Contact of Splitit customer service (phone, email)

Find below the customer service details of Splitit. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the installment payment solution provider.

Head Office
511 Avenue of the Americas, #4049
New York, NY 10011
United States

Phone: 1-844-775-4848 (US)
Phone: +44-800-086-9112 (UK)
Phone: +61-1800-957-440 (Australia)

About Splitit
Splitit has revolutionized the way people pay for their online purchases. A simple payment solution enables customers to pay back their credit in a way that is convenient to them, Splitit is unique and offers a payment option that is deferred, free of fees, lengthy application processes and credit checks. It is easy and seamless, hence its popularity among customers. Founded in 2012 by Gil Don and Alon Feit, Splitit offers responsible credit card users a very user-friendly and smart way to earn rewards, split up their loans and pay back in convenient installments.

What is special about Splitit is that the portal allows online merchants to offer interest-free repayment options on a monthly basis for e-commerce customers. The process is very simple and there is no need for customers to apply for a new credit card or go through a lengthy approval process. They can use their existing credit cards and combine it with their regular card benefits like cash- back offers, points and mileage. It has benefits for the merchants too. Since businesses now have this additional payment option, they can soak up all customers who would have otherwise desisted from purchases due to non-availability of funds. Emboldened by the power of Splitit, customers buy more; buy products that are more expensive and encounter lower obstacles to shopping to their heart’s content.

With a mission to empower customers to use credit available to them and repay on their own terms, Splitit envisions being the leading provider of card based interest free payment solutions for online shopping. Splitit has offices in the United States, Australia, UK and Japan. You can use Splitit to buy products of your choice –from furniture and home décor products to fashion and accessories and a host of other consumer merchandise that is available on online portals.

Splitit is the perfect choice for those who do not want or need a new loan but just want to control your outflow of cash so that you can plan your future systematically. Since there are no fees or interest to use Splitit, it is a convenient way to pay for your shopping in a staggered manner. There is no need to register and create another credit account, as your existing credit card can be used to tag on to Splitit. The balance that is available on your existing credit card serves as your credit check and no separate check will be done.

Let us see how Splitit works. When you shop online and go to checkout, choose payment through Splitit option. Next, you need to select the number of payments you wish to make to clear the amount due – this you can do as per your budget and convenience. You can then proceed to pay on your credit card without any further applications or credit checks. Once this is done, Splitit guarantees your purchase by pre-authorizing you to pay your balance amount over a period of your choice. All the benefits of your credit card remain intact and you continue to be eligible for rewards, insurance or fraud protection. Splitit partners with leading credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and UnionPay credit cards.

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