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Head Office
Av. Apoquindo 4615,
Santiago, Chile

Email: [email protected]
Web: Contact Form

About Global66
The universalization of digital technology has revolutionized the way we do banking. Traditional in-person banking has given way to online banking. This method has made it very easy and convenient to bank from anywhere you are. Online money transfers have made sending and receiving money from any part of the world hassle-free. A competitive entrant to this mode of completely online banking for international transactions, is Global66. If you are a resident of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico or Peru, and want to save dollars, make payments or transfer money from your local currency to any foreign currency, you should consider Global66.

Global66 is a private, international online payment platform that was founded in 2017, with headquarters in Santiago, Chile. Being a member of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, with its financial operations regulated in all countries of operation, Global66 is trustworthy and secure. The platform uses fully secure and watertight security protocols with segregated user accounts and HTTPS.

User fees are reasonable and the pricing is transparent and linked to mid-market exchange rates. Global66 assists customers with a host of financial services, Fintech and payment services. With these services you can call the shots on your financial life and make your money work for you locally and globally.

It is easy to use Global66. Just download the app from Google Play Store for Android devices and from the App Store for your iOS devices and take control of your finances. Using the Global66 app, you can directly transfer money to your contact’s bank account or get money from your contact directly in to your bank account. You can also make use of cash withdrawal facilities.

Global66 enables you to instantly send money to other users of Global66. You will be able to transfer money to over 65 destinations across the globe. The multi-currency wallet on Global66, enables you to manage your money in 8 different currencies. So, you can convert your pesos to dollars, Euros or to any other currency you need – all this at the current exchange rate.

Since Global66 uses a very secure payment portal, all data and financial information of users is safe and secure. Stringent security protocols are followed to keep your account secure. Opening your global account and wallets in other currencies is free of charge, as are fund transfers in the same currency. There is a small fee that Global66 charges its customers for payment to or withdrawal from an account in another country or currency. Details of this fee will be intimated to the user prior to the transfer through a quote, so one can take an informed decision. All queries and concerns are immediately resolved through WhatsApp.

With Global66, one can convert money into Euros, US Dollars, Argentine Pesos, Chilean Pesos, Colombian Pesos, Mexican Pesos, Brazilian Reals and Peruvian Soles. You can make financial transactions through Global66- either sending or receiving money, or making payments, to 65 countries across the globe, including about ten countries in South America, over thirty-eight countries in Europe, Australia, around nine countries in Asia and four countries in North America.

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Last Update: February 16, 2023