Contact of Whole Foods Market customer service

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Contact Whole Foods Market: Find below customer service details of Whole Foods Market, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the supermarket chain. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Whole Foods Market, Inc.
550 Bowie Street, Austin,
TX 78703-4644

Customer Service
Phone: 512-542-0878 (general)
Phone: 512-477-4455 (corporate)

About Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market is an American supermarket chain launched in the year 1980. The Fortune 500 company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and employs more than 87,000. Founded by  John Mackey, Rene Lawson Hardy, Craig Weller and Mark Skiles, Whole Foods Market had sales of $15.7bn in fiscal year 2016. The food retailer currently operates in over 470 locations across US, UK and Canada. You can locate a store nearest to your address here, using postcode, city or state. The companies operated by Whole Foods Market include the Whole Food Company, Wellspring Grocery, Bread & Circus, Mrs. Gooch’s, Fresh Fields, Amrion, Merchant of Vino, Nature’s Heartland, Harry’s Farmers Market, Wild Oats Markets and Fresh & Wild.

At Whole Foods Market stores you will find finest natural and organic foods. You will find foods that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, and sweeteners. If you enjoy shopping online, you can also order groceries and meals on the website. Store departments include bakery, cheese, grocery, meat & poultry, coffee & tea, prepared foods, produce and seafood. To find some of the ongoing discounts and offers, you can access the Coupons or Sales section on the website. If you have a special occasion coming, you can purchase physical or virtual gift cards that can be used at any of Whole Foods Market locations. While you are on the website, you might also want to check out the Recipes section to browse some of the top rated recipe collections and cooking guides. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, refund, cancellation, delivery, or others, reach the Whole Foods Market customer service.

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  1. Long long checkout lines at UES store on East 88th Street and Third Avenue. Yesterday around 2 pm there was no cashier on express line checkout registers and only one cashier at service desk for ten items or less. When said something to Manager, she did not move any of the regular line cashiers to the express line register. Took 45 minutes to check out. Why not install numerous self checkout registers or hire more cashiers? Today long line when peeked in around 9 am and at 5 pm the line stretches to the entrance door and there is a line outside. This is the only store that has this situation but most convenient to me. Everyone on the line complained.

  2. Today at Whole Foods in Raleigh NC, Wade Ave-
    I had the worse experience. I once WAS a loyal customer. It’s 3 blocks from my house, I pretty much know where everything is- and the staff is great.
    Except for today. While shopping an employee named Darrell or Daryl was absolutely rude. I was in line, about to purchase 2 packages scones. I asked the cashier if they were any good. As in will they keep for a week, or be dry tomorrow. I didn’t know. The cashier who says that weren’t into baked goods, asked an employee walking by, how the scones tasted. He (Daryl) looked at me and at the scones and said in such a rude way- ‘looks like you tasted it already so you tell me”

    I felt embarrassed , uncomfortable and kind of accosted verbally. I did open it while in line to take a crumb, which I was l would have purchased since I was already in line- waiting to purchase.
    My only concern was would it keep for a week, or dry out by tomorrow.

    Daryl turned an innocent question into something or didn’t have to be.

    I won’t be returning. He’s awful


    Just saw that Whole Foods is dramatically reducing prices starting on Wed, April 3. A good place to start is on the scones. Last year the scones were much larger and cost $2.00. Now they are much smaller and cost $2.50 I used to get a daily scone and coffee while shopping. No longer, as soon as they went to $2.50 and “Customer Service” ignored my plea to lower the price back to $2.00, I stopped going to Whole Foods. I additionally posted my experience of all social media encouraging all to avoid the “rip off” Whole Foods. Hopefully new management will come to their senses and reduce the scones and other items to far more reasonable prices. If so, I will advocate Whole Foods again on social media.

  4. Today (9/30/2018), Sunday, and last Sunday I shopped at the Cherry Creek Whole Foods in Denver Colorado. I got there early, around 8 AM. I checked out both times around (before 9 AM). Both times I found the customer service not up to its usual standard. Today there were three lanes open: one for express, and two for larger purchases. I looked around, and as I had about 18 or so items I waited in first one line then another. When I looked over at the Customer Service desk there were 3 employees there chatting. Finally a courtesy clerk, bagger, came to help one of the lines.

    I don’t mind waiting, but the checker was slow, and I mean slow. I have worked in retail long enough to say this with certainty. She was totally oblivious to the line forming behind me. While I appreciated this “thoroughness”??? I was aware of others getting frustraited as I had been.

    I had picked up 3 little decorative gourds for $1.49 each. There was no code. She spent easily 2 to 3 minutes trying to find the code as I bagged my own groceries. When I realized what she was trying to do, I asked her to forget the purchase and set them aside because now several people were in line!

    Cherry Creek WF cashiers used to be my definition of excellence! The stock people, produce and cheese employees still are, but the cashiers have fallen down quite a bit. I suspect that since being acquired by Amazon there is a feeling that the “bureaucracy” of being large is job protection and pride in work has fallen.

    Last Sunday, I had to suggest to the young man bagging who was flirting with the cute, young cashier that was a couple years older than he was, that some day he would look back on this experience (bagging) and realize that it is not who you work with but how YOU do your job that matters. There are no small jobs if you have the right attitude. Girls notice the work not the flirt…

    Do what you will with this, I offer it because if you don’t know what is going on you can’t do anything about it.

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