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Contact Airydress: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
Dah Sing Life Bldg,
99-105 Des Voeux Road C,
Central, Hong Kong

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: nil

About Airydress
Airydress is a Chinese online shopping destination that is gaining popularity in the world of e-commerce. With it’s registered address in Hong Kong, Airydress has warehouses in the US, UK and Australia. The website features more than 10,000 items, with 350+ items added each week. Airydress mostly sells apparel and fashion accessories for women. On the website, you can shop by categories or search by a keyword. You will find local as well as international brands. There is a Sale section on the website if you are looking for items on large discounts.

Product categories found on include casual dresses, midi dresses, long sleeve dresses, embroidery dresses, trousers, blouses, swimwear, tshirts, coats, sweaters, skirts, jumpsuits and shoes. Items can be filtered using brand, color, size and price. There is a size guide to help those with concerns on right fitting. Payment for purchases online can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

Shoppers can apply coupons and choose shipping options during checkout. There are standard as well as express shipping options. Shipping partners include DHL, UPS, and EMS. While items are shipped within 7 days, the shipping time it may take to reach your address depends on the destination. Note that Airydress accepts returns within 14 days after delivery. If you plan to return an item you received, you can submit the form online and request for refund. Return terms and procedures are available on the website. For more information or queries on payment, shipping time, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Airydress support.

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  1. As everyone has said. I ordered two dresses which were nothing like their picture and then spent hours trying to contact them for a return address. It is nothing more than a scam – I feel cheated and stupid. Have decided the only way to salvage anything is to take the dresses to the charilty shop.

    • Their sizing is way out. I finally got their return address and a ticket number. Returned all items as instructed in original packaging with my name and email address. Sent them back at a cost of $8.95 on Feb 2 this year. Australia Post confirmed delivery to NSW on Feb 8. They received my stuff 3 weeks ago and still no exchange. Not happy. By the way I learned to look at the material. Most are polyester which is a man made material.

  2. Purchased 3 items, all horrendous fabrics nothing like the picture. And too small, and yet again no way of returning or to speak to anyone.

    • My wife is extremely disappointed with the two dresses received today. Quality is dreadful, material very strange. Have tried to return both dresses but their website makes it impossible to do so! Will never use this Company again.

  3. I have tried for weeks to return clothes and a purse. Clothes were cheap and looked nothing like the picture. The purse broke after a week. Terrible returning item. Never got return labels. Called them many times and no help. I feel I got ripped off. Never shop here again.

  4. Estie du Toit Reply

    DON’T USE AIRY!!!! Our order was R3292.93 ($226.00). Airy put all the wrong prices on the invoice that came with the goods. On average they put it at 10% of the actual value. Customs in South Africa stopped this parcel because of the LOW VALUE on the invoice. Now DHL is demanding that we pay another R3354.20 ($230.21) for the parcel to be released because AIRY’S INVOICE WAS WRONG. This will make our purchase MORE THAN DOUBLE what we agreed on when we paid online. The amount gets more every day because they now charge a storage fee at customs too. I have emailed Airy numerous times, I got no reply from them and DHL is threatening me to pay their bill.

    My aunt also bought from them, and of the 12 items she ordered and received, only 8 items were correct. The other 4 items were random blouses she didn’t order.

  5. I ordered 134 worth of merchandise and I never received anything. I’ve tried multiple times to contact customer service, and there is no number available. I’m so disappointed with myself, wish I would have viewed these comments prior to me ordering. I sent a text stating I want to cancel my order. I received an immediate message stating my order can’t be canceled. I placed my order on 12-29-2020, and clearly this company received my payment, however, they would text back and say waiting on payment, then the next text would say, we received your payment but we have not processed your order, and don’t know when it would be processed,.

    • The dress that I ordered arrived and is awful. The material is cheap and thin like nylon and clings, so much static., would be impossible to wear. There are no darts on the bust area, so the fit is terrible. I have tried to find the returns section but this proves impossible. I’m only glad I didn’t buy the other items I had been looking at. Do not buy from this site.

    • Jen McVeity Reply

      I ordered different colours of 5 items expecting to be able to return them. Some are OK, others are very cheap fabric. The ‘returns’ policy says it will be simple. Yes as in non-existent. Like others before me, I have met with road blocks all the way. So frustrating to us all. WHY would you create a website that does sell some good clothing and then burn all your customers? It takes 8 times as much effort to find a new customer than it does to sell to a happy customer. A rip-off and foolish company. Avoid fast!

    • Beverly Krebs Reply

      I ordered some shirts about one month ago. They arrived and were nothing like the pictures on their site. Instead of shirts that looked like they embroidered they were on some thin nylon material that was a picture of the one they posted. They are cheap and not at all what I believed I was ordering. I attempted to return them but was unable to get any form to make the return. When I attempted to enter my order number they said no such order was placed. I have run out of ideas, this I believe is just another scam of sorts. I have left messages on their website discouraging other people not to purchase such items as they will not respond to be able to get returns.

    • I have ordered 3 items I can’t find a way to return them . There too small. I never had a company that wa so bad to return things I’m glad they are cheap because I’m going to give them to the Veterans. The clothes look beautiful on line. What a shame this is how they make their money.

  6. I bought pair of shoes, was too small, i was trying to return it for a bigger size. I can’t find return address. When I put in my email address and order number to try to return items their website says wrong email or order number. So awful and ripoff.

  7. I ordered 5 dresses one is too small some I don’t like. Horrible plastic like material. I can’t find return address. When I put in my email address and order number to try to return items their website says wrong email or order number. They are a total ripoff don’t buy anything from Airydress

  8. Where were you ALL before I ordered from this HORRIBLE Company airy dress. SHAME ON YOU!! It is awful that they think the quality of the fabric used would be suitable for ANYONE to wear. I am so disappointed because I ordered 9 items as part of my Granddaughters graduation gift in 2 weeks. I’ve only searched 24hrs. trying to find a return address, phone number to customer service, SOMEONE, ANYONE!. But reading your comments have helped me make a decision like several of you have COUNT IT AS AN ONLINE SHOPPING LESSON. My life is too STRESSFUL now with that COVID 19 mess etc. Money doesn’t grow on the tree outside of my home either. So I’ll stick with Target and Wayfair where I’ve never had problems. Karma is REAL but FRAUD is worst.

  9. I am so angry with this company Airydress when I need to send an item back you can’t because you don’t get the returns labels I have lost money before with this company. It is so hard to get in touch with them.i will not have anything from them again because you can’t get your money back. So so bad ???

  10. Christine Everard Reply

    As many above This site is a total rip off. I received the items I ordered and like many other people found they were far too small. Not bothering to return items as only one person above received a refund and that wasn’t for the full amount. Not throwing any more money at it.
    This company gives online shopping a filthy name and I am disgusted!!

    • Absolutely disgusted with this company . Have attempted 5 times to obtain the address to return an item – and have had no reply whatsoever . Please stay clear . The general quality of the products is poor , and their customer service -appalling . Will never use them again .

  11. There are no words to explain what a diabolical site this is and I cannot understand how they are still able to trade. They have taken my money, the clothes are not any good, poor quality and wrong sizing. Unable to contact tho so can SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP

    Thank you

    • Gidge Murphy Reply

      This company has scammed so many people including me..I presume they make their fortune by sending dreadful garments, which are nothing like the advertised clothes.( yet they look wonderful in the photos) then gleefully exclaim how simple their returns policy is , all the while being impossible to contact..
      I would really like my money back..surely someone has figured out how to go about getting a refund..

  12. Robyn Andrea Reply

    I purchased two blouses and I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED. They barely resemble what was advertised, very inferior quality. Now trying to work my way through getting a refund. Do not buy from this site.

    • If u look on the package your items come from, you will see an address on there, which is in this country. It was covered up with black ink squiggly writing, but rubbed off easy. You should be able to get their phone number from the address. I’m about to return some items, but after reading this lot….got my doubts Lol

  13. Jorjette Brown Reply

    What a ripoff! Sorry I didn’t see the comments first. Items are inferior quality & 2 inches too short & I am not tall. When trying to access the return policy its impossible. Really bad karma for this company ripping people off!

  14. Marilyn Decker Reply

    Like many others, I should have read the comments! I have decided, much as it pains me, to drop the whole thing. Nothing I ordered was as described, weird sizing, awful material – an expensive lesson. I would really like to get the Feds on them, but that appears to be an exercise in futility too.
    So I’ll lick my wounds, pray that Karma does it’s job, and swear off online shopping.

    Be warned!

  15. Don’t get ripped off. The garment I bought was awful. Don’t even bother trying to return as its impossible. Item will go straight to the charity shop.
    Should have read reviews

  16. Sandra france Reply

    Just received my 2 dresses after waiting 5weeks and what a load of rubbish they are not even fit for a charity bag, reading about the returns policy I think I will just bin them and not even both sending them back and stressing myself out, thankfully I didn’t order more as I was going to do, I will cut my losses and never order from this company again, I don’t know how they are still going maybe should report these to some sort of trading standards.

  17. Lynn Mallabone Reply

    They have taken money out of my account. And no goods arrived. . I’ve been trying to contact them no luck. I’ve tried phoning. Texting emails. . And no answer . I just would like them to please put the money back into my account L Mallabone well do what I would like you to do please

  18. These dresses are made with a very flimsy, parachute like fabric that is extremely thin. The prints look nothing like the pictures and fit very poorly.
    Do not waste your time and money … I wish I had read the reviews prior to purchase.

  19. Lucy O'Neal Reply

    I have spent 2 days trying to find out get in touch with you the tops I ordered doesn’t fit your size’s fun small and I would like to return them but unable to find out how and where to return please email me the information so I can return my items with in the time frame thanks for your help in this matter!

  20. Lesley Morpurgo Reply

    This is the worst site I have ever used. I can’t find an order number anywhere with regard to my order, therefore cannot get passed the first step of the returns process.
    The clothes, although beautifully packaged, are of very poor quality and the sizing is all wrong.
    I can’t even post this comment as I keep getting a message saying ‘you’ve already said that’ .

  21. Imagine that the return online form doesn’t work! everything runs very small should have done my research better and not ordered from a company out of China. Cannot seem to contact anyone or get through anywhere.

  22. I ordered 8 dresses from youwhich arrived but not what i was expecting wrong size i am disabled and there for i cannot shop for clothes hence ordering online…. but i cannot find a returns address ? 7 dresses are to small or just dont fit so how do i return them ?

  23. I do not recommend ordering from this company. None of the items purchased were anything like the pictures. The material is so cheap & the pictures are so decieving. Trying to return the order is extremely frustrating. Yeah, everything is just as cheap looking as the cost!!

  24. Terry Allen Reply

    I received my goods which I was unhappy with and returned them straight away to the address on the returns label. Also put through an online returns to which I was given a ticket number. I have received a refund but not the full amount. I would like to know why as I paid the postage to return so it can’t be that.

    • Teresa Berry Reply

      Wish I would have known before I ordered that it was in China.Did you really get at least part of a refund?I have a blouse to return and another one that I haven’t received yet.Their sizes are screwed up.I ordered a size 2x I think it is a small.I guess I’m screwed.I am going to try and find where I can return it to.

    • Gidge murphy Reply

      Terry..where on the airy dress website did you manage to find a returns form to fill out..
      Iv searched as have many others according to the letters of complaint I’ve read yet nowhere is there a method of downloading a returns form..or contacting this firm either..

  25. Just received my Oder. Not happy with it. You can’t return it because there’s no way into their system to get to returns. Will never order anything else. Cheap and shady. China ! Whatever!! Keep your crap. Had I had known it was from China. I would have never order anything!You couldn’t track it either!Guess they didn’t want you to know where it was coming from.

  26. Incorrect sizing and poor quality. I’ll donate them to goodwill. So disappointed on their products. Would not recommend even with good prices not a good value if you can’t wear them.

  27. I expected some standards of honesty. Issue is that my dress size ordered is underfit. Unfortunately the return process doesn’t seem to be available. Iam stuck with 4 under dress size. How do I get a refund or part exchange please.

  28. jacqueline beattie Reply

    Absolute rip off, ordered two dresses, nothing like the pictures, cheapest material i’ve ever seen, both of them going in the bin. Do not buy from this waste of money wish i’d read the reviews before ordering.

  29. I have been trying to get a contact number to speak to someone about returning the goods I ordered.
    I have emailed several times with no response.
    You only get 14 days to return items can anyone help me please

  30. Terrible site, can’t get through for return label to send two dresses back so three them in the bin as they were rubbish. How this site is still trading I will never know. Do not order anything as it’s all rubbish. SHOCKING!!!

  31. well after reading these comments i was “lucky” because my items did arrive, unfortunately they are much smaller than expected so are not any use to me. however, trying to return and get a refund looks to be something else all together, after trying to go online for the last 2 nights i have decided to cut my losses and put it down to experience. I suspect that this is how they manage to stay afloat, robbing people of their hard earned money. shame on you but one day karma will pay you a visit.

  32. Julie Ann Boulton Reply

    I have searched all over website to find out how to return items. Shocking, I wish I had read these reviews before ordering as I would not have ordered these items.
    Can you please tell me how to return for a refund. I will not be recommending this company to any one.
    I would recommend you think seriously before ordering from this company!

  33. Suzanne Hooper Reply

    Bought two tops about three to four weeks ago cash been taken but still have not received the goods. Will never order anything else. Very dissatisfied . .I hope that no else has this experience it is disgusting. I was looking forward to receiving these tops. Would rather given my cash to a charity than loose it this way.

  34. I haven’t received my order yet , the reviews have got me worried now , they have taken the money out my account, thank god it wasn’t more than £50 , I would of been upset, so I will see if theses items turn up or weather they are rubbish , so I will wait and see , another week to go before I expect my items .

  35. Joan Haugen Reply

    This company is despicable! I ordereD ALOT FROM THIS COMPANY! They send you round and round in circles trying to figure out to return these items. Received 4 items I didn’t order,
    One item out of 17 items fit. I bought according to the chart. I bought 3 tops that was advertised as LINEN!!! It’s polyester, shiny finish, threads everywhere! And, received two more then I ordered. I have a total of 13 items to return!! I’ve decided to take the loss and donate to women in need.

  36. Doreen brightley Reply

    I returned two dresses by 1st class post to Birmingham on the 10th July and to date no refund no reply to letters, mail or any contact whatsoever, and I will certainly not be recommending this company to anyone rpthere word is not there bond and there policy is not correct.

  37. I wish I had read the comments before ordering. I bought 2 blouses, they did not arrive at the time given. I was SHOKED when I opened my package. The blouses did not look anything like the ones advertised on the models. Material, stitching – POOR QUALITY & blouses were too big although I followed the size guide.
    I have been trying to contact the ( before the 14days return date expires) without success. Please can someone let me know how I get my refund.

  38. Brenda Cordis Reply

    I ordered four dresses. Two came that wasn’t what I ordered. I dislike the fourth. The other one I will have to alter myself to make it fit. I would like to return at least one. I can’t figure out how to do it. I don’t see a return request anywhere on your website.Please advise.

    • Jackie Petch Reply

      Ordered. Sweater nothing like the photo absolutely atrocious I have a dish cloth better quality than the item I received.I am still trying to find out how to get a refund.This company need reporting to trading standards.Reading the other comments mine isn’t even fit to give to a charity shop.

  39. Christa Klimesh Reply

    I need to return Ia dress.
    Did not receive an order number.
    On line, can not find return request
    Can I just mail it back to the addresses that was on the package.?
    I need to order more dresses but want to wait to see if you refund the money for the dress that does not fit.

  40. Veronica Hopkinson Reply

    Just received my order which is not the dress I ordered. Very disappointed. I have been trying to return the dress but keep getting no order received. Will not buy from this company again.

  41. Received my order but much too small.. quality different to picture! Very disappointed with the size and quality..I had ordered a 16-18 it was more like 8-10.. material very cheap thought it would be cotton like it looked on the picture or wouldn’t have ordered!

  42. Angela smith Reply

    Placed order 1st July for 3dresses MONEY WAS TAKEN OUT OF MY ACCOUNT STRAIGHT AWAY. Received one dress 2day it’s going straight back very disappointed.
    Nothing like picture . STILL WAITING FOR 2more dresses. Which will probably be sent back if anything like the last one.
    No order numbers or confirmation email.

  43. Jackie cooney Reply

    I have received two dresses that are too small and would like to return them but have no reference for each dress no code and no label to return to yourselves. I have been trying to contact customer service but no joy there, what am I to do please advise

  44. I returned an item to Airydress and have still not received my refund. They asked me for proof of postage but their system to attach a JPEG document does not work so there is no way you can provide them with the document they say they need to process the refund, so they keep your money. They wont provide me with an alternative method/email to send them the information they say they need.

    Beware of this company. I will not be ordering off them again.

  45. April Jallow Reply

    Haven’t received items ordered but you have taken money from my it even legal to take money when you haven’t received goods ..been waiting 2weeks now

  46. Hi. Bought paid n received my order but no email confirmation with an order number. I need to return 2 of the 4 items but cannot use your online form as I have no order number. Please tell me how to proceed.

    • Placed an order over two weeks ago got no confirmation email or order number. I have emailed customer service has the money has been taken from my account, had no reply. Please advise on my order

  47. claudia sanchez vivar Reply

    Hello. I received three garmentes. Two of them were not what i expected. The description is not what they really are. I want to return them. I cannot find the order number. I have in my hand the packages. i dont know how to do it. I need the refund can you help me?

  48. claudia sanchez vivar Reply

    Hello. I received three garmentes. Two of them were not what i expected. The description is not what they really are. I want to return them. I cannot find the order number. I have in my hand the packages. i dont know how to do it.

  49. I have been waiting months for my bathing suit why is this taking so long ok where is my bathing suit you took my money
    Where is my bathing suit you say you shipped it but months later and no suit

  50. Anita Poole Reply

    I placed a order for 5 dresses and you have taken the money from my bank but to date I have not received the good also no order number was received Could you please look into this for me ASAP thank you

  51. Absolutely appalled at your service. With no items sent I am in the process of taking this further as it is theft and fraud and taking it further. I require my money back or shall be taking it further to a claims court.

  52. It’s appalling to receive merchandise from, try it on and everything is too small. Then you try to fill out the On-line form, to contact customer services, which I had done several times, only to be rejected each time I tried to fill out the On-line form. How can you receive confirmation from customer services, when you can’t even get through to them by filling out the On-line form, for either a Refund or to Exchange any merchandise. This is my first time ordering anything On-line and my last. Thank you for this God aweful experience. The next time I’m interested in ordering anything, I will be reading the reviews concerning said Company. There are people in the U.S. Department of Commerce whom might be interested in getting to the bottom of these issues, plus remember the items have to come into the U.S. of America & go through the U.S.P.S. In the meantime I want a refund for the items I ordered ASAP. It’s disturbing how Airydress takes the money immediately & doesn’t respond to their customers in a timely fashion. Hmmmmm!

  53. I am trying to find the form for return of a garment I ordered and have received today. It does not fit and isn’t what I expected. I have noted all the comments from other customers which are all very poor and they are having the same problem. It seems you collect and bank our money and refuse to follow your own written orders concerning the returns policy. This is fraud. If I do not receive the appropriate response I shall contact my solicitor.

    My order number is 033410919437

    • Diane Woodward Reply

      I ordered dress that was to big awful shape I asked for refund, but was told to keep dress and they would send me a voucher,, the voucher never appeared tried to contact them but have lost my password would never order again

  54. I ordered 2 dresses on Sunday 31st May. I have checked my bank account and the money for the dresses has now been paid to you. To date, I have not received a confirmation e-mail, quoting any order number from you to state you have received my order, and when I am likely to receive my goods. I would appreciate you looking in to this for me.

  55. sandra malone Reply

    I have been trying for 2 days to start a refund for a dress that’s too big. Just cannot get anywhere. This is a dreadful company and I will think twice about ordering again.

  56. I have tried several times today to check an order I placed two weeks ago. You have taken the money £104.18 on the 4th February 2020. I do not have an order number. I have checked all three of my email address but nothing.

  57. Can someone please help me with a cardigan that I need to return for which I would like a refund? I cannot find the return form on your website so any help will be much appreciated?
    Thank you

  58. Eirwen Langdown Reply

    Have spent all morning trying to contact anyone who can help me return my purchase and exchange it for larger size.If this is normal procedure, then I shall think twice before buying anything Else.This is unfortunate as I like the garments very much.

    • julie cooper Reply

      I received my dresses this morning and they are all lovely….All fit well except the sleeves are a little tight, but i will fix that….Material in all is really nice…..overall really happy with my order.

  59. susan griffo Reply

    I order on 11-29-19 and have not received any of my items one for 15.99 and they other for 102.16 you have taken the money out of my account but can you please tell me where the items are. Thank you

  60. Yvonne Pettingill Reply

    Have sent 2 emails via your website but both have been returned undelivered.

    I am trying to find out the address to return my order as it does not fit.

    Look forward to your response.

  61. My friend buy a dress for me on Airydress but it’s the size now am asking if I can return it for a bigger size please I will sure appreciate the exchange because I really loves the dress and my friend name is Fabian Oconnor, please I need a response of how he can return it for a bigger size, thank you

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