Find below the customer service details of Telia Eesti, Estonia. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the telecom company.

Head Office
Telia Eesti AS
Mustamae tee 3,
Tallinn 15033, Estonia

Phone: 123
Phone: +372 639 7130
Email: [email protected]

About Telia Eesti
For mobile and Internet subscriptions across Republic of Estonia, individuals and businesses often choose Telia Eesti. It is the largest telecom operator in the Baltic states and was formerly operating as Eesti Telekom. Headquartered at Tallinn, Telia’s services include mobile subscription, home Internet and television. As of 2021, the company catered to about 1.18 million subscribers. Currently, the company is rolling out the 5G network capabilities across the country. It was the first network to introduce 5G there. Users across Tallinn, Tartu and Parnu are able to connect to 5G at the moment. All you need is a 5G-enabled device and an active mobile subscription.

For a new connection users don’t necessarily have to visit a Telia outlet. With just a few clicks, you can purchase a device or activate a connection on the website. If you need to locate a store, you can do same online. Telia operates an estore where you can purchase a range of devices. You will find smartphones from brands such as Samsung, Apple, OnePlus and Xiaomi. In fact you can own a device through the monthly installment option so it wont be a burden on you.

Coming to mobile subscriptions, you have a range of options according to the data consumption. Mobile users enjoy unlimited calls and SMS in Estonia. The smallest plan starts with 0.05GB data and go up to 5GB. For larger data access, you have plans from 10GB to 40GB. There is also an Unlimited 5G plan that doesn’t have a cap on data consumption. Larger plans also allow Internet to be shared with up to 5 devices or family members. Should the Internet data run out, you can order add-ons that would give you more data. If you are yet to start, choose the 5G plans so you can enjoy calls, browsing and streaming of videos without any interruptions.

Besides contract connections, Telia Eesti offers prepaid cards that are affordable on the pocket. There is a calling card as well as one exclusively for Internet. If travelling outside Estonia, you can activate roaming and even add a roaming package to save on costs. You will receive an SMS when you are out of Telia’s network and are connecting to a different operator. The costs vary according to your call and data consumption outside. You will need to worry of usage mostly when outside the European Union. In any case, you can activate or deactivate roaming, check the current plan and much more through the Telia smartphone app. Additionally, mobile users can know their daily restrictions, view bills and make payments with a few taps on their phone.

As for home Internet, Telia has a number of packages according to speed. Currently, users enjoy upload and download speeds that reach up to 1 Gbit. There is a tool available on the website which will tell you what speed you can get at your location. Existing Internet users can order Smart Wi-Fi for connecting devices at every room in your home without lag. The device can be easily set up with the app. If you don’t have a router, you can get a package that includes the same. Television lovers can share Telia TV between 5 viewers. There are plans that start with 25 channels and go up to 140+ channels. You can compare the Telia TV plans online before subscribing.

New users can explore the technical guides published on the website for troubleshooting, installation or related queries. The customer service can be reached on phone if your concern is unresolved or have a complaint to make.

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Last Update: February 23, 2022