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Head Office
Early Warning Services, LLC
16552 N 90th St Ste 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85260-1619
United States

Phone: 1-844-428-8542
Email: [email protected]

About Zelle
The digital revolution has changed the way people do business and instant gratification of services is what runs the world. A significant player in the payment network universe is Zelle, owned by private financial services company, Early Warning Services (EWS). With Zelle service, one can transfer money electronically from your bank account to the account of another registered user of a bank account in the United States of America through a mobile device or website of the participating bank. Zelle was founded in 2016 and has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Truist Capital One, US Bank, PNC Bank and Wells Fargo Bank jointly own EWS.

Zelle has gained immense popularity because of its ease of sending money to friends and family, even if they have an account in a different bank. It is useful for sending even small amounts of money, without the hassle of visiting a bank or doing internet banking. Zell is accepted and available on a lot of banking apps, so you can get started immediately.

The process of making payments is very simple. All you have to do is to enroll your email or US mobile number through the Zelle app or through your mobile banking app. You next enter the email ID or US mobile number of the person you wish to pay. The only requisite is that the recipient should have a bank account in the United States of America. You enter the amount you wish to send and the recipient gets a notification intimating him of the steps to follow so that your payment can go through effortlessly. The verification process ensures that you send the money to the right person and to their correct account. There is a similar process for receiving money from family and friends.

Zelle has an advantage over other peer apps as it is in more than 1000 banking apps and so more universal. Since it is already in your banking app, you can transfer money – even small amounts- seamlessly without having to download another app. Even if it is not on your banking app, you can download the Zelle app and use it with the same ease. In addition, Zelle is used by all US banks, so even if you wish to transfer money to a different bank account, it is possible. Most attractive is that Zelle is free to use and you will not have to spend money to send money.

If you are a novice to mobile app banking and electronic fund transfer, Zelle has a Financial Education Center on its website that gives you all relevant tips to get started and be safe from financial fraud. Take the Zelle 101 tutorial and learn how Zelle works. You can find out if your financial institution offers the Zelle app, and how you can send and receive money safely. There is a guideline for small businesses using Zelle and you can check which services you are eligible for and which services are currently on offer to small businesses. The FAQ section on the Zelle website provides clear answers to all your queries.

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Last Update: March 25, 2022