Find below the customer service details of Financial Ombudsman Service, UK, along with an overview of the dispute resolution service.

Head Office
Exchange Tower
London E14 9SR
United Kingdom

Phone: 0800 023 4567
Phone: 0300 123 9 123
Email: [email protected]

About Financial Ombudsman Service
The parliament of the United Kingdom has put in place certain services that will benefit its citizens and help them lead a hassle-free life. One such service that was instituted by the UK Parliament in 2001, is the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Many a time, there appears a dispute between the consumer and a business and differences are difficult to sort out. Each party feels it is right and much time is lost on legal wrangling and heartburn. Either of the parties can approach the Financial Ombudsman Service (UK) for help. This service is a free service that settles complaints between consumers and financial service businesses in the UK. It is easy to use and consumers who approach this service for help are ensured of a fair and impartial solution to their disputes. The complainant need not hire a lawyer or a claims management company to represent them.

The Financial Ombudsman Service (UK) has been settling complaints between financial businesses and their customers, and coming up with amicable solutions to them. Financial Ombudsman Service has helped over a million consumers every year with financial related problems and disputes regarding problems with bank accounts, payments, cards, payment protection insurance (PPI), loans and credit options for cars, insurance for homes, cars, travel and other types.

They also resolve problems relating to mortgages, debt collection and repayment problems. The department also gives financial advice on investments and pensions. They listen to both parties and based on the hearing, they come up with an impartial and unbiased solution. If the finding is that someone has been treated unfairly, they have the power to legally set things right.

The website of the Financial Ombudsman Service has detailed information on how it handles customer complaints, details about the services they offer, the rules and decision-making process they follow and a note on the independent role they play, including their governance and funding details. They have a non-executive board and a panel of ombudsman to settle disputes.

If you are wondering whether your problem lies within the ambit of the services of the Financial Ombudsman Service, you can find out with their complaint checker. Basically, the Financial Ombudsman Service is eligible to help with complaints of most of the financial products and services provided in and from the United Kingdom. Their website has detailed complaint types which you can click on to get complete information on how to proceed. These include all types of insurance frauds and disputes such as home, travel, motor, wedding etc, problems with bank accounts, cards, payment, cash machines and any other banking services.

You could approach the Financial Ombudsman Service, if you have been a victim of frauds and scams of a financial nature, mortgage disputes including early repayment charges, valuations and equities. You could also get arbitration in disputes regarding loans. Repayments, investments, pensions, annuities and payment protection insurance schemes. This service is open to a range of persons including individuals, micro-enterprises and small businesses. Some charities and trusts in the United Kingdom are also eligible to approach the Financial Ombudsman Service for help in financial disputes.

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Last Update: June 13, 2023