Find below the customer service details of Telia Finland. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the telecom company.

Head Office
Teollisuuskatu 15
Helsinki 00510, Finland

Phone: 020 690 400 (individual)
Phone: 020 693 693 (corporate)

About Telia Finland
Telia is a major telecommunications brand in Finland offering fixed phone, mobile and Internet services. The second largest telecom operator was formed with the merger of Sweden’s Telia AB and Finland’s Sonera in 2002. It currently caters to more than 3.2 million customers that include both individuals and business organisations. While the parent company has its headquarters based at Stockholm, Sweden, the operations in Finland are managed from Helsinki.

For consumers, Telia Finland offers prepaid/postpaid subscriptions, fixed lines, mobile broadband, home broadband and TV entertainment. Locate a store nearest to you or call the Telia sales team to subscribe to a new connection. If you are considering Telia, you can start with a brand new phone along with subscription. With a monthly installment, you can own a latest device of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi or Nokia. Compare the models, along with price on the website. Telia also retails tablets, smartwatches, and audio accessories. If buying a phone, look for one that supports 5G so you can connect to the fifth generation network. Telia is actively rolling out 5G to extend the coverage to all regions across the country. There is a coverage map available online to check 5G connectivity in your area. With a 5G mobile or broadband, you can be assured of hyperfast, low-latency connection.

There are a number of 5G plans to explore. You have unlimited calls and messages, along with unlimited Internet in Finland, in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The plans however vary on the speed. You can choose from 300Mbit to up to 1000Mbit speeds. There are also 4G subscriptions that offer unlimited Internet, calls and messages. New customers can opt for eSIM instead of a traditional SIM card. They are available for all subscriptions.

Besides a contract mobile subscription, customers have the option for prepaid connection. You can top up your balance whenever you are low. The prepaid card is available for 6 months from the activation. You only have to pay for what you use, be it voice or browsing. Existing prepaid customers can top up their number on the website or by downloading the smartphone app. In fact with the app, you can also check your current usage, available data and if any pending invoices on account. Additionally, users can activate or upgrade to new plans.

Coming to Internet, Telia offers mobile broadband as well as fixed broadband. The Home 5G broadband is a high-speed Internet service for browsing, streaming or gaming. The connection is easy to set up and only requires an Internet connection and 5G internal modem. The fixed broadband however is more stable and requires an installation service. If interested, you can check the availability of 5G at your address and order a connection on the estore. The broadband subscriptions can be ordered according to the maximum speed and speed range needed. The M, L and Xl are some of the popular packages. Television lovers will find their favourite shows and channels by subscribing to Telia TV. With the Telia TV set top box, you can download popular apps and start streaming content on your TV. Also, you can record and watch shows. For queries or complaints on activation, payment, cancellation or others, reach the Telia Finland customer service.

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Last Update: February 28, 2022