Contact MTN: Find below customer service details of MTN in South Africa, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new MTN mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, prepaid  subscriptions, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers links and information on MTN products.

MTN Head Office
14th Avenue
Johannesburg 2196
South Africa
Phone: +27 11 912 4123

MTN Customer Service
Phone: 083 705 7171 (general)
Phone: dial 173 or 083 173 (prepaid)
Phone: dial 808 or 083 1 808 (contract)

Service Providers
Phone: 0860 10 36 48 (Orion Cellular)
Phone: 0861 41 24 12 (Nashua Mobile)
Phone: 0861 33 22 88 (iTalk Cellular)
Phone: 0861 23 24 24 (Altech)

MTN Stores
Click here to locate a MTN store nearest to your street. You can visit a local MTN store to subscribe to new services or to pay your past or current bills. MTN stores can be found across major cities that includes Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Soweto, Port Elizabeth, Benoni, Newcastle, East London, Pietermaritzburg, Kimberley, Witbank, and Carltonville.

Download Music/Games
Download music, ringtones, games and wallpaper from MTN Play. Click here to access the site online.

Software Downloads
To download MTN softwares for your device click here.

About MTN Group
mtn-contactMTN is a leading telecommunications in South Africa and was founded in the year 1994. The GSM cellular provider operates in six countries across the Middle East and North Africa. MTN as a matter of fact has GSM licences in 21 countries and internet service provider businesses in 13 countries. As of September 2011, MTN had over 158 million subscribers. In 2010, MTN’s revenues reached R114.7 billion. MTN was ranked as the only African brand in the BrandFinance Global 500 list. The company, headquartered at Johannesburg, employs close to 35,000 people.

Countries where MTN has its operations include Afghanistan, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Cyprus, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Republic, Iran, Liberia, Nigeria, Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville), Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Uganda, Yemen and Zambia.

Products of MTN can be purchased online. One can find prepaid/postpaid deals for BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, LG, Samsung and Apple devices. For BlackBerry users, there are several price plans available. Devices include BlackBerry Curve 8310, Bold Smartphone, Curve 8900, Curve 8520, Curve 9520 and Curve 9300. MTN’s BlackBerry is supported by GPRS+. For internet, MTN offers [email protected] modems and wireless routers.

Some of the MTN packages found on the website include MTN AnyTime, MTN Off Peak, TopUp Option, Xpress Message, ProData, MyCall 100, MyChoice Plans, ProCall, Business Time, Extended Data, and more. Regiter with MyMTN to access free email, SMS and MMS messaging. MTN has a wide array of network services. They include SMS, MMS, Email2SMS, SMS2Email, Conference Calling, International Calling, International Roaming, Call Barring, Calling Line Identity, Call Holding, Call Divert and Call Back.

MTN also offers banking and airtime top up solutions. Nedbank, ABSA , Standard Bank and FNB customers can register to handle their banking from their cellphone.

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  1. Garry du Plessis Reply

    MTN must be the absolute worst cell phone provider on the continent.
    A fraudulent account was opened in my name last year, using my address and ID number.
    Unfortunately I was out of the country for a period of time before I was able to stop the monthly debit and cancel the account.
    My battle now is to have the money that was illegally defrauded from my account.
    The first query was closed by MTN without any follow up. The second has been going on for some months now and any query into progress is met with a stunned silence as if I am now trying to steal money from MTN.
    I cannot understand why anyone would deal with MTN

  2. Megan Reply

    Hi there

    Well I am not impressed with MTN it takes an hour to cancel a contract even when you inform them for a 3rd time you know their procedure and know what you want done they still talk over you. Much to be desired customer service.

  3. Stefan Falcon Reply

    I went to the MTN Centre in Canal Walk, Cape Town, to collect a new cell phone, after I bought one IPhone 6, in 2017 and it broke before the end of the 6 months guarantee, in December (Ref I 27227820460 – Number 0033192526). With my disappointment the model I bought only six months ago seems to be out of stock or even out of production over the whole South Africa. I have been told, first by a consultant, then by the manager, that I will have to wait, who knows for how many months, to receive a new phone (same model).

    I purchased this phone with a MTN contract, I paid and I am still paying the full instalment and I have been already one month without my phone, using the card in an old phone but being unable to use whatsapp and other media as per contract.

    First of all, I should not pay the full instalment, which includes the phone (I don`t have it and it`s not my fault) and data (which I cannot use and It`s not my fault).
    Secondarily, how is it possible that a phone I bought six months ago and is still under guarantee, is already out of trade for whatever reason? I have been left with a lot of “unforunatelys” and a few telephone numbers (Tyron Wagner 083 869 15 13 and 083 9000 349) to call in a while in order to probably hear more “unfortunatelys”, while I carry on paying.

    Dear service providers, I have signed a contract with MTN where I was purchasing a functioning model and some services. I have the duty to pay my instalments and MTN has the duty to provide me with this functioning device and the promised services. If MTN has a problem with one phone, should provide another phone of the same or, if not possible, better model/value. If you cannot replace my model, you have plenty of better models to fix the fact you sold me a faulty item that has already wasted my money and energies. Even a two years old knows that this cell phones that companies sell at stratospheric prices, cost nearly anything in the big production. I cannot believe that a Company like MTN can be so UNPROFESSIONAL to leave a customer under contract with nothing but excuses!Please let me know urgently how we can resolve this issue, which I have raised also on your MTN FB page and I am willing to talk about also on the radio.

  4. colleen Reply

    I submitted my new banking details, but 2 months later you STILL have the wrong banking loaded. You have charged me a banking fee for this, why? it is not my fault? However you changed ownership name so you definitely got the documents.
    I have now resubmitted them to you AGAIN.
    I did not receive an sms stating that I had received all my data and airtime last month nor this month, I don’t believe I was given the data either.

  5. colleen Reply

    I submitted my new banking details, but 2 months later you STILL have the wrong banking loaded. You have charged me a banking fee for this, why? it is not my fault?
    I have now resubmitted them to you AGAIN.
    I did not receive an sms stating that I had received all my data and airtime last month nor this month, I don’t believe I was given the data either.

  6. Hannes Swart Reply

    We are currently experiance mayor signal problems in Potchefstroom area and are losing thousands in business because we cannot deal with our clients .

  7. A. Padayachee Reply

    Your service is the worst I have experienced.
    You are charging for a contract that you are not providing.
    Every month for the last three months you charge for 300mbdata but have not provided at all. I have spent the last three weeks calling for help but nobody is helping.

  8. Stacey-lee Reply

    I am really upset with the fact that i cannot do another sim swap because 30 days has not passed,it was not my fault i was mugged!!!No i have to use a new number when all my contacts and work and social is on my old number,this is really not fair

  9. Hilary Daubeney Reply

    Hi MTN
    I need advice from you because on 20 March 2016 I upgraded from MTN [email protected] 279 for 24 months to My MTNChoice 100 as I required extra data. However I am very disappointed that the 100 mins can not be used for international calls and I am forced to load extra airtime to make a call. This is a useless situation as I want to call Swaziland and UK regularly and as I am now paying double the original monthly payment it is not helping me. Is there another contract that includes airtime – I feel let down by MTN as this problem was not pointed out to me when I made the upgrade.
    Am really hoping you can help?
    Regards Hilary

  10. mbulelo mbengashe Reply

    I have been trying to send my application documents to the email ([email protected]) but they keep coming back, I did an online application and no agent came back to me, my ref: 12226985, I tried speaking to customer service with no luck

  11. Sibongile Nkosi Reply

    This has to be by far the WORST service provider ever!!!! I have been trying to get hold of your insurance for the past 3 weeks but not even once has anybody picked up the phone. I cannot wait to finish my contract with MTN.

  12. david Reply

    I am also one who tried to contact the service provider, and have to listen to the same silly press 1.or 2 or 0 to be transfer to a consultant.
    my question to MTN is why give me extra airtime and I cannot use it. not even in case of emergency.
    I need my phone to keep in contact with my clients at all the networks .
    so please keep your extra promotion airtime and let me use for what I payed.

  13. Kim Reply

    Hi there MTN!!!

    I am a very unhappy client of yours.

    I have been trying to contact one of your consultants in South Africa, more specifically around JHB South area, for assistance but have NOT been successful.

    My queries are as follows:-

    1. i am unable to connect to the internet via my samsung mini neo phone as a window pops up stating that ” i need to update my google play application”. I am unable to do so as i have no internet connection and also am unable to open my google play app as it says the same thing.

    My email account does not send or receive any e mails as previously done before your strike. Please advise!!!!!

    2. I am unable to make any outgoing calls whatsoever, cannot even dial 100 to receive voice messages. as per your consultants based at the MTN shops at Checkers center Winchester Hills, i needed to reboot my phone, which was done, but still NOTHING!! Please advise URGENTLY.

    3. I am also experiencing very very very bad signal here, please advise what can be done to increase strength.

    4. I load airtime onto this account regularly, gives me balance of which i take to transfer into a bundle, yet MTN chews that up like chewing gum when i have not even used it within the prescribed time period. WHY?

    KINDLY TREAT THIS MATTER AS URGENT as my phone is for medical emergencies.

    look forward to hearing from you ASAP!!!!

  14. Sibongile N Nala Reply

    MTN Customer Service/Care call centre is the worst nightmare ever. No one is willing to assist callers there, you will listen to that irritating voicemail which keeps on echoing: press one and same thing, press 1, 2 and etc.
    When you press that 1 nobody answers the phone until you drop it and start all over again. The same message welcomes you again, you wait and wait until you decide to wait no more.


    I rest my case!

  15. Takyi Emmanuel Reply

    does mtn operates in Niger? cos a friend of mine lives in Niger and i want to find out if mtn operates in niger too

  16. Nirmal Reply

    Dear All
    I would like to activate internet on my post paid number but I have not been able get any details on internet plans and its cost, please help me.

  17. Florence Reply

    Dear All,

    I kindly request for your help as my account was blocked as I was reloading the airtime. I tried several times, but couldnt succeed due to network failure. Please unblock my phone, as I dont want to buy another line. I tried talking to customer support..but that is also not working..

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