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Contact KFC – South Africa: Find below customer service details of KFC South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the restaurant chain and its services. Reach KFC South Africa customer service below for complaints, queries or feedback.

KFC Head Office
KFC (Pty) Ltd
Block C, 4 Bruton Road,
Bryanston, 2021

KFC Customer Service
Phone: 0860 100 222
Email: [email protected]

About KFC South Africa
KFC store south africaKentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) began operations in South Africa in the year 1971. The fast food restaurant chain has over 820 stores, mostly franchise owned. Yum! Brands, Inc is the holding company of KFC.

The menu at KFC restaurants include fried chicken, burgers, wraps, fries, salads, drinks and ice creams. Popular burgers include Colonel Burger, Crunch Burger, Grilled Burger, Hot Zinger Burger, Hawaiian Burger and Tower Burger.

Locate a KFC restaurant nearest to your address here.You can locate a store that offers delivery, has drivethru or WiFi. Sign up on the website to receive promotions and offers at stores. For more information or queries on store locations, menu, delivery, parking, or others, reach the KFC South Africa customer service.

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  1. I placed an order for my girlfriend using the KFC app. Told her to go with her dad to pick up. When they head over to the restaurant the staff there have no idea of this order. They cannot find it on the system although on the app it shows that the item has be paid for and the money already has been deducted off my account. It’s so disappointing that my girlfriend and her family had to go without supper tonight because your bloody app doesn’t work and at the same time Ur staff couldn’t help at all as well. Instead they kept saying the money hasn’t come through. They didn’t want to help and mad it seem as if we didn’t pay. It’s completely uncalled for what a bloody terrible service for a popular restaurant.

  2. Last week I had gone to North Beach KFC & ordered 3 Slider Crunch Meal @ R49.90 each. To my surprise it was not a Crunch Slider but more of a Nugget placed in it. It was very disappointing to know that KFC can do false advertising. Even my grandchild whose 3 years old also refused to eat such a thing.

  3. Good day,

    Today 13/08/2020 we went to KFC Fortgale Mtata and order the Kentucky for Two which is advertised for R99.90. When it came to paying for it it was not for R99.90 but R102.90 and when I asked why I was told I was being charged for the cups which cost R1.00 each and when I asked why it says R99.90 manager(Bulelwa Mqokozo). Funny thing is in East London Beacon Bay KFC you pay exactly what is advertised R99.90. Question is are your franchises charging their own prices now? Why are they putting up false prices only to get to the till and it’s something else?

  4. I ordered crunch sliders box meal buddy for delivery from KFC Fourways Crossing and it was delivered with no chicken piece in it, the chicken in the sliders was Eaten and left a small tiny piece. There is no lettuce in the sliders as well. This is horrible and utterly disappointing. How do you serve such disgusting food that someone else has eaten to a paying customer especially in the Corona Virus time we are living in. I want this sorted out immediately.

  5. Good day

    I would like to place a complaint about KFC poorly disrespectful staff in Goldfiels Mall, Welkom, Free State. I was assisted by a woman named Mangaka, I placed my order for 2 sundae dessert ice-cream and 4 zinger wings. She only billed me for 1 sundae dessert and 4 zinger wings without me being aware of it as i pay. When they called my order number to collect my food i realized that they only gave me one sundae ice cream. I asked the person working behind the counter where is my other sundae that i ordered? Then Mangaka overhead me asking where is my second sundae. She jumped in saying that I didn’t mention that I want two sundae chocolate ice-creams. She then added that I should come back to the till point to order another one, as I am walking towards her she tells one of her colleagues how disrespectful I am in Sotho language thinking that I didn’t hear her. I didn’t react negatively towards her just to avoid causing a scene. KFC staff no matter at what point shouldn’t make us (customers) feel unsettled with the service they provided! I would just like to add that I wouldn’t be buying any more meals in the near future from KFC.

  6. Hi i would like to lay a complain against kfc worcester mountain mill mall, the services is pathetic and the food is still raw the bathrooms are so dirty no person in the world will be able to use it we are regular customers and never oneday were unable to pay fotlr the food but we need to pay for this bad service, the peolpe working here are rather talking to each other then helping the customers if you ask them to clean the tables they tell you to do it i mean we need to pay 350 to 400 rand for food and clean up because they are to lazy

  7. Johan Muller Reply

    For the third time in a row I didnt get all my food at KFC Kimberley Monument Heights. Every time it was at the drive thru with at least three bags of food. It is definitely not funny anymore

  8. Nomalungelo Ngithi Reply

    Am not happy about the “masala meal” I ordered it at Kfc Moruleng,the spice is raw and doesn’t taste delicious…please do something about this menu or try something else…thank you

  9. Hi i would like to lay a complaint against kfc Durban north umhlanga rocks drive. I ordered quite a large order which included mash and gravy and plain gravy. The bag was very full and I asked the lady to put the food in separate bags which she ignored initially and then said “we only allowed to give you one bag”…. On the way home the bag toppled over and the mash and gravy was all over my carpet…. the service at this kfc is shocking…. very very poorly managed… dirty tables when having breky and it just seems the staff think they doing you a favour. Shocking to say the least… If I do not undertake my job correctly I’m pretty sure there will be repercussions however, it seems in this place it’s same old people giving the same old pathetic service…

    Won’t see my money again…..

  10. Good day, I have a complaint regarding KFC in Gelvandale Port Elizabeth. This is not my first,second or third bad experience. I ordered a zinger meal and the chips was oily and old. The burger was not even zinger. Every time, I ordered the box meal, when I get home, I realized they didn’t put the chicken in like advertised or they forgot to put the chips in and honestly, to drive all the way back every time for a chips or a piece of chicken, is totally unacceptable and costly, especially knowing that I have paid for a full meal. I have pics as proof of my last order and what the chip’s and burger looks like.

  11. Worst experience eva . Manager. Mr. Cedric Solomon blatantly refused to come an speak to regarding his incompetence of how run a restaurant. After waiting 20 minutes in the drive through que to be they only accepted cash . Why coulnt they have some one telling customers in the que this . The store was Mitchells plain promenade . I would love an explanation as i never recieved one from the manager. But i seriously doubt that i would get 1

  12. I always order from the KFC drive tru in Heidelberg. And usually my orders are short and I don’t ever complain. This evening I ordered meals again. I ordered the hot and crispy box meals. But there is no wings in these boxes. I tried to call but don’t get any answer. I really think that this is so unfair. And I can’t really drive back from my house to KFC. DISAPPOINTED.

  13. I love KFC. But your recent paper straw is not user friendly. When it get wet it’s no longer easy to use it. Whatever research you did recommended that type of straw must do another recommendations. Thank you.

  14. I have experienced a bad service for the second time now at KFC Queenstown main road. In January this year we stood in a quiet for approximately 30 minutes with no help, it was a busy time people traveling back to their work destinations….today I experienced the same thing, I had to call, ” can someone help me!!” When you finally get help the employees there sont even have the courtesy to apologize or explain, it’s bad, and this shock is convenient s it is in the main road for people travelling to Free state or GP for that matter…..please someone must do something about this…

  15. Yesterday having a late lunch with my sister in law and 11 month old at Chatsworth Center. A piece of chicken that I had stripped for my baby to eat was raw to the bone, the bone was still pink and the meat still slimy. I approached the manager showing her the piece of chicken and she insisted that it’s cooked and was absolutely rude. I asked for her name and she refused. Firstly chicken has to be cooked properly, secondly KFC manager’s need to be trained on customer service and etiquette. The manager being a lady had none of the above and it seemed that if you bought uncooked chicken it’s not their problem and I would just have to eat it. It’s absolutely disturbing to know that what you pay for, is not quality from the menu to the service.

  16. I ordered KFC from Chatsworth Centre at 16H25 and only for my order at 16H55 and there is only two staff packing the orders. It a Friday and to have two staff. This happens every Friday where you have to wait so long and no one cares . Cannot even see the manager on duty. I guess because it Chatsworth no one cares. I think there should have a system in place or employ more staff.

    • Good day
      Before I start ranting about the online app and KFC in general I would like to emphasize this would be my second and third experience in one night.

      So last night me and 2 mates decided to get us KFC and on the way I went onto the online app and ordered the 2 x colonel burger special from Brackenfell KFC and paid for it, checked in just to get there and see one lady sleeping inside on the seats and then telling me they are closed (yet I have already paid as the app allowed me to and did not pay me back).

      So we decide to go to Cape Gate KFC as my mate told me they will be open still. So again I give the app benefit of the doubt and order the same special on our way there and checked like 10min before we got there. Get there and walk to the door when the security inside KFC told me I must order by the drive-thru, so I told him I can see my name which is the order on the order screen inside KFC. He told me then go to the front of the drive-thru and wait. Now I have already ordered 10min ago and yet I wait for so another 15min. I ask the lady where is my order as I ordered online (in hope it will be prepared when i get there) while she is dishing the orders out to the people that went through the drive thru. She blatantly ignores me then I ask again, she tells me it is going to get prepared. Regardless i wait. Ask her again as as multiple orders are being given to customers besides mine, so once my mate in the drive thru came to the front window(as he never ordered online) I told him not to move his car as they are refusing to make my order and blatantly ignoring me. The lady told my mate to drive as he has his order and he told her he won’t till they serve me, she immediately broke out laughing and making jokes to the other staff members in Xhosa, still blatantly ignoring me. Eventually I got the order.

      I could not name the employee of KFC as no name tags are on the employees which I’m sure is to prevent KFC employees being identified for their useless efforts and work.

      1. Your employees are disrespectful.
      2. Your app still took my money from the previous KFC order without me being paid back.

      Concerned customer

  17. It is for the second time I complain about KFC Hammanskraal.
    Last week I went again to buy my favourite wrapstar meal and AGAIN they do not have the drink that goes with the meal and customers have to pop out R5 extra for a 500 ml drink on top of the meal fee.
    No explanation, no apology for the inconvenience, nothing. It’s a situation of “if you want it you pay extra and if you don’t, next customer please.”
    And this problem has been going on for over a month now.


  18. Visited Emmarentia drive through 17 Aug 2019 at 18h43. Chk 4679. When I received the order it was wrong. I requested 2 twisters, 1 with No tomato. Made this clear. Both came out with No tomato. Seems like cashier simply said no tomato .After driving away realised that they had no put the Coke ordered into the bag. Poor service and no excuse as there was no other customers, so not like they were under pressure. Manager Lolo did not seem capable of managing the situation. Left a very unhappy customer.

  19. Been to the Sarnia branch for drive through food and the service is shocking, the staff either dont understand english or they are hard of hearing. My order came out wrong twice and eventually when it came the food was discusting and ice cold. Cost me dumping it and go some place else. Absolutely the worst place to get food from !

  20. I have ordered KFC today at 1735pm till now 1925 never received my food. The Phoenix plaza branch is so bad you need to call th 13 times before someone answers. Called the driver said another 30 mins more for deliver. Bad service not the 1st time dont know why I ordered from them again. I was hoping that this time they will bring the order fast or even call to say they will be late ….waiting for a manager to call me back

  21. Nontandazo Mzlikazi Reply

    Kentucky in Butterworth is gradually dropping the standard. The quality of the taste is at times not the same original taste. Why because they think its black market? It is so bad tasting… Not original at all today.

  22. I visited the KFC at Pinetown Kzn, the branch opposite the taxi rank. The cashier that was taking my order was Nontombi. I ordered 4 zinger wings, without finishing I politely requested that she cancel the four zinger wings, she then told me that she will not. I then told her I have a right to cancel if I would like too and requested to speak to her manager. She ignored my request and continued to argue back and forth with me infront of customers. As well as shouting at me. I kept requesting her manager but she would ignore that. The service I received was highly disappointing and I made it a point that I will report this matter. Being a person that has worked in the retail and restaurant industry. I am well aware of the challenges employees face, which is why I was kind. I also know how to treat customers and respect people. I would appreciate it if you look into this matter because, we are paying customers and deserve to be treated well.

    Welile sibiya

  23. I have just had it with the KFC branch in Sunnydale, Longbeach. Not only do they get my take away order wrong time and time again, i know have to pull off the road and double check my order. So much so, that I actually felt the need to go see the manager about this issue as we order from KFC quite often and it becomes really annoying. She promised to fix the problem. Tonight, my daughter had to go to bed hungry because her order was not in the parcel and I did not have time to check the whole bag. I contacted the branch and spoke to a male. I became so furious with the situation, and asked him for his name. He refused to give it to me, explaining that he already gave it to me and he won’t give it again!!! Then to top it off, we got a large piece of clear plastic in our mash and gravy!! That is just disgusting. How do you even explain that?

  24. Mrs Abrams Reply

    What is the point of compaining to KFC when you acknowledge the complaint, advise that you will resolve the matter with immediate effect and NOTHING gets done.

    Reference via sms was 378404 on 1st July, 2018. On 10th July, 2018 I responded on that sms but NOTHING happened.

    Complaint also logged. This is your response.
    Thank you for taking the time to contact KFC Customer Care.

    We value your interaction and have assigned reference number CAS-378404-Q4D1D2 to your interaction. A KFC Customer Care Representative will be in contact with you to discuss your interaction.

    To reply to this email,please do not edit the subject line. To summarise your communication with us so far:

    Case Number: CAS-378404-Q4D1D2

    Subject Line: Complaint

    Interaction Summary:

    Guess what NOTHING happened with this also. Complaint was 28th June, 2018.

  25. Shane Scheepers Reply

    My experience on Saturday 30 June 2018 at your KFC outlet in Jan Smuts Avenue, Greenfields, East London needs to be highlighted and addressed at the highest levels. I have never been so humiliated and my essence as a paying customer has been attacked and degraded.

    Upon arrival and waiting in queue (AS only one of the two attendants were manning the cash registers, taking orders.), I ordered 3 X “Streetwise One” with mash and gravy side and the chicken breast as the desired part and also a 2 X “Streetwise One” with mash and gravy side (For other people at home). The attendant then informed me that there was no breast left and that I have to make my selection between a drumstick or thigh. I was suspicious and enquired what would the protocol be if I were to order a 15 piece combo. The lady could not answer me. I then requested to speak to the manager. The manageress informed me that they did indeed have breast, but that it was rationed. I did not understand this new business rule as my order surely depends on my choice as I am the one paying for it. She reluctantly agreed to give me my order.

    After 30 mins of waiting, requested to see the manageress and was informed that she was in the toilet and I must wait. This gave me time to notice the dirtiness and pure CHAOS going on and also notice the other clients complaints. See attached photo taken of the inside of the outlet at the time.

    After 40 mins of waiting and seeing other clients who came after me receive their orders which included chicken breasts I once again requested to see the manageress and was informed she was still in the toilet. I then became loud and demanded to see her, after a while, she (Vuyiswa) appeared, all red eyed and sleepy. I asked her how long she has been a manager and was informed that she is only a training manager. I asked her how long it takes to cook the chicken and she informed me between 12 to 15 mins. I asked her what happened to the other 30mins then during my order, she did not answer me (Please see attached photo I took, indicating my waiting time compared to other customers…!). She could see that I was becoming irate and went to the back and arranged my order for me which I received 2 mins later.

    I was being targeted, victimised and humiliated in front of the public and feel that this matter should be escalated to the highest level possible to stop this practice from becoming a habit, which I’m sure it might already be.

    Totally disappointed and disgusted by the lack of customer service received from KFC Greenfields, East London.

    Shane Scheepers

  26. Karen Seboa Reply

    Dear Kentucky Welgemoed
    Attention Mr Loyd Tisdale
    Good Day Sir
    We have previously complained about your unfair labour practice at the Welgemoed Store whereby you force cashiers to pay in money when they make mistakes on the till they apparently are not allowed to void these sales even if a customer changes their mind , you had assured us that this practice would be discontinued unfortunately sir this has not been the case and since your assurances are meaningless we have now decided to report you and the store to the labour department

  27. The KFC branch in Meyerton is really the worst branch I ever dealt with. We go there quite often as the kids love mash & gravy and sprinkle pops but everytime we get there there is some problem. 3 weeks ago ago there was no mash and gravy! Immediately the mood is spoiled. On Friday night we went there again, stood 20 minutes in the drive through to be told we have to wait another 20 minutes for chicken!. The Meyerton branch needs serious help and their staff needs to go for customer training. Although we have complained many times, nothing will be done again…

  28. Went to KFC in George york str. Ordered a few small things for 2 ppl that is working long hours outside of town. When I placed the order they did not mention that the bread rolls out of stock and this was specifically asked for. After I’ve paid and received the order they told me when I asked for a refund they refused me this and just wanted to take that order off. I refused and asked for a full refund again I was refused my full refund. They offered me 4 buns instead I accepted this. The manager came back with 1 small excuse of a bun. Never again will KFC see me again.

  29. I visited your KFC store at Pick a Pay Berdworthpark today with my family and waiting for my meal well over a hour and was so disappointed that I left with out the meal. Please unsure that I get my money back and you can rest assured i’ll never visit any of your stores Thanks

  30. Malebo Masekoameng Reply

    On Tuesday the 12/12/2017 i bought a chicken Mayo toast at Randparkridge KFC. When i arrived at work office, i realized that, the toast was so dry. I then decided to open the toast. To my suprised, the toast was burned. I even took pictures of that toast. The person who was doing it, thought maybe i won’t be able to see it because she put the chicken mayo on the burned side. I then call the call center and didn’t find any joy. I decided to drive back to the shop. When i arrived there, i was assisted by the lady by the name of Grace and i told her i don’t want their toast anymore but want my money back. She insisted to give me the same toast because she said to me i drove all the way from Langlaagte to them. She aso gave me my money back. When i showed Grace the toast, there was a lady who asked if, the bread that i brought back was for that day with an attitude. When i got back to work, i ate that toast with my tea. After eating it, during the day, i had a very terrible running stomach and very painful. I am very much concern because i know what people from the restaurant are capable of doing when we lodge complains. This morning i called Grace on her mobile phone to explain to her what happened and she said she’ll go and investigate. I think this is my 6th times complaining about the very same KFC. Every time when i go there, i’m getting a bad service.


    We are regular taker of KFC. We used to stay at Delhi since last 10 years and now in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

    I mark there is remarkable difference of qty which we used to get in Delhi,compared to Bhubaneswar. Yesterday I asked at Devyani International, Pal Height , Bhubaneswar 4 pcs of Crispy chicken and we shocked. Out of four pcs, two are very small and for which we pay Rs 77/PC. My bill no. is 37317G49912 dated 03/12/2017.

    Please maintain the qty across all business format so that no single outlet should do any malpractice.

  32. My brother and I have always been fans of KFC Jabulani Mall. Everytime we go there we get to witness POOR customer service,well today I was on the receiving end, the lady,doesn’t even deserve to be call one. If u read her name tag correctly, I think it said “GORATA”… Damn she was rude as fuck. Firstly, she took wrong order. Instead of asking for the transaction to be voided. She asked people on the queue if there was any one who wanted the wrong order. Iyadelela leyantombazana and doesn’t appreciate her job and it’s people like her that will taint the KFC image.

  33. Dear Sirs,

    I have found the staff at your Witbank Retail City branch (especially the cashiers at the drive thru window) to be extremely incompetant. I believe that they lack training and tell customers what they assume to be correct with total disregard to any objections. Some of them need to be reminded to greet at times. I ordered the crunch combo today and was told that I will not get a coldrink as the fountain was out of order. I tried to reason with the cashier and she insisted on charging me the full amount for the combo and an additional amount for a buddy coke. Luckily I had the common sense to ask for the manager at the collections window who agreed that the fountain issue was not my problem.

  34. KFC in Roswell Port Elizabeth just now my partner bought a streetwise feast 6pieces and was told that it no longer come with sides. I bought same meal 2days ago and was given the sides. This in unacceptable as it’s day light robbery.

  35. I made a complaint about a month ago n there was no feed back.Thank you for contacting KFC Careline. We will resolve this matter with immediate effect Your Case Reference number is 312846 .

  36. Hi. So here I am again contacting you in regards to our KFC in Welkom Free State. Just twp weeks ago i complained about a few things, you got back to me and had the KFC manager at Goldfields Mall contact me and apologize. But now i ask you..what is the use of these apologies if nothing gets done about the terrible service?? Last night i went to the KFC in long road, AND ONCE AGAIN, NO ZINGER WINGS, NO ZINGER BURGERS!! Furious i was, i decided to go to KFC at Goldfields Mall! And as i stop, NO CRUSHERS, NO ICE CREAM AND NO BURGER!! Not even a cheese burger…i nearly lost it, i spoke to a Evelyn, she said she was the manager. I ranted and raved, then she tells me, they do have twister, so i said ok il have that, with her replying, sorry, we dont have LETTUCE! What?? Now my question, why doesnt kfc just close down here in Welkom?? Honestly, we have no use for them if this is whats happening all the time..and believe me, if i had to go to FB for example and share my experience, i can promise you that there will be hundreds of negative replies about Welcoms KFC!! I support KFC about twice a week and we are a family of nine! But im so fed up with this!

  37. Desiree Frewen Reply

    To whom it may concern!!!

    We are extremely dissapointed in the service tonight, we have been standing in a line for 40 minutes in the drive through tonight, we are located in Langenhovenpark Bloemfontein! There are only 2 people on duty!!!! How is this possible???? Please do something about this matter!!!! People are really mad about this issue!!!

  38. I have a problem with KFC at morula complex in mabopane;I bought classic twister two times there;to my surprise instead of using chicken strips they used chicken breast with no taste at all;and the other day I bought street wise five; oh my their chips were raw I couldn’t even eat them; no ways guys do something about it I beg you.

  39. I am very disappointed as I have been waiting now for more than35 minutes for burgers. I have still not received it. There are no queues but the service from the kitchen is slow. Drive thru gets all the attention while customers in the shop has to wait. Still no burgers. paid 12.02 and it is now 12.42. KFC will not see me again soon

  40. Nhluvuko Ntsumele Reply

    I want to complain about the KFC in Brakpan at 455 Prince George Ave. Very poor service. I went on 22 Sept. 2015 to buy a dinner deal. I waited for 45 minutes, the meat was only breasts, and a couple of wings. Food was presented as if I didn’t pay for it. I will never visit that restaurant again.

  41. Paul Kendall Reply

    Having worked for KFC in a senior management position and strongly believing in the brand and product as well as buying meals regularly, i am dismayed to taste that the original recipe chicken does not taste the same, and this confirmed by many friends and family. Either the salt or seasoning quantities have changed in the breading mix or the seasoning recipe has been reconfigured, it does not have the rich and distinctly KFC taste. I have held off posting this complaint, but this conclusion is based on buying from six different outlets over a two month period. Please fix the taste as it is not the original recipe.

  42. I went to KFC Umlazi Kzn to buy a bucket of 21 pcs. This I did because I was coming from a party and was not going to cook supper for my grandchildren.I think I was the last customer the lady told me that I will wait for my order because chicken was finished.A lady brought my order then we left.My grandchildren feasted while I watched them.At midnight the problem started. My grandkids were not well and ended up in hospital.

  43. Taahira Hardien Reply

    Just bought KFC (19 August 2017)from the Constantia branch in Roodepoort. The chicken was definitely old and dry,tasteless, certainly not 11herbs and spices. It had no salt,no taste, the chips were undercooked and the zinger wings were not even a bit spicy, it was also dry. I am very disappointed as the service and food we had previously was much better. I tried doing the customer survey but my code SA1072-190817-1544-3 wasn’t being accepted.KFC will definitely not be getting my money any time soon again

  44. I do not have time to go into detail, but just want to state that the service and food of the KFC in Langenhovenpark, Bfn, is really bad. Poor service, poor standards and bad attitudes are common to this KFC.

  45. Morne Jones Reply

    I am dissapointed by the service I received from kfc marburg in port shepstone. I placed a order at 18.07. For 8 pce family treat. Order numb 352. Tran#257752. I received my order at 18.39 . Really is this a fast food order. I do not blame lady who assisted me. Before I even complained . She appologised . Saying she so sorry . Even her . Herself realised this is not on. I understand it’s month end but when in business like this. One must take in to consideration that orders will flow in . In volume . If means putting more peeps in the kitchen . So be it .This should not happen . I am highly disappointed that me as a customer should come tell u how to run your business . This is totally not accepted from a well recognised franchise in s.a

  46. Phathokuhle Reply

    I’m very disappointed about the service I received yesterday at KFC Suncoast Casino when I was buying my order was order number 141 it was around 15:30 it was a streetwise 2 pap and some 4 hot wings. streetwise 2 was OK but in the wings packet I was supposed to them I only found one side breast unfortunately I didn’t keep my slip I was charged R56,80 since I was in a rush and I saw it when it was to late. their service was too poor they were busy cheat chatting while serving people I was so disappointed. what really shock me at that time there was even their manager assisting the staff I can’t remember the name but it was a short African Lady.

  47. A few months ago we as a family decided not to go to KFC N1 City ever again. After months we decided to purchase take aways tonight. We were 3rd in the queue. This was just past 19h00. The attendant was not friendly at all which is fine maybe he was tired. I wouldn’t know. We ordered and paid. At the collection counter we found that the order was not right. We were told by the attendant that we should park and she will help us immediately. Needless to say she was nowhere to be found. We waited 10 min for the food and paid for it. At home 5 min from KFC I found that my double crunch burger was COLD and not even neatly placed on the roll. We paid for cold meal. The 4 zinger wings’ skin was not covered by the famous Colonel spice what a disappointment!!!

  48. vashika januk Reply

    The service atKFC in Parternon Street, Phoenix is getting worse by the day. They provide a 24 hour service but when you go there, you haveto wait formore than 2 hours. I went there this evening 05 July 2017 at 21h30. There were no staff in the front to serve you. People got tired waiting and left. A customer asked them why there was no one in the front to serve them, the manager on duty,Qhubeka Ndlazana, said she has no staff and the customer asked her to get staff she said he was welcometo to join her team and work there. She took it as a joke. even aftercomplaining no one served us. I then started to complain because i wanted service. I already stood half an hour waiting to be served. I eventually lost patience and asked to see the manqger. I had to wait another 10 minutes to talk to her. Whilst i was complaining to her, the general worker in the back,Thombi, came to the front with other workers to look at the taxi drivers outside and laugh and giggle. Still nobody served me as yet and i had been next in line from the time i entered KFC. I tried contacting all the numbers on the board to complain and they all were unavailable. If this KFC Phoenix cannot provide good customer service, than they should not be opened 24 hours. I neeed feedback on this complaint and if i dont get feedback,then i will lay my complaint in all the local newspapers, cos i guarantee you that i am not the only dissatisfied customer.

  49. Hi Suncoast KFC service and menu was pathetic.The coke vending machine was out of order and side breast chicken pieces were not available.The food took very long to get ready.I was very disappointed.

  50. Ashnee chetty Reply

    Good day
    I went to KFC Crescent umhlanga on Sat afternoon and purchased 10 piece meal, R215. I have the receipt to my son to collect while I went shopping. When he gets there, they insist it’s been collected to our shock. She even tears the receipt in front of us. We called the two guys numbers on the wall and they didn’t answer or call back. When my son asked to view the cameras, then she says she will pay for the meal herself. Very annoying and disappointing. In front of other customers we are made like thieves. KFC staff never seems to disappoint

  51. KFC Manager Theo told me at 6:15 last night he’ll investigate an get back to me right away. Oh hello what’s new of KFC Plattekloof it’s 10:20am Saturday 13May I’m still waiting and counting. This was my last encounter with Plattekloof prepare yourselves to read about this in the media. I’m done of the their excuses in the book. Nothing stopping me now I’m so done

  52. So clearly reading from the above complaint this is just how KFC operate take your money and to hell with the rest maybe we as customers should take a stand as say no more KFC we will be boycotting your stores come on guys lets do this after all it’s our hard earned money being wasted and a useless store that cannot supply what our monies are paying for. Regards Barbara

  53. Nkule Mzobe Reply

    Hey m a great fan of KFC menu but lately I’m just disappointed I bought a bucket of wings only to find that half the bucket was raw unfortunately I live in Newlands Nd I had bought them in Pinetown I cudnt take em back,Nd today I’m trying to place an order and they dropped my call while I was placing an order Nd they not picking up anymore,my list of complains is just endless.m really angry and disappointed

  54. I am extremely disappointed will the level of customer service kfc Strand Street Cape Town delivers. I had a query regarding my waiting time, whereby my wife and I had been waiting for more than 20 minutes for a breakfast. We were forced to ask for a refund as we still had to go to work when the server told me I will have to wait another 5 minutes after I had been waiting for 20 minutes already. The branch has contacted me (Esmeralda) and made a promise to treat my wife and I with any burger meal on the menu. I have been to the kfc branch 3 times since and have still not received the meals as promised. On the 06-12-2016 I spoke to the manager (Andiswa) regarding the query and the promise that was made to me, and once again I was sitting there for nearly 1 hour waiting for her whilst she was on the phone. The outcome of all this was I left kfc with an unresolved query.

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