Nokia South Africa Contact & Customer Service

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Nokia South Africa Contact: Find below customer service details of Nokia mobiles in South Africa, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Nokia phones, repair, service center location, technical support or complaints on Nokia phones in South Africa.

Customer Service
Phone: 086-1166542

Nokia Head Office (S.Africa)
Corner of Kikuyu & Leeukop Sunninghill
Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone: 27112340971
Fax: 27112341489

Nokia Stores
Click here to locate a Nokia store nearest to your street in South Africa. You can visit a local Nokia retail store to purchase Nokia smartphones or other products.

Service Centers
To locate Nokia service center nearest to your street in South Africa click here. You can visit these care centers to repair or recycle your mobile device. Nokia service centers can be found at several cities in South Africa including Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Soweto, Benoni, Newcastle, East London, Welkom, Witbank, Kumberley and more.

Nokia Applications
To download Nokia mobile applications, maps, games and more click here Nokia Ovi Store.

About Nokia
Nokia was founded in the year 1865. From being a riverside paper mill, Nokia grew over the years to become one of the leading telecommunications company. More than 1.3 billion people use Nokia phones worldwide. In 2010, Nokia sold some 453 million mobiles.

Popular models found across stores in South Africa include N9, E7-00, E6, C5, C3, C2, C7, E5, E63, N8, X2, C6, X3 and E72. On the website you can filter devices through features such as touch screen and qwerty keyboard. Visit the website for more updated models. Read More

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    I am using a Nokia 6.1 that I bought in 2018 from Edgars Stores at Festival Mall Kempton Park. I bought it in August of that year meaning that by today it ran a full 2 years. Now the phone has indicated that the battery is finished, so each time I need to make a call I must plug it to the charger or it switches off in the middle of the call and sometimes as I charge it, it just goes black.

    First, i contacted Nokia South Africa on 086 1166 542, this number doesnt work. You call the other Head Office number its the same result no response. What is them problem. My fone is in good condition and I dont want to replace it but what do I do? I have also discovered that you no longer make batteries or you dont want us to replace bettries but rather you want us buy new fones instead. I find it frustrating andf very greedy.

  2. Hi, I bought Nokia 3 back in 2017 December, now it has stopped charging I assume that the charging system is the problem. Help me find a place around Midrand where I can take it to be fixed. Thank you in advance.

  3. I purchased a Nokia 3,1 I March 2019, during April 2020 the phone’s battery became swollen and damaged the rear cover. I sent the phone to the Incredible Connection Pillow and, where I purchased the phone from for a repair.I sent the 2 year guarantee with the phone and I was
    Informed that I would be charged R1,100 for the repair as the battery is on.y guaranteed for 6 months. I feel that this is totally wrong.

  4. Mecaela Reid Reply

    Hi, i purchased a Nokia 5.1 for my brother, the phone seems to be giving a lot of problems as for the touch screen and phone freezing so he would have to lock the phone and unlock it then it navigates.
    We’ve been emailing Nokia within the 7 day rule. No response. What’s going on
    Please assist me.

  5. I upgraded to a Nokia 7.2, great camera but the rest is worst case. Phone freezes and the software is not worth the try. Applications keeps on uninstalling by itself don’t ask me how. Transfer our photos and boom cone is the photos, transfer again and boom, can’t open file. Not a happy camper.

  6. My NOKIA 5 earpiece speaker and camera have stopped working after i was caught by a rain while walking home..So i wan’a know which NOKIA repair centre is close to Me. I’m staying in Johannesburg Auckland Park.

  7. I have purchased a Nokia 5 a few months back and it keeps switching off. It’s got a blank screen now with NOKIA on the screen. It hasn’t been on for the past 3days, I always charge it but still nothing.

    I am very disappointed and frustrated. You guys really need to upgrade your cell phone game.

    I regret purchasing a NOKIA, and I will never purchase it again in my life.


  8. Anusha Roopram Reply

    I purchased a Nokia 2.1 the phone is good but there are some things that are worrying me. The touch for 1. You have to PRESS not touch certain parts of the phone like when I’m typing a message or playing a game for it to work. For a 4g phone the downloads are a bit slow. And the screen goes wonky at times, when you are changing your wallpaper especially the ones on your phone the screen looks ok on the top half but the bottom half is looking lit up, way brighter then the top it doesn’t even out.

  9. Vernon Lucas Reply

    I am so sorry that I ever bought a Nokia phone. If I could give it back tomorrow I would. It is even impossible to get through to your customer service. It looks like you are a poor example of a decent phone provider. What you read about Nokia and the truth is two different things. Could you please let me know if there is a Nokia store somewhere where I could take my phone to a technician to have a look at it. It is still under guarantee. If this message is received I could be grateful if someone could please reply.


    Vernon Lucas

  10. Hi,I bought a Nokia 3 on 4 Jan 2018 & it started switching itself off for hours on end and I booked it in in on 27 July 2018 at Alpha cellular-Microsoft device care-nokia care in Durban and the problem was solved but the phone came back with a new problem: its camera could no longer make videos. I booked it back in on September 27 and since then I haven’t seen my phone and when I call them they keep telling me to wait another week .This is very disheartening because I use my phone to run my business, now I am stuck with a borrowed phone that I can’t even WhatsApp on.Please help.

  11. I have a lumia 520 which is displaying unable to find bootable option…is it possible to get new motherboard or reinstall my windows at your stations….if possible ship it to SA where it was assembled

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