Contact of YooMoney customer service

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Find below the customer service details of YooMoney. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the Russian digital wallet.

Head Office
Sadovnicheskaya naberezhnaya
Zamoskvorech’ye, Moscow City 115035

Phone: 8 800 250-66-99
Phone: +7 495 197-86-86

About YooMoney
These days, e-payment apps are in great demand as they save time and effort in making transactions. The advancement of technology aided in the introduction of numerous mobile-based payment options. One such option is YooMoney, an electronic payment wallet that can send money to friends and family, pay bills and taxes, and buy goods online. Additionally, an online app is also an ideal option for paying for online services and trading.

Because of its safety features, YooMoney has acquired millions of users. This is one of Russia’s most extensive electronic payment services that help make quick and safe payments anytime, anywhere. The online payment service works incredibly well for both merchants and individuals.

YooMoney is used by residents of Russia and many other countries related to CIS for making online payments. This is a fast-paced world where everyone wants to make quick and instant payments. Keeping this requirement of businesses and individuals, the e-wallet came into existence. Russians can have access to numerous benefits with this digital wallet. To ensure complete security of your money and data, YooMoney is regulated by the Bank of Russia.

As each component comes with its advantages, Yoomoney too have a long list of advantages, though the top few to be considered includes the simple layout of the e-money. Even if you are new or utilizing YooMoney for the first time, you can register easily, and need not to wait for verification or confirmation. Another reason to use the digital wallet is that there is no commission or fees for trading. Users can make deposits onto trading platforms without paying anything. As a user of Yoomoney, you will get discounts and avail with every transaction you do.

With YooMoney, one can also apply for an international virtual card. This free card can be used with a single click, which makes traveler’s life easy. It is more functional than any other e-wallet as YooMoney lets you pay bills, buy stocks, send money or get valuable services. In addition, YooMoney makes the payment and transfer easy s it supports ten currencies. This is a multi-currency account in which we can transact in Euro, Dollar and British Pound.

Invoicing is one of the most incredible features which Yoomoney caters to. It helps to issue invoices directly from the Merchant Profile without using any website. Users can create an invoice within a few minutes and send it to the customer. This feature can be implemented on the merchant’s website. It allows customers to also pay for their purchases in monthly installments. For customers, there is the availability of convenient options for making payments. They can choose any mode, such as an e-wallet, bank card, etc. Another crucial feature of YooMoney is that it allows debiting a certain amount from the account at a set date without the customer’s involvement.

In short, Yoomoney is one wallet, which can serve as a friendly currency as it increases your chances to bag discounts, other than that there are ample opportunities wherein you get cashbacks and rewards.

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