Contact of Takealot customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Takealot: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the ecommerce company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
12th Floor, Takealot Building
10 Rua Vasco Da Gama Plain
Foreshore, Cape Town 8001
South Africa

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +27 87 362 8000 (corporate)

About Takealot
Takealot is a leading South African ecommerce company founded in the year 2011. Headquartered in Cape Town, the company employs over 800, including the support staff at its two warehouses in Cape Town and Johannesburg. There are close to 20 departments on the website offering a range of products. They include computers, smartphones, tablets, cameras, televisions, books, gaming, apparel, toys, cosmetics, health products, home decor items, furniture, among others.

Purchases on Takealot can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club cards. Orders over R450 value enjoy free delivery. Options include Standard, Economy, Same Day and Express. Shoppers also have the option to collect an item directly from the warehouse.

Upon placing an order, customers will be able to sign in to their account and track status of delivery. Takealot offers 30 days return policy. Please read the terms during purchase to ensure the product falls under the returns category. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, delivery, or others reach the Takealot customer service.

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  1. A week has passed since they tampered with my package and now it is my problem to try and get back my children’s Christmas gifts. This is ridiculous beyond measure!

  2. TakeAlot has the worst customer service ever. So many incompetent people are working in the customer service department. They don’t know how to read an email properly – just plain stupid. You give them what they ask for and then they will ask for it again. Is TakeAlot just hiring anyone without the proper training or qualifications to do the job?

  3. Alti Miles Reply

    I realy like products from takealot, but this is now the 3rd time a different product from what I ordered was delivered, and they just say that no emails send from info at takelot will be answered, we need to go on frequently asked questions and answers for this. Realy not good.

  4. I am highly disappointed by the business that does not take customers seriously. I have been waiting for my parcel since 16th September, until today,19th,nothing is happening. The delivery should be made at my house as it has been the case, but up to this date, nothing.
    On the 16th I received a call being asked if I will go to town to collect my parcel there, yet it was meant to be home delivered. Because I could not go to town, they decided to return my parcel from Zeerust, back to Mahikeng. They did the same thing on the 19th,returned the parcel to Mahikeng.

  5. I also cry with you for what we are experiencing. I ordered on the first of September 2022 if I am not wrong. And I got the date 13 September 2022 for delivery till today I didn’t receive nothing. The amazing thing is that we don’t get a notification of why our orders couldn’t arrive. Takealot must redress this situation.

  6. Although I am very satisfied with the quick delivery of my order for a Panasonic KX-TG1713 Trio Cordless Dect Phones – Black, I am very disappointed for not being able to contact anyone from Takealot nor Panasonic to help me with the setting up of the caller ID which keeps on displaying the word “Anonymous” instead of the callers contact details saved in the phone. This is very frustrating. Please let me have a telephone number that works for the right person that can help me sorting our this problem. And please don’t send me the section in the manual regarding Caller ID set up as I have tried every instructions in the manual and I haven’t succeeded in resolving this problem which keeps on displaying the word “Anonymous” Which incidentally, I haven’t stored that word in the phone. A very frustrated and dissatisfied customer.

  7. I have placed and paid for a order on the 2nd September 2022 and heard nothing from them. How do I get my money back?? I did receive a email saying that it will be delivered before the 9th but I didn’t receive any sms from them concerning the order or the delivery. What am I to do??

  8. When calling the call center there is no answer. Received a delivery today and there is things missing from the packages and wrong things have been shipped and the one package containing a 3D printer I ordered is a used printer with the wires slashed and the box it was packed in look like somebody played soccer with it. I have filed a return Saturday for a dash cam that was the wrong order as well “payed for a expensive one and a cheap one is what was shipped”, still waiting for any action on the matter. This is the 5th time I have to file a return for wrong shipments and 2 of the 5 times is in just the last week and it is due to wrong and destroyed shipments.

  9. My order was placed and paid on the 26th of July. Promised delivery has come and gone. Today is the 10th of August already. My order status shows that it has not even been shipped. That for something that comes from less than 40km where I reside. Call center number 087 362 8000 proves to be useless as the phone is simply just cutting after the answering service. I am more than frustrated.

  10. Useless company!!! Can not possibly perform a simple transaction, collection and refund ! How hard is to pick up and refund clients account in 2 – 3 business days as advised ? Call center is hopeless ….. pathetic support team!

    • I received a wrong order on 29 June, i have been trying to get someone to assist me. Your Customer Service is ZERO. I have been logging calls and even tried calling. Today is the 6th day, I haven’t received any response. I now understand the reason why SA is happy for AMAZON.

  11. I ordered a Defy fridge. It arrived with a dent and made a funny noise when I switched it on. I logged a return and they swapped it. The new one is even worse. It seems to be refurbished – the door creaks, oil leaks, there’s tape at the top of the door, glue at random places. I needed this fridge last week. I’ve paid for it but Takealot won’t keep up their standards. I have to constantly move things around to be available for this delivery as no time is given and when they do end up coming it’s so late and they rush with the delivery.
    Beyond disappointed. Not the standard that I’m accustomed to from takealot

  12. I purchased items set for delivery on the 12th April. The delivery person rescheduled claiming no one was available to receive the item. Yet I received deliveries from Amazon and Decathlon today.

    Do you care to check with your customers before adjusting delivery dates to meet your delivery teams availability? I had moved things around to ensure availability to collect items on the same day from various couriers.
    This is not the first time you have failed to deliver as per dates you confirm both on the app and on text messages.

  13. I have been waiting for a delivery for 2 weeks now, received an SMS for delivery today which was canceled, citing “My unavailability’; yet I had not received any calls. I followed up with your call center, who arranged for delivery to be the same day, only for me to receive another SMS, at 15h58 that my delivery has been rescheduled – without my approval or any calls throughout the day. I am so disgusted and aggrieved by the Takealot Team from East London (Vincent), which has continuously wasted my day.

    • I am reading your comment because I am also suffering the same problem in Cape Town and when I call the company nobody answers, instead they play elevator music and my R50 airtime is gone down the drain

  14. My order was supposed to be delivered today 28 Feb 2022 before 17.00. As per norm the delivery guy Collens called me at 15.13 to say he was few minutes away but never showed. Just after 16.00 he called again to confirm my address and gave me a landmark where he was but still never pitched. At 16.45 I called him to find out where he was and he told me he was no longer coming and put the phone down on me and several calls later were ignored. This is totally unacceptable as I needed to get that delivery this evening. Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

  15. I collected my order on the 6th Feb 2022. Upon unpacking I seen it was the incorrect product. I immediately went back to the Alberton Takealot and returned the product. I was told that the order replaced however, waited for some time before I decided to follow up. It was a nightmare after this. Refer to my email below to Takealot earlier.

    I am petrified with the service received from Takealot. You expected me to do your job but nonetheless, I eventually decided to go to your Outlet/Warehouse a few minutes ago. PLEASE NOTE, the mats was with this store since the 6th Feb 2022 and you (Takealot) kept on asking me to send pictures of the mats. Please see attached pictures. The person that helped me today even spoke to someone at the Takealot Head Office whilst I was there and he stated that he had been sending emails informing Takealot that the mats are with them but, you (Takealot) kept on asking me to send proof that I returned the mats.

    Please can you kindly refund me and please DO NOT credit my Takealot account as I do not want any dealings with your company ever again. I will never make a purchase again and definitely going to expose your stinking service and attitude on social media and Hello Peter.
    You have really caused me stress and inconvenience.

    Refer to attached pictures of the mats and the person that was there earlier. He was even unable to provide me with a reference number or anything to confirm that I was there. Your internal processes are absolutely horrific.

  16. I am extremely disappointed in Takealot’s service. I placed an order to be delivered in time for my granddaughter’s first birthday two weeks ago. Delivery was supposed to be on the 11th of February 2022 in time for her birthday on the 12th. This morning 4 days before the due date I was informed that the order is cancelled. Now I can’t be with her on the day and she will not receive a gift from me either.

    • I ordered my standards accounting textbooks and they were delivered incomplete notifies the driver and he told us to report the matter at takealot head office we contacted them for several times they kept saying we must send pictures of the received products, now they are ignoring our emails and calls i think its time to take further steps

  17. I have had 2 orders now since December 2021 where the orders have been incomplete. The order from December 2021 is still not resolved and I am still waiting for the missing item. Today 4 February 2022, I received another incomplete order.

  18. I’m very disappointed with take a lot, after waiting for my order to be delivered for over a week with lack of communication from take a lot where I had to call several times to find out where my order was, it came with missing parts. The original order I made I paid a certain amount and when they made their order it showed a lesser amount which is making me wonder if I’m robbed.

    I wouldn’t wish this is frustrating experience to anyone. I was expecting better from take a lot.

  19. I ordered a perfume on the Takealot website 18th Jan, I paid via eft from my Nedbank account, the money went off my account but later on I got an email that my order has been cancelled due to not receiving funds. Yet the money had gone off my account & I reordered hoping that those funds were going to be reversed, nothing like that happened & no one is responding to my emails. I have sen4 2 emails & am still waiting for a response & my refund.

  20. I received three chairs from Takealot. 2 of the chairs were badly scratched with the powder coating chipped off and deep indentations in the plastic. The third arrived with 1 leg and no assembly accessories. I wrote this clearly on the reason for return. I have returned the chairs to a delivery person who was incredibly rude to me on the phone and to my administrator who met her. Even raising her voice at me when I asked which road she had used to enter the property. Now, I have (after numerous emails), no chairs and my account reflects as one returned, one return cancelled and the third as awaiting collection. This is the most ridiculous service I have ever received! What a pity, Takealot. I used to have faith in your quality and delivery.

  21. I’ve been waiting for my order for the past week. Everyday they just send me a message that my order is out for delivery but before the end of the day they send a text saying they couldn’t deliver. I’m really mad about this cause I need to use this product that I’ve ordered

  22. I ordered and paid for a table from takealot. I received a damaged table, when choosing the replace my item option, I assumed that the replacing item will be delivered when the damaged item is being collected. Only to find out, this is not the way takealot works. Takealot inconveniences their clients and makes is a much lengthier process. I requested the exchange within an hour of the item being delivered and now it’s being insinuated that I damaged the item as it need to be checked etc.

  23. Amanda Houston Reply

    I purchased a kindle fire kids tablet from takealot but received a book on law, the service, the fact that you cannot get hold of anyone is ridiculous, they have collected the book, but not delivered the item I ordered , the service is absolutely disgusting , very quick to take your money but not correct their mistake

  24. I’m not happy with the delivery guys I was at work when they went for delivery they know the address. My mom was waiting for the delivery but no one came and when I checked the status on the app it says I refused the order how on earth can I order and than refuse the order makes no sense. My son’s birthday is tomorrow and I have no present as his mom. I’m so disappointed I don’t even know what to do and called the driver he was so rude and ended the call while I was speaking the level of disrespect.

  25. I am irritated and dissapointed in Takealot delivery team. I order a package which was meant to be delivered by them today (29 November 2021) by 17.00.
    Excitedly I waited for my package to arrive.
    At 16.55 I checked my tracker, as I had been doing multiple times during the day, only to find that MY PACKAGE WAS DELIVER TO MY ADDRESS AND I SIGNED FOR IT. How the heaven do I sign for a package and still have NO package.
    Contacted their call centre, after trying to get through for 5 times to any department I finally got hold of someone. He said he will follow up and keep me in the loop of it as he will be talking to delivery after I put my phone down. Nada happened for another hour.
    Called them again, assuming by now they would have gotten hold of the delivery team, only to be told the same story that they will be getting hold of the delivery team.

    • Catherine wyatt Reply

      I’m still waiting for someone to contact me in Connection with a vehicle accident with a takealot delivery man. The accident happened 3 days ago and have no contact although I’ve given all the details to a number of customer service people. This is unacceptable. Why isn’t management not contactable by email instead of going through customer services who basically deal with purchases.

  26. I am highly disappointed in the service I have.
    My order was supposed to be delivered today, I checked my app to track my order and to see where is it. I found that the person who was suppose to deliver the order claimed that I refused my order, but I haven’t received a call or anybody at the gate!

  27. Othellea M Reply

    I ordered twin baby stroller on the 31st of October and was advised that I will receive the order on the 4th of November between 8-5. I never received the order until the 5th where I checked my emails and found that the order was delivered to the wrong courier redelivery will be scheduled…even today no one bothered to contact me. M still waiting for my order!!!!

  28. I bought speakers and a personal weighing and both those products aren’t working
    I’m even more sad about the speaker. What should I do in this regard?

  29. jean-pierre Reply

    I have been stuffed around by takealot for the past 5 days due to an error that they made on their site now trying to get my items back is such a problem and i now have to wait a further three days so they can process everything and the another 2 week for delivery of the new item all agents say they will provide with feedback but they are not solving the problem!!!

  30. Order cameras online they delivered the items, but it’s the wrong cameras. Reached out for assistance they came back, next day same emails requesting feedback but now nobody replies back even emails only hanging as if adress does not exist. I paid for these products and wrong items del. Not happy with the service I’m receiving if any.


    I returned my kettle cos of the dent and I asked them to exchange it..they never exchanged it nor credit my money back…I’ve been using my airtime to do a follow up and even today I haven’t received my kettle not even my money back …they don’t even communicate with me!

    What kind of service is this Takealot!!!!!!!

  32. Alet Finlaison Reply

    I have never had such poor service in my life. We bought a Hisense double door fridge. Today the 3rd one was delivered after the first one was completely in pieces, the second did not have a plug and today the 3rd one was badly scratched and dented by the delivery guys… who was not worried about it at all. So now I have to log yet another return. Please could someone from takealot contact me as I have had no success with this company at all.

  33. Andile Silevu Reply

    I don’t even have the strength as I am writing this.

    My sister purchased a skipping rope on TAKEALOT, only for them to deliver a different color and quality, we asked to take it back….they have not picked the damn fake thing up.

    Another order was scheduled for today before 5pm, now its 7:39 and no communication from these useless people, I am appalled at the way which you treat your customers, the same customers that are the reason your TAKEALOT business is up and running, with our own hard earned monies!!!!!????

  34. Nompumelelo Reply

    I bought a new Samsung A32 phone on the 28th of July 2021. I received the phone in working order but there were no earphones. I’ve been trying to call Takealot but I can’t get through. I’m even thinking of buying the earphones from my pocket.

  35. I sent a faulty item back to take-a-lot. Photos of the 2 boxes were take upon receipt. It was accepted in the warehouse. but items were now missing. I have been following up up with them as to where my item is, and every time receive a different reply, mostly that of we are investigating. I’ve also been told my item has been shipped, but nothing arrived.


  36. The scheduled date of delivery for my items ordered was the 1st of July 2021. I am still awaiting my order. When I track it, it says shipped but the date of delivery is still the 1st of July. This is really an inconvenience because I expected the items to arrive on the specified date.

  37. I sent goods back to takealot to be refunded. They only refunded me for some of the items. Two items I have not been refunded for and did not receive the right amount for the items I have sent back. I’ve spoken to many takealot agents and from their side they say on the system Ive been refunded. Not one of them wants to do the effort to investigate. They cant even grab a calculator to add the amounts of the goods and see that I’m being crooked out of my money.

  38. Bought a hot comb and used the credit card method, but it says I haven’t paid, even though money has went through and the initial email sent from takealot confirmed it. Now they sent another email saying it was not paid?

  39. I received a gift and I didn’t like the style and color so I phoned takealot customer service to ask for an advice on how do I go about returning the item and buy what I like because I don’t want to disappoint/or let the buyer know I don’t like the gift.
    I was advised that I can send the item back and they will give me credit on my account the guy took my contact number and email address and said they will keep me posted on the process and if the item is still in a prefect condition I’ll will get the credit then I can make my purchases. A reference number was sent, I sent back the parcel and heard nothing from takealot until I decided to check. I’m told refund is done on the buyers account.

  40. I purchased an Acer laptop from Takealot last week, when I was about to set it up I found out that some keys/ buttons don’t correspond with the symbols displayed. Mind you I paid cash for the product and trusted Takealot to deliver a full functioning product and not a reject item. Still waiting for their response.

  41. I have purchased a canon pixma G3411 inkjet printer on 29 April 2021. Never was it a problem when I had to pay R3000 for it. They were more then happy to accept my money. BUT when i wanted to return the item because it gave a P307 error and it was not flushing the ink to the cartridges. I have packed the printer in the plastic it came in. I even taped the scanner flap closed so it does not get damaged. JUST for them to say my return is not being accepted because between picking it up at my house and the warehouse they have manhandled the box and printer. They have sent photos of my printer covered in ink. Telling me there is nothing they can do for me now and it is being sent back. Receiving it back on 09 June 2021 at 09:15 PM. As I open, the printer is packed back in the box upside down. The one side did not even have the foam board to keep it in place! I LOSE R3000 AND STILL NO PRINTER?
    All they can tell me is that there is nothing they can do about it and they need proof that it did not look like that when i sent it.

  42. Terry kale Reply

    I waited all day for my order today- FOR THE SECOND TIME. When I went on site to track the order it says you tried to deliver but recipient wasn’t available which is lies because no one even tried to call me.

  43. I am concerned that you are stocking fake items. Parfumes de Marly Godolphin fragrance advertised for R799 is a fake. I checked the batch code, does not exist, they do not dispense in 100ml bottles only in 75 or 125ml, bottle shape is incorrect, nowhere does it say on the picture ‘Parfums de Marly’ only the name of the fragrance version. This is not even a clone or inspired by fragrance, but a pure fake unknown to the unsuspecting average perfume buyer. This real fragrance also retails between R3500 and R4500. I thought this was too good to be true. Please look into this as I understand fake goods are illegal.

  44. Wynand Loots Reply

    About a month ago my wife bought an Air Fryer with a pizza accessory. The air fryer was delivered with a light. To date it is still not sorted. I then bought 30 capsules Nescafe Dolce Cappuccino capsules. Only 15 was delivered. It it difficult to log a complaint as they tell you to use the Help function. That does not allow you to attach the photos to show the wrong delivery. The need to get their act together as i find the service is not very professional at this stage. Maybe Cart Blanche must investigate this.

    • Takealot service is very disappointing lately. I have bought headphones for my kids two of them were not working I returned them,I also bought a scrabble and takealot delivered the wrong one, I did return it but the same wrong product was send back to me so I ask for a refund this happend last week. Today I went to collect a parcel and one of the product was supposed to be in size small but it is in size XXXL.
      This is very very tiring and disappointing. And also the delivery is taking forever lately

  45. Juan Pierre Kraemer Reply

    Delivery schedules are pathetic. Takealot use to deliver within 3 to 4 days now it is 2 weeks. Seems Takealot is going backwards. With these delivery schedules being extended like this, it is more convenient just popping into a store where ever you are and getting what you need. It just shows that brick and mortar shops are still the best in South Africa. Atleast Amazon headquarters in Cape Town, delivery with Amazon will be faster and then it still comes from another country. Sorry Takealot You are just not what You use to be and it is no longer convenient shopping at Takealot due to long delivery schedules.

  46. I had been awaiting my delivery which I got a message saying it will be delivered today before 17:00 and it’s even 18:45 yet nothing. Haven’t received it, and what pains me is i cancelled all my other plans for the day to accommodate them. Take A Lot! Why don’t you at least communicate or update me so as to allow me to do my other chores.

  47. Many words describe takealot and its employees.
    USELESS, RUDE, INCOMPETENT, LAZY and the list goes on. Never helpful and forever blaming the “system” for not being able to help us customers. But please takealot tell us again how “customer satisfaction is a priority” because so far you have dissatisfied almost all of South-Africa

  48. I am appalled at takealot’s customer treatment.
    I bought a smartphone and it came with a non-functional left speaker. I requested for a replacement and they obliged. Unknown to me, they will send me back the very same device still with the faulty left speaker.

    I was appalled and requested for a refund. Only then did they advise they will send the device for testing, what about the first time?
    The response I was given by an Agent named Michelle was, the left speaker is for cosmetic purposes, it is not supposed to work.

    I replied with snippets from GSMarena and Lenovo SA’s official website clearly stating the device has 2 surround speakers.

    To make things worse, without even notifying me, they deliver the parcel at my house!!

  49. Takealot is taking forever to refund me my money as im unhappy with the product i purchased on line as it was freezing and i usally dont have a problem with them but now their service is becoming pathetic honestly

  50. I have been battling with a refund request made in January. I ordered earring that I returned package unopened – they then go and open it at warehouse to check what’s been returned and refund is denied because package is opened when it goes back to supplier – which has nothing to do with me. But now – there had been 3 delivery attempts to my address that are not tracked on app as I had already logged return. Customer care keeps saying receive it and return again when I clearly can’t as I am working and they can’t seem to be able to simply have it returned to warehouse so they can process refund. Inhad no idea takealot would be this ridiculous

    • Hi.. I am appalled at the level of service which has deteriorated at Takealot.. I ordered a bag and twice they have sent me the wrong item. How can packaging staff be so incompetent.. There is no quality checks. Takealot was so efficient before.

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