Contact Globe Telecom: Find below customer service details of Globe Telecom in Philippines, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Globe Telecom mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, prepaid / postpaid subscriptions, or other questions. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Globe Telecom services.

Globe Telecom Head Office
Globe Telecom Inc.
5th Floor, Globe Telecom Plaza
Pioneer corner Madison Street
1552 Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Phone: +632 730-2000

Globe Telecom Customer Service
Phone: dial 211 or 730-1000
Phone: +632 730-1212 (postpaid customers)
Phone: dial 171 or (02) 730-1000 (landline customers)

Email Support
Write your complaint or feedback to [email protected] or [email protected]

Globe Stores
Click here to locate a Globe store nearest to your street. You can find Globe centers in all major cities including Quezon, Manila, Caloocan, Davao, Cebu, Zamboanga, Antipolo, Pasig and Taquig. You can visit a local Globe store to recharge your prepaid, subscribe to Globe services or to pay your pending bills.

Globe Downloads
To download ringtones, wallpapers and games for your Globe connection click here

View Bills
To view your Globe bills online click here. You can also subscribe to special promotions here.

About Globe Telecom
globe-telecom-philippinesGlobe Telecom was founded in the year 1935. It is a leading telecommunications company in Philippines with over 25 million subscribers. Globe provides voice and data services through its GSM network. The second largest cellular service provider in the country, Globe plans to invest about $700 million to modernize its network in the next five years.

For prepaid connection, Globe offers Globe Prepaid SIM that gives users several plans to choose from. Some of the voice, text and data offers include Superunli AllTXT25, Super Sakto Calls, Duo, Super Duo, Super Unli, Super Surf, Power Surf, BlackBerry Max, Surf All Day and BlackBerryMax. Users can recharge their prepaid connection through online banking, mobile banking and from AutoloadMax (AMAX), Globe’s electronic reloading service.

For those looking for postpaid connections, Globe has wide range of plans and devices to choose from. You can find phone brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Apple, and BlackBerry. For postpaid phones, there are plans such as My Super Duo, My Super Txt All, My Super Surf, My Super Plan Family, My Super Plan Unli Surf, and Platinum.

If you are looking for broadband internet connection, there is Globe Tattoo. You can access internet through Tattoo Stick, Tattoo MyFi, Tattoo SuperStick, Tattoo DSL, Tattoo Torque and Tattoo WiMax. The Tattoo broadband stick lets you connect the device to any USB port on laptop or desktop. You can also make phone calls with Tattoo Stick. Tattoo MyFi is a service through which you can connect up to 5 devices and access speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps. Tattoo SuperStick is a 4G-enabled service with speeds up to 7 Mbps. There are prepaid and postpaid plans available for this service. If you are looking for an affordable plan, then Tattoo WiMax is the perfect choice. To enjoy blazing speeds, there is Tattoo DSL with speeds up to 3 Mbps. One of the fastest broadband service in the world, Tattoo Torque promises speeds up to 100 Mbps. Call 730-1000 for more details.

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  1. Jeff Reply

    You keep sending bills via email, even when we clearly said we’re moving ( this was last September 2017. ) You make it impossible to reach you any other way then using the phone. We are out of the country, so if you can’t have a working email for us to communicate, good luck in trying to settle this matter. Your request for payment will remain unanswered.

    However, a proper email address will allow us to resolve it.


    I am very disappointed with customer service hotline number!
    please make your service more efficient….I keep on pressing those numbers yet they don’t have any response.

  3. Jean Reply

    This is to call your attention and formally file a complaint regarding my experience with your customer service personnel at Powerplant Mall, Makati.

    I am an expat and on August 11, 2017, I decided to have a Globe postpaid account. I have been working in Manila for 5 years, and all those years, I had a Globe prepaid account. The package I availed last August 11 Plan 1,499, which comes with a Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO. I received the phone in good faith, as would a regular customer. I took care of the phone. Just to share a bit of myself here, I am a very meticulous and careful person.

    On August 14, barely 3 days after using the phone, I noticed a discoloration on the left side of the screen. I was busy working but intended to raise the concern the following day to Globe office. The following day (August 15), the screen discoloration spread to the rest of the screen. I went to Globe Powerplant at 11am and discussed the matter with your front desk customer service (Ms. Mariz Luna). I was told that my phone will be inspected by the technician, and they will come back to me after 3-5 days regarding the diagnosis. I was not issued a service phone as replacement to the phone that was retrieved from me. On the same night, I received a call from your Globe representative from Powerplant, and was told that the phone will not be replaced because the technical team of Samsung declared “DISCOLORATION DUE TO IMPACT DAMAGE”. I have been told as well that there must have been some weight or pressure exerted on the phone which resulted to the discoloration.

    I explained to your Globe representative that there was no weight nor pressure. I was careful as always on the device. I was told as well that there is an option, and that is to have it repaired by Samsung. This will cost me Php6,156.

    Despite several explanations, your Globe representative insisted that the decision is from Samsung and they (Globe) will abide to the decision of Samsung.

    I do not know if your frontliners know the concept of customer service. I am your customer, not Samsung. Samsung is your provider. Your customer service representative made me feel that my statement has no weight. Samsung is your provider. Samsung is also the one who diagnosed the problem. Are you 100% sure that there is no bias in judgment here?

    If you continue to conduct business in this manner, you will have unsatisfied and unhappy customers.

    I previously believed in Globe. I had thought that this is a company with integrity and concern on their customers. I was wrong.

    After 5 days of postpaid account with Globe, I finally decided to cut my subscription. Your customer service personnel is terrible. You put more concern on the business of your supplier that your customer. You do not even put a grain of salt on the statement by your customer.

    And I hope that your customer service team is trained how to do active listening and not just a parrot your policies.

    P.S. Do you have a manager at Powerplant Branch? There was no intervention done despite my request to talk to the manager.

  4. Anisah Reply

    I’ve never had service with your company but recently I’ve been received emails about unpaid bills etc. This really concerns me as well as the fact that I cannot contact a representative. The account number in the email is: 869291534. Can a representative please contact me concerning this matter?

  5. Shiela Reply

    I just want to talk to someone from cx care but it actually routed to an automated sys. asking to many questions. I just wanna know what happened with my broadband wifi internet. It reduces speed during night time. I dialed 211, i just want to talk to someone not pressing those suggestions. Where can I call? Can someone tell?

  6. Fernando R.Rivera Jr Reply

    I would like to complain against Globe Telecom for its service WIMAX Wireless Broadband offered to me and I guess other clients who availed of the same product and was not informed of the changes.

    I applied for a two (2) year lock up period with Globe Telecoms Cotabato Branch for a WIMAX Broadband (Residential) with a monthly subscription fee of Pesos Eight Hundred Ninety Nine (P899.00) last July 2014 under customer code no. 853867361. The product according to the the sales agent in Cotabato is of unlimited surfing and browsing and up to 10 users as long as you buy your own router, although normally the signal becomes weak as the number of users increases but not unlike this new modem they installed.

    The modem installed was a 3G signal and even up to six (6) users, one (1) laptop and five (5) mobile phones simultaneously, my signal was strong and all users (family members) experience the same signal strength not until this last week of May (my first complaint call to 211) when I complained of a weak signal that I experienced and other users when the modem was change to 4G/LTE when one of their assigned representative came to our house and installed the new 4G/LTE inside my house in the same location and according to the personnel who installed the new modem, they are changing the modem because WIMAX was hacked and they are currently upgrading its service. Furhtermore, they instructed as to observe for one week and complain to 211 for any discrepancy.

    After a week of observation, the signal was still weak and I called up 211 their service hotline and complained of the signal. I called up again three (3) other service agents on different occasions and date because after complaining my signal did not improve and even deteriorated more. By logging in alone with facebook, it will take you around more than five minutes before the page can be opened and another five minutes or so to open a picture in your newsfeed and even frustrated when it does not open. The fourth service agents just this evening June 11,2015, service agent of 211 Mr. Jake Harry Musni attended to my complain and told me that the weakening of the signal was due to NTC’s Fair Usage Policy which stopped them from allowing users with unlimited browsing and surfing. Mr. Musni further explained that with the present modem, if two users will be on line at the same time, the signal will cause to weaken.

    Furhermore, Mr. Musni explained that if I want to improve my signal, I must avail of their new plan of One Thousand Two Hundred Pesos (P1,200.00) a month with a limited usage of up to 50G a month and if you will reach the maximum 50G before your next monthly bill your signal will automatically stop and you will wait again for your next months allocation before you will get your signal back. I guess the offer is deceiving. Once your in, they offer another monthly subscription fee which you will be forced to take because you have no other choice just to restore back signal previous signal you have been experiencing.

    Globe Telecom did not maintain its usual service within the lock up period and worst it offered a higher monthly subscription fee in order to restore back its signal with a limited access which I guess is a violation of the contract signed between me and Globe Telecom and also violated the consumer protection act for not maintaining its service quality. When we fail to pay on time, we get penalized for P50.00 for every bill payment. When it is now their turn of poor service we still again suffer for the consequences. Its unfair.

  7. Neri F. Salangsang Reply

    To Customer service,
    My account # 856724681 I received billing for 13March/15 to 06April/15 and 07April/15 to 06May15.My question is the static IP address which the customer representative explain that there is one time charge on Static IP for P750.00. UPON REVIEWING the bill I found out that you charge me twice on static IP Bill/march you charge P687.50 then on April bill you again charge P687.50 Pls. clarifies. there is also charge of telephone usage of P26.82 as your record which you can verify that landline is out of order on April 06 the call that is charge is on April 08/15. I paid P1299 on 3/16/15 is this for 1st month payment on my plan? or deposit? I notice you made a prorated charge of P942.82 and charge of P1159.82 April 07 Pls. clarify.

  8. Jade Reply

    Please fix this problem. Got the phone last thursday and the agent said that the handset would be activated within 48 hours. It is already the 5th day and no service yet.

  9. victoria castro Reply

    This is a five-month complaint that remains unresolved:
    1)the Free blackberry handset given in July under the loyalty program is defective and does not haveemail and internet functions
    2) globe business center in ermita is unable to resolve handset defect
    3) globe overcharges for alleged “roaming” services with humanly impossible frequency rates of text messages like 90 messages in a few minutes; 45 SMS messages; 20 SMS, etc. in a billing statement
    4) to top it all, when complaints are phone in at the Globe Customer service numbers, the call agents receive the complaint and say they will record and report the complaint, only to find out after several weeks later that the complaint has not been filed nor reported by Globe’s call agent
    5) the Globe Customer service hotline is BOGUS because this has happened several times already.
    Meantime, Globe continues to charge the account and does not resolve the customer complaint..

  10. yolly Reply

    my mom just bought globe tattoo 3.6mbps last 2 days ago. but it cant connect .no signal at all..please help im far away from them thats our way to communicate thank you

  11. janinie Reply

    hey, on the first day tat we connect to ur globe broadband…the connector said that the booster is already FREE!!! AND WHEN THE BILL STATEMENT CAME…it shows 250??

  12. maritonie Reply

    yes, i sent a complaint about our telephone which up to now is still not in service, about three to four days ago, still no action from your office, please do and thank you

  13. Adrian Reply

    why i still have overdue balance of 994.48..the amount was recently paid to your agent..

  14. william lim sy Reply

    The sound of your globe telephone set are
    so inaudible that for a sr. citizen like me, can’t hardly hear what the other party is talking about. I have made several complains with your operator but nothing has been done. Is this due to the telephone set? your lines connections? I have not encounter this problem with the other telecom co. Would appreciate it very much if something could be done to address this problem. Thanks.

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