Contact Airtel Karnataka (Prepaid, Postpaid Mobile)

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Contact Airtel Karnataka – Find below customer care details of Airtel in Karnataka for prepaid or postpaid mobile queries. You can also contact the same for new connections or complaints on Airtel services.


– If you are calling from Airtel mobile, call 121 for queries like Scheme/Bill Plan/VAS Information.
– For complaints or service call the toll free number at 198.
– If calling from any other number dial 9845012345 for Postpaid and 9845098450 for Prepaid.


Bharti Airtel Limited
Enterprise (Corporate) Team
Prestige Technology Park ,
Jupiter (2A) Block,
Sarjapur-Marathhalli Ring Road ,
Kadabeesanahalli Village ,
Varthur Hobli,
Bangalore 560087

Airtel Customer Care Phone

Toll Free: 1800 102 002 (accessible only from Airtel fixed line and Mobile phones) or 0120- 4319696 (accessible from any fixed line and Mobile phones)

Recharge Prepaid

To recharge Airtel prepaid number click here Airtel Recharge. You can even call 543219 (toll free) for the same.

Airtel Postpaid Bill

To pay your postpaid Airtel bill click here. you can even call 543219 (toll free) for the same.

About Airtel

Airtel was founded by Sunil Bharti Mittal in the year 1995. It is a leading telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa. With over 207 million subscribers, Airtel today is India’s largest cellular service provider and fifth largest mobile provider in the world. Airtel offers mobile voice & data services, fixed line, high speed broadband, IPTV, DTH, turnkey telecom solutions for enterprises and national & international long distance services to carriers. For more details on Airtel products click here.

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  1. Yogita Akolkar Reply


    I have ported to Airtel in the month of August. Since 15 September night, my mobile data is not working.

    When I contacted the Aiterl SPOC in our office, he suggested me to swap the SIM and issues another SIM. After Swapping the SIM still I am facing the same issue.

    I have called AIrtel help desk (121) many times but no one is able to resolve the issue.

    Other SIM’s are working in my phone and my SIM also worked in another phone. Then whats the fault.

    The support I am getting from AIrtel is very bad as till they are not able to resolve the issue and sending NW person for visit. How long should I wait for such a small issue?

    I am using mobile since 2001 but this is the first time I am facing issues. I never faced any issues with earlier operator but since the previous operator NW in Bangalore was not working fine and I moved to Bangalore I switched to Airtel. Now I realize It was my wrong decision to do so.

    Hope someone will work on my issue.


    Dear Airtel team,

    I was using photon + dongle for my laptop and desk top. I had shifted to Airtel and opted for airtel hotspot. Later found it works for my mobile and lap top but not on my desk top.
    Kindly give me a solution how I can use wifi on the desk top.

  3. Palraj Gunasekaran Reply

    Airtel is the worst operator in the Country.
    I did a Migration from Jio to airtel on jan 2nd. it is 9 full working days and still Airtel has not activated my Outgoing. Shameless.
    They have been telling some story or other.
    First they said it will be activated within 4 days and then they said 7 days.
    Then they said, it is your phone instrument problem., please change and see…
    I have got 4 instruments. I tried with each of the 4 instruments and still not working.
    Now, they have the audacity to say that I have been wrongly informed and to submit Adhar to airtel store., but still not working

  4. I was one of the happy customer of Airtel till now, using both airtel prepaid mobile connection and post paid USB dongle.

    I have collected 4G SIM for my mobile from airtel outlet near Graphite India at whitefield on 13 Dec 17. While collecting the SIM, executive have informed that after 24 hrs new SIM will get activated. However, till now SIM not become operational.

    While doing the inquiry at the outlet, customer executive lady started misbehaving without any provocation. Even the outlet manager and other executive also joined and started shouting, the outlet manager has shouting in local language. Even he is telling me that learn the local language first and then come for solving the airtel SIM issue.

    I have cordial relation with air tel team, i used release PO for airtel tower at various location at bangalore.

    Pls consider this as serious complaint to the respective branch team to avoid future incident to any of the customer.

    Pls intimate the action taken in this regard.

    Thanking you with anticipation.


    I have been using my Airtel number 9686766566 for all my communication for over 10 years. Every contacts including registered mobile number (banks for OTPs, life insurance, home loans, hospitals, bills including credit card bills etc etc.), apart from my contacts have been registered with this number. I had converted my postpaid to prepaid and had used it for almost a month which means AIRTEL had got all required document verification done and validated my SIM Prepaid services.

    I had to come outside india on october 20th 2016 for a long term during which time I didnt use my phone to make outgoing calls or sms for about 2 months as i had got a new number here and i just kept the SIM outside the phone for that period. When i wanted to use it early JAN this year, i see “EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY – AIRTEL” or “NO SERVICE – AIRTEL”. I called up customer care several times and all the time, i get only one answer that they see my SIM as active and told me that my SIM would have been damaged. i spoke to them latest yesterday and for the first time, i got a different answer that my documents we misplaced and they had deactivated my service in need of documents.

    I do not have a clue on what has gone wrong. i cannot submit the documents from outside India if that is the reason. If the reason is SIM, then my phone should say INVALD SIM or SIM NOT FOUND. But it clearly says NO SERVICE – AIRTEL

    Kindly help me understand the issue and fix it.

  6. Dear airtel.. I have lost my mobile and since then I’m trying to reach the customer care but the service is useless. It is so difficult to talk to some one who can block my sim. What a worst service the airtel provides. So sad about the care. When there is so much competition of various networks airtel company is behaving funny. I feel so sorry for getting this network. If u are not able to assist somebody who is in urgency then there is no point of service. At present my number is used by somebody in gulbarga. I thinkthinl if the s is misued imgoing to sue airtel for that. I request your gentleness in solving problems… Richard.

  7. sushmita mohanty Reply

    Dear sir ,I was surprised to my balance reduced to Rs 131/-from Rs 401/-within few minutes .I came to know when I received a call within Bangalore from my sister on 13/06/2015 .and after the call I was surprised to the balance was shown on an incoming call. I tried to send the e/mail to the [email protected] and [email protected] but the mails were not deliverd .I want my balance to be refunded .Nothing has been done so far .The 121 customercare is not respononding . Advise .
    SUSHMITA MOHANTY ( mob : +91 8197663040 )

  8. This is regarding the staff of airtel branch at KALIDASA ROAD MYSURU KARNATAKA.
    They are not helpful in anyway.My sms to middle east was not getting delivered and after debiting five rupees for every sms i got a message that sms not delivered.When i approached kalidasa road airtel office on 6.5.2015 they told me it is the fault of the mobile company oreedoo.Then after that complaint am not able to send any sms.Again i approached them this morning they pretended and after wasting time were curt and told me since its a weekend if nothing happens i will have to wait till next week.Customers cannot be taken for a ride and should be with irresponsible staff.KINDLY DO THE NEEDFUL

  9. abhay kumar Reply

    I am a subscriber of Airtel Mobile Network for the last 3 years but recently without approval from me the company has activated AT-AIRINF service and continuously have been charging for the same. Day by day i am losing my money due to your negligent recklessness. On 29th april 2013 have contacted your customer care service and they are connecting to the mediphone sevice. And for that also you people deducted 35RS from my account.Please re-credit the amount to my account as I never subscribe these services on my mobile.How you people do such thing without my permission.

  10. Shubha Rao Mahesh Reply

    I recharged Rs.100/- for my airtel prepaid mobile number +91 9611270388 on 06.01.2013. As the balance was NIL again I recharged for Rs.100/- on 15.01.2013. Even in that money was being deducted. Customer care officers are telling that I have subscibed for something. But I dont agree with them. Last time also in the same way money was deducted and again given re-credit. This time they are refusing to give re-credit. In my opinion this is as good as cheating the public. Tomorrow If Bankers deducts some Crores from airtel bank account and say that airtel has subscribed to something / donated to some institution, will airtel will do?. Will they sacrifice that amount. Today Airtel is cheating. Tomorrow If Bankers cheats in the same way?

  11. I ported from Vodafone to Airtel after submission of ID proof and photos to retailer. This Aug month, after the sim actication, further I submitted my ID proof and photos thrice. Since yesterday, my SIM has been suspended. God knows why. Why a company like Airtel works like this.

    • Worst Airtel service ever, yesterday only I did 98 RS recharge but within one day it has been deducted without reason. No proper customer care num. No details no proper service.


    I am a subscriber of Airtel Mobile Network for the last 5 year but recently without approval from me the company has activated Cricket alert, multimedia message, airtel friends chat, airtel big FM service, Hello tunes service and continuously have been charging for the same inspite of the repeated request to stop the same. Day by day i am losing my money due to your negligent recklessness. On 02-08-2012 i have contacted your customer care service and requested them to deactivate those services immediately and they have promised me to deactivate the same.

  13. For more than 12 years i was using a same airtel no. belonging to tamilnadu. After coming to bangalore i took the same airtel no. Since i was a site engineer, i travel all over the India. This time i went to kolkata and when i reached there i received some calls from my office and so my balance went to Rs.20 and in that busiest moment with my office, as ususal from your customer care end, i got a message that i have some plan and for that i have charged Rs.20. If i try to contact your customer care it was going to kolkata circle and from their end they give a contact no . 9845098450. Since there was no balance in my account i was not able to reach your office. After so many hours later i found a shop and recharged my mobile, and contacted your people and as usual they promised me to put the charged amount Rs.20 to my account. After disconnecting the call Rs.10 was detected from my account for contacting you. Have never faced a situation like this in the past. If you need to sell a plan.. do it to the right people in a right way.

  14. Srikanth Matrubai Reply

    Airtel is the worst operator in the Country.
    I did a Migration from Post paid in both Airtel and Idea on 11th. While Idea started working the next day itself… it is 5 full working days and still Airtel has not activated my Outgoing. Shameless.
    They have been telling some story or other.
    First they said it will be activated within 2 hours and then they said 4 hours.
    Then they said, it is your phone instrument problem., please change and see…
    I have got 4 instruments. I tried with each of the 4 instruments and still not working.
    Now, they have the audacity to say that I have been wrongly informed., actually it will take 72 hours to activate.

  15. I have recharged for Rs 201 /- and also i am having a balance of Net Pack up to 975MB. If i access why should you deduct from the main balance, already i have a net pack. And from 13th of April 2012, i am trying to contact Customer care but the option is going up 6th again. Sir i am using this number from 2000, last Eleven Years we are using because of your service. But when you deduct from the main balance, its not fair. Please pay me back of Rs 100 as soon as possible.

  16. One of the worst network provider in the whole country. Dont have its plans clearly mentioned; lot of frauds committed; no proper customer care response; many many problems in its network; when u make any international call, while ringing the call timer gets started and you will be charged for that. Fed Up!

  17. My connection is suspended and god know’s why they have done that. Last 5 days am calling to have them talking to me. MR. Mittal you have jokers as nodal officers. They suck big time. They don’t know what the hell they are talking. I have great respect for you but am sorry to say you have bunch of fools working for you. Please Stop screwing around with people.

  18. Hello Customer care
    On my Airtel Prepaid Number xx , at regular intervals i find that 10 paise is being reduced from the existing balance for the last few days, especially early mornings i find that the there is service message at least three to four. With out using any serivce, Can CC help fix the problem.

    • Manuel Cherian Reply

      I have a serious complaint. But, I am forced to believe that complaining to Airtel customercare is a waste of time. I went through numerous comments posted, but not seen a single reply.

      So, I am posting a test post, awaiting your response. I case, I didn’t get a response, I will be left with the only option of going legal, in which case, it will fall under section 420.

      Hopping that good counsel will prevail


  19. Your 3G service does not even deliver 2g. It does not work.
    It gets disconnected after some time . The billing is a disaster.

  20. Thomas DMello Reply

    12 Feb 2012
    I have airtel Karnataka. I paid Rs.200 and asked for recharge. I got the message that Rs. 200 is recharged. Incidently, when I checked the balace, I found it is NOT recharged. When I called the ‘custemer care’ they said it is credited to 3G account which I have NOT asked for. Mine was a simple request for top -up.
    Now they say, that the amount cannot be reverted or returned!
    What do I do? Do you want me to go to ‘consumer Court’ ?
    or, do I change the service provider with a loss of Rs 200.

    • Nagendra Reddy Reply

      I have faced the similar problem yesterday. I do not understand why a company like Airtel is not rectifying from their mistakes.

      The sad part was, i was on roaming and on urgency i have recharged for Rs 200 and I faced the same problem. Will there be any use by contacting the customer care.

      Nagendra Reddy

  21. i have new Spice Mobile Mi-350n Dual Sim Android 2.3, WiFi etc.. I recharged airtel no. xx for Rs.98 using NET. But,I received message from Airtel that my handset does not support gprs settings. Pl guide me to use net from this phone

  22. I have lost my mobile with airtel karnataka SIM No.xx. I, therefore would like to block my SIM so that my SIM would not be misused. I am at present inb Patna. Pls tell me the procedure to block my SIM.

    With Regards,

  23. Abeedbujarug Reply

    I have an Airtel number. Now am in dubai on vacations. My message are not receiving on my cell. What to do?

  24. I am tring to track a person with this Airtel number. He has cheated me for lakhs. Need to get details of this person.

  25. I have lost my mobile. I lost my all contact numbers. That was the prepaid connection. Is there any way to get last 4 months call statements?

    • you could enquire with Airtel on same..there is no way you can get numbers on lost SIM

  26. Raj Anthony Reply

    25th July 2011

    I have a COMPLAINT on one of your staff, Her Name is NISHA,she called me from this 2 no’s.( 9379992229/9945117023). My Boss has an Airtel postpaid no 9945444377. The bill has not been cleared yet, as he is out of station. Regarding this Nisha called me and gives me threat saying that if we dont clear this bill of some Rs. 2000/- change she is going to send us legal notice from the court. I have been busy the whole day attending meetings and calls with my customers. she completely spoiled my day i.e on 22.7.2011 friday. I am so frustrated till now. please look into this matter and reply me soon. I tried speaking to your staffs by mobile, but they only diverted me to call customer care.



  27. Vodafone services are far better than Airtel, Customer care is eagerly waiting to help its customers..Go for Vodafone today..! Happy 2 Help!

  28. Hi sir

    I have recharged my mobile 9880412545 ( Airtel karnataka Prepaid) on [email protected] tamilnadu counter for Rs.200, I have got credit for Rs.0 only.
    I have got the message stating that amount is credited but no talk time. I have contacted all the customer service executives but no proper response at all. At present My mobile is in accessible.

    I am not getting reply .

    Airtel service is very very bad.I called 121 from my mobile and the operator says since you are in roaming , you need to contact karnataka customer care as we are not having your data base which will be STD for me.( but 121 auto message says any time anywhere service). Is it the service are we expecting from Airtel?


    • Buddy, try to escalate your poblem by contacting the nodal officer in Karnataka. This page offers the number of the nodal officer. You can also visit the local office. They have a record of how your payment was used after recharge.

      • Pls be careful .this is business tactics from Airtel.
        Even my father having his no 9611574370 got fooled ,he used to recharge for full talktime by paying 250 Rs .But this time 3G plan has been activated .when called customer care he tells 249 recharge is Ful talktime and 250 recharge is 3G plan.
        Now whom to blame.My father is 60 years old he don’t know 3G and blaming us that we have not recharged .

  29. M.V.S.Murthy Reply

    Airtel karnataka prepaid mobile no 9611947181. From hyderabad,I, paid Rs 200 for recharge talktime.Trans ID 204008729 dt 08 05 11 5.28pm message; recharge successful talk time Rs 1.00 MRP Rs 200 ..Another message 9th may 9.20 am says;3G plan of rs 200 with250mbfree data is active on ur no. validity 30 days
    My Nokia phone I do not need 3G but need Talktime for Rs 200. I did not ask for 3G. PLEASE RESTORE FULL TALK TIME FOR 200 RS as I am at Hyderabad(roaming) and travelling to karnataka Mysore on 12th May and I need to use this phone.

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