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Contact AliExpress: Find below customer service details of AliExpress, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd:
969 West Wen Yi Road
Yu Hang District
Hangzhou 311121, China
Phone: +86 571-8502-2088 (corporate)

Customer Service
Email: [email protected] (trade allegations)
Web: Report Dispute

About AliExpress
AliExpress is a leading ecommerce and dropshipping company connecting retailers and wholesalers around the world. The Chinese marketplace has been a preferred place for buying and sourcing products directly from manufacturers spread across China. Established in the year 2010, AliExpress operates as a subsidiary of retail conglomerate Alibaba. The company has its headquarters at Hangzhou, Zhejang.

On AliExpress website shoppers can find millions of products spread across 40 categories. There are thousands of sellers, many offering free shipping on products. The Buyer Protection guarantees a safe shopping experience. Shoppers will receive full refund if the order does not arrive or is not matching the description mentioned. Besides English, AliExpress is available in Russian, Spanish, French, Indonesian, German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew.

Shopping on AliExpress can be done on the web or the official app for Android or iOS. You can search by keyword or from the categories listed on the menu. Product categories you will find include apparel, smartphones, computers, laptops, computer peripherals, tablets, laptop accessories, servers, cameras, wearable devices, jewelry, home decor, bags, luggage, shoes, sporting goods, watches, toys, car electronics, auto replacement parts, exterior/interior accessories, lighting, furniture, office/school supplies, home appliances, kitchen appliances, hardware, video surveillance, tools, among others.

Products can be filtered by various parameters such as color, size, price and brand. On each product page you will find detailed description, feedback by other users, item specifications, shipping information and packaging details. Visit the Clearance section if you are looking for hot bargains. As for accepted mode of payment, shoppers can pay via MasterCard, Visa, Western Union, Alipay, and bank transfer. During checkout, you will need to watch out for additional import duties, taxes or other customs related charges

Suppliers ship products through leading transporters such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, ePacket, China Post, HongKong Post and Singapore Post. The shipping time varies according to region and logistics company. AliExpress ships to over 200 countries. Orders are delivered within 3 to 60 working days. If you need to return or cancel your order, you can do same by signing into your account. Shoppers need to open a dispute and request for refund. The refunds can take 7 to 10 business days.

AliExpress also allows individuals to start an ecommerce business through dropshipping. Sellers need not worry about inventory or shipping as all of the same is taken care by suppliers and manufacturers. You can find a number of guides on starting a dropshipping business on the web. For more information or queries on payment, refund, shipping, cancellation, or others, reach the AliExpress support.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. I complain and dispute, as if by magic, they find the parcel which is supposed to be inflight for around six weeks, comes into the country. No admission of what happened, no apology. I was even accused of maybe missing it at the mailbox by Ali. These people have a lot to learn, and should have within 6 months of starting many years ago.

    People need to contact their government and get reading platforms that don’t follow minimum local standards banned. Which will message trade platforms to behave or miss out in profit on many countries. The different amounts based on country above is discrimination, the charging over $300 freughg for an item around $1, is fraud often an unreasonable (invalid) contract, etc.

  2. Abimbola Sandra Reply

    I have come to observe that some sellers on Aliexpress are just fortunate business owners who know nothing about business. I bout an item since last month, specifically a wedding dress for this month, yet the seller in her laziness bridged our agreement. I told her I don’t want free shipping, yet she went ahead to do a free shipping at the detriment of my wedding. And she’s not sorry about it. Please be care of Myyble store, she’s a very wicked seller on Aliexpress

  3. Faruk Ozturkmen Reply

    I have been a loyal regular buyer for AliExpress for since year 2001.

    Recently I have noticed seller posting prices seems low but when I select my own Country (Australia) prices change dramatically higher. Selecting other country options as supply source resulting negative results.

    This is a very very deliberate deceptive way of hiding real prices until the country of destination is selected.

    I am getting the feeling that I can no longer trust AliExpress because of these mileisleading and deceptive selling practices. It is a total shame AliExpress allows and enchrouches this behaviour.

    Very disappointed long time loyal customer.

  4. Abel Akogwu Reply

    Good day, I’m writing to make a report on my. I made ordered on the 25th of May, till now I’ve not received my order. I’ve sent message to the seller, it got to a stage the seller stopped replying my message. This is the order Number 8014782680954621.. And also the order has completed its cycle but hasn’t been delivered.

  5. Dear all,

    First of all hope this e-mail finds you well.

    My name id Evelina and I am very disappointed and I hope that you can find a solution for me and my money.

    On 18 June I have entered on Ali Express and I saw some products among them a logo with cats (just for information I am a regular client of Ali Express). It was World Supermarket 2015 (the seller).The name of product is exactly ‘’ Cat Iron on Patch DIY Heat Transfer Sticker Appliques Clothing Fabric T-shirt’’ and the normal price of the product is 0.94 US and the shipping 0.39 US, with total order 1.33 US. Please find it attached.

    They have sent to me SMS asking me for these products and I didn’t confirm them, meantime after some days I saw that the credit card has been used and has charged all the money that I have had. They have proceed 2 times with my card and charged 2 times 174, 88 US and the total amount is 349.76 US without my confirmation. Also, they pretend to have shipped the products with DHL. They have sent at my account the information as shipped and Order ID :8015738495765669 with amount 349.76 US.

    How can I buy a product of that at the amount of 349.76 US? Also, a product that cost 0.94 US cannot have a shipping of that amount.

    I asked them to turn back my money and after 2 days they answered me that they cannot do it, I am in really stressed and they do not attend to answer me. How can they use and take my money, so much money? I need urgent my money back otherwise that will not finish here. We are not stupid that this online page to take our money, to steal our money, and for my entire year these money were everything I have had to live.

    Since I am a regular guest of Ali Express my CC information was saved at my account.

    Also, I have been in contact with a lawyer to find the solution because I cannot tolerate that Ali Express to steal my money in that way.

    Please, can you check it and let me know as soon as possible, what I need are only my money back, the amount of 349.76 US.

    This is not correct and I will not stop until I get the money back and compensation for the stress caused.

    I will be waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

    Evelina Rina

  6. I bought a mobile phone in March 2020 (item 3003496431760534) they have extended waiting time two times even with dispute. I’ve tried to contact Ali express but can’t get response from their newer automated system (Eva) I want to try and get to talk one on one with someone to get my refund ASAP.

  7. Hello, I ordered 4 caps from Aliexpress from seller Kagynap on February 10th. They didn’t send the package, even though I already paid for it. I cannot reach the seller by email. could you please help me? I would be very grateful.

    Greeting Roy Müller

  8. The seller accepted a refund of € 16.40, but who pays for shipping costs of around € 10? If they are at my expense, it is not convenient for me. I want the seller to agree to return the shipping costs.
    So the total refund must be around 27 euros

  9. Oluyide Ayoola Reply

    I placed an order on ali express. the order did not arrive and i opened a dispute. I get responses from Ali to say items have been sent but as I speak, the order hasn’t be received and my refund was not effected in my account.
    Refund Time: 2020-01-03

    Refund Amount: USD 36.53

    The issuing bank, especially the department at the bank which deals with chargebacks or disputed payments, is able to trace the refund transaction with the ARN number provided in this response.

    Up till now, the money hasn’t reflected in my account. kindly see to this.


  10. Ege Paral? Reply

    I had an order from AliExpress which has the ID 104094131617843 . They sent it to post office but I couldn’t take it from the post office. Then the order went bact to the seller. I wrote twice the situation to seller but they did not respond and I don’t have my orders. Now my only concern is taking my money back. How can I take it? I want to solve this problem in the fastest way. I am writing my order ID again below. Please contact me and inform me as soon as possible.

    My order ID is: 104094131617843

  11. Suale Mustafa Reply

    Good Morning
    On May 6, 2019 at 04:38, I purchased 2 incubators machines through your platform for €1,184.71 through invoice 101466217576888 in the “Shop3681101 Store”.

    On May 10, 2019, I was notified to pay an extra € 299.14 for the transport of the machines and paid through invoice 101674858296888.

    On May 28th I was notified to pay an extra amount of €908.70 which would be used for destination costs to the port of my country and I paid through the invoice 102435667156888.

    Now I request a refund of € 908.70 because when the machines arrived in my country, the shipping company made me pay the destination cost to the port of my country again through invoice 0009765 but before paying I contacted Shop3681101 Store and Told me to pay because they said would refund within 15 days from August 29th, until today they have not refunded me anything and they told me to contact Aliexpress platform to refund me because all the money is with you.
    Thank you very much

  12. I ordered shoes and bag 8/12/19 isnt yet deliver to me i was trying to tracking it, it picked by DHL i have to called the customer care they collected my tracking number,names,address and my phone number the representative said he didnt see any package for me.

  13. Order number 102676473600516 from CarBeauty Store. Tyre pressure monitor but got a cheap handsfree device supplied pic to them and dispute. Dispute closed with no resolution. I contacted them day after and customer service said would refund. Waited over a week and nothing into my account. Spoke to customer service again and very unhelpful. I have sent numerous messages and lots of photos to supplier with no offer at all for any remedy.
    I am platinum member and purchased many items over the past few years. Until now was happy and recommended AliExpress to friends. I am now however extremely disappointed and annoyed at lack of service. Buyer protection is meant to cover this type of thing.
    I expect a full refund at minimum now. I would like to order more items including a tyre pressure monitor that I still don’t have. But if there is no buyer protection I cannot.

  14. Hello. I am about the order Order number:

    Shop name:
    LT Motherboard Store. The seller sent me a motherboard with a defect. After checking it, I opened a dispute and a real theater began in communication with the seller. It seems that he pulls time and mocks me. Why should I return a defective item for which I have already paid money and still have to pay for shipping? And yet – (Please use your laptop accessories can not work well, then test the seller’s product can not work.) – what’s this? If I had another motherboard to prove to you that the other components of my laptop are working properly, then I would not buy from you this motherboard. I ask you to take my statement seriously and draw fair conclusions. Thank. Your buyer.

  15. Is there any way to send a short and small video files to a seller? He requires me that I send a video file that shows a problem. However, we can’t send a video file from withing the mail system on AliExpress. I appreciate it very much if you could let me know how to do that. I asked the seller, but he does not respond to me. He may not know it either.

    Thank you in advance for you your assistance.

  16. david coull Reply

    Please help me as this seller is not giving proper service

    UMIDIGI Official Store
    order 96053762952761
    Umidigi One Pro phone

    This Seller is making my life very difficult, my phone is broken after 3 months and they will not send me a new one, they told me to try and repair it in Finland which I tried but I was told that it is totally broken. The Seller then told me to send it to back to China, it is now in China and they said I can order a new one ??? They have now taken my money and my phone back and I have nothing !!!!! How is this possible ? I have payed for repair inspection in Finland €30 and post to China €33 for €147 phone which I do not now have !?!?!?!?!

    Very sad and disappointed because its a great phone

    Kind regards


  17. The seller sent me a Bafang motor kit that he had cancelled. I had not reinstated the order. Instead I bought another kit from another AliExpress seller, who sent me the motor kit. The sender of the order (the idiot that cancelled) agreed through the AliExpress website to refund me and instructed me to send the package back and he would pay for the postage costs when he received the package. After a UPS investigation of the sellers messages to me the sender of this package has refused to comply with the instructions received from UPS saying that the UPS instructions are wrong and that the way he wants to send the package back by UPS is right! He had weeks to comply with the necessary procedure prior to that and a week to comply with the UPS instructions when it was left at the UPS Agency. He has failed to do so. AliExpress has decided we have come to mutual agreement that I post the cancelled order so that I can receive a full refund. However as the sender of the package is refusing to carry out the procedures required of him by UPS for the arrangement to take place he has deliberately blocked the return of the package to him in his further attempts so that I do not get a refund by his breaking the agreement he has made. Please instruct me of the evidence that you require as I have already provided much evidence in disputes before already and it has been ignored. When I have received evidence from AliExpress that the package will sent back from the UPS agency shop and the sender has complied with the UPS rules to enable it to be sent back so he pays for the postage when he receives it , then I will take it back to the UPS shop AGAIN to be posted back to him, but not before as I have had far too much of my time wasted by the incompetent idiot that sent it in the first place.

  18. Arkadiusz Szymanski Reply

    The seller committed to give me refund because he addressed the parcel wrong. I never received the parcel and I have confirmation from the post office saying that my parcel number was delivered to different address. You can see messages between me and the seller where he admits to the mistake and promises to give my money back. I now have the problem to get the refund, your customer service it not very helpful and the whole procedure is complicated. I keep being sent to different teams and I cant see any progress. All I want is to get my money back for the item I haven’t received. I wasted a lot of time to do this. I’m highly disappointed with the service and I will NOT recommend to anyone.. I can give negative feedback to AliExpress and I’m thinking to close my account with you

  19. Cemal Güngör Reply

    The products I paid for have not been sent for a month. Seller is very irrelevant, does not respond, does not send the product. I want to cancel my order and get my money back.
    Order ID: 97720682331721
    Total price: 1060.90 TRY. it must be.
    There are 2 types of products in this order.

  20. Hello

    I have the article Nail Gel Polish Art Degreaser For Nails Varnish Remover Cleaner A Ongle Cleanser Plus Removedor De Esmalte Para Unhas Bottle well received. Because this product has a very unpleasant smell I wanted to read the composition.
    Only does it say on the bottle no composition. The bottle was not delivered in jewel cases but in a Baggie. Is it normal not intended that the composition at any prodcut noted? Suppose I have an allergy. Like let me know from which that product is made.

    Attached a photo of the product.


  21. Hello there ,
    My name is Mohamad Hatouh , and this is my email address that iam using in aliexpress account ([email protected]) .
    In 4-1-2019 i place an order (ID : 97473124796750 ) the cost of the order was 50.69 $ and the shipping was free , after i placed my order the seller asked for extra 16 $ for the shipping .
    He refused to send it as it was says and said “its not possible to send it ” .
    I cancelled the order and put the reason that the seller asked for a raise on the price , the seller kept cancelling my reason and kept asking me to change the reason to ” other reasons ” or ” the processing time is out of my expectation”. , the when the processing time closed to be finnished he confirmed shipping the product as he says “by mistake” to buy time , and asked me for my email and paypal account to not hurt his feedback or his store.

    This is unethical and waste of my time and money , i need my money back and to this selller to get punished ASAP , its not fair to wait all that time to get my money back.

    thank you

  22. Dan Brumfield Reply

    When I get to the payment screen on orders there is a old MasterCard number listed. I don’t have that card anymore. I have a new MasterCard number. I have tried everything I know to change that number to my new one with no success. I have tried customer service (which is useless). The is no preselected question that addresses this problem and the Chat function does not work. I am left with the option of using Alipay or pay extra to use PayPal.

  23. Ryan Houten Reply

    I can’t log into my account as I am needing to verify my account through a SMS verification code. However, no code is getting sent to my phone. Could you possibly send me a verification code to my email instead?

  24. My parcel was order couple of months ago , I should have received it within 3weeks, as it said. it’s 3 months further(well after dispute time period) and I still did not receive it. They refuse to refund the money, coming with lies, every time a complete new story about what is happening to my order. They even told me that if I want the refund I should first confirm that I have received the parcel and the apply for refund, very bad service, no refund yet. I strongly do not recommend to buy anything via this website. Even though it is so cheap, you loose your money

  25. You offered me $84 for a $420 acoustic guitar that is cracked and poorly made because you say that it is still usable. Of course it is still usable so is a new car with a huge dent in the front of it and even if it has been wrecked like this guitar. It has no value now. This the worst buyer protection I have ever seen. Now I have to ship a product back and loose money on a defective item that was improperly made and improperly packaged. This horrible business and unacceptable. Unbelievable that this is your solution to a broken item……that it is still operable……a %20 credit to a $420 loss.

  26. Thandeka D Reply

    I want to report a Vendor that promised me a refund after i purchase a poor quality item. but till today i have not received my refund as promised. the vendor is now ignoring me and not replying to my messages. they forced me to delete my complain saying i will receive a refund if i delete the depute. made me go and open a pay pal account promising to deposit my refund. i am left with disappointment and fake poor quality hair but i paid so much of money. please attend to my case urgently the vendor needs to be punished for robbing,dishonest,false description on the item. I am really disappointed and heart broken because i work very hard for that money for this vendor to rob me of my money. Please Help

  27. Order: 95318972743617 QH-STORE, seller: Elly
    On 17.102018 ordered and paid tablets
    23.10.2018 delivered to the Czech Republic
    24.10.2018 detected fault and immediately notified in writing to the retailer
    After agreement with the tablet vendor, they are sent back to Spain for a replacement for another type with a difference in price.
    13.11.2018 defective tablet delivered to Spain to the address specified by the seller.
    According to the seller’s agreement, he should have sent instructions for payment of the price difference. (40, – USD)
    So far I have no instructions and the seller does not respond to my emails.
    The last message from the vendor was that he was waiting for the factory position.
    There was an agreement to exchange for another type. I do not want the tablet to fix it. I paid for a new and no fault.

  28. Brianna McCurdy Reply

    In regards to order 93890449407475. I never received the contents of my package, I received an empty black bag m with a stamp on the label from the post office saying package received without contents. I checked with the post office in regards to receiving the empty bag. They initiated and finished a full investigation and told me to contact the store I purchased from. I then reached out to the seller and they promoted me to check with my parcel (which I had done before contacting them). Once I assured them I did they did said they shipped my contents and posted a digital picture of my shipping label as well as a picture of a black bag with no label and no contents of my order shown. I disputed and AliExpress denied me for lack of evidence. I’ve subjutted all I could due to what I received but they continue to argue that because the label has the weight I would need to prove more evidence that I don’t receive my contents. So in other words I’ve paid to receive an empty plastic bag as well as a horrible experience from a site I’ve been loyal to since 2012. I also reviewed the buyers protection and I should be protected in an instance like this. At this point I am bothered about the loss of money but more so the lack of integrity and information on how to go about either having the company send me the product I paid for or getting my money back. This whole ordeal has been hell from dealing with the seller to dealing with the chat service provided by AliExpress. I will continue my efforts for a resolution if possible I would like someone to contact me.

    Thank You

  29. I ordered a top and received a fake burberry coat. Ali express closed dispute. Seller refuses to reply. Won’t issue new product or issue refund

  30. I went on your website years ago with this email address, did not buy anything. I am opening up a business and wanted to use a different email, because this one is for another business. You login would not let me do that. The password I used was lost over 18 years ago. I entered another password. Everything was great. Your web was having trouble for me paying for items. I closed down several times thinking this would work. Because I was new to buying items, and lost my password from years ago. I had trouble with the web. I bought items from 3 different vendors. I had to create a new password because the web said my password was wrong. I tried to get back on line and I could not. You offer help but how can you get help if you have to log in, and your problem is logging in. I have spent thousands of dollars on Ebay and they can help you without logging in. I tried to check what I bought and all I saw were tracking number. I am use to Ebay showing you a picture of the item. I could not tell which item belonged to a tracking number without seeing a picture of the item. The web closed me out and I tried it again this A.M. I had to start all over. I got the code sent to my email and put a new password in and the web told me O.K. your password is reset. I logged in many times and the web told me wrong e-mail or password. I recieved 3 e-mails sent to me from your vendors. The first one said you order has been processed please pay for the item. The second one said did you receive his item. The numbers on the bag do not match the tracking numbers but is what I ordered. I have not way to let them know. The last on said unable to deliver, delivery failed. I can not check why the delivery failed because I can not get online. I did receive a package today. I have no way to answer the vendors. I tried to call and the phone is disconnected that you have listed. I have no idea what to do. I have had several codes sent to me to try and get back on line and nothing works.
    Best Regards,
    jo hancock

  31. Order 92401761013485 ,still waiting for tracking details for replacement item, due to part of order being DEFECTIVE, order shown as finished Why?
    Have requested tracking info from seller and have tried to contact WordPress customer services but order shown as finished, and order no longer covered by buyer protection due to timing out.
    As my order is not complete yet I should still be covered by buyer protection and my time limit to leave feedback should also be extended unfortunately I have had to use this method to contact you to hopefully assist in revolving this issue
    I look forward to your response within in the next 72 hours
    A J Martin

  32. I’m writing regarding order 701458507831370.
    It was my mistake and I ordered a wrong item. I opened a dispute asking for a refund. The seller agreed to refund if the item is unused and if I return the item.
    The item was not used (I provided photos and videos), but for some reason AliExpress decided to reject the refund.

    Anyhow the seller still stated that if I return the item, the seller will refund. I returned the item and according to the tracking information the item was received by the seller on June 23th (3 weeks ago) (tracking number RB994200189RU). The seller tells they didn’t received the item and now stopped responding.

    Please note that I buy quite a lot on aliexpress. Usually everything goes fine, but in this case I’m not happy with Aliexpress decision not to approve my refund request and with the seller that stopped communicating.

    Is there anything else I can do to try to receive a refund?

  33. Geoff Hawcridge Reply

    I placed an order with multiple items. I get responses from Ali to say items have been sent but as they are all under the same order number I don’t know what items have actually been sent??

  34. Albert Uhlmann Reply

    There is no information anywhere to how to change a credit card number for purchases. To bad there is no real living person to talk to.
    Maybe there is a way to change credit cards and the reason is poorly created websites that only works for the lucky ones.

    What the heck is wrong with you guys. Now I can’t publish my post because it is not long enough. I hope my senseless ranting is good enough to have my initial complain posted.

  35. Peter Wickham Reply

    The country I am in is the British Virgin Islands. I am not able to enter a mobile phone number for confirmation because the BVI IS NOT Listed as a possible country!!!

  36. I want more information about a dress perhaps to purchase, but do not understand the language. I found the dress on this website: I would like a description of the dress and the colors in English. On the website, the colors are numbered and I am not sure of the color since green is on there twice. thank you for your assistance.

  37. Very difficult getting to customer services. Wanted to complain on a seller who’s not willing to REFUND or REPLACE item which hasn’t been received after 3 Months, (well after dispute time period). Seller over the time been asking me to wait a little longer every time they are contacted, to which i’ve done for over 3 Months but still they’re asking to wait, wait,wait even longer which is getting beyond a joke.

  38. Kremena Kaneva Reply

    Dear Sirs, why your system constantly makes me return an order
    which is damaged and open dispute.After I bring it back to China it will cost me a high amount at my expense and the merchant will get the money for an order that is received in bad shape.Many times I choose to refund, and the system will ask me to return the order.The order must throw it into the trash because it is impossible to return to China for a short period after traveling for two months but has to return for 7 days and it will cost me a lot.Merchant is happy to have his money and the client has lost both money and time.Should I stop shopping with you so I will not have problems with my orders.Another order with a defect and I will still lose my money because of your system who decides that I have to return the order, and that is impossible.First, to my account is the payment of the return, the second for 7 days is impossible.Please check your system because I want to be your client but I do not want to throw my money.

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