Contact McDonald’s – Philippines: Find below customer service details of McDonald’s, Philippines, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
16th Floor Citibank Center Bldg.
8741 Paseo de Roxas St.,
Makati City, Philippines

Customer Service
Phone: 86-2-36 / 02 863 5490 (Metro Manila)
Phone: 32-348-6236 (Cebu)
Phone: 82-228-6236 (Davao)
Phone: 49-838-6236 (Laguna)
Phone: 46-878-6236 (Cavite)
Phone: 43-318-6236 (Batangas)
Email: [email protected]

About McDonald’s Philippines
McDonald’s began in Philippines with first restaurant opened in Manila in the year 1981. The fast food restaurant chain offers a wide variety of burgers, fries, drinks and desserts on the menu. McDonald’s currently has close to 37,000 restaurants worldwide. The American fast food chain operates from its headquarters at Chicago. Today, one of the world’s largest restaurant chain, McDonald’s operates in more than 100 countries and serves over 69 million customers.

McDonald’s began expansion across Philippines around 1991. McDonald’s Philippines is fully Filipino-owned and currently has more than 500 restaurants across the country. You can use the Store Locator on the website to locate an outlet nearest to your address. You can also order a burger over phone or online on the website. You can order burgers, desserts and drinks on the website.

The menu includes Cheesy Burger, Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Fillet-O-Fish, Cheeseburger, Burger McDo, Fries, Ice Creams and Hot/Cold Drinks. For the full list of items, you can download the menu on the website. For more information or queries on store locations, menu, online order or others, reach the McDonald’s Philippines customer service.


  1. MC Brisuela Reply

    I would like to commend your crew, Angelica, for being so welcoming and serving us with a smile when we dine at Mcdonald’s Greenhills. She’s very hospitable assisting our youngest brother and my lola. Keep having persons like them in your company. She is definitely an asset.

  2. I just want to share my experience here at Mcdonalds Greenbelt 1. The place is clean and the crews are all welcoming and helpful. I commend the branch manager Mr. Joseph Santiago, he is very accommodating to the customers and always make sure that he attends to all the needs before hand. It was a wonderful experience and we will dine again soon.

  3. Bryan Pasos Reply

    For all their efforts that led to satisfactory feedbacks from myself and my colleagues, I would like to express my gratitude to the whole crew of McDonald’s Pioneer Reliance. They really put so much effort to making sure every set of meal an enjoyable one. Two thumbs up!!!

  4. I have been a regular customer of McDo Barangka since it’s closest to my residence.

    Recently, they have opened a claim counter, so instead of you getting your food after payment, you’d have to claim it (or in my case this morning, food gets served to you). I noticed that ever since this change, the food served is always cold. Obviously, this change in procedure isn’t ok and I hope they could go back to the usual way of serving their food.

  5. I was an avid customer at MC Donald located at MacArthur Highway Telabastagan,City of San Fernando,Pampanga. I always go and eat there because its closer to our building. I place my order and gave my Senior Citizen card to one of the cashier. And when the cashier call the Supervisor to scan the card so I can get a Senior discount. When the cashier call the Supervisor, it took him a while before he came to the front counter. The cashier kept on calling him several times before he came to the front counter. The Supervisor name is Paul John Passion, very rude and very disrespectful to Senior Citizen. I don’t know what is his motives when he took a picture of my Senior Card. When I’m about to take his picture on his ID he covered it with his hand. I’m calling your attention to solve the problem with that guy. He has an attitude problem. He should not be working to your establishment because he is a disgrace with your fast growing company. I will never never set foot to McDonald anymore.


    This is a complain on McDo Delivery. This morning my son ordered on line on your McDo Online ordering… the orders were delivered. But we repeated the process and ordered at 6:13 pm for our dinner and followed up at 7:45. at 8:02 we received a call that they are to deliver the food in 30 minutes after 30 minutes but at around 9:10 i received a text from 09203189808 that they cannot deliver our order because our place wasn’t their area. so we were flared up… so we called who ever texted us… we waited for almost 3 hours… we havent taken our dinner at 9:30 with my 2 young sons ages 9 and 10. my wife talked to the manager on duty in Tarlac Romulo branch… and even the call center agent who took our order.. we decided to cook for our dinner at 10 pm and ate our dinner very late… then at around 11:13 delivery man of that branch called that he was already in the area…Please call the attention of this branch MCDONALDS Tarlac Romulo and attend to our complain

  7. Honest and trustworthy crew at mcdo sm cabanatuan branch, I left my phone there last november 30,2018 thankful to the crew who found it i was able to get my phone back

  8. Khayryll Faith B. Ola Reply

    We had a Birthday Party last October 28, 2018. It was a great party. The kids enjoyed it as well as the adults. They enjoyed the party most especially the food. I would like to commend May Carpio and Joyce Flores for facilitating the event well. They are nice and very accomodating. Thank you McDonalds!

  9. Volet Constantino Reply

    Hi, I just want to inform you of our 2nd time experienced with your McDonald Stores. My husband & I used to go to drive thru of your stores. One of which was in Baler corner Roosevelt. This is our first time experienced. We bought 3 Sausage Mcmuffin with egg. 2 of these are for my husband who is already senior citizen. While we are eating on our way, the 3rd sandwich is not as big as the two we consumed. We noticed that there is no egg & cheese on it. Just the burger. My husband has no choice but eat it. He has big appetite. As we checked our bill, we paid the correct meal. He plans to revisit this store to complaint but unfortunately time did not allow him to do so.

    Today, we experienced this again at your branch in E. Rodriguez. But this time, it was not successfully done. My husband told the person in the counter are our orders complete? You might give us wrong order like in your other branch. I immediately inspected the sandwiches while looking at your staff,luckily same with our first experienced only burger sandwich on it placed in the last piece in the paper bag. Then your staff suddenly said, sorry then give immediately the other paper bag with the same sandwich we originally ordered. He did not even get out of his counter to change it. Is this really happening in your branches. Your customer trusted your staff that what their orders are completely given. What is wrong with your staff. Do you know this thing?

    Please investigate on this and give us feedback. We have been patronizing your store ever since. Thank you.

  10. McDonalds Philippines’ delivery service is so poor. I think there is something wrong with the assignment of stores to deliver and McDonalds is not flexible to listen to client’s suggestions.

    • I just would like to thank and commend mr. Ulyses Naad and mr. Carlo Bonita at Mcdo Gmall Davao for accomodating my complaint about the insufficient change given to me. There was an immediate action taken and they all handled it well including their crew. I’ve never experienced being treated this way by a fastfood restaurant. Having that said, i truly would recommend mcdo. Aside from the delicious food they serve, it’s the heart and the willingness to serve truly makes them exemplary. I also hope that all employees observe and practice this simple acts of kindness and servitude. I also look forward to seeing them promoted.

  11. unknown user Reply

    I’m bringing this attention to all of you. Kindly visit Mcdonalds BGC at Taguig and see how poor their services they have. 1st, no ice available, 2nd they’re going to take all of the order. then make it 1 by 1. So the customer will wait for 30mins before they can take their order. How is that fast food? Please we will appreciate if you shutdown the bldg. thankyou

    • Today is Christmas. My family went to McDonalds Consolacion Branch, Cebu for our usual McDo meals. What a big disappointment to find out their toilet has been out of service, and for close to a week already! This is a huge letdown from Mcdo’s kind of customer service, specially during this season! Isn’t there any sense of urgency to be able to address your customers’ comfort after partaking of Mcdo’s food? Does maintenance really take that long 7 days?

      Whatever excuses there are, please elevate this issue to your Engineering team for prompt solution and closure. Thank you.

  12. The customer care number for Metro Manila is incorrect. The one published here is for their delivery. McD’s customer care hotline for Metro Manila is 02 863 5490, which is printed on their receipts.

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