Contact of Takealot customer service (phone, email)

Contact Takealot: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the ecommerce company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
12th Floor, Takealot Building
10 Rua Vasco Da Gama Plain
Foreshore, Cape Town 8001
South Africa

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +27 87 362 8000 (corporate)

About Takealot
Takealot is a leading South African ecommerce company founded in the year 2011. Headquartered in Cape Town, the company employs over 800, including the support staff at its two warehouses in Cape Town and Johannesburg. There are close to 20 departments on the website offering a range of products. They include computers, smartphones, tablets, cameras, televisions, books, gaming, apparel, toys, cosmetics, health products, home decor items, furniture, among others.

Purchases on Takealot can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club cards. Orders over R450 value enjoy free delivery. Options include Standard, Economy, Same Day and Express. Shoppers also have the option to collect an item directly from the warehouse.

Upon placing an order, customers will be able to sign in to their account and track status of delivery. Takealot offers 30 days return policy. Please read the terms during purchase to ensure the product falls under the returns category. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, delivery, or others reach the Takealot customer service.


  1. Justine Casserley Reply

    Today 1/02/2019 at 4.26 in the afternoon a Takealot van Ca426 … took a short cut past my house to obviously avoid traffic in Military Road, Steenberg, Cape Town. The driver was asked by myself and a neighbor to slow down but no heed was taken. He was definitely going more than 80ks ( if not a lot more)in a residential area. His total disregard for our area, the speed limit and nonchalance has forced me to write this complaint. If I am not mistaken he has sunglasses on, a blue top and earphones in his ears. Please speak to your drivers about their careless attitude.

  2. I am really irritated by your customer services, i have bought lots of books from Takealot and normally i will place my order online and send an email to ask for an invoice so that my company can make payment but in 2019 it looks like no one is will to help, i called your call centre number and they refused to help, sent an email to corporate services with my order number and i was told to send links for all the books i ordered, for heaven sake i ordered 95 books so you expect me to go and search for all of them and send you individual links, that is insane.

    The order has all the book titles why don’t your consultants check from their side, i am so disappointed by this poor service

  3. Shane Visser Reply

    What a mess of a business. Ordered items not delivered in full. Have phoned and emailed the Customer ‘dont’ Care and no change after more than a week. I consider them a bunch of thieves as they have taken my money, and I haven’t got my goods. Looking at the reviews, it looks like a very common issue

  4. Archeress121 Reply

    Disgusting service! Absolutely appalling. I will never buy from takealot again. I called 12 times and the phone just kept ringing. Then when they finally answered , I was kept on hold for another 10 minutes. The lady who’s name was Malissia was extremely rude to me and had a stinking attitude. This is not how you deliver customer service! A bunch of ignorant b*tches behind the screen
    This company is a waste of time. Dont ever buy from here!

  5. i bought the vacuum cleaner three weeks ago i’m still waiting for my delivery. when i call the customer care i’m told that my order is being cancelled without calling or e-mailing me. this is bad customer service they cant deliver nor refund me i don’t know what to do anymore.

  6. Had enough of Takealot. First they send me a water filter with a part missing, then the second one also had problems! Now I have ordered a laptop table and they assured me it would be delivered between 08h00 and 10h00 today. I have been sitting waiting all day and about an hour ago around 1.30pm I get a message to say that they came to deliver the item but I wasn’t available. That’s such nonsense! Now they want to reschedule for Monday and they expect me to sit here for the whole day again! Besides I need the item today for a gift. I will NEVER use Takealot again nor will I advise anyone else to!!

  7. I ordered a Christmas Gift which I desperately needed before the 15th December before our Family Christmas lunch and before leaving to go on holiday. I ordered the gift a week in advance being advised I can expect my delivery by the 12th which would have perfect, if the gift had arrived. Was notified on the 12th that the order would not arrive and that I can expect it the 20th. This is great its before Christmas! Only thing is my gift would not reach the person who it was intended for by Christmas due to the fact that neither of us will be around for Christmas and our Family Christmas lunch had passed. Leaving my God Child without a gift. Of course it cost me to go buy another gift to compensate and have one for our family get-together. Sadly it was not the same as what I had ordered.
    I am very disappointed. I have always received such good service, this was very poor service especially due to the fact that this was a gift required for a special person at a specific time.

  8. Edgar-John Kleinveld Reply


    Good day,

    This is the 2nd reference number for the same case which I registered within the 12 month period. The communication is very poor, to say the least.

    I also came to visit the store’s returns section and they asked me bring the dead multisport Garmin with its charger to them.

    I am now confused with this message telling me “Your Return Request falls outside of our standard Returns Policy, so we’re unable to accept it.”

    So what of the 12 month period is excluded or is it simply applied as you wish? If I knew I am buying a Garmin multisport watch that will only last less than a year I would have not purchased it from you. I am expecting the device to be replaced and it is simply based on your rules of your “promised 1 year warranty”.

    Please advise soonest?

    Kind regards

  9. I see that my delivery has been cancelled.
    I have been waiting for my order from the day of the order.
    Like I explained I only received the emails advising me of the late delivery.
    The next thing I know the dates of delivery were changed from the 13th Dec, to 14th and eventually to the 18th December.
    I waited for the call and checked with reception in regards with anyone coming to deliver my parcel. But was advised no one came looking for me.

    Yesterday I called you guys to check up on my delivery and advised that I was knocking off at 16:00 from work.
    I know you made a follow up and promised someone would call me. I left work at 16:10 waiting for delivery guy to call.

    The other other issue is that I received an email advising me that the XBOX POWER CABLE was out of stock only after I had used my voucher to pay. My account is still not credited to show any reversals of the XBOX POWER CABLE.
    This is so annoying and such a put off.

    I need my order by tomorrow as it is a gift for my kid and I do not have time to run around to go last minute inconvenience shopping.

  10. Piet Taljaard Reply

    One of your delivery vehicles (XLS744 GP) parked on the wrong side of the road in the parking lot and blocked the traffic at Cape Gate Centre, Brackenfell on 19 Dec 2018 at 16h25. The driver was not interested to move his vehicle even after being requested politely. Might have dash cam footage – still need to check.

  11. Sitshengisiwe Mthembu Reply

    I purchased an item from Takealot and was delivered to me on time. After inspection, I did not like the item and logged a request for its return. Its 4 days now and still the item has not been collected. I have called everyday to request that the item be collected and the call centre agents promise to come back to me but they never do. I get to be told about the 3rd party courier company delays and was even offered to be given the number for the courier so that I can sort it out with them. its my first time buying from your company and after this experience I will not be doing so.

    All I ask now is that the item be collected so that I can have space in my house.

  12. HI

    I had a horrible experience with TAKE A LOT. It was my first order with then and the delivery came sooner that expected which is fine but the driver was so rood to me in front of my colleagues and main reception area. It was not even in a box just wrapped in an old plastic. will never recommend take a lot to anyone.

  13. Not happy at all with the service from takealot, I placed a order last night and then wanted to make a change to my order. I sent a email to them about my order 15mins after placing it that evening. In the morning I proceed to give them a call at 8:30 only to be told that I cant make a change to the order and have to wait for it to be delivered to me and only then I can return the item. There is no contact information on there contact page. I will never use takealot again. The service is shocking (Lack of service)

  14. Disgusting service from

    On the of November 2018, I purchased a kids bible ( Compact Kids Bible-ICB-Glitter Wings Beaded Jeweled Handle) The expected delivery date was the 7th of December 2018 as they were out of stock and awaiting stock.

    I then received an email 2-days before the 7th that my delivery date was moved to the 10th of December 2018. On the 7th of December, I then received another email that my delivery date was moved again to the 12th of December 2018.

    I called and spoke to the floor manager Leo he promised me that my order will be delivered to me on the 12th of December 2018. Today I get a mail from saying my order was cancelled as the supplier has still not delivered. I have been waiting for this for almost a month and now I get this from them!

    The manager Leo was so unhelpful and kept on making excuses. My question is how can promise customers items they don’t have, accept our payment for the item well in advance and then don’t deliver the item because of their useless logistics processes and then make it the customers issue.

    The worst customer service ever! Over promise and does not deliver!

    I will never use again! They have no respect for their customer who in fact make it possible for them to operate, but they disregard this fact totally!

  15. Takealots Ridiculous service, courier and Call center
    It’s so unfortunate that Takealot over the years have given me so much convenience and have grown to love the product HOWEVER they have lost me as their loyal customer due to their lack or inability to resolve my simple request that I am entitled to. Delivery!

    I bought stuff online on the 23rd of November with my delivery being due on the 30th, I was okay with this as I understood that some items take longer to deliver. I was also okay because I had ample time before my deadline on 04 December. My initial delivery was due on 30 November, I received a call at 5pm to inform me that my delivery would arrive on 01 December no apology for the inconvenience but I obliged! Life happened on Saturday I could not be available to receive the goods I therefor call in to reschedule, delivery was then moved to 03 December and I got email confirmation, needless to say no one pitched or called! Tuesday 04 December at 10 am I called in and was told they would escalate the issue as they too were having issues with the courier company “fast and furious” not so fast I see! No one called back to update me on the status of my delivery just a generic email, I guess this is what Takealot does best! Wednesday 05 again I called in was told the same story as Tuesday , I requested for a manager to call me back as this is unacceptable I AM STILL WAITING FOR HIS CALL! I am hugely disappointed at Takealot and them abdicating the responsibility to the courier is just poor. Knowing what you know about them why you continue using them. I need this to be sorted no later than tomorrow I have now missed my deadline by two days because of your incompetence to offer customer service and have integrity in your processes. I want to be reimbursed for the huge inconvenience, I had to pay my helper an extra day so that she can bask in the sun waiting for your courier, this is disgusting, and it’s just beyond me!

  16. Takealot employees most unethical company to deal with. Delivery was assured yesterday. Now track order to find incomplete delivery address which is horse manure as I just verified and so many previous orders delivered successfully. Called Takealot 3 times today was assured I will get my order today, the last call they tell me they trying their best and will see tomorrow if they can make a plan. Why charge for delivery. No delivery today please cancel order #60430479

  17. I placed Order #60288586 last week they said it would be here by Wednesday. i even left a note requesting it to be delivered to the security should i not be home. i made the effort to work from home for 2 days yet no delivery. every time i called since Wednesday the guys at the call center told me the driver said he was here @ 15:30. everyday since the 27 I’ve been give this story. This order was supposed to be a surprise birthday gift that is now 3 days late after the birthday has already been celebrated. Who can i call because im not getting joy from anyone from the call center and my order still hasn’t been delivered

  18. After numerous mistakes I still haven’t received a order I paid for almost a month ago. First the wrong item was delivered which was okay I can understand one mix up. Then when they eventually came to pick up the wrong item I was informed that I would only be getting one item out of the 4 I paid for (when am i getting the other 3? Nothing has been said about that). They missed that delivery date as well because that one item was sent to the wrong dispatch or something – AGAIN. Eventually I received it, still waiting for my other 3 items, ITS BEEN ALMOST A MONTH since I paid. Really??

  19. Jacob Fourie Reply

    To whom it may concern

    Please note on 13 November 2018 I ordered and paid for a cellphone.
    I was promised to have my delivery on 15 November 2018.
    After numerous telephone calls and emails, no one has responded, and yet I had to phone again.

    After cancelling this order on Thursday, and have not had any feedback with regards to this. I had to phone in again today just being told that I have to return the phone, or go to your offices??!!!

    I have nothing to return, as I did not receive anything. Even the last consultant said that she can see on the tracking as well that the parcel has not yet moved.
    How more unprofessional and unethical do you want to be,
    This was a purchase for my business, and only now been told this item is out of stock.

    I want immediate feedback, and want my money back.
    Kindly advise as to what should be done next, and when will I have my money back.
    I will take legal action if needs be.

    Urgently advise and contact:

  20. I bought a coffee machine from takealot and because Makro has a better one on special, i bought one at Makro, i lodged a return with takealot when i received the goods on Monday, 12 Nov (ref ********** 2), of which takealot sent me an sms to say it will be collected on Tuesday, 13 Nov. On Tuesday, i received an sms to say they have attempted to collect but have been unsuccessful and it is to be noted that no one phoned me when they arrived to collect, i then contacted ********** to advise of same and spoke to Kyle who rescheduled and put a note to say phone me, the sms to reschedule can for Wednesday collection, once again, i get a message to say they attempted and were unsuccessful and once again no one phoned me when they came. I then contacted the call centre again and first spoke to a Chantel, who put me on hold for 12 minutes and then the phone cut, i had to phone back and then spoke to Keanan who i had to explain myself all over again and was on the phone for a good 15 minutes yet again and explained in a very irate manner that i will not be available after 10 today as i am going away and the driver must be here at 08h00. Robin Forbes, sends a message last night to say this is not possible as the drivers leave at 09h00. Firstly when you have inconvenienced a customer in the manner in which i have been, you make every effort to ensure things are done timeously, Robin then told me to compromise my job and leave it at reception or they will have to reschedule. Where i work it is not the job of a receptionist to play the role of a messenger, people must also be respected in every aspect in life, i want my money back from takealot immediately and you can process your collection whenever you see fit cause you are not serious about collecting products. This is a delay tactic so that they do not have to refund customers and i have reported this to consumer ombudsman as this is not a fair practice and there is a consumer protection act which states customers must be treated fairly.

    It is not my responsibility to ensure takealot collects the products timeously, this is something takealot must take responsibility for as i am not the one who appoints the delivery company.

    Secondly, takealot has no right to ask me to do things that may compromise my job to suite them.

    Thirdly, i am demanding my money back immediately and it must be sent to my account and not a store credit as i will no longer be shopping at takealot if this is the bad service they are providing, i am a consumer and in a difficult economy, i am supporting a store that i can go to Makro, where i live round the corner from and get my stuff from them

  21. Sabina Kinloch Reply

    I have requested for a refund on my order as the shipment process is draining me. I ordered this item on the 8th of November, processed the payment received confirmation of delivery then only to receive an email advising that there was a robbery in one of your warehouses so this is an issue on my end. I needed this item by this weekend and unfortunately at this stage my patience has run out.

    I would like the amount deducted to be refunded back into my account. I believe strongly in service delivery and I this is unacceptable. This experience is not good at all.

    I really need this item and if Takelot can re-assure me that they can meet their promises and expectations the refund will not be necessary. Please expedite this as I am a customer of Takealot and I don”t want to take my business elsewhere. Customer centric is very important to me as a consumer.

  22. Deon Viljoen Reply

    On the 29th of Oct I received an sms from you saying that you are trying to contact me to deliver my bank card from FNB. Since then I have tried to phone you numerous times on that number. There is no answer. You are always busy and do not even respond to messages. I have searched on the web for all your available numbers and phoned them. Still no answer. I do not know why my bank makes use of your services because you are pathetic. If I suffer damages because of this you will be held liable.

  23. Jennifer Rudner Reply

    Takealot are useless and incompetent. Their service lacks severely. I had to cancel an order that was placed, not because i was dissatisfied, but because I could not get Takealot, despite requests, to deliver before 13h00. One day the driver “got lost”. The next excuse was that the driver had vehicle problems and the third excuse was that my order was between warehouses – despite an undertaking that the order would be delivered. I am not interested in their excuses for incompetence. I have paid for an order and have not received it. To me, this is theft. I am then advised that the payment will reflect after 5 working days. Why should I have to wait for payment to reflect after 5 working days. I had no choice but to cancel the order. If that is the case, they should ensure that I am kept happy and they should effect the transfer immediately. One customer gone. That’s for sure. will never use Takealot again

  24. Nthabiseng Reply

    Takealot service is bad I purchased a book and a memory card only received the memory card.You don’t know how to treat customers right so disappointed in their service.

  25. Imtiyaz Motala Reply

    Good day
    I purchased bottle of perfume (AZZARO) thinking… great value for the branded perfume. But its FAKE!!! And now I am trying to return this item, I can’t get anyone to help me.
    There is no answer on customer service number.

  26. Wow, Takealot has really fooled me and who knows how many other customers fell for this “daily deal” trap.

    I ordered an item from daily deals dated 11 Oct 2018.

    The product ordered was: Bosch – 6oow Powerful Kitchen Machine, “daily deal” price R1699, “listed” price R3499. So obviously based on the comparison of the daily deal price and listed price, I’m thinking its a great bargain and good deal, hence why I ordered the product.

    So I check Takealot website again and to my suprise the same product Bosch – 6oow Powerful Kitchen Machine is listed for R1999. So I was fooled into believing that i was saving 51% (as per your marketing on your daily deal), ie R1800 saving. Instead the actual saving was only R300.

    So Takealot is resorting to inflating the listed “regular” price of items to make as if it’s a deal of a lifetime, conning customers into thinking that the discounted price is an offer not to miss out on.

    I regularly order from takealot, ie normal price items as well as daily deals. I’m really angry that I have been conned and will surely think twice before ordering from your infamous “daily deals”

  27. Maraliza Leyds Reply

    We have had a pending query for a television that was purchased from Takealot and was not in working order. The television was collected by their couriers and then damaged in transit. They have subsequently returned the damaged television without prior arrangement and have not responded to our request for them to collect the television and refund us. Not one of their call centre agents have been able to help us and there managers have been unavailable. After numerous phone calls and emails we still await response. DISGUSTING AND PATHETIC

  28. I purchased 2 (TWO) x’s Samsung washing machines: Orders 58526439 and 58525478. One was delivered to an address in Durban and One to an address in Johannesburg.
    I returned both and both were collected by TAKEALOT Courier companies.

    Order 58526439 (the one collected from Durban) has been refunded correctly.

    Order 58525478 collected from me on 3/09/2018 and not refunded to date. I have continuously followed up and was advised by Elzita Vlotman from Takealot that the courier updated a note to confirm that the item was collected but nothing was returned back to Takealot.

    The product has been collected form me a week ago and I need this 2nd amount of R3199.00 to be refunded urgently. I am receiving no joy with escalating to TAKEALOT and this is not acceptable.

  29. Always a great experience. Just got off the phone with a customer services man who was extremely helpful and my issue has been resolved.

    Thank you

  30. I placed my order and is awaiting for payment but I pay some sum of amount now suddenly my order cancelled I don’t know why and what is going to happen with my money I already paid?

  31. I have an outstanding refund (R149.00) due to me. I wish to spend it but the product (Vodacom Mobile Data 1GB R 149.00)is perpetually out of stock. I’m visiting Cape Town in September. If I go to your Warehouse in Montague Gardens and they have it in stock, can I process transaction on the spot? Please give me the Warehouse telephone number to save me having to waste my time going there. Otherwise give me an alternative way of getting what I want. You keep sending me reminders of my credit balance but seem reluctant to allow me to spend it! I’ve written several times before to you with never a response.

  32. I placed an order on then wanted to cancel the order as I saw another product which is better.

    There is no way to cancel orders online, I get a noreply email when emailed them, I tried calling them, the agent says same thing, I have to wait for the product to be delivered then only return- SO I MUST INCURR DELIVERY CHARGES FIRST BEFORE THEY WILL CANCEL!!

    Order Number:58480040

  33. On 3 July, I received BROKEN AND BENT pots that I ordered on TAKEALOT. I immediately phoned TAKEALOT after I received it. The consultant I spoke to ask me what action I would prefer and I told him that I would like the set to be REPLACED, because I really liked the set. He told me it would be “no problem” and that the new set would be delivered and the old ( broken )set will be picked up when they deliver the new set. A week later, I phoned TAKEALOT again after not receiving any information from TAKEALOT. Spoke to a different consultant. This consultant told me that suddenly they don’t have the set in stock anymore and that the first consultant was misinformed ( apparently the old set should have been collected before a new set can be delivered). I told the consultant that I was promised a new set and that I do not want a refund, but a new set. I saw online that they do have the set in stock, but in a different color. I asked to speak to the manager, because the consultant was not able to help me further. The manager I spoke to ( don’t have his name, as the consultant don’t want to give me his name) told me that he will try to arrange that I can get the set in a different color. The different color is a bit more expensive, but the manager told me he will try to arrange the new color at not extra cost to me. To this day he never phoned me back. I waited a day for them to hear back from the supplier and I phoned them again, after they did not phone me back with any news ( as they promised ). The consultant I spoke to told me that the supplier does not want to give a different color at a discounted rate. He then told me he escalated the case and that I should phone him back on Friday 13 July, because he is not at work on the 12th.Since when does the costumer have to phone a consultant to get feedback??? Anyway, I phoned him back on Monday 16 th. He was not in when I phoned. I spoke to a lady that told me she will try to find out what is going on. I asked to speak to her manager and she said that is fine. She will phone me back. 10 minutes later, my phone rang and its she again. Not the manager I asked for. She said she escalated the case and promised to phone me back later the day, even if she doesn’t have any new news. She never phoned. So today I phoned again,asking to speak to the guy I spoke to earlier. After 3 attempts to get through to him, I finally spoke to him. When I asked him when he was planning to phone me with a update, his response was ” Why didn’t I phone him on Friday as he told me” !!!!! like really TAKEALOT. The parcel was picked up on Thursday 12 July. This consultant told me that all he can say is that I have to wait until the warehouse concluded their inspection on the parcel ( which can take up to 10 working days). He also told me that he can’t say for sure, but that he is quite sure that the will just refund me. So my pots get delivered BROKEN and BENT ( how do you bent a cast iron pot like that, I don’t know. It says a lot about how our parcels are handled), I am told it would be replaced. Then no communication, being told I was misinformed, then I have to keep phoning ( paying for all the phone calls and being put on hold) being kept on a line the hole time, while it feels like nothing is being done, just to hear, wait a few more days and we will just maybe refund you. That is not what I want!!!! I want a replacement. I paid for something and did not receive it in a working order. Now I must just take my money back and that is that??????

  34. I am really frustrated with the service at take a lot. I ordered a hair trimmer which came yet it was not according to spec so I returned it. It was collected on 9/06. My problem is now that I completed all needed info I still am waiting for my refund. Keep getting emails to rate the consultant service but she has been of no service to me. Hasn’t even contacted me via email or cell. They don’t have tel number or contact details on their site. Going to list on ” Hello Peter “.

  35. What a complete mess. How can you run a business when there is nobody to contact. They send you SMS’s saying your parcel could not be delivered because they could no find the address. Hello…. you have my phone no why not call me??

    You can’t phone them, you can’t e-mail them how do we follow-up?

    Last item I will ever order from them. I would rather go into a shop (and pay more) and talk to a person, than be left waiting and waiting and waiting for a delivery that I was told would be delivered 2 days ago!! I will also tell my friends to keep away from this circus.

  36. Takealot customer service is appalling. You cannot get to speak to a manager as they are far too important to waste their time with lowly customers!!!! I have emailed them twice this morning & then resorted to phoning where I was told “if you want a response, please email again!!!”. Let’s hope customers stop using your pathetic service

  37. Why do you guys make it impossible to get hold of you?

    My order has been cancelled but I have not received a refund, and the people at PayFast say they cannot help, that I must contact you.

    So damn frustrating

  38. fahiem kahn Reply

    I returned an item that has quantity 2 but the return show quantity 1, also as I had to tick to be collected or return to warehouse I optedf to tick returned to warehouse although I did not rercieved items yet.ref for return RRN-6181-9158

  39. Marianne Lovell Reply

    Good day,

    We recently received a gift from our son via your company. Upon opening it we found that the Mellerware biltong king food dehydrator had a number of cracks and broken perspex pieces. We cannot therefore use it as intended.

    Please can you arrange for a replacement item to be sent to our address, as per the original order. When it is delivered, we will return the broken food hydrator.

    I assume the number on the box is your order number – i.e. S004913200. The tracking number on the box is MDX15497999. The person placing the order is Mr. A.S. Lovell.

    Please respond to this complaint as soon as possible to advise the replacement procedure. Many thanks.
    Mrs. M. Lovell

  40. Rene Clarke Reply

    I logged a return weeks ago. The collection has been schedule 3 times now, all three times they just failed to arrive and no one bothered to call or let me know what was happening. There were no follow ups even though I complained about this. As most of us, I work and, being in sales I am on the road most of the time, however, there is always someone at my place on a Friday – hence my requests for these days (which I have explained repeatedly). They just reschedule for Monday or tell me I must drive to the office which is more than 40km away and drop it off so that they can fetch it. I am very sorry but why must I drive around during the week (when my meetings are in a different city basically) to accommodate an issue that they have created. This has been scheduled for delivery on a Friday as requested but no one pitches. I have to do all the follow ups and now I must reschedule all my clients, drive 40km out of my way to fix a mistake they made – I don’t think so. This is disgusting customer service and as someone in sales I would be horrified if my team did this to our clients. If you can deliver parcels on weekends you can collect them since you keeping not showing up on Fridays. I do not have the luxury of being home all week. This is now also delaying the refund I am due for this return which is completely unfair.

  41. Helen Huyser Reply

    TAKEALOT has delivered the incorrect Academic textbook. i need this book before the weekend but because of the poor service from this company I need to now wait for TAKEALOT to correct their error by going through the inquiry process, then collection process then the re-delivery process.

  42. On the website description it states that the journal comes with a nine pocket expandable accordion file. I purchased this particular journal because it came with the file. However when the order was delivered there was no file included. I then returned the journal as advised by a consultant from the customer care team. However the journal was still returned back to me without the file.

    I have tried to send it back again but it’s been more than 30 days so the return is no longer eligible.

    I am very disappointed with the false advertisement. I purchased that particular journal because it came with the file, which I never got. I am totally disappointed and disgusted with what happened.

  43. When I first got introduced to Takealot and made my first order everything was well, but when I started to order more products they would not deliver them in time as specified as promised and I would wait until delivery time was over the man didn’t come. I am still waiting for my order they rescheduled twice and I still don’t have my order .I am very disappointed with the service I’m getting. They must specify the exact time of the delivery and the messages for my phone are confusing they say today and another tomorrow I am so confused even now. Pls i am still waiting for my order.

  44. Ordered and paid R7499 for an Xbox one X to ne delivered on 24 Dec 2017. Received a call at 14:26 to confirm delivery just to find out hours later the parcel was lost. Made 26 phone calls on 27 Dec with a lot of empty promises. Found parcel, schedule delivery before 17:00 just to receive sms saying delivery is rescheduled and will ne delivered before 8 Jan 2018. Got in my car and collected parcel myself. Will never buy from takealot again

  45. I bought a “Jeronimo Shooting Target Soccer Goal Set” – 3 of the T-pieces and joints cracked as we put it up. I understand it will have been made in China, and not of the highest standard. But I expected it to last 6, even 3 months of an 8 year-old’s play. Instead his christmas present flops.

    How do I get my money back please?

  46. Absolute shocking service. I ordered and paid on 19 Nov 2017. For a week now Takealot sends me a message after 6pm that they could not get hold of me and had to reschedule the delivery. There has been NO delivery and no contact made to fetch a delivery. Checked with driver myself yesterday. No contact numbers on their site and no email address.

  47. It has been more than a week of absolute frustration with Takealot, I have not got what I ordered and have not have the money returned yet. I have spoken to 12 different people and nobody can help, innumerable emails and two telephone calls and I am no closer to any resolution at all. Definitely never again.

  48. Pat Keegan Reply

    Hello Candace,

    Your comments mirror mine. I also bought a smart TV for delivery on 28th December and I’m still waiting.

    I have phoned and written in total over 25 times since then.

    I spoke to the following persons mostly repeats, Somaya, Nathan, Aneeb, Danielle, and several others whose names I just couldn’t figure out. All very pleasant but you get the usual I will call you back which never happens.

    So as our complex is also covered by CCTV and Skynet hasn’t appeared I’m left with the feeling that I’m being conned.

    I haven’t as yet got any accountability out of Takealot and their management is collectively hiding behind their call centre.

    I guess its to be expected in South Africa these days where fraud is rampart.


  50. Michele Wallis Reply

    I purchased a Fitbit Charge 2 for my husband’s birthday earlier this year and the screen is cracked. Please advise where I can take it for a replacement screen

  51. Aletta Erasmus Reply

    Dear sir/madam

    I have ordered a pool set through you on Monday 6 November via the takealot android app.
    I tried to pay it THREE times via my credit card. It still gives me a message saying “awaiting payment”.

    Because I tried to pay it three times, there are now three items on my order history EACH WITH A DIFFERENT ORDER ID number whereas I only wanted one pool.

    Number : 54394680; 54394613; 54394512
    Client : Ms. A. C Erasmus
    PLEASE NOTE THAT I ONLY NEED ONE POOL even though I tried to put the payment through three times.

    Please look into this ASAP as I needed the pool for my child’s birthday party next week.
    I am awaiting your response
    Your sincerely
    A.C. Erasmus

  52. Aletta Erasmus Reply

    I have an urgent order and payment query. I e-mailed but got a reply that I shoulx use the help option. The help optio on the site do not give me space to type out my problem. Meanwhile takealot took my payment from my credit card account but the site states that you are still waiting for payment. I AM HIGHLY upset and frustrated that I am unable to get hold of you!

  53. Good day,

    My order is due for tomorrow, my problem is that you say it will be here before 5:00pm and I only work till 10:30am on a Friday. Is there any way you can assure me they will be here before 10:30?

  54. A D Andrews Reply

    Bought JPL soundbar, payment processed on 16 Nov 2016, Standard Credit Card. The unit is not working, does a warranty cover repairs/returns. Where is is the nearest repair shop for Kloof, KZN.

  55. Good Day,

    I try to get in touch with your office in Gauteng / Johannesburg / Kempton Park. No telephone nr is however available on the website, and the only customer care nr in Cape Town is impossible to hear the person on the other side.

    It would be appreciated if someone can contact me.


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