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Showtime deals for students: How to save at AMC Theatres

COVID-19 had a major impact on the way theatres functioned across the world, experiencing multiple lockdowns and reduced footfall. People resorted to watching movies in the comfort of their homes, which also forced many big production houses to release movies on streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max.

However, with the effects of the pandemic winding down, 2022 saw an elemental shift in customer mindset, with movie fans returning to the big screens. AMC Theatres was one of those companies that greatly benefited from renewed customer interest in movies. Touted to be one of the largest movie theatre chains across the globe, the enterprise showcases more than 9,500 screens across 600 different locations in the United States and Europe.

Established in 1920, AMC Theatres offers a wide variety of movie-going experiences for its customers – from 2D digital movies to IMAX and Dolby Cinema support. Users also get access to several amenities, such as reserved seating, online ticketing, mobile ordering, and innovative dining and beverage options. AMC also offers a range of discount options for students, military personnel, and senior citizens, in addition to a full-blown subscription plan with multiple tiers.

If you are a student and are looking to book a ticket at one of your nearest AMC theatre locations, then it is recommended that you take advantage of their student discount programme. And to ensure that you follow the correct steps, we have designed an easy-to-follow guide that you should go through in its entirety.

How Students Can Save on Tickets

At AMC Theatres, eligible students are offered special pricing through which they can watch their favourite movies at a discounted rate. To take advantage of this offer, students are required to carry their student ID at participating AMC Theatres and showcase it at the box office. Once verification is complete, tickets will be provided at a discounted price.

It should be kept in mind that the student ID should have photo proof; otherwise, it will not be accepted at the box office. Additionally, surcharges will be levied for premium-format movie shows and special events. With the crucial rules and regulations out of the way, it is time to walk you through the steps that you need to fulfil to take advantage of AMC’s student discount programme.

  1. The primary step involves learning about the participating theatres, where you can apply for student-discounted movie tickets. To find one near you, visit the official website here.
  2. On the landing page, you will be greeted with a list of theatres that support student discounts on movie tickets, based on different states in the US. Select your preferred movie theatre option.
  3. You will be redirected to a new web page where you will be provided with the theatre showtimes based on the movies that are currently running at that venue. This will help you plan your visit accordingly.
  4. Once you have your travel plan and time sorted out, proceed to head over to the movie theatre with your valid student ID (containing a photo).
  5. Proceed to present the student ID at the box office and purchase your preferred movie tickets at your chosen showtime and seating arrangement for a discounted price. Additionally, you can also decide to add snacks and beverages to your order.
  6. After that, it is time to finally enjoy the movie that you have purchased.

Other Ways to Save at AMC Theatres

In addition to the above-mentioned student discount for AMC Theatres, there are many other ways to save on ticket prices. For starters, AMC offers 30 per cent off on ticket prices every day before 4 PM for evening tickets at all AMC, AMC DINE-IN, and AMC CLASSIC theatres across the country.

Users who carry valid military IDs and those who are senior citizens (aged sixty years or more) can also opt for discounted ticket prices at participating AMC Theatres.

Apart from that, enthusiastic moviegoers can also subscribe to AMC Stubs, which is a premier programme that offers various kinds of rewards and benefits. There are currently three different tiers for AMC Stubs – Insider, Premiere, and A-List. Some of their notable benefits have been listed below.

AMC Stubs Insider: This is a free annual membership programme that offers 20 points for every $1 spent, along with waived online ticketing fees. Users also get access to discounts on movie tickets every Tuesday, a free large popcorn refill and a free large popcorn as a birthday gift, free member WiFi, and other exclusive perks.

AMC Stubs Premiere: Currently priced at $15 a year, subscribers can obtain 100 points for every $1 spent, along with free size upgrades on fountain drinks and popcorn. Additionally, users also get access to priority lanes at the AMC Theatre box office and concession stands, waived online ticketing fees, and free large popcorn and large fountain drink as a birthday gift.

AMC Stubs A-List: Compared to the aforementioned tiers, this is a per-month-based subscription plan that costs anywhere between $19.95 and $23.95. With the “A-List” subscription, you not only get access to the same perks as “Premiere” customers but also additional advantages such as three free movies every week (Dolby Cinema, IMAX, 2D Digital, Prime, or Real 3D). Apart from that, subscribers can also enjoy online reservations (up to three simultaneously) free of charge.

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