Contact of Takealot customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Takealot: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the ecommerce company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
12th Floor, Takealot Building
10 Rua Vasco Da Gama Plain
Foreshore, Cape Town 8001
South Africa

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +27 87 362 8000 (corporate)

About Takealot
Takealot is a leading South African ecommerce company founded in the year 2011. Headquartered in Cape Town, the company employs over 800, including the support staff at its two warehouses in Cape Town and Johannesburg. There are close to 20 departments on the website offering a range of products. They include computers, smartphones, tablets, cameras, televisions, books, gaming, apparel, toys, cosmetics, health products, home decor items, furniture, among others.

Purchases on Takealot can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club cards. Orders over R450 value enjoy free delivery. Options include Standard, Economy, Same Day and Express. Shoppers also have the option to collect an item directly from the warehouse.

Upon placing an order, customers will be able to sign in to their account and track status of delivery. Takealot offers 30 days return policy. Please read the terms during purchase to ensure the product falls under the returns category. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, delivery, or others reach the Takealot customer service.

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  1. Thomas Ratau Reply

    I am a Takealot customer who is satisfied with all services i got from them…..until recently whereby i ordered Canon PG-445 & CL-446 Ink Cartridges Multipack Canon on the 13/10/2020 for COD…… which delivered on time 15/10/2020…..the problem start when i installed those Cartridges…..the color ink cartridge show its empty…..& i cannot be able to use my printer….NO RETURN POLICY…..I AM DISAPPOINTED WITH TAKEALOT


  2. Saldyn Govender Reply

    Ordered an original PS4 remote and received a generic that can be bought at cash crusaders.Very dissatisfied.Will discourage everyone I know from buying from takelot and complain about this to whomever I can regarding customer service.I will leave another comment after I try contacting them.

  3. Colleen Subhanni Reply

    I have been buying from your company for years and never had a problem. Now my last delivery was short delivered and for the last 3 weeks I have been trying to sort out the problem to no avail. That is terrible service!! Is your company becoming too big to care about its customers? But remember we are the reason you are big!!! Many unhappy customers and bad publicity and you will fall !! I am a very unhappy customer at the moment !!!

  4. I’m really disappointed I have been shopping with takealot from 2016 and been very happy with their service. I had lodged a return in June till to-date it has not been resolved have sent numerous emails with no response, phoned almost everyday without getting any help. Item was collected from my house on the 5th of July already its been too long return reference RRN-8257-4777 57981268.
    No correspondence or update frlm takealot, called again today still no way forward. Is this how you treat your clients? What happened to 21 days its now more than 2 months I really disappointed. I phone call center almost daily agents will promise to get back to me with update but nothing. Surely a return that was lodged on June 11 should be resolved by now???

  5. Very expensive FFP2 masks from 3m.
    Definitely over priced used to pay R15 per mask at hardware shop .
    With this Corona virus we are exploited ++++.
    Can someone tell me why the price is this high?

  6. Darlene Orem Reply

    Cannot figure out how to send you a picture of what I ordered and what I received. If you have a phone number connected with an email address I can send you a picture.

    • Poppy Marope Reply

      I have been a customer of takealot for a while now,been happy with their services till recently when I bought a baby walker,they delivered a different walker put a complain then they organized for me to get a new walker,when they delivered a new one it’s still the same walker they delivered before,am so disappointed with the service

  7. Very upset about the service with Takealot as well as payfast.

    I placed an order on the 30 June 2020. I send my proof of payment to takealot and the lady says to me she sent it through to payfast.

    What upset me the most is, nobody gets back to you, nobody calls you. Why the hell are you even open for business then?
    When I call in they say they have stopped all calls between operaters and customers because of covid, really? You gonna get the virus through a phone call? There are fewer operaters working but still cant help the customers. Then payfast cancelled my order. Once again not calling me or emailing or nothing. I cant talk to anybody about getting my money back because nobody wants to do their job.

    Well done Takealot and payfast. Pathetic.

  8. I ordered 8 products 30 May, paid 30 May. Order total R2709. Delivery was scheduled for 12 June. I received the sms that my order is out for delivery 11 June, nothing arrived but was only due the 12th. This has happened previously where I get delivery earlier than the scheduled date, so I waited for the 12th.

    Friday 12 June, no order no call. 5pm I call in and ask and the lady says she’ll get the driver to call me. Nothing. I am still waiting.

    Saturday 13 June, I get a call late afternoon to confirm my address, and I get excited only to realize this driver had only 1 out 8 of my products. Why would one delivery address to one person be separated? Especially during this time, surely you would want the customers to have as little contact with different drivers also?

    Sunday 14 June, I received a further 6 of my products.

    I am still waiting on my headboard which I ordered which didn’t cost anything close to cheap. R1900. I do not have any response from social media neither e-mail.

    And almost a month after ordering am still waiting! R1900 is small change for you Takealot, but it’s not even close to change for me.

    I called the courier and my headboard hasn’t even been assigned to a driver??? But I was told from Monday 22 June that it will be delivered on Monday 22 June.

  9. kgaogelo ramokone Reply

    I was suppose to receive my order today on the 22 of June 2020,but it’s not here, and no one is bothered to call n explain the delay or something, m very very much disappointed by the service and unprofessionalism of takealot.

  10. Keamogetse Mautlwa Reply

    Good day, i am an upset customer too. My delivery was scheduled for the 19th of June and you did not deliver. I sent you an email asking about the whereabouts of the delivery and you didn’t even bother to respond i don’t if your HR department doesn’t go through you social pages everyday or what but maybe you should get new employees. I receive an sms today at 09:00 am the 20th of June stating that the delivery is rescheduled for today and it still didn’t deliver. I had to miss school on Friday and cancel my plans for today for nothing!! I am truly dissapointed and disgusted by the delivery services of takealot!! Even now you guys haven’t contacted me and my order is standing still on the tracker.

  11. Firstly I was sold a lie. I bought a lamp which is said will display stars on the ceiling in a dark room when you switch it on and guess what?? when you switch it on nothing gets displayed, IT’S JUST A NORMAL LIGHT. Secondly I ordered that lamp together with a pick-a-boo singing teddy. I specifically selected grey and blue colors since I was buying for my son BUT NOOO Takealot decided I will have a grey and pink pick-a-boo singing teddy…I am out of words!!!
    I used to do shipping and I made sure to get it right the first time to avoid having an angry customer, I don’t even have the strength to send it back. This is RIDICULOUS!!!

  12. My order should have been delivered on the 5th of December. The app does not provide any updates. Nobody bothers to pick up the phone at the call centre and needless to say they just ignore mails…

  13. Good day I’m extremely upset with the service I’m receiving from take alot. I placed an order for a wedding planner on the 7th of November 2019 already. And I recieved the SMS to say that my order sill be delivered the 25th of this month… I then phoned the customer care for feed back, saying that I can’t track my order it’s been standing still since the 20th already. She then told me the truck was hijacked . But this is what’s upsetting me.

    Nobody had the decency to let me know the order will be late due to unforeseen circumstances. I’m a very understanding person but this is totally unacceptable.

    The lady told me she will send an email regarding the process I didnt receive anything so I recieved a miss call. So I called again the guy who answered was very rude I’m actually very disgusted with his service . I work with people on a daily basis so I know how to treat people.. I then told him then you not helping me I want a refund…but he didnt even make the effort to say no dont cancell I’ll try and get information as soon as possible and let you know

    This will definitely be my last time ordering from take alot

    This was my order number 6710223
    This is the guy who helped me someleze mncanca
    Which he cancelled my order immediately

  14. Hi
    I received my package but I have 2 problems with Takealot.
    ° There was no slip for my package.
    ° The package should have sealed, e.g.( If seal is broken don’t accept the package ) something like that.

    Was ordered CX234 Hybrid Crossover

  15. Highly dissapointed in this service..
    Order has been placed, payment has been made,, upon asking if payment has been received(through their facebook platform) sending through proof of payment, order details,customer details, they allocated the payment through to a totally different order number,,and now it is becoming an issue,as its a struggle to get them to fix this.Im not getting any satisfaction, and i need this sorted out as in yesterday…

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