Know the top complaints on OnePlus 8 Pro

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OnePlus 8 Pro was one of the breakthrough devices for the brand because of its top of the line specification sheet and its aggressive pricing. No doubt the phone is loved by users around the globe. Be it media consumption or gaming, or even regular everyday tasks, the device sails through the day smoothly.

The smartphone offers a powerful SD 865 SOC bundled with 6GB 128GB and 8GB 256GB options that deliver unmatched performance. It also has a QHD AMOLED panel with 120 Hz refresh rate and Dolby Atmos enabled speakers for great entertainment. The 8 Pro further offers better camera set up than the classic model and the user does experience a significant change while paying extra for this.

It is currently offered in glacial green and onyx black colour options, with top of the line flagship specifications at an affordable price point. The OnePlus 8 Pro also supports wireless charging which was a long overdue feature for ardent fans. Though it is a great smartphone with very less to complain about, there are still few issues that has surfaced, which are addressed here with solutions.

Screen Tint:

This is an issue that was reported by several users who had purchased the device around its launch time. A greenish or purple screen tint was fairly visible around the screen when the brightness is dimmed. This is a clear hardware issue at the front of it but Rapid Repair pointed out this problem along with a quick solution.

Solution: Turning off DC dimming was one of the ways this problem was fixed by many users. This option is available under Utilities and OnePlus Laboratory. This neutralises the screen for a while and stops the occurrence of the tint. However, if you are one of the few who did not manage to solve the problem with the steps given, OnePlus service would definitely provide a resolve.

Ghosting Issue on Screen:

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is one of the pioneers in smartphone display and it is used in almost all flagship grade smartphones. This enables users to enjoy crisp, detailed imaging. Though, the diodes sometimes retain previous images and show up as a blurred after image when you change to a plain background. This is a rare issue but has been reported several times.


  • Not leaving your phone on for a long time over a static image can solve this problem.
  • If you continue to face the same even after taking due care, then the OLED display needs to be replaced. OLED displays are expensive to repair, so always prefer a verified OnePlus service centre and claim your warranty option.

Delayed Notification Issue:

Several users and some experts at Android Authority pointed out this concern of delayed notifications. The notifications from some apps arrived after you have viewed them or they show up in the notification bar much later after they are received. RAM management on the device should be of top notch quality but on some units this is not working out well.


  • Make sure the phone does not have battery optimisation enabled on these apps.
  • You can also reinstall certain apps to check whether this problem is persisting or not. Sometimes apps get buggy too.

Touchscreen Issue:

Whether you own this device or not, you must be aware of its amazing touch sampling rates fused with its fluidic 120 Hz refresh rate. Though, users report to have a lag in their smartphone touchscreens. This complaint has mostly received from gamers who extensively use the display. These users cannot afford to have even a minor lag in their gameplay.


  • Display based gesture controls sometimes trigger these lags. Since most people do not use a lot of gestures can turn off the finger gestures to avoid this issue.
  • Another solution to this is to use the 120 Hz mode with 1080p resolution only. Although this is not an ideal solution but it may help you get through the intense game sessions for the time being.
  • OnePlus service takes these problems very seriously and would be happy to help at their service centres that you can find on their website.


OnePlus managed to improvise their cameras in the 8 series smartphones, and the pro models are top of the line. Considering the fact that they still have an average selfie camera, the back camera had to be without any bugs. There is no doubt that OnePlus 8 Pro has very capable set of cameras and they function very well, but the heating issue associated with the camera app takes the fun away. The camera has also a flickering issue that many users reported.


  • The camera heating issue is a pressing concern and RAM management helps solve it to some extent.
  • OnePlus sends in OTA updates to fix the camera heating and flickering issue.

Customer Care:

  • OnePlus is active on social media, @Oneplus and they receive customer feedbacks promptly.
  • The service centre finder on the website is useful for those looking for a replacement or repair.
  • Proactive telephonic conversations can be done at 1800 102 8411 (Toll Free) 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, Mon to Sun in India and +44 1252 236307 9:00 am – 3:00 am, Mon to Sun for UK.

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