Contact of Dollarama, Canada customer service

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Contact Dollarama: Find below customer service details of Dollarama ,Canada, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
Dollarama Inc
5805 Royalmount Avenue,
Montreal, QC H4P 0A1

Customer Service
Phone: 1-888-365-4266
Email: nil

About Dollarama
Dollarama is a discount dollar store chain founded by Larry Rossy in 1992. The retail chain is headquartered at Quebec, Canada and currently operates more than 1,225 stores (as of 2019) across small and big towns. A large number of these stores are located across Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. The first store however opened way back in 1910 under the name S.Rossy Inc. The distribution centre , located at Mount Royal, stretches to more than 500,000 sq ft. There is also a warehouse in Lachine, Quebec to store goods.

Besides brick and mortar stores, Dollarama also sells merchandise through the ecommerce channel. In 2018, Dollarama generated sales of $3.5 billion. Employing more than 19,000 across the country, Dollarama competes with established brands such as Dollar Tree Canada, Dollar Store With More and Great Canadian Dollar Store. Dollarama has an edge in terms of the low fixed price points, convenient locations and broad assortment of branded and unbranded merchandise. Products you can shop at a Dollarama store include electronics, personal care products, food, drinks, snacks, hardware, household wares, kitchenware, home decor products, clothing, footwear, books, toys, and pet food.

Locate the nearest Dollarama outlet via the store locator online. The Canadian dollar store can be located using city or postal code. A limited selection of products is available for purchase online. Register an account to add products to your cart and track your order history. You can also manage your profile and addresses from your account dashboard. Products you can shop online include cleaning tools, laundry supplies, clothing, electronics, snacks, confectionery, beverages, hardware, tools, personal care, hair care products, travel accessories, bakeware, cookware, stationary items, and toys. Payment for purchases online can be made using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Shoppers can also use Dolalrama gift cards. There are standard and express shipping options. The estimated shipping duration is calculated upon checkout. Note that Dollarama currently does not have a return policy. However, if you received a defective or damaged product, you can return same within 30 days for exchange or refund.

Looking for a career with Dollarama? You can know the current job opportunities and openings on the Career section of the website. If you found a suitable job opening, it is best to visit the outlet and meet the store manager along with your resume. Dollarama does not accept applications by email. There are job openings in accounting, distribution centre, administration, finance, logistics, operations, HR, IT and purchasing. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, cancellation, refund, career, or others, reach the Dollarama support.

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  1. Alison Holmes Reply

    I’ve had the frustration of shopping at the Dollarama in the Churchill Plaza in Sault Ste Marie, this afternoon. I got the items I wished to purchase and went to check out. I don’t use the self checkouts because they do put minimum wage workers out of work. Case in point, there used to be at least 3 cashiers working most days and now there is only one and she was forcing people to use the self service machines to the point of totalling ignoring me and taking the customers behind me. I left my cart there and I will NOT go there again. Customer service is nonexistent. I used to shop there all there every week.

  2. Went to the dollarama store on trafalgar. As I was entering a customer leaving said to me “they are closing and she will kick you out”. I thought that was strange only to find he wasn’t kidding! It was 8 minutes till close and at 8:56, I was making my way to the counter. She said to my daughter and I, I am closing and locking the doors in a minute ladies. She was incredibly RUDE. I asked the cashier if she was the manager and she responded with yes. She should not be in customer service and I will not return. People have a lot of choices as to where they can spend their money and taking customers and business for granted is how your business fails!!!

  3. Your Dixon and Kipling Location- Etobicoke. Your staff is overwhelmed with students coming into this store in droves. All wearing backpacks. They roam the store, stealing and causing problems and destroying items. The ladies working there are overwhelmed. You need a security guard in there or change the policy of allowing only 4 students at a time NO backpacks! It’s costing everyone when products are destroyed! Do something about this. Good customers were leaving their carts behind to get out of this store!

  4. Customer service couldn’t be any more difficult. A defective card that worked one night and not the next and the store is not able to do anything. I called, filled out a Ridiculous long form that you needed to know everything since birth.
    I buy the cards for my grandkids but now will rethink that. Can’t find an email.

  5. Lois Grant Reply

    I’m so disappointed with the lack of customer service at Dollarama these days. Having no choice but to use the self checkout is totally unacceptable. I believe a customer should have the choice to use the self check out or have an employee ring the purchase through. I’m sorry to have to say, it bothers me so much that I would rather shop elsewhere.

  6. I am appalled at what little staff you have now at your stores, since the self checkouts were installed. I do like the self checkout if I only have a few item to buy. However I was in the store at Portage La Prairie last week and there was an elderly gentleman who wanted to pay for his items. He was standing at the front tills waiting for someone to come and ring up his things. After a few mins he asked the one person standing ,not more then 10 feet from him for help. The employee never even acknowledged he was even in the store. This elder had a big basket to put through, and your employee never turned to answer him or took the time to help. I was and still am very disappointed and upset that this is happening. There are many elderly people come through your doors to buy things because that’s sometimes all they can afford. And for your company to treat people like that is very disturbing. Needless to say he got frustrated and told the employee to shove it up his ass and threw all the items on the ground. Even with that your employee never batted and eye. When I saw this I was so upset that your company treats people this way I left everything in my two carts and walk out. I will never step foot in any Dollarama store ever again, unless cashiers are present to ring items through for any person wishing to have it done. You don’t pay me to ring up my cart or pay anyone else for that matter. What I’ve seen in this store was rude, disrespectful and elder abuse. I’ve talked to many people and they feel the same way about what has transpired in your franchise.

  7. I was never so disappointed in all my life like I was today at Dollarama in Brooks Alberta. I prefer not to use self check outs and the cashiers wouldn’t serve me. I also asked another one of the cashier that was only in the isle by the cash and she too wouldn’t serve me. It’s a personal choice if you want to use self checkouts. So I put my stuff back on the shel and will not be returning. I know I’m only one person but for a business they are not obligingly to their customers.

  8. Dollarama has gone from a decent store to something else the last three years. They’ve hired rent-a-cops with an inflated idea of their authority. Three times in the last year I’ve had rude, wannabe tough-guys who are not qualified to deal with the public. One wanted to see what I had in my pockets and when I complained to the manager, the man said “He’s only doing his job. Apparently accusing me of stealing and not even apologizing after this sub-human Rent-a-Cop found I hadn’t taken anything. Thank you Dollarama for convincing me to buy from absolutely anyone else and making the shopping experience so bad for customers that waiting a few days for Amazon is so much more palatable than waiting in line in order to use poorly working automatic tellers, making me do their employees jobs as well as bagging my own items to save a couple of cents, and often not even that. No customer service or competent management.

  9. I just shopped on Dec. 20th. at Dollarama in Sudbury, Ontario. My bill was $10.66. I gave the cashier $21.00 since I only had two $20’s in my wallet and she gave me .35 cents back. She claimed that I gave her $11.00 . I stood there for almost an hour while the manager counted her cash and then was told that she was only $7.& some cents over the first count & $6 dollars & some cents over the second count. They refused to give me the correct change, took my name & phone number and said that head office told them that the transaction would have to be reviewed on tape. They also didn’t know how long it would take! I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN.

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