Find below the customer service details of Klarna. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the fintech company.

Head Office (US)
629 N. High Street,
Suite 300 Columbus, OH 43215
United States

Phone: 844-KLARNA1 (844-552-7621)
Phone: 844-552-7620 (merchant support)

Other Support
Phone: 0203 005 0833 (UK)
Phone: 1300 000 190 (Australia)
Phone: 69 91 88 81 (Denmark)
Phone: 0221 669 501 10 (Germany)
Phone: 911 391 220 (Spain)
Phone: 08-120 120 10 (Sweden)

About Klarna
Many times, you come across a great deal on clothes or other daily requirements, but you cannot make use of the offer because you do not have sufficient funds. You can now turn to Klarna Bank or Klarna, as it is commonly known, to help you make post- purchase payments. Klarna is a Swedish fin-tech company founded in 2005 and it provides online financial services, which helps you make payments in online shopping, direct payments and post-purchase payments.

Klarna, which has grown in popularity since inception, currently employs over 5000 and is said to service over 147 million customers across the US, UK and Europe. Their daily count of transactions processed per day is about two million transactions. Klarna brings you professional service to make sure your online financial transactions are seamless.

In very simple terms, Klarna offers you a buy-now pay-later option that enables you to shop to your heart’s content. Research shows that about 39% of online consumers have used Klarna or similar short term, point of sale loans that offer repayment through easy installments.

Shoppers can avail of a variety of point of sale installment loans and pay back interest free loans in four easy installments across thirty days. If you want to have a longer period to pay back your loan, Klarna has the option of financing your loans with repayment options from six to thirty -six months while levying an interest on it.

Using Klarna is easy. All you have to do is to download the Klarna mobile app. Shop to your heart’s content and when you reach the checkout stage, you can choose Klarna as your payment option. Check whether the retailer you are shopping with is a participant in the Klarna network. You can get interest free payments done and can repay in thirty days. If you wish to take up a longer repayment loan, an interest will be applicable. You can choose one of multiple repayment options. You can either pay off your purchase in thirty days, pay it in four interest free installments or avail finance for over a period of up to thirty six months.

So how much can you spend using Klarna’s post-purchase payment options? There is a minimum purchase limit of $10 but no maximum limit. Klarna decides your credit limit based on how long you have been using Klarna and how many purchases you have repaid to Klarna. The time of the day and the size of the purchase are also important in determining your loan approval. If you repay your loan on time, Klarna gives you a larger credit limit. However, Klarna is only designed for shopping payment, and not to pay bills.

While Klarna does not specify any minimum credit score to be approved for its services, it is a fact that if you have a good credit score, it will be easier to be approved for financing. You do not need to have a credit card to qualify for a Klarna approval, but it helps if you have a fairly sufficient credit history. Using Klarna is free of charge unless you miss a payment. Klarna is safe to use and their payment portal is secure.

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Last Update: April 14, 2022