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Head Office
finderly GmbH (Medieninhaber),
Donau-City-Straße 1
A-1220 Vienna, Austria

Customer Service
Email: [email protected] (general)
Phone: +43 1 934 66 29 (general)
Phone: +43 676 46 84 461 (advertising)

About Shpock
Shpock is a mobile classifieds platform launched in the year 2012. The name is an abbreviation of “shop in your pocket”. The app connects buyers and sellers primarily dealing with second-hand goods. The flea market app is available for Android and iOS platforms. A great alternative to eBay, Shpock boasts of more than 10 million users. Besides second hand goods, users will also find vintage and unique items that are eye-catchy. Buyers will find great bargains from millions of classifieds. The platform is currently used by users in 6 countries – UK, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Italy.

Are you a seller? You can target your audience based on geographical location or a postcode. Publish a listing by giving a title, uploading pictures, setting a price and writing content. Put an asking price to start receiving bids. After a deal has been confirmed you can no longer cancel the deal. Shpock advises meeting in person to exchange both money and item. Both parties can agree on a time and location for the transaction to be completed. Buyers can even opt for paying on delivery or via PayPal.

Buyers will find great deals and bargains on apparel, smartphones, computers, televisions, furniture, cars, bikes, home and garden items, yard stuff, rentals, books, and fashion accessories. On each listing, you will find pictures, owner information, product description and price. You can communicate with a seller by asking questions via chat. To get started register your account on the Shpock platform using email or Facebook. For deleting your account or queries on registration, payment or others, reach the Shpock support via email.

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  1. Patricia Dooley Reply

    I am unable to connect with Shpock. There are five messages on my site and I am unable to access them. I have checked my wireless connection no problem there.

  2. Julia Rowley Reply

    Hello my account has now been restricted for weeks after I have been scammed. I have no idea why and I have sent my mail details several times. Can you please advise why.

    I look forward to a prompt response.


  3. Gail Brown Reply

    Hi I seem to have a problem with my sphock it has been shutting down on me while browsing a lot and now it says that I can no longer be found when trying to login and will not let me use? Can you please help me.
    Many thanks. Gail

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