Starting in December 2020, and still within the warranty period, my laptop suffered 3 successive catastrophic failures in the span of 3 months – 2 of which required motherboard replacements. Each time I made clear to Best Buy and Geek Squad that I required a replacement laptop, since each fatal crash was causing severe disruption to my small business. Each time, I was assured by Best Buy and Geek Squad representatives that my repaired laptop was completely fine, and they refused to give me a replacement despite me having purchased a 4-year Geek Squad Protection Plan.

    Can you imagine buying a new car, having the engine fail on you 3 times in 3 months to the point of needing replacement, and then being told dismissively that your car is fine and isn’t a “lemon”? That’s exactly how Geek Squad’s Protection Plan works – completely fails you when you need it most.

    If, like me, you think that Best Buy’s conduct towards you, as a consumer, was just plain wrong, why not let them know they should be taking it seriously? Try these three approaches you may not have previously considered:
    1. Email Senior Vice President, Retail & Geek Squad Services, at and, and inform him personally of your issue.
    2. Did you know it’s illegal for any business in Ontario to give you false information about their products or services, including stating that a product is a certain quality when it isn’t, or promising to deliver a service or product when they should know that’s not possible? All of these things are illegal under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act, 2002. Look into your rights on the Consumer Protection Ontario FAQ website, and if you think Best Buy or Geek Squad haven’t been honest with you, file a complaint with Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services at their online portal.
    3. Depending on what you were told – specifically, if Best Buy or Geek Squad have made a false or misleading statement to you – that might be a deceptive marketing practice that is illegal under Canada’s Competition Act. File a complaint with the Competition Bureau of Canada at their online portal.

  5. Brooke shaw Reply

    Case number 06555443
    We ordered a ps5 that was supposed to be delivered nov. it was delivered to the wrong address as seen in your app. We contacted the police, purolator and you that same day. It is now dec 23 and we still have not heard back from you after NUMEROUS calls to you. We still do not have our refund.
    It’s in black and white that the ps5 was NEVER delivered to our address and purolator sent us and you the email that it was their fault. Why have we not received our money back?!
    You make it impossible to get any information and at this time or year. It should be an open and close case. You never delivered our product yet you don’t contact us or refund us.
    Absolutely poor poor customer service and we will not be shopping with you and will let people k ow of our experience for sure.
    I tried emailing through the website but the site says connection issues which is on your end and not mine.

  6. I have just got of the phone with a man Darren in your customer service land line. Out of all the people I have talked to in the past week and there have been a number of them, he was the only one who knew what the problem was and went above and beyond to fix the problem I was having. He was professional, knowledgeable and caring the whole conversation. I cannot tell you enough how relieved I was to finally talk to someone in your company who actually found a solution to fix the problem! The others only made matters worst than the already were and never found a solution to the problem. Please extend my thanks to Darren and forward this to his supervisor as I would like to acknowledge what his time and trouble did to save a customer who at the beginning of the call was never going to buy another thing from your company. I just wish that the other people I spoke with over the course of this week were as helpful as Darrin was! Marianne

  7. Martina Mckinnon Reply

    I was very pleased with the staff at the Belleville On store. Although I was the one who had misunderstood some of the information the staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in changing everything to my needs and satisfaction. Manager Nicole and Manager Spencer went above and beyond to change everything to the best results. Everyone at the Geek Squad also was very helpful and knowledgeable . I highly recommend the Belleville store and I feel very supported by their staff. I very much appreciate everything they have done for me and everything they do. Despite line-ups due to Covid everyone was very friendly and helpful.
    Thank you.

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