Contact of Mr Price (Mrp), South Africa customer service

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Contact Mr Price (Mrp): Find below customer service details of Mr Price Group, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
65 Masabalala Yengwa Avenue
Upper Level, North Concourse
Durban Station Complex
Morningside 4001
South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 0800 212 535 (Mrp – SA)
Phone: +27 31 310 8000
Phone: +27 31 310 8809 (Mrphome)
Phone: +27 31 310 8545 (Mrpsport)
Phone: +27 31 313 5500 (Miladys)
Phone: +27 31 367 3311 (Mrpmoney)

About Mr Price Group
Mr Price Group, also known as MRP, is a popular retail company based in South Africa. Mr Price was founded in 1885 and was earlier known as John Orrs, Hub, among other names. Headquartered in Durban, Mr Price also has stores across Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Botswana. The company currently operates over 1060 stores and employs close to 17,000 people.

Some of the top brands include Mrp, Mrphome, Mrpsport, Sheet Street, Mrpmoney and Miladys. Besides brick and mortar stores, Mr Price also operates online channels in Africa and Australia. Talking of the brands, Mrp is a fashion retailer that sells clothing, accessories and shoes. Mrphome is for furniture, utensils, and decorative objects for homes, the Mrpsport consists of sporting apparel and footwear, and Miladys is for women of all shapes and ages. There is also the Sheet Street for a range of home textile and decor products, and Mrpmoney, which is a financial services division.

If you are looking for Mrp-branded products, you can locate a store nearest to your address to begin your shopping spree. You can also purchase items online on the website. You have product categories such as t-shirts, vests, shirts, jackets, shorts, dresses, women’s tops, skirts, kids dresses, and shoes. On each product page, you have detailed description, sizes, colors, price and other important information mentioned. You can filter products by name, price, color or size.

Purchases on the website can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal or gift vouchers. Customers enjoy a 30 day return policy on most products (check with customer service). As for delivery, you can track the same online. You have Store Economy, Store Express and Door to Door Express. The Store Economy service takes 5 to 7 working days for delivery (within South Africa). If you are looking for sports apparel, shoes and sporting goods/equipments, visit the Mrpsport website. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, warranty, returns, or others reach the Mr Price customer service.

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  1. I would like to bring to your attention the appalling service I got from your store in Brixton and Flora centre. I bought a dress from your flora store and when I got home i didn’t like the fit. I then decided to drive to Brixton branch as is closer to where I stay to get a refund. I then explained to them that I had bought a dress at flora and I don’t like how it fits me and I would like to refund it and I also explained to them that the slip was emailed to me as I was asked if it’s okay for them to do so. When I showed them the slip on my email I was told that the slip is wrong and where is the one with the docket number and I was perplexed as how should I get that slip because the copy I have is what was emailed to me, they then told me to wait so that they can confirm with the branch in flora centre that I truly bought the item I have never felt so humiliated in my life after the run around they gave me, they told me that there’s no information and I must drive back to flora for the refund. I don’t understand why am I been inconvenienced due to operational issue when I am a paying customer. And who will foot the bill for my petrol when I drive to Flora? Your managers needs some training on how to handle customer my wonder your staff are so rude and offering us such service it’s because of such leaders that you entrusting to be your ambassadors. Firstly emailing of slips is a cost initiative at Mr Price and not primarily my problem in the same breath we still pay for plastics that will put in our clothes, I do not understand how your systems are not supposed to inconvenience me.

  2. I wanted to buy a pair of ladies shoes yesterday at Mr price in forest hill city and they had no size. I have asked them to check with other stores and was told their system is offline and once they use it everything becomes slow. Today i went to the shop in Mall @reds and i was told the Same story. What level of customer service is this. I am so disappointed.

  3. The queues are long in Pongola Kzn Mr Price. Staff is slow to help. Not nice to stand and wait and wait. Hope you will do something about it. Seems like some staff members are slow to help and speed things up.

  4. I’m so disappointed at Mr Price. I placed an order online on the 1st of June, I didn’t get a confirmation that the order was placed and it never reflected on my order history,two days later I called Mr Price group.I was then asked to forward proof of payment of which I did , but up to this day I haven’t received any feedback from them.. I have been spending my little airtime to call them and they would tell me that an agent who’s working on my case is on leave… or my case is with the finance team, when I want to be transferred to the finance team they tell me that they can’t . I’m so sick and tired with Mr Price and I want my money back.

  5. Yesterday I went to Centurion mall to do an exchange(i didn’t have a receipt) and buy few items, i was assisted by Cecile and Connie (store manager). After the exchange and the purchase i asked for a copy of receipt for the new items that bought but Connie refused to give me a receipt. Well i do understand the rules of returning items without a receipt, thats why I didn’t even mind getting a gift voucher, but my question remains, what if the additional clothes that i paid with my own money are not fitting? I used to work at Mr Price in Rosebank and we used to give photocopies of receipts to clients, so why wasn’t I given a receipt? Another thing is I had to wait almost 5 minutes to be assisted, while there was no customer in front of me, with 4 people behind the tills. I understand that it was almost time to go home, 1 was doing a cash up, what about the other 3?

  6. I bought online on 21 May 2021 ( R649.98) and still haven’t received my order nor does it reflect on my order history. I called later that week and was told to send proof of payment. I sent my bank statement which should also serve as proof of payment because it clearly shows there that the money was taken. A few days ago I received an email saying that I need to send proof of payment from my bank because your finance team wants proof of payment and not a bank statement. This is truly disturbing because when I purchased everything was smooth but now that the money is gone I need to hustle for my goods to be delivered. Your books should show you where the money is, especially because I sent my bank statement. Now I need to go to the bank to get the proof of payment since I didn’t request for it when I paid (which is exactly why I bought online, to avoid driving out and standing in cues – it should be convenient for me).

  7. Mr Price indeed a horror story to begin with. I closed my account 3 months ago at the CENTURION store in Gauteng. Still getting bills. Why cant you be dignified about closing an account as you are when we open it. The most rude persons on the phone as well as in store. I wish that I could meet just one person who can help you in a kind and considerate manner. Mr Price is happy to to keep charging you even after closing an account.

  8. I’ve been waiting three weeks for my online order from MRP. I’ve spoken to their customer services three times, and no-one is able, or willing to help. I’ve mailed customer services twice with no reply, also no reply from their whatsapp line or from the branch where I’m supposed to collect from.

  9. I and very disappointed in their online service I purchased clothes last month haven’t received them even now, even when I try to call their call center we still got no help now I don’t even know were to turn to because everything I try is not fruitful. I will never buy online if this is the case you purchase and never get your clothing or help. I am very disappointed

  10. Today I’m so disappointed about the service I got from Mr Price Kids Limpopo Mall. At the door their was this lady I did get here name correctly but I think it’s Katlego or Khomotso. I asked her nicely that I wanna shop and I have heavy parcels. She told me to go with my items because there don’t have parcel counter ok that was understandable.

    I went to Pick n Pay to take a trolley since I can’t shop with my parcel are in my hands. The lady told me I can’t shop with the trolley. It was a shock to me because I wanted to buy and I expect the good service but the unfortunate part is that I could not shop because I was holding heavy stuff in my hands.

    It that how you train your employee to treat the customers. Well maybe you training team should consider trainning them again because clear your service is very very poor. You’ve hired liability employees.

  11. Poor stocking of soccer boots at the Woodmead store. Very disappointing. No variety. No sizes on what they do have. Staff not informed of when stocks will come. Unacceptable display. Boxes old and broken. Area untidy.

  12. Sue Goutier Reply

    I popped in to Mr Price to buy some clothing today.

    Last time I was there it was such a negative experience that I have not been back for about 2 years.

    However, today there was this lovely lady who was so incredibly helpful. She went out of her way to find my size and just my shopping experience so much easier. I have never really had good service at Mr Price before and that is why I felt I needed to share what a difference it makes in a customer’s life if someone just does their job with enthusiasm.

    Unfortunately I don’t know her name, but she was pretty with short cropped dyed orange hair. So thanks to her for making my day better today.


  13. I’m very upset and not happy at all with Mr Price. I opened my account between Feb and March. I cancelled my policy with 30 days after I opened my account. when I went to pay my installment, I paid their installment plus the policy but I cancelled it that day I filled the forms at Maponya mall and that was it thinking March and or April the policy won’t be there. To my surprise the policy was still there and they said i have to pay 275 then I wait until April again the statement said I must pay 385. I cant afford it and my worry is going to affect my credit status. I’m very very upset with Mr Price.

  14. Hlengiwe Beteni Reply

    The treatment I got from east rand mall mr price clothing was uncalled for. I bought an item from online only to my surprise the item was torn. I took the item back to the store and they didn’t have sizes. They told me they don’t exchange underwear not as if I bought it in a saleable condition and them telling me I can’t return it was totally unfair because I bought it like that. Mr price is making lot of money on online selling torn items because we don’t see them when they are picked

  15. I was at North Cape Mall mistreated by the manager, Beatrice, she needs more customer care training. She really did not attend me well, I bought a ribbon it was written R15. 99 but scanned R19. 99. She insisted that I will pay the scanning amount and there is nothing she can do and left me standing there.

  16. I’m really disappointed in the service I have received with an online purchase i made. I’ve made an order on the 2021/03/23 for two items. Only 1 item was delivered to me and i was called and told my 2nd item will be delivered the next day; to this day i have not received my order.

    I called Mr Price and they told me my order was damaged and was sent back to the factory and I must expect a refund with 3-7 day; to this day I’m still awaiting my refund.

  17. I am highly angry with the service at Mr price. I placed an order, payment was done and deducted however the order was not processed. The money is reserved on my end, but no order number, delivery date or any from of traceability. This is the second time i have had this issue and will not be purchasing from them anymore. Horrible service, crappy app and overall awful experience.

  18. Good day everyone, I’m very upset and not happy at all with Mr Price, I live at palm springs Vereeniging. I opened my account last year November, so December I cancelled my police when I went to pay my installment on the 28 I paid their installment plus the policy but I cancelled it that day I filled the forms and that was it thinking January the policy won’t be there. To my superise the policy was still there and they said i have to pay 285 which I did and I ask the cashier he said maybe February it won’t appear, then I wait until Feb again the statement said I must pay 285, I decided to pay my installment excluding the policy, woops to my surprise they call me the begininig of March said I’m owing R408 and it’s even affected my credit status. I’m very very upset with Mr Price cause I had to call them and cancel the policy myself but now they haven’t erase their 408 which they said I’m owing and I’m not owing anything at Mr Price. I went to the store where I filled the form and they told me they didn’t fax because no one is trained to work with policy or to fax I couldn’t understand cause I was upset. They told me to go to another branch since December till now Mr Price it has poor service now my name is bad.

  19. Devinder Tethar Reply

    Hi. I was at Mr Price Blue Route mall today 9 March 2020. I was looking for a blue and white tie and die long sleeve top for my daughter. There was none on the shop floor and the Sales lady said she will check on the computer to see if there is in store. She checked and there was 5 in the store. However she and the manager could not supply me with one as according to them they could not find it in the stock room. I shopped for an hour and a half and returned to the store and they still could not supply the top although they had 5 in the shop. Poor service to the customers.

  20. Hans Benade Reply

    I orderd stuf from Mrp in December 2020 the goods was never received. I haved phoned them for the last 3 month but just empty promises. No one ever gets back to you.

  21. Mr Price Galleria has extremely unhappy staff. They seem to be forced to work. I went into the store an approached 1 sales assistant and 1 cashier afterwards and had the worst experience as they both looked upset that i greeted them and looked away and responded to be. Im a store manager and i dont allow my staff to give this dismal service and im shocked that Mr Price allows it.

  22. Martha Mathibe Reply

    Placed an order on the 2nd January 2020, till today 26 January no delivery, I called countless times and seems no one knows what is going on, a whole month waiting for what other companies do it 3 days this is beyond worst customer service ever… these people dont even havean email address where one can send such queries to.


  23. I made an online order on the 23 Dec 2020 and I am still waiting for the delivery (11 Jan 2021). I was not sent a tracking link and had to ask customer service to send it to me. I use the Mr Price WhatsApp chat to regularly check the status of my delivery, firstly I was told I would receive it on 31 Dec and when I check everytime after that they could not tell me when it would be delivery. My order was shipped on 28 Dec 2020 and the track and trace link has said “No Backstamps” since then.

  24. That was also my struggle and none of the links work on the online portal. Never ever using this service again. This was a tedious process where no one at the store could help except they told me to repay for the items in the store and they would ‘cancel’ when it arrived. 2 weeks after I order and the store has nothing. I called the call centre they say the store has it. Really really frustrating..

  25. This to and from between Mr Price mobile customer service and myself on a contract I had cancelled using the link requested I use by Mr price and to date no success I’ve now handed the matter to the NCC. Not a way to treat your customers your online service does not work so set up a face to face service at Your branches

  26. I have tried for 2 weeks now to get someone from online orders to answer me on WHERE my order is, OR the status, no response at all.
    I fail to see why my payment is pending verification, and no communication as to why or to tell me what is wrong.
    Silence only!!!!!

  27. I want to complain about the worst experience ever.
    I ordered online. Just to find out… My 1 item is not in stock.

    Was told to collect my remaining items and them i will receive a voucher for the 1 item i didn’t receive.

    Got to the store to collect. Just to be told i have to wait 24/48 hours for my voucher!! What bullshit. The store can’t give me a voucher it will come through my email. So i have to wait for my own money!!!

    There was no waiting period when the money had to be paid for the order!!

    The lady on the phone just said she can’t help me. More like she doesn’t want to…
    Where the store could have just give me the voucher…. Soooo upset!!!!

  28. Zaleen Blignaudt Reply

    I am very disappointed in what happened yesterday 07/12/2020 at mr price Atlantis.The security guy came up to my father and accuse him of stealing the shirt he had on..and that shirt was bought last here at mr price.What really shocked me was that the manager only told him to leave my dad without any one of them to apologise.And that is such bad service!
    However we are planning on taking further steps.

  29. Lucille Samuels Reply

    I purchased a cellphone to the amount of R900 and an additional R100 was for insurance for the phone. This insurance is to cover, physical damage, lost or theft and water damage for 6 months. The cellphone was purchased on 23September 2020. At Mr Price Store N1 City. 29the October I lost the cellphone in bothering shopping Centre, not sure which shop I lost it in as I was in 5 shops that day. When I returned to my car I discovered my phone was not on me or in my bag, I returned to the shops to search for it but to no avail. I tried to call the cellphone but it was off. I then reported the cellphone lost and went to the police station for an affidavit. i took the affidavit to Mr Price Store where I had Purchased the cellphone and they assured me that I would receive an email or sms from the insurance section of Mr Price. Till this day 23 November 2020 nearly 2 months later and 3trips to Mr Price N1 City not a sms or email. The kind gentlemen at the store was trying his best to help me and even kept in contact with me. I had my cellphone for a month, I paid my insurance for the phone and Mr Price refuses to contact me or let me know what’s happening. This is clearly a scam on Mr Price part as it seems they will ignore me till the 6months insurance period is over as not to reimburse me with another cellphone or return the monies I spent on the cellphone. If there’s anyone out there that can help me regarding this matter, it will be greatly appreciated. Apparently I’m not the first person Mr Price has scammed with regarding the cellphones and insurance. Please people do not trust Mr Price with the cellphones or the insurance for the cellphone

  30. Horrible service from Mr Price home online!
    I ordered a product from Mr Price online , a white faux fur bean bag which cost R1300. Everything was confirmed and I was informed that my product will be delivered on Friday 6 November 2020.

    When my product arrived it was not what I ordered. I received a pink plush kiddies bean bag which cost R700.

    My invoice stated that my product was R1300 and the item I received was completely different.

    I then proceeded to call the Mr Price customer service line for an explanation but I was put on hold for 18 minutes and then disconnected.

    I called back and was told by a stuttering call Centre agent that the item was not available and I’ll receive a refund.

    Why did I only find out that the item was not available when I had to call the customer service centre twice. It’s a utter waste of my time! I am incredibly disappointed by the service I received from the call centre and the online store.

  31. I am so appalled by the online service of Mr Price. Their system has failed me twice and inconvenienced me beyond comprehension. The 1st time I ordered only to be advised my order was cancelled as it was out of stock. The call centre agent that assisted me was really helpful and made arrangements with the Eastgate branch to keep my items as they had stock. I had to make a special trip to Eastgate to purchase my items. There was another item I ordered online that I purchased 2 of buy when I got home due to the way it was packaged was damaged. I returned and ordered the item only to be advised after 2 weeks that I canceled my order. I was shocked as I did no such thing. When I called the call center agent Chancy Chetty a very unhelpful agent advised it was due to my order being out of stock. She wasn’t willing to assist me source another item or make any arrangements for me like the previous agent that went out of his way. He advised me that they cannot do inter store transfers as the item was glass and fragile and could break. The 2nd item is a pillow and not fragile so I asked her if they could please get it from Eastgate to My branch and her response was due to Covid it’s not possible. Yes if we were on the other levels it’s understandable but Covid is on Level 1 and almost all restrictions are uplifted. The 1st agent was willing to assist and advised if the item was not fragile they would arrange which is understandable yet this agent Chancy advised it’s not possible. I am waiting for her Manager to contact me as I have lost all faith in ur online service as it is nor efficient at all. Appalled client.

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