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Contact AliExpress: Find below customer service details of AliExpress, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd:
969 West Wen Yi Road
Yu Hang District
Hangzhou 311121, China
Phone: +86 571-8502-2088 (corporate)

Customer Service
Email: [email protected] (trade allegations)
Web: Report Dispute

About AliExpress
AliExpress is a leading ecommerce and dropshipping company connecting retailers and wholesalers around the world. The Chinese marketplace has been a preferred place for buying and sourcing products directly from manufacturers spread across China. Established in the year 2010, AliExpress operates as a subsidiary of retail conglomerate Alibaba. The company has its headquarters at Hangzhou, Zhejang.

On AliExpress website shoppers can find millions of products spread across 40 categories. There are thousands of sellers, many offering free shipping on products. The Buyer Protection guarantees a safe shopping experience. Shoppers will receive full refund if the order does not arrive or is not matching the description mentioned. Besides English, AliExpress is available in Russian, Spanish, French, Indonesian, German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew.

Shopping on AliExpress can be done on the web or the official app for Android or iOS. You can search by keyword or from the categories listed on the menu. Product categories you will find include apparel, smartphones, computers, laptops, computer peripherals, tablets, laptop accessories, servers, cameras, wearable devices, jewelry, home decor, bags, luggage, shoes, sporting goods, watches, toys, car electronics, auto replacement parts, exterior/interior accessories, lighting, furniture, office/school supplies, home appliances, kitchen appliances, hardware, video surveillance, tools, among others.

Products can be filtered by various parameters such as color, size, price and brand. On each product page you will find detailed description, feedback by other users, item specifications, shipping information and packaging details. Visit the Clearance section if you are looking for hot bargains. As for accepted mode of payment, shoppers can pay via MasterCard, Visa, Western Union, Alipay, and bank transfer. During checkout, you will need to watch out for additional import duties, taxes or other customs related charges

Suppliers ship products through leading transporters such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, ePacket, China Post, HongKong Post and Singapore Post. The shipping time varies according to region and logistics company. AliExpress ships to over 200 countries. Orders are delivered within 3 to 60 working days. If you need to return or cancel your order, you can do same by signing into your account. Shoppers need to open a dispute and request for refund. The refunds can take 7 to 10 business days.

AliExpress also allows individuals to start an ecommerce business through dropshipping. Sellers need not worry about inventory or shipping as all of the same is taken care by suppliers and manufacturers. You can find a number of guides on starting a dropshipping business on the web. For more information or queries on payment, refund, shipping, cancellation, or others, reach the AliExpress support.

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  1. I cant order more stuff from the App. The shipping is ridiculously high. The shipping is 10 to 1000 times the value of the product I want to buy.

  2. Do not order from AliExpress! I ordered a pair of fans for my laptop in the beginning of april. Still nothing, went to track my order and it says delivery problems and sent back to China. Contacted support but got no help. Then they released the payment to the seller, who left a weird review of me claiming that I dont know what computer model I have, and that I have ordered the wrong goods and then blaim it on the seller. Also, I have never been in touch with the seller, so this is just shady stuff.

  3. I would have liked to buy from aliexpress, still do’- but cannot. It is dysfunctional. They sent new password, twice even, did not work. Up pops a message ‘send missing information’ – and what might that be???? If it is a mobile number – no way. We get frustrated with too much advertising and having to spend time on texting – so no mobile number. Can one only buy from aliexpress when one gives a mobile number????Why do they send me advertising when they are so dysfunctional that I cannot buy from them?
    They need to delete addresses who cannot buy from them. My money is only good enough for them if I give them a mobile number?

  4. I will never ever buy anything from Aliexpress again! Never again in my life. I ordered 4 items from Aliexpress for $20. I was waiting for the parcel to be delivered. But then it was failed deliver which means I don’t receive any parcel. I opened a dispute, I kept telling them that I already called the local post office, and they said because there was a problem with the address on the parcel plus no contact number on it, so the returned my parcel back to the sender. Unfortunately, Aliexpress didn’t refund me the money, and said that ‘they assume I already picked up my parcel’. But I do have all the evidence that proof I am not lying. Also, the local post office sent me an email saying that my parcel was sent back to China, however, Aliexpress didn’t check my parcel on the website of my local post office at the same time. What they did is they only refereed to the reference from the logistic company, and again, Aliexpress said they assume I already picked up my parcel. This is a fraudulent and the customer service is very poor.

  5. I have the same experience as you. Even though the Aliexpress customer service representative agreed to my complaint of the poor quality of the beads, they still ask you for returning the goods by paying the shipment fee from Canada to China to get the full refund. This is unfair to the customer who got the poor quality of a product.

  6. Searches and email alerts can be very deceptive. Often they will advertise a very specific product (with image) at an attractive price, but when you click on it you see get options to which the very item you were enticed to buy is 3x, 4x or even 10x more expensive. For example, I was interested in buying an electronic irrigation system advertised at $16.61 – listed as regular $63.88. However, upon following the link, the item that was $16.61 was a water splitter. The actual irrigation system that was shown on the email advertisement was $39.09 – supposedly originally $150.00. I bought one exactly like it last week on eBay for $29.99 so it’s all a “hook and bait” system.

  7. Received products not as described, offer the store the chance to pay for return and new product to description and the closed dispute resolved if I paid for return and sent the express delivery. Store and AliExpress considers this resolved…ha. I now simply want my money back and will not deal with this company any further…ripoff merchants

  8. I used Ali express for the first time 7th March 2021 to make a purchase over $30, I paid for it to be delivered to my house and my address and phone number was provided when I made the purchase. I am so disappointed. Till date my order has not been delivered, I can’t even find or track it online, I’ve tried to send them numerous emails but it keeps bouncing telling me their e-mail is full. This is fraudulent and I can never purchase anything again from aliexpress. I can imagine how much they are making from people all over the continent making purchase that they never deliver. I can’t even waste my time or stress myself anymore.

  9. Buyers beware. If you are using AliExpress beware that the seller does not use SUNYOU for shipping. They send totally false information to the buyer, such as “Item arrived at airport of destination country”. This is not true. When you open a dispute with AliExpress the seller used the false information from SUNYOU to justify NO REFUND and tells you to be patient. I have been patient for 3 months and all AliExpress says is item is in transit, WAIT. I have submitted proof that no mail from China has come to my country since March 2020 but still AliExpress will not deal with the problem. They talk about customer protection but there is NONE. They are hoping to out last you so that you give up and loose.

  10. My order has slept for more than 3 months in the origin country and has not even departed the country of origin until now as per Ali Express system. I demanded refund as I needed the money to re-order another shoes I wanted from other decent Online platform! It’s taking so much time already from their side – 81 days already to be exact since I ordered the item and the item has not arrived yet until now, June 11 2021. Apparently, Ali Express keeps me waiting for nothing! Their robot “Eva” is not even helping.

  11. I ordered my item, ref order no. 8132667569504644.
    In the tracking they said it was delivered. But I honestly never received the item. Then I placed a dispute. But AliExpress never invested or call me about this. They only send an email that payment had been released to the seller. Where is our protection on this as buyer and no proper investigation conducted. Pls be aware of this store “REALACC Official Store”.

  12. I order many items in the beginning of March and I didn’t receive NOTHING. What is going on? When I will receive my items? I’m very, very, very disappointed and I will never buy anything from this site. It is unbelievable and very frustrated for some people to wait MONTHS AND MONTHS for a pair of sandals, or beach costume or bags and so on!!!!

  13. I have ordered numerous times and every time there is an issue (i.e. items missing, wrong items sent, etc.) the sellers and AliExpress refuse to refund me. The sellers tell me to contact AliExpress. AliExpress tells me to contact the seller. It is so frustrating. Pay the extra 20% and buy it on Amazon instead.

  14. Bought Soundbeats bluetooth earbuds for 40$, broke down after 10 months within warranty period. Seller has no intention of refunding me or supplying replacement product and I have been talking to them for over a month now. There is no freaking way to contact Aliexpress to sort this out because all they have under customer service is a stupid bot that gives you same answers over and over again. Their aftersales support is laughable, never ever buying anything there that costs over 1$, shipping included

  15. I bought an item for 39USD then any days later the seller came back and said there was a logistics issue which is a lie, they just did not ship my order. They told me to cancel the dispute and they will refund me but they did not. I rejected their request and aliexpress stepped claiming my evidence was invalid and that order was shipped. I had already bought the same item from someone else then they came back and said the order is shipped but can’t confirm the correct address. I just wanted my money back and now I’m so angry and disappointed with this pathetic service. They don’t look at the evidence and customer service agents don’t get back to you either.

  16. Aliexpress is a lousy platform. I have been cheated by the seller 3x where they claimed they delivered but behind the chat clearly the seller said either they dont have stocks or products is different from what the picture shown but yet the tracker shown that the seller had delivered. Complaint to Aliexpress and they close my dispute and claimed invalid and asked for as proof of undeliver parcel. How can I proof it. My money just gone like that and those people work in Aliexpress not reliable they dont even check the evidence I have given.

  17. I have ordered a watch on ali express on 13th May and still it has not been shipped and the exact price is $3.49 but the seller has withdrawn $3.57. Still I can’t contact the seller and also I cannot trust this site anymore because there’s no proper customer service for complaints. I’m so disappointed.

  18. Naeema Desai Reply

    So I bought an item and I was told to cancel it cause it could not be shipped to my country. When I opened a dispute for a refund they gave me less than half the amount that I paid.

  19. Larry Selwyn Reply

    Same deal here. Brought an item of aliexpress 23/02/2021 still not received it contacted seller they said it was delivered, so I opened a dispute. Seller messaged saying it was returned to them due to logistical problems, which is probably a lie they just didn’t send it and keept my money, they asked if would cancel the dispute and they will refund my money, I declined there offer and now my dispute case has been closed. Taking this up with pay pal. First and last time I will use aliexpress

    • leonard mutili Reply

      I think I am the recent one to be a victim, I ordered a phone from Doogee, one week later it develpoed some technical problems and I had to send it back for repair, Initially, they were so responsive to reply to my emails, It was on early Noember 2020 when I returned it, I was promised that I will receive it soon, The whole of November,december nothing was communicated to me about it, I contacted them to know their whereabouts on 21 January 2021, That day is when I was told it was shipped and I was given a tracking Number, Upto now have not even received it when I contact them they have turned to be Rude, It’s now 5 months later and have not yet received it, so I have lost the phone, and the other costs incurred when sending it back and also taxes that I was charged, the sore Name is DOOGEE OFFICIAL STORE, the worst customer service I have experinced in my life time, My point is that never buy and return it if you do dare count it as lost,

  20. Do they have a US or Canada customer service number?
    My shipment was never delivered. The seller does not responds and I don’t find an option to open a dispute. I am getting stuck at a page where they sell me to contact me the seller and does not give me any further options.
    The email to their customer services remains unanswered. There is no phone/chat service. What a horrible site

  21. I bought products from a seller on aliexpress but instead of him shipping my parcel to the address that I gave him, he shipped it in France. I have written to them several time and they keep telling me that my parcel has been delivered for domestic sorting and this is 2 months already for something that was supposed to be delivered within a week. They don’t want to refund and don’t also want to resend another parcel. In a case like mine, what am I supposed to do? I tired of waiting and my customers are on my neck. Please help me!

  22. Hello!
    I ordered some items from a store on aliexpress called “I make up store” to months ago, the parcel was supposed to be delivered two weeks after the order was placed which was not the case. I contacted them to find out what was wrong, I was told that they had already shipped out my parcel that I should wait for it so, they gave me a tracking number. When I tracked the parcel, I realized that it was sent to another address and I went back to them and complain and they said it an error and that they will redirect the parcel to me. Ever since then I have been waiting and no positive response from them. Please help resolve this issue.

  23. Chisala Mwami Reply

    Come on AliExpress. From what I have read here you seem to have a lot of improvements to do on customer satisfaction.. I want to add my concerns. In as much as you stock a wide range of goods with the most affordable prices, my orders have always ended up in failure. The payment options you offer are limited. They exclude most of the international buyers. As a result we just end up admiring what we cannot buy even though we can afford to pay.
    Please do not disadvantage anyone. Be open minded. Give us the option of using PayPal and Western Union. Everyone deserves a chance.
    The courtesy of your positive response would be most appreciated

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