Contact DiGi Telecommunications: Find below customer service details of DiGi in Malaysia, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Warid mobile connections, billing or cancellation, online payment, broadband plans, prepaid / postpaid subscriptions, internet 3G or other questions. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on DiGi services.

DiGi Customer Service
Phone: 016 2211800 or dial *128# (from DiGi phone)

DiGi Head Office
D’House, Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1,
Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +603 5721 1800

Online Chat
To talk with a customer service representative online through chat click here

Locate DiGi Stores
Locate a DiGi store nearest to your street click here. You can find DiGi stores in major states such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Melaka, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Sabah, Sarawak, and Selgangor. You can reach a local store for purchase of smartphones, broadband connections, bill payment, SIM replacement, change of plans, and account termination.

View / Pay Bills
To view or pay your DiGi bills online click here. Registered prepaid and postpaid customers can login to check credit limit, auto payment, add or terminate features, for voicemail, mobileTV, prepaid recharge and much more. Bill payments can also be made through mail, drop box, counter, phone, and ATMs

DiGi Downloads
To download DiGi music click here. To access games click here. Popular games categories include action/adventure, arcade, puzzle, racing, cards, sports, board, and more.

About DiGi Telecommunications
digi-logoDiGi is a leading telecommunications company in Malaysia that was founded in the year 1995. The first GSM 1800 operator to offer international roaming facility, DiGi has some 9.6 million customers (as of 2010) and is the third largest mobile operator in Malaysia. In 2010, the company invested RM720 million for expanding mobile broadband and mobile internet. DiGi was named the most sustainable company in Malaysia and telco in Asia by the Asian Sustainability Ranking 2010. Top shareholders in the company include Telenor Asia Pte Ltd, Goldman Sachs International, SSBT Fund HG22 For Smallcap World Fund and TimeDotCom Berhad.

DiGi has specific plans for phone devices such as iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC and others. For prepaid connections, DiGi offers DiGi Best Prepaid and DiGi Easy Prepaid. Free value added services include caller ID, missed call alert, auto balance notification and much more. Charges apply for video calls, voice calls, SMS, MMS and broadband. Default 3G package is available for all prepaid plans. For postpaid, DiGi has plans such as DG 30, DG 50, DG 150 and DG Smart Plan. DiGi also offers internet plans for smartphone users, PC/Mac users, and tablet users.

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  1. L H Lee Reply

    I am at my wits’ end. I still hope that you will consider refunding the amont of RM165.00 to me. Please read the following:

    For the attention of Harri Purnomo
    Further to my email below, I wish to state the following point-

    I have not received any reply email from you since my first email dated Aug 10, 2015 eventhough your autoreply email promised a reply within 2 working days. Please see below.

    I called your office in the evening of Aug 15, 2015 and your staff, Amin Lim attended to my call. I was surprised when he informed me that a reply had already been sent out to me eventhough I did not receive any mail from your office. He promised to resend the reply, but until now none is forthcoming.

    It may seem to you that my request for a refund of RM165.00 is trivial, but I hope you will consider my apprehension as this amount rightfully should be returned as I had not committed any crime to render this amount to be forfeited. The only error on my part is that I have been careless, but that does not mean that your company can refuse to refund this amount. So what if reminders have been sent via sms to me! Your reminders are worded in technical tems in which I do not fully comprehend. There was no mention that the amount of RM165.00 will be forfeited, never even once was this mentioned in any of your smses. Had this been mentioned, I would have been alerted immediately. This is so unfair! I am a retired 55 year old woman with scant knowledge of technical terms.

    I subscribed to this Digi prepaid line many years ago upon recommendations from family and friends and I seldom use this line except for emergency purposes. For this reason, the credit amount kept piling up. I have converted this line to your “Super Long Life” plan a few times and each time an amount of RM30.00 was deducted from the credit amount.

    A few years ago, I decided to purchase another phone and requested for the credit balance outstanding to be tranferred to the new phone. But due to your ruling that any credit amount above RM100.00 is ineligible for transfer, my request was not granted.

    Today, at 2 pm I received your call informing me that out of the credit balance outstanding of RM165.00 only RM50.00 will be returned to me via an application of a new Digi line. The remaining balance of RM100.00 is forfeited!

    You had argued that Digi is not obliged to refund the credit amount of RM165.00 to me and your offer to refund me the RM50.00 is out of goodwill. I informed you that I am willing to accept a refund of RM100.00 and forfeit the amount of RM65.00, but you steadfastly refused to consider. You even said that you can refuse to refund a single sen to me as the forfeiture is within the company’s terms and conditions. This is so high-handed!

    I am writing this email in the hope that someone of higher ranking in your company can help me out. The amount of RM165.00 means a lot to me, especially during these hard times. But, most importantly I feel your rulings are very unfair and not consumer friendly.

  2. shan Reply

    I work in Indonesia. Lately my digi no is not funtioning under roaming. Can you please fix the problem. It is very important. Thanks.

  3. ng yew soon Reply

    I was promised a replacement I phone 6 plus since I first lodged my complaint in first week of May 15. I was told I would get that replacement phone within 6 weeks. when 6 weeks was up, I called and was told to surrender my damaged phone and make payment of RM1600 + GST. I did that on that same day. Upon payment, to my disappointment , I was told to wait for another 3 weeks. The 3 weeks from then falls 8 July 15.
    Today is 10th July. despite my several calls , and several promises … I am still waiting for the phone which I had paid on 18th June.
    I sincerely Hope that the Customer Service would assist to expedite this matter without any delay.

  4. Elsa Reply

    Please do your network connection as soon as possible. A to of customers call your digital line. Kindly fix it fast.

  5. Ramli Reply

    I enrolled for DG postpaid package on Thursday 8/5/14, 10am at Kuantan Megamall Digi Office. I was informed by your service officer’s that the line will be activated within 48hrs. It’s more than 60hrs now and I’m still waiting. I’ve tried many times calling your CSS but no one attends to it except for the repetitive response from the answering machine. It’s very bad.

  6. Alex Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I have made enquiries before to Digi regarding upgrading my mobile phone. My mobile phone number: 016 6816008

    For your info, I have just come back from one of your Digi out that is in Plaza Low Yat, Kuala Lumpur.

    I have seen the newspaper advertisement on Digi promotion on Lenovo handphone which I think is model A680 so I went there to made further enquiries.

    Unluckily, the young salesman there info me that there’s no more stocks of that mobile phone.

    I enquire about the availability of Samsung Grand Quattro which I am also interested in from last time.

    To recap it, previously I have went to the same outlet and I remembered a specky salesman there told me he can help me to transfer the data on my present handphone to the new phone.

    Regret to say your young salesman is of no help and keep on insisting that they cannot help out.

    I would like to say that I have been a very loyal Digi customer since more than 10 years ago from prepaid to postpaid and I have never defaulted on any of my payments.

    Is it too much to request for some assistance to help transfer data from my present old phone to a new phone so I can upgrade my subscription plan?

    Is there any other Digi service center where I can view both phones model on promotion and most importantly, someone to help me transfer the data from my present Nokia N73 to a new smartphone?

    Would appreciate prompt reply as I needed another hand phone to replace my present phone.

    Thank you

    Alex. Foo Peng Hong

  7. Stephanie Reply

    Checking on behalf of my son. He received sms from Digi saying that his auto billing payment was not successful. I have checked with the bank and say that there was no issue with the credit card. Want to find out from Digi what is the actual problem?

  8. IRENE KUAH Reply

    You always send me sms by using Fun Club through 33444 every day and then you deduct my credit for RM3. How to stop receiving the sms in the future?

  9. andrew chin Reply

    I am looking around for your customer service email address but couldn’t find it. Are you guys able to help me on recover/activate my telephone number? As i am now in overseas( UK) and i am using this number all the time I wanna keep this number, please don’t destroy it.

  10. elyn Reply

    Digi customer service is the worst, I don’t think I will renew contract with digi again because of their ‘lousy’ customer service….worst…trust me..

  11. Tan Chong Eng Reply


    I inadvertently agreed to the Free 1 day Daily Internet Pass offer when I don’t have internet on my digi subscribed mobile phone. Can you pls cancel my acceptance of the Daily Internet Pass offer so that there is not going to be an Auto Renewal as stated in your text message to my handphone?
    As an alternative, let me know who I should contact to cancel my acceptance of your offer.

  12. Anon Reply

    Can i know why is my internet connection so super slow? I subscribed for the Pro, 10Gig but it seems like 10mb.

  13. Syahira Nasha Reply

    I called Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Head Office) in Shah Alam 03-5721 1800 since last week. It was ringing, but no answer. Is there any other number that your operator would answer? Thank you.

  14. Ooi Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wish to retain my phone number. Here, I also had faced a very bad experience on the professional service provided by DIGI Helpline (016-2211800).

    Anyway, I would appreciate that the company can help me to retain the number back. The number was used over 10years and it is very important for me.

    I am sure a international listed company always can assist / solve their customer issues.

  15. DigiUser Reply

    Previously i subscribe for digi prepaid internet access for RM30/month. But somehow the plan automatically changed to RM48/month. I don’t agree that my subscription just changed automatically like that. Furthermore, when i didn’t reload when it expires at the end of the subscription it automatically deduct my credit automatically. Digi should give prepaid customer the choice whether to continue on the subscription as this is a prepaid option. Auto Renewal is just a scam!!!. to deduct customer credit. I understand if it is for digi postpaid plan but should not be happening for the prepaid customer.

  16. LIM KIM LIAN Reply

    Digi Postpaid Accounts Increased Suddenly To Over RM 60.00 On 22-5-2012

    I will be glad if you can check my handphone number 016 – 6348982, Digi Postpaid Accounts for May 2012 because it increased sharply if compared to March 2012, April 2012 and other months. For my March 2012 and April 2012 combined together only total up to RM 55.00 compared to the unbilled statement for May 2012 which is RM 70.65. There was something suspicious. My Credit Limit is RM 100.00. If Digi Telecommunication cannot settle this I will close my Digi account to avoid further problems. I have been using Maxis for so many years without any problem. Digi has a lot of problems. Many people said Digi has a lot of problem for the network and the accounts.

  17. Som Phonk A/L Lai Chik Reply

    I have got my new smartphone 2 days ago and was getting myself familiar with the phone and did some testing here & there to see whether the system is working. However I got a big shock as I checked my bill via OCS (unbilled transaction for Supplementary No)- there is an item no. 28 (MO GPRS) which is charged at RM266.20! Very much appreciate if DIGI could kindly have the charges waived as it was unintentionally done. Thank you.

  18. asniati Reply

    You always send me sms by using Fun Club through 39883 every day and then you deduct my credit for RM3. How to stop receiving the sms in the future?

  19. lynndychang Reply

    Hi, I would like to cancel my broadband subscription, kindly give me more info about this.

  20. Sritharan Reply

    I’m using xx and now at jakarta. I’m trying to send an SMS but it doesnt complete successfully. Could you please advise the msg centre code no.

  21. shan mohd Reply

    can you remind me of the name of the person who has the following cell nos.

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