Contact SpiceJet – Find below customer care details of SpiceJet, including phone, email and address. You can reach the below contacts for queries on SpiceJet reservations, refund/cancellation, baggage complaints, reschedule of ticket or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers information on SpiceJet.

SpiceJet Customer Care
Phone: +91 965 400 3333
Phone: +91 987 180 3333

SpiceJet Emails
[email protected]
[email protected]

SpiceJet Head Office
SpiceJet Ltd.,
319, Udyog Vihar,
Phase IV, Gurgaon – 122016
Haryana, India

Flight Status
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About SpiceJet


SpiceJet is a leading low-cost airline headquartered in Gurgaon, India. Having begun its service in May 2005, SpiceJet today operates 210 daily flights to 48 destinations in India and across the world. SpiceJet was voted as the best low-cost airline in South Asia and Central Asia region by Skytrax in 2007.

With a dynamic fare structure, SpiceJet offers fares that are affordable and significantly lower than most airlines. It’s new generation fleet of aircraft is backed by cutting edge technology and infrastructure. SpiceJet also offers safe, on-time and efficient air freight transportation across India.

Within India, SpiceJet flies to Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Jammu, Mumbai, Mangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Kochi, Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, among others. Besides, booking flight, visitors to SpiceJet website can book a hotel, holiday package, access priority checkin, get insurance and request extra baggage. For more information, complaints or other queries, contact the SpiceJet customer care today.

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  1. Zafar Ahmed Reply

    Can anyone who is annoyed with me cancel my air-ticket!?

    For 28th May 2018, I booked Spice-jet flight from Koch to Pune for my daughter Zoya Ahmed. PNR: CEKE3U

    On 25 May she received a phone call from spice-jet male personnel who offered more leg-space if she paid Rs. 999/-, she declined the offer but the spice-jet personal was annoyed and rude !. His phone number was 911133124654, time was 11:45.

    On 27 May she received an sms on her mobile that her ticket was cancelled on her request ! Neither me nor Zoya had requested for cancellation. Our immediate telephonic conversations with customer care were futile. It was a big problem as Kochi was new to her, we had to book the next inconvenient flight at a higher price.

    Worse I have not received any refund so far in my account!!!

    Later our complaints through emails have not been addressed. But one spice-jet official helped us with the IP number from where her ticket was cancelled it is:

    We feel that the same male personnel who offered more leg-space and got annoyed has cancelled her air-ticket.

    We are still waiting for the investigation and the refund.

    Please help, it is unbelievable and shocking.

  2. ajay kumar kaushal Reply

    Dear Sir,
    Please it is inform you that on dated 30 Nov 2017 was purchased a ticket by the name of Dr. V Shanmugam from Chennai to Dehradun through Make My Trip for Spicejet Airlines, whose PNR no. EETZ5E is that. The said ticket was canceled for some reason but the funds for the cancellation ticket have not yet arrived in the passenger’s account. Please send the refund amount to the passenger’s account on priority basis.

  3. Shilpa Mallar Reply

    If you can’t afford to hire customer service officers than please shut down your customer care center. At least we won’t waste our time. I called up 10 times and all I could hear is your pathetic instrumental music.

  4. SOWMYA Reply

    I tarvelled in month of april,I need to reimburse the amount from my company.
    Can i get a travel certificate as i lost the boarding pass.


    I have travelled from Port Blair to Chennai
    on 23.09.2015 with my wife and my two child by flight no SG 609, dep time 02.25 am .i have the ticket.but i lost my boarding pass. I have to submit my bill for the final claim. Office is asking for boarding pass to confirm if I travelled or not. Please provide me a travel certificate.
    kindly help me. The PNR no is LF1Z5B


    i have booked an E-ticket (for Two Passengers)through Make My Trip with Booking ID NF2201568883934 from Varanasi to Hyderabad on 21-02-2016. my travel date is in April 2016. after booking i saw that, i cannot carry cabin luggage other than hand luggage. in case i have luggage to carry do i have to any more money and if so how much.
    kindly get back to me on e-mail ID at the earliest. looking forward for your reply
    Chakravarthy BKM

  7. Kavita Chugh Reply

    I had booked two return tkts to DEL-CCU 04.08.15 / 06.08.15. An amount of 16234.00 is debited on my credit card but no tkt was issued.
    Customer Care wont pick phone up and there is no way to contact SPICEJET. Wondering how system works

  8. AVK Reply

    Dear Spice Jet team
    As per your CEO’s Verdict”SpiceJet will continue to be the most customer- friendly airline in terms of offering the best value in the industry” however we are not receiving any acknowledgement/update from your team. We have requested for cancellation of our tickets due to medical Reasons;but so far no response and while talking to Cust care I have been told that For any cancellation to the travel a fee of 1,500 INR per passenger per flight would be applicable. This is really surprising as we are making request due to medical Reasons where in Doctor has advised not to travel and take rest. We have sent email to Nodal Office and Cust Relations however so far no luck; could you pls provide me the correct pointer?

    • Madhusudan Reply

      Dear AVK i doubt whether they will consider your request coz mine was the same situation,they suggest for every booking as a layman we have to go into their website read their cancellation details and then only book the tickets. How rediculous…. My tickets very clearly says REFUNDABLE AND THERE IS NO CLAUSES or CONDITIONS (**) mentioned and still they refuse to give back tge refund.

  9. Sharmeetha Reply

    I would like somebody in charge to congratulate your ground staff for having helped me change my opinion. I had heard of the staff at Spicejet. I have had many bad experiences and vowed never to travel with your airlines ever again, until my last trip from Dehi to Dharamsala on the 5April. Firstly, I was not advised by anyone about the ridiculous charges for over weight. But I was travelling from South Africa, to Dharamsala. My baggage allowance was 23kg each of checked luggage, 1 bag of 8 kgs hand luggage and a laptop bag. I had to pay almost the price of a ticket fro the overweight. Anyway, after travelling such a distance I had no energy to complain then.

    What impressed me, was your staff in Dharamsala. The lady, called Neelam and Mr Ashish Kanwar, who were so helpful in assisting me with my bags and also went out of their way to get me a taxi to my accommodation.

    Your organisation is very fortunate to have great staff who go that extra mile for their passengers.


  10. khanr Reply

    I am writing to appreciate the service provided by the Spicejet Air Line staff during my travel from Bengaluru to Goa on 8th April by Flight #SC245.
    I was sick and had a good service from the staff. I would specially like to appreciate the service and the help provided by MR. DENNIS ALMEIDA (Supervisor) at Bengaluru Airport. I am very grateful to him and wish him all the best.

  11. ans Reply

    I booked my ticket with Spicejet using my credit card.The name on the ticket is not exactly the same as Passport. I will carry both my credit card and passport while travelling.Is it essential to reflect name as defined in passport if yes then How do i get that from Spicejet customer care is requested.

  12. kalavati patel Reply

    i am flying to mumbai on 15th dec and i need a connecting flight to Surat on 16 Dec. please give me details. Coming back to mumbai on 2nd Jan. I am flying Emirates and have luggage allowance of 40kg. What is the baggage allowance for Spicejet? Thanks

  13. Chandan Reply

    Can you please let me know whether SpiceJet has any plan to run flight’s between Srinagar to Kolkata sector for the month of November, 2012. Myself being a frequent flyer of your airlines have a group of 14 passengers and are planning to book our tickets through SpiceJet airline but unfortunately I don’t see any flights being scheduled for the month of November.
    Do you guys have any plan what so ever to run flight’s between Srinagar to Kolkata sector for the month of November? If NOT, then please let us know clearly so that we can look for other options.

    If there is any plan from your end to run flights between Srinagar to Kolkata sector for the month of November,2012 please let me know when.

  14. Dr.Anish kumar Reply

    My daughter (6yrs) is supposed to travel from delhi to kochi on 31st of May.She is travelling alone so please let me know what kind of service and support provided by spicejet……what all documents she has to carry..?

  15. Mariamma V.T Reply

    Today i booked spice jet ticket (SG-161) BOM-TRV at about10:30am through net banking(SBI) for me and my family for 8 passengers for 9th june ……and an amount of 36,104 Rs. was deducted from my account using net banking…i got a confirmation message that it was deducted..but could not get the ticket itenary….!! we tried calling them and was not available..then by 12:05 our call was answered..they told us that our ticket was not booked due to the congestion in the booking site but the transcation is done already… your customer executive has confirmed that the ticket booking was not done and that they would block the seats if we wanted but will have to make the payment “”AGAIN”” within 24 hrs…A complaint number was alloted to us and we were told that the money (Rs. 36,104) will be returned in another 5 days.I want to ask you that why should my money be blocked with you for no fault of ours??!!!! it is clear that spicejet has not taken any steps to handle the congestion which has occured due to the 7th anniversary offer advertisements. By the time i wait for this amount to be refunded ,iam losing the chance of getting tickets…..I understand that many have faced the same problem and how can spicejet block this much amount of the public for 5 days???? who will answer for this loss..???!! Are there no rules and regulations for this???!! please note that this happened outside your offer timings!!!

  16. Sunny T.Anto Reply

    I was supposed to travel by SG 131 from Mumbai to Kochi today morning and reached the counter exactly 55 minutes prior to the departure time of 8.35 a.m. I could not board as I was late by 5 minutes as per your e ticket. However as per your display board at the counter which says ” welcome to spicejet , counter closure 45 minutes prior departure” and I was 10 minutes early as per this statement.
    I am thankful to your staff who offered me afternoon flght still I would like to seek clarity on these 2 contradictory statements.
    Would like to hear you soon

  17. Prannay Reply

    Hi…what’s the procedure to postpone my scheduled departure date?

  18. Geetha Reply

    I travelled from Chennai to Pune on 22.01.2012 with my husband and my child by flight no SG 208, dep time 04.50 am .i have the ticket.but i lost my boarding pass.i need that pass, I have to submit my bill for the final claim. Office is asking for boarding pass to confirm if I travelled or not. Please provide me a duplicate of the boarding pass.
    kindly help me. The PNR no is SG KE41EQ

    • Gagze Reply

      Hello Gita, I was wondering if you were able to get duplicate boarding passes as I too am in the same predicament as you . In case you were successful please let me know the process you went about to get the duplicate boarding passes. Thank you – Best Gagze

  19. Ruhail Reply

    I don’t have any id card. Can I use any qualification certificate or banks passbook for identity proof to the airline check-in-counter?

  20. lakshmi Reply

    I travelled from banglore to hyderabad on 13.11.2011 with my child by flight no SG 871 time 10.10 am .i have the ticket.but i lost my boarding pass.i need that pass, I have to submit my bill for the final claim. Office is asking for boarding pass to confirm if I have travelled or not. Please provide me a duplicate of the boarding pass.
    please help me

    • Gagze Reply

      Hello Lakshmi, I too find my self in the same predicament as yourself. In case you were successful in getting a duplicate boarding pass, request you to please also let me the process you followed. Thank you – Best Regards Gagze

  21. Manoj santhavilas Reply

    I am a state Govt. employee in Kerala. I have a plan to fly to Delhi on November last week with my family. I hear that no charge will be taken for children if the booking date is 14th November. I want to know about your concessional rate.

  22. Kumar Reply

    I travelled from New Delhi to Chennai on 17.10.2011 by flight no. SG DELHI(ID) 303 at 13:50. It is informed that I have lost my boarding pass. I am a central government employee and i was on temporary duty. I have to submit my bill for the final claim. Office is asking for boarding pass to confirm if I have travelled or not. Please provide me a duplicate of the boarding pass.

  23. J K WYKES Reply

    It is my pity to inform you that your Airhostess Ms.xx has badly insulted me and my Italian colleague Mr. xx in front of all the passengers by her. Then she called the purcer who did not want to listen to us and he asked us to get off-board the flight immediately. He tried to catch me by arms and then called the Spice Jet SECURITY and we were forced out. My European colleague was surprised at this kind of behaviour in Spice Jet as he was travelling for the first time in India with me. IS THIS THE WAY SPICEJET BEHAVES WITH ITS CUSTOMERS ? Ultimately, I requested to talk to the Captain, Co-Captain Mr. xx came near cockpit door with even rude language. He was not ready to listen to the incident and replied that even if I was an Aviation minister I will be thrown out of the flight. THIS IS SURPRISING AND RIDICULOUS. After arguing for 15 minutes, He asked me to beg apology to the Airhostess. I had no option but to obey him as I had to attend the Board Meeting and reach the destination quickly. I APOLOGISED TO YOUR AIRHOSTESS in front of all the passengers. Neither she nor your purcer were wearing their badges.

    I have travelled a lot in India and Europe also.No captain or Airhostess dictates the passengers to beg apology in front of the passengers. This incident happened when I was flying yesterday from Pune to Ahmedabad in flight SG 342 , 7.55 am on 1st October 2011. My seat no. Was 26F and my Italian colleague’s seat no. Was 26 E. One gentleman was sitting in the aisle seat 26D. If I do not receive any response in 1 weeks time then I might file a legal case against Spice jet for defamation. We will also publish in the newspapers and broadcast the incident on the television and Internet.

    Please let me know the email id of your Managing Director as I wan’t to inform him how inhospitable and shameless his crew is. I had lot of respect for your low cost Airlines but it is lost now, I shall never ever travel with Spicejet in my life nor will allow anybody from my family or company.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      Sorry to hear about your ordeal..its rare such incidents is what you need to do. Send an email with your complaint to the nodal officer here [email protected] and customer relations at [email protected]. You should be hearing from them soon. Usually airlines take action on such complaints and can even initiate an investigation.

      • Ajay Mittal Reply

        I have bad experience of writing to customer relations. They do not give any response beyond that the matter is under investigation. Days pass. Then when you forward that email to the Nodal Officer, he simply forwards it back to some low level Customer Relations officer whose approach is evasive and defensive , also incomplete. The impression you get is that there is no concept of customer service here in India as well as with ‘reputable’ airlines like Spicejet.

  24. vijay kumar misra Reply

    dear sir,i have booked 4 ticket on sg-234 (spice jet) on date 21/6/2011 from hyderabad to delhi and today i have recieved a message in my mobile that this flight is cancellled and shifted to fight number(sg-226) so how can i get the ticket of this flight.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      contact the customer care..they should have it mailed to any case once you go to the airport go to the SpiceJet counter and provide your name after which your ticket can be printed..

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