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Contact Call of Duty: Find below customer service details of Call of Duty (Activision). Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the video game franchise. Reach the Call of Duty customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
3100 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, California 90405
Phone: 310-255-2000

Customer Service
Phone: 800-225-6588 (US)
Phone: 310-255-2050 (US)
Phone: 919-576-0931 (online store)

International Support
Australia: 1-300-748-995
Brazil: 011 3013 5448
France: +33 1 8288 2725
Germany: +49 89 21094940
Italy: +39 02 4032 6777
Spain: +34 91 1829 403
UK: +44 845 5280269

About Call of Duty
call of dutyCall of Duty is a video game franchise developed and distributed by Activision. Available for gaming consoles, PCs, tablets and smartphones, Call of Duty was first introduced in the year 2003. It has sold over 175 million copies as of 2015. The Call of Duty series is available for platforms that include Microsoft Windows, OSX, Nintendo DS, Playstation, Wii, Xbox, iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

The Call of Duty series can be received on disc or as digital download. It is available with major online and offline retailers worldwide. The game franchise include Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops II, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III, Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered.

The first and third person shooter video game is rated “M” (Mature) by the ESRB for blood and gore, violence and strong language. If looking for Call of Duty merchandise visit the online store here. The categories found include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and accessories. Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. The store ships its products across US, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Return of products can be made within 14 days of purchase date.

Users who have purchased Call of Duty can have their queries resolved by speaking to an agent through Live Chat or even find help from other users on Call of Duty online community. For more information or queries on warranty, returns, download, updates, apps, technical support, or others, reach the customer service.

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  1. They aren’t going to fix any of these glitches or anything, only thing they will do is add more content for you to buy, and nerf/buff guns. That’s all they will do and all they do, they won’t fix how broken everything is, they won’t fix spawn swapping, they won’t fix bullet registration, they won’t fix a damn thing.

  2. I have a Samsung galaxy s10e. I’ve been playing call of duty mobile for the past few months. I find it excellent game play but than all of a sudden it says connect controller after I updated my phone. My ps4 controller is connected to phone and works with other games on my phone. But after updating my phone and it’s been a couple days now still won’t work for cod mobile. Please help me figure out what’s going on

  3. Melvin Seibert Reply

    I cannot play COD Cold War on Xbox X Series as the game crashes after the splash screen and I find myself back at the Xbox dashboard. If I try any other game after this my xbox console crashes and instantly powers down. Please fix this I know there has been numerous reports.

  4. Please fix CALL OF DUTY MOBILE , The update with the Samsung Android 11 phone is not being able to pair with bluetooth controller in game for some reason but able to pair with other apps in the google play store app so we know its a bug or upgrade that needs to happen on your guys platform .

  5. I lost 1k cod points i contacted on reddit Twitter and site itself no response please help.
    I havent bought anything and i also havent switched device. Is there ny other option to get them back or do i have to buy them again so they will disappear again..?

  6. I’m having real problems trying to link my Xbox account with PlayStation having recently just moved across to PlayStation I want all my progress and cod points etc to follow over can someone help me

  7. I’ve been playing call of duty since the original modern warfare, and I have never experienced as much server issues as I have with warzone/multiplayer, I’ve checked my internet plenty of times thinking maybe it was my connection but my end is fine. How many people are gonna have to complain about this game before you start doing something about it. You clearly have enough money to put into making this a fantastic game but you are obviously to lazy or don’t really care. Either way you need to sort this out because I see people not putting up with it much longer. I’m really trying to enjoy this game but your lack of attention to the problems that matter is really making it hard. Oh and get an anti cheat system already, it’s upsetting to say that FORTNITE is a better game than this one at the moment. Stop money grabbing and think of your customers.

  8. Oliver Carter Reply

    So me and the mates have played Cod all our lives, it’s what we do for downtime. But since you have brought out the new variants and keep chopping and changing the game modes on warzone, you have rendered this game that me and my mates have all spent top dollar on now completely unplayable without us wanting to burn our consoles.
    You shoot first but still die, 97% of the guns are unusable, your nerfs and buffs of guns is ludicrous and annoying. You have turned me and mates onto other games as they are more enjoyable, thanks for wasting my money and sending my blood pressure through the roof. Also you’ve made this pandemic even worse, which I didn’t even think was possible. Stop changing what’s not broken. When you try and fix something you create 100 more problems, I wish I just got the free warzone game than spending full wack price.

  9. Chris cooper Reply

    Make resurgence how it was the 4 player mode was fine now it blows ass. As soon as you guys make something people like u mess with it and turn it back to shit. It was great the way it was on Wednesday

  10. Scott blyth Reply

    Good afternoon im playing call of duty cold war ps4 were the game is good however the annoying thing is when your shooting the enemy they don’t die but kill you. Even tho im shooting right at them now I don’t no if there’s a virus or its the game itself but its annoying game users. I hope something can be done as the game is hard as it is also responing is an issue why would you respone in enemy lines doesn’t give you enough time as you need to reload then you are shot straight away

    • Good afternoon, Since I downloaded CoD MW on my ps5, about 40 days ago it has uploaded 6 packs (same packs) 3 times. The 6 packs are huge, they are campaign pack 1-2, compatibilty pack 1-2, multiplayer pack 3, high resolution texture pack 2. This is quite irritating and time consuming. Each time this happend it takes hours at 100 mb/s bandwidth to complete. Whats up with this!?

  11. Michelle Barlow Reply

    Please please fix the glitches from putting warfare and the new black ops together. We are having so many problems trying to play with two people. And on the new black ops please make the screen bigger. Can’t even read the loadouts on splitscreen.

  12. Give xbox users options to turn crossplay off. I reckon Activision have lost loads of customers for it. And fair enough they might say its a free game which warzone is but ground war isn’t and it forces it on that aswell. I read somewhere it’s cos Microsoft don’t want to but they are screwing themselves over as I would be tempted to buy the latest PlayStation rather than latest xbox to get round issue

  13. So I know y’all get these messages a lot now but y’all need to either make the plates stronger against these Cold War guns or either take them off the game next season. People spend money in tournaments and are getting screwed out of possible money because nobody can compete with the losers that have to use them weapons to get kills. Put them guns back on Cold War where they belong. Thanks

  14. I keep buying cod points and not receiving them. Spent two whole days getting kicked out of the game over and over in war zone and tried to get ahold of activison and not getting any luck. I’m over this bullshit. I was using the prisoner suit and found out that was why I was getting kick. Was doing good for a couple days and now I get kick out over something else. Smh

  15. Why is there so many connection issues with call of duty and warzone. I was engaging in a gunfight on warzone and even though I shot first and my reticle was on the other player. Not one of my shots had registered even when I had shot an entire clip at the other player. Any suggestions on how to get better connection to online play?

  16. Jay Stapleton Reply

    What’s the point in having these games if we can’t play them, it’s constantly kicking us out of games, or to the Home Screen. Games haven’t been good at all since mw3. All the newer black ops and modern warfare games have been this way the last few years.

  17. Updated from Android 10 to Android 11 and now controller won’t connect to codm but controller connects to phone just fine. It has been almost 2 month and still no response from dev

  18. I bought Cold War Thursday and it won’t let me connect to the survey I’m very unhappy with this I spent 107 dollars on something I can’t even play it

    • I feel you there I got the ps4/ps5 version and it doesn’t change from saying multiplayer is only partially installed and zombies not at all even after everything is done downloading

  19. Don’t buy anything from the Call of duty store! stuff goes missing with updates and every time you try to contact the online support you end up being number 199 in Que!! You actually never get to number 1!

  20. Hi I have a ps4 and for the past 4 days im not able to connect to online or the game at all all my author games work just fine I just did a hard reset on my ps4 and it still don’t work I reset my router to I’ve done everything u can do and it still don’t work I only haved the game for like 3 weeks im really upset about this its a $60 game


    • I’m having the same problem I am unable to play a £60 game because every time I open the game it comes up saying my black ops trial has ended

      • I have a ps4 and playing split screen it plays one or two matches then it either say there is an error and boots me back to the main ps4 menu or it plays matches where we can only see the guns running around then boots us outta the game back to the main menu so we cant play how do i report it and actually get it fixed ? Because im a huge fan of black ops and always play split screen and this is the first time this has ever happened with any game.

  21. This is a really fun game. Silly question why let a tree grow obscuring the view from a sentry tower? I am looking at the airport map. I do not care for the realism ground war mode. Can we get a filter button like on quick play so those of us that like the regular or boots on the ground can play that instead?

  22. Soo I’m here for call of duty mobile…
    I spent alot of money on kill effects and none of them work ….
    I contacted support they said they will contact me in 48 hours …. however it’s been 5 days and haven’t heard anything…. honestly don’t think this is cool…maybe I should get my refund …or am I just assed out …
    I have screenshot that will help my case ….just in case someone thinks I’m lying or Wateva the case maybe…I contacted support through the call of duty mobile app , I called also been looking to email but can’t find a email address

  23. i have purchased the cod cold war ps4 dvd version.Im ut to the berlin safe houe where the arcade game is.When i have cheched the evidence the try to click on the top left level a banner comes across saying contents not installed return to safe house or qiluit to the main menu and ensure the remaing campain packs are progress will be stored. could you give me some advice hopw to install it many thanks chris

  24. Daniel Gallegos Reply

    I’ve been playing call of duty for pretty much all my life and I’ve never gotten to a point where I felt like I needed to reach out like this. I’ve spent so much money on you people, but now I am beyond frustrated with this new call of duty cold war multiplayer connection issue. Any issue I had before, I would just disconnect then reconnect. Problem solved. But for some stupid reason, EVERY single match I play has connection issues, this makes the KDR a joke. If this doesn’t get fixed soon, I know this isn’t a big deal to the rich, but if this doesn’t get fixed ASAP, the call of duty community will be losing a loyal customer.

  25. Robert E Cochran Reply

    I pre-ordered your cross gen bundle. Been grinding hard on it since it came out. Played some of it this morning. I tried playing just a little bit ago and says I need to buy the game again. What’s going on. I didn’t just waste my money on this half ass made game for nothing. This needs fixed or I want my money back and ill never waste a dime on your games again. Makes no difference to me.

  26. Tamika snow Reply

    Hi so I just got the new call of duty cold war and I don’t what is wrong with it. But it broke my Xbox one X I stuck the game in went to load it up it loaded into the game then it shut everything off and I haven’t been able to use my Xbox since. I’m a big call of duty fan I’ve never had any problems with any of your games until now. And its very disappointing I was so happy to get the new game now I can’t even play because it broke my Xbox

    • I bought 20 euros of cod points in modern warfare but never received what can I do pls email me.. It said something went wrong but the content not lost I tried reboot clean cache even rebuilding data base nothing worked

  27. Thomas McGargill Reply

    I don’t understand will never understand why the hell you guys put PC on cross-platform when you knew damn well there was gonna be nothing but cheating! The only way to fix that, is to take them off cross-platform and you yourself know that. There’s no point in banning them constantly since they clearly keep coming back there computer hackers! Or at least give everyone the option to choose what platform they wish to play with. Im sure you can do at least that! You done put up 30 Gigg updates for almost freakin reason anyways! You need to do something about this situation, I speak for ALL console players!

  28. James Spragg Reply

    Okay this is a big problem for me and I have decided to get my money (£90) back for Cold War as it has now become a play to win on PlayStation. When modern warfare came out they had a survival mode exclusive to PlayStation and now they have the same again but with a zombie mode. They get extra XP, 2 extra load outs and so much more than what we get on Xbox. I love cod more than any other game but until they sort this out I’m afraid I’m not going to repurchase the game and I’m going to stick with my refund.

  29. I am experiencing a really annoying issue. I’ve been playing the rank series and twice today I got logged out of the game completely while the match is going on. As a result, I am being penalized rank points because COD detects it as if I left the match. Is there anyway I can have this issue fixed? I am in desperate need of assistance.

  30. Tusitala Sola Reply

    I am a regular user/player of call of duty with my children. We have all the latest and up to date games. I am writing however due to the high number of underage players and offensive players currently playing your game. We have with many friends reported lots of these players however the same rude and foul language players continue to spoil the game for us. It is not acceptable that players cam make disgusting filfthy remarks about mothers and sisters of other players or any sexual references about other people. I am shocked almost every night when we play that there are these same player playing. I would like to know why you allow this to happen and what you will do to monitor and regulate this poor behavior. You have a section for players to report these types of behaviors but seems that nothing is being done. I would like a response from you and hope that you can clean up this terrible mess that these players create. I would also like to know why is it that there are players who have hacked the game which I have also reported. It is not fair that people playing this game with all the perks and attachments. It is a complete dis-advantage to us. Please have this regulated.

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