OnePlus Nord: Common complaints and support options

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One Plus started off its manufacturing journey as a mid-range device maker that delivered high end performance and quality. However, over the years, it has tried and successfully entered the flagship smartphone market. One Plus Nord is a revisit to the original essence of the brand by keeping most flagship features intact with minor cost cutting that delivers unmatched performance for a mid-range smartphone. They have retained fast charging, AMOLED display, and a good battery while they have made cuts in SOC and frames of the device. It came in three variants – 6 GB RAM+ 64 GB storage, 8 GB RAM+ 128 storage and a 12 GB RAM + 256 GB storage. Summarizing it, One Plus Nord is a great device and highly reliable, though it still has a lot of drawbacks and complaints like any other device.

Common Problems & Fixes

A number of users have reported an unusually dim display. This is not expected from a device that highlights the display as one of the prime reasons for why one should purchase it. The automatic brightness setting fails to recognise the need to brighten the screen in several occasions.

Solution: The best solution is to reach out to the customer service team via internet on the official website of One Plus. Though, you may also try to fix this by turning the minimum brightness to your desired setting.

Users also complained about a frequent battery drainage issue in the device. The Battery life of the phone is decent and it is duly acknowledged but the screen on time to usage ratio is very bad. The device drains battery even if it has been kept idle. Users who do not even use their smartphone to play games also report of a fast draining battery.

Solution: RAM management in some phones is good in general, but in certain devices, you have to manually make sure that the RAM is managed properly. This happens in the case of Nord, since the management is not well, the battery drains even if the phone is idle. You could try killing unnecessary apps running in the background. Background application refresh frequency can be changed so it does not over do the syncing frequently as well.

The cameras in One Plus devices are good, but Nord does gives you a mid-ranger camera vibe. Firstly, the macro camera is a gimmick. It serves no actual purpose and brings out blurry low resolution images. Secondly, the ultra-wide camera being a plus point, sometimes generates low quality images. The overall camera setup being good, makes sure that pictures turn out to be good in most scenarios.

Solution: The camera hardware is capable enough to click good pictures and the aforementioned issues are being addressed by One Plus. Most of the camera centric issues can be solved through a push software update.

Heating Issues:
Like any other powerful smartphone, this device has minor heating issues as well. But some users report unbearable heating while holding their phones when the camera is being used. Even the flash gets disabled at times due to the high heat signatures.

Solution: Even this problem can be addressed with software updates and bug fixes, but it is advised that you clear your RAM cache and background apps before using the camera for a prolonged period.

Operating System:

While the operating system of One Plus that is Oxygen OS, is a loved OS among Android users, there are a few drawbacks to it. The user interface becomes laggy sometimes when using high refresh rate mode. The pixel separation is also visible during animations.

Solution: You can choose to turn off the animations in general or try to lower the speed of the animations in developer settings.

Support Options

There are a plenty ways to approach One Plus for customer service –

  • Live Chat: This feature is available at the One Plus official website from 9 AM to 9 PM, Monday to Sunday. If you have short queries and you do not want a phone conversation, then it is a great way to reach out.
  • Call: A toll free number 1-833-777-3633 (US), +44 1252 236307 (UK), 1800 102 8411 (India) is also available from 9 AM to 9 PM, all days of the week to assist customers with minor problems.
  • Service Centre: Like any other flagship device One Plus takes care of the customers efficiently at their service centres too. The locations are easy to find in any place as they are geo tagged with accessible addresses.
  • Social Media: An active social media platform is a quick way to get their attention too. They are very active with complaints and grievances from customers on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handles. All you have to do is mention/drop a message on their handle @oneplus and they would assist you in a short period of time.

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