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7-Eleven Head Office
7-Eleven, Inc.
One Arts Plaza
1722 Routh St., Suite 1000
Dallas, TX 75201, United States
Phone:  972-828-7011

7-Eleven Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-255-0711
Phone: 1-800-782-0711 (franchise queries)

International Contacts
Below are numbers of 7-Eleven customer service support around the world.

Australia: (03) 9541 0711
Canada: 1-800-255-0711
Denmark: +45 3947 8484
Hong Kong: (852) 22-998-150
Japan: 03-6238-3711
Korea: 1577-0711
Malaysia: 03-2142 1136
Mexico: +52 (81) 8158-0711
Norway: +47 815 00 909
Philippines: 724-10-31
Singapore: 1800-891-8100
Taiwan: 0800-008711
Thailand: 1800-226-671

7-Eleven Store Locations
Click here to locate a 7-Eleven store nearest to your address. Stores can be searched by city, state or zip code. Further, search results can be refined by selecting categories such as Gas, Wings & Pizza, ATM, Bill Payment, Money Transfers, Check Cashing etc. Most stores are open 24 hours, and 7 days of a week.

About 7-Eleven
7-eleven7-Eleven was founded in Dallas, Texas, in the year 1927. 7-Eleven got its name because the stores were open from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Today, the world’s largest convenience store chain, 7-Eleven has close to 45,000 stores in 16 countries. Over 9,000 stores are located in North America. Besides US and Canada, 7-Eleven stores are found in  Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The leader in convenience retailing, 7-Eleven was the first to operate 24 hours a day. In its stores, some 60 million donuts and pastries are sold every year. Further, it sells close to 13 million Slurpee beverages each month. Since its launch, it has sold close to 6.5 billion Slurpee drinks. Some 2,500 different products are found in each 7-Eleven store.

Besides food and beverages, the variety of products/services available at 7-Eleven include the sale of mobile phone reload cards, ink cartridge refill, photocopying, fax, automated teller machine (ATM), lottery tickets and much more. In 2010, the company had sales close to $63 billion.

7-Eleven was named No. 2 on Forbes magazine’s 2011 list of Top Franchises for the Money. It also stands No. 3 on the Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 list for 2012. Hispanic magazine lists 7-Eleven on its Hispanic Corporate Top 100 Companies that provide the most opportunities to Hispanics.

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  1. Ratier Reply

    My family and I have just been through a bad experience with a 7 eleven near Hiroshima station, not the one right inside the station but the one next to the South exit by the express bus stop. As it is very cold, we decided to pop in the shop to buy some hit coffee. The tenant yelled at us because he was unhappy to have him in his shop waiting with our kids and 2 luggages. As my husband had finished his coffee, he understood he was not eelcome anymore. He didn’t dare to tell me anything as I had a coffee cup in my hand but at his look, I understood I’d bettergo out quickly. My kids and I arr were really shocked by this attitude as we lived in Korea for several years and, although regular customers to your chain, never met with this kind of attitude towards customers. In Japan, all the more! Outside, the tenant also yelled at other people (who had also bought in the shop just before) that his shop was not a waiting-room! The sidewalk is also part of 7 eleven? What a bad image this person gave to your brand. I’m very disappointed and fortunately, the one which is just near to where we live is a friendly place where the staff is nice to kids. Hope to never have to face such a bad person in a 7 eleven or I will never go back to any.

  2. Regi Abraham Reply

    I have faced issues with the 7Eleven app a few time over the past few months. It says “Error – Velocity Rule Breach. Too many requests – Error code: Lima”. So when I try to lock a fuel price, it does not allow me to do so and on multiple occasions the price went up in the interim. What is the point in trying to lock a fuel price & it does not work? It’s quite frustrating actually. On speaking to one of the attendants at store, he said “we don’t get involved with these things – call the customer care line”. Don’t really think he was the most friendly customer attendant either.

  3. Caroline Reply

    I am a regular customer at 7-Eleven Lisarow on the Central Coast, NSW, my partner and I go there daily to buy a $2 coffee each and Banana bread however on Saturday we went in as usual to get our coffee the owners wife an Idian who speaks very little English was working, my partner went to the counter to pay while I went to make the coffee only to discover the coffee machine was not working properly, I explained to her that the machine was not working and because she did not know how to do refunds that Jaward the owner could fix us up for the money owing tomorrow when we came in, so we went in the next day to get our coffee and another regular Indian employee was working, I explained what had happened the day before and he said that was fine to get the replacement coffee the machine was fine now, so we made our coffee said thanks and left the store, then today when we went in to get our coffee the owner Jaward started yelling and abusing us in front of at least 4 other customers in the store, I was so shaken I paid for the coffee and left the store. I think 7-Eleven really needs to investigate how this is allowed to happen and maybe stop these people who cannot speak English clearly and cannot preform routine duties from working in these stores while also explaining to all store owners that to abuse customers is not exceptable behaviour in Australia, if this happened in any other store the offender would be fired for it.

  4. Neil Moloney Reply

    I have tried to use the fuel discount phone system , with your company. Out of the last half dozen times i have had the either incorrect discount calculated or the regular price had to be paid, mostly the regular price was paid. One store when i brought to his attention the price locked in , disregarded the lock in price and gave just 25% of the discount locked in. This is happening on a too regular basis now to be ignored. you heavily advertise the lock in price and when its time to pay , its ignored. This is at many stores over the greater Brisbane, Australia area. If you are going to continue to discount to attract customers, follow through. If your not then don’t. The ACCC would be terribly interested in this. I use more than the average fuel amount , as I use the vehicle for work. Coles and Woolworths have much the same schemes, but, the difference is they do, the “discount” terribly disappointed in your company.

  5. Milda Reply

    I had a very bad experience in one 7-eleven store in 197 Elizabeth St Melbourne VIC 3000. It was around 4pm on Sunday 14th May 2017. I went there to buy the $1 coffee with my father in law. Unfortunately I accidentally spilt out the coffee that my father in law made and got the coffee all over the serving table. I could just pretend nothing happened, but I took initiative to ask for towel to clean up. And the cashier just got really upset and rude. I tried to help him to clean up the mess, and he got more upset. He said just leave it, it will get all over my cups (the new cups) while the coffee even didn’t touch the edge of the table. He took some cups that when he cleaned up, he made the coffee went to the new cup (which that part was not my fault). He became more rude when I made payment. He asked “how many?” I said, “two (one for me and one for my father) and I will pay the other one that I spilt.” Before I finished the sentence. He has charged me $3 and said, “yeah, I will charge you for that.” with very rude tone.
    From this, I just want to ask 7-eleven team trainer to require patient team members in the shops, as accident always might happen to anyone. Please train them well how to treat customers.
    Shop details:
    197 Elizabeth St
    Melbourne VIC 3000
    Accident date & time: Sunday 14th May 2017 at 4.00 pm

  6. Tom Harris Reply

    On 2/13/17 at 2:55pm, I went to store #39607 to buy some items. I found what I needed and proceeded to the desk to pay for the items. The clerk(older female) just stared at me. Did not say hi or anything else. After I made payment I said thank you and again the clerk said nothing. what is your company policy on customer service? I am doing your company a favor by shopping there not the other way around. That employee needs some retraining on how to be polite to all customers. Thank you for your time. 25 year military member.

  7. Ahmad Sobri Reply

    I would like to bring up your attention about one of your 7 Eleven staffs at Somerset MRT outlet.She is Filipino lady. She is very rude & always grumpy. I don’t know whats her problem, whether its the work or her personal matter.

    She talks very harsh to customers.This costs for the customers just keep quiet which in return makes her feel great. I don’t know if she is PR, S-Pass, E-Pass or Work Permit holder. Whatever it is, that is not the way to treat customers.7 Eleven is convenience store where service is provided.

    The reason i am bring to your attention because of one incident which happen sometime back. One guy was yelled back because of asking the price of an item he bought & asking for why short change. The same happen yesterday, I saw one guy was asking for reason of short change & he was yelled back. To make matters worse she had guts to say no need to come next time.

    This is a bad image to & Eleven. The other staffs are polite even at busy hours. Even at 313 Somerset 7 Eleven staffs are polite too. I don’t know why this Filipino still working of her rudeness & arrogant attitude.Please do something before things gets worse.

  8. Vivek Reply

    I went to the 7/11 store at Raffles Place (MRT) today at 4.39 pm. After completing my purchase and paying the bill, I pointed out to the guy at the counter (Sukumar) that for one of the items, the price at the display was different from what has been charged on the bill. He retorted back saying he can only charge what the system generates. I said that I can understand that and maybe the display should be accordingly changed. To this he starts asking me whether I wanted to buy or not? I told him there was no reason to display anger and show attitude. This was simply to flag that the prices were different at two locations. He rudely started yelling at me that leave the store and yelling at me that why I was showing attitude instead. He then starts abusing me and uses the word a$$***e repeatedly (in the presence of other customers). On asking what his name was, he says you have the receipt take it and do whatever you can.

    Are your counter attendants not picked with necessary due diligence? Or are they not advised to show caution on language and behaviour for customer facing jobs like these?

    Pathetic experience for a trivial point.

    Naming the attendant again – SUKUMAR at the raffles place MRT store.

  9. Sunny Lim Reply

    I was at a 7-11 outlet in PJ, Kelana Center Point this evening, 26/08/2016, to purchase 2 bottles of water. As I went to pay at the counter, I noticed a box which said there is a Kit Kat promotion at RM 1.00 each. I thought I was very lucky as there was one more left in the box, so I took it. When the cashier punched in, it showed RM3.20.I queried him about it, but he could not explain. Another man came from behind the shop and tried to find out what was going on. When he found that was the actual price, I told him I got it from the promotion box. He couldn’t give me an explanation and got to be very rude. I took my hand phone out and started taking photos. Then the man who came out later started to be abusive. I have pictures and receipt together with your CCTV to prove my claim. I can be available if you wish to settle this issue and not take it any further

  10. Lisa Mooney Reply

    About 11 pm last night the 23rd of June 2016 I tried to put more air in my tyre which was visibly low. There was no lighting near the air / water stand and initially I did not realise that my tyre was deflating instead of inflating. I tried different settings without success. When I went into the store and told the console operator of the faulty unit his reply was, ” sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. ” I told him that he was a lazy man and it was terrible service to not have it fixed when he was aware of the problem. He couldn’t have cared less – In order to drive to the next service station I had to raise the setting to near 200 kps to get air into the tyre. While I was Sorting it out an elderly male stopped to put air in his tyre. I told him about the problem and he informed me the same thing had happened to him at the service station a week ago.

    To me, this was the great example of greed and laziness combined. 7 eleven on Blacktown Richmond Road Blacktown (opposite Love street) want your money but couldn’t careless about the welfare of its customers.

  11. Mohd.Ali bin Hamid Reply

    I went quite often to Bandar Laguna Merbok Sungai Petani Kedah Malaysia 7eleven to buy things. The problem is the staff everytime never return back change 5cents. I need to ask back where is the change 5 cent. Always the staff gave excuse that no change for 5 cents. Is it can consider like cheating the customer. Ifnot ask the staff won’t return the change and this consider as cheating the customer. Don’t think that 5 cent no value. If the staff refused to return the change and think if they did to all the customer and the profit that staff can gained from this just from 5 cent. This is very bad image to 7eleven if they have this kind of cheating staff to manage the outlets. I hope management of 7 eleven take serious action on this kind bad attitude staff.

  12. Kay Reply

    I’m writing to complain a male staff working in 7 Eleven, the man is very insulting to us, especially tourists like us speaking English and cannot really understand Korean!

    I asked him to show me a merchandise at cashier counter, this man using his body gesture and simply said “you cannot read the merchandise, you have to pay before you touch the merchandise!”.

    I explained that We just want to confirm the model no is correct and asked him again, then he cannot tell a reason, but his reply in both Korean and English “This is Korea! You should leave if you cannot speak Korean!” and used his gesture to order us to leave 7-11 immediately. I feel really shocked about what he said and did and keep insulting us. I was asking him the reason, but my girlfriend pulled me out, so I left.

    However, as a global destination and Seoul is the capital city of Korea to welcome all tourists from the world, it is so shamed that even a staff in 7-11 in the most popular tourist spot ( myeongdong) could insult a tourist so rudely. We come Korea quite often and always shop in convenience store, but it is the worst experience we ever had.

    I am looking forward to have an immediate and comprehensive reply in my such unpleasant experience! Thank you!

    Store: Next to the Hotel Skypark Myeong 3, Address: Toegye-to, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Date: 22 Feb 2016
    Time: 23:50

  13. lyn Reply

    I have complaint about several 7-eleven stores in Malaysia they have employed employees (foreign workers) without considering their (employees) communication problems- they can’t even explain the top-up procedures (in simple English or Malay), don’t even try to mention PRECISE and CLEAR!
    If your company cannot bring convenience to us (customers), it shouldn’t called as Convenience Store.

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