How to contact global reinsurer Swiss Re

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Swiss Re is a famous name in the industry of reinsurance and risk transfers. Since 1863 when it was established, it has grown to be amongst the world’s best insurance providers. It’s clients have an age old trust towards the company’s spirit , passion and determination towards providing high quality products and services. It takes up projects that yield long term benefits over the time and always focuses on benefits that are increasingly sustainable. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Swiss Re is present operates offices in more than 20 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, China, India, Australia, UK, South Africa, Spain, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico and Canada. In 2020, the Group net income was reported to be USD 2.2 billion.

Services they provide

Swiss Re clients are catered with re-insurance of a variety of assets ranging from properties, casualties to life insurances, health insurances and even corporate solutions. Any asset of a value can be insured to keep it risk free during natural calamities, drastic climatic changes that may lead to it’s damage. Hence it’s property insurance scheme covers any such risks and secures your assets.

Health and life are nearly unpredictable for any individual and hence having a financial back up in terms of health crises is both essential as well as wise. Swiss Re has various policies of life and health insurances that one could completely rely upon. Apart from both of these, Swiss Re also offers corporate solutions which manage the risks involved in businesses that are either medium ranged or involve multinational companies globally. It also provides security against stocks that are owned as a part of groups. In a world of digital revolution, Swiss Re has managed to create digital insurances for a convenient and hassle free experience. It comprises the iptiQ software that works according to the needs of the client in a personalized manner.

Why choose Swiss Re?

It’s transparency and passion towards it’s client’s has made it the world’s leading reinvester firm. It has raised standards of ethics and professionalism and believes in strictly adhering to it. It makes the client aware of how their funds will be utilized and the clients are made aware of the potential risks associated with any type of investment in advance. It aims at mutual growth with it’s client’s and wants to make the world resilient. It gives strategic solutions and paves way for increasingly sustainable development of all the ventures associated with it.

Career options at Swiss Re

At Swiss Re, there are a wide range of opportunities for young individuals to showcase their potential in fields pertaining to insurance and other business development sectors. They provide their employees with many benefits. You can check for any available opening for a job at their career section on the official website here.

How to contact Swiss Re?

To get in touch with the team, you can visit the official website at the link here. You can also reach out to the team for queries on reinsurance, asset management or corporate solutions through the helpline – +41 43 285 2121 (HQ switchboard), 914-828-8000 (US) and +44 20 7933 3000 (UK). The head office is located at Mythenquai 50/60, 8022 Zurich, Switzerland.

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