Contact of HomeChoice, South Africa customer service

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Contact HomeChoice: Find below customer service details of HomeChoice, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
78 Main Road, Wynberg 7800,
Cape Town, South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 0861 999 635
Phone: +27 21 680 1300
Email: [email protected]

About HomeChoice 
HomeChoice is a popular shopping retailer in South Africa founded in 1985. The company is headquartered in Wynberg and operates as a subsidiary of HomeChoice International PLC. HomeChoice operates both brick and mortar stores and a widely-visited e-commerce channel. You can visit the website to request a catalog or to begin shopping directly from the wide array of categories listed.

Product categories found on HomeChoice include bedding sets, sheet sets, bedcovers, mattresses, men’s/women’s clothing, handbags, indoor/outdoor furniture, blankets, luggage, curtains, electronics and home appliances such as ovens, kettles, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, refrigerators and washing machines.

Payment for purchases on can be made using debit/credit card, net banking or using cash at counters of select stores. HomeChoice takes anywhere from 5 to 10 days to fulfill orders. You can track status of delivery on the website. Delivery fees is visible during checkout. Most products carry a 14 day return policy. HomeChooice allows for return only on products with manufacturing defects. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the HomeChoice customer service.

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  1. I have had an account with Homechoice for +- 3 years now and have not missed any payment with them in all theses years. This month I am furnished with a statement that shows an arrear amount of R804.25 which is obviously a shock to me as I have a debit order set up with Homechoice.

    I send an email to Homechoice asking for clarity on the arrear amount mentioned on Saturday (11/09/2021) and am informed by a Ncedo Mooi that the instalment amount was reversed… quiet obviously this is a shock to me as I did not reverse any payments from Homechoice.
    I then request for statement showing this reversal transaction to be sent to me and once again, obviously Ncedo takes his time to reply.

    I then contact Homechoice myself on the Monday (20/09/2021) and speak to a Mushfika who informs me that the deduction was attempted on the 25th of August and reversed on the 26th of August by me. As if the shocking info isn’t already at it’s highest, I then question firstly, why my account was debited on the incorrect date (my agreed deduction date is the 27th) whereas there was no public holiday or weekend that would have interrupted their deduction, secondly I ask why is it that this supposed reversal is being blamed on me when I am adamant that I did not reverse any payment from Homechoice. I then request for the matter to be escalated to a manager and am asked to send an email with screenshots of my bank statement (which by the way, show no transaction from Homechoice on the 25th or 26th of August), which I obviously comply with.

    That very same day I am contacted by a very rude Homechoice collections consultant wanting to know when I am going to make payment for my account, I ask her to please add comments on the system informing that I have a query in progress and will not make any arrangements with anybody until I get the necessary feedback. On Tuesday, I decide to contact Homechoice once again for feedback on my query. On this day I speak to Crystal, who is very nice and understanding and sees where the problem is (Call reference: 826367362). She then informs me that there was a glitch on the Homechoice system which led to this mishap, she will need to log a query for a recon to the finance department and request that the collections department not call me. Now, I am happy because it seems that I have eventually spoken to someone with a bit of brains.

    However, to my surprise I am contacted again on Wednesday by a rude Homechoice collections consultant demanding payment. Call ends abruptly, ended by me of course as I was just about fed up of being insulted by these collections consultants.
    I then decide to contact Homechoice myself again and am assisted by a lady named Gcobisa (Call reference: 826495448). I ask for the Complaints department number or to speak to a supervisor, and… no surprise, that is not possible I am informed. I can only email the complaints department (which I have already done and a complaint has been filed with the Consumer Goods Ombudsman). The lady asks me to please inform her what my complaint is and she will see how she can help.

    At this point I have had enough, however at least some light is shed. Gcobisa informs me that indeed there was a glitch somewhere which led to an incorrect attempted deduction of R962.82 off my account and her system reads “Duplicate response received and processed in error” which meant that Homechoice had to then reverse the incorrect deduction themselves. What they also then went and messed up is my actual deduction on the 27th (2 days after their glitch) which they did not attempt to deduct for whatever reason.

    For a customer who has never missed a single payment to be informed that it is also my fault because I needed to ensure that the debit order went through is just ridiculous for me. When we are probed for banking details for these arrangements we are informed that it is to our benefit as payments will be made accurately on the dates supplied by me as a customer. Yet, on the flip side of it, when their system glitches, it is also my fault for not checking that the payment went off? How freaking convenient. I am absolutely disgusted in how Homechoice treats their paying customers and how their collections department disregards people and how rude obligated they feel to your time and yet disrespect it when you give it to them.

  2. Home choice is such a disgrace, I made an order in Dec 2019 and failed to deliver… I raised a query and even today still not resolved but account keep accumulating interests of which I was promised they will stop until solution has been provided. If I don’t follow up they never get back to you and never listen when they call all they want is when the next payment is gonna be made. Now you have affected my credit score and marked me a bad one yet it is your fault failing to deliver and resolve out issues for more than 18 months.

  3. Im very much disappointed with homechoice, they deducted amounts in my account whereas i do not even have an account with them. I lodged a complaints and they asked me to send affidavit and id copy i did that,that was in January. Even today no one called me back and i when i call them nothing concrete they are saying. This has affected my credit score because there is this account of theirs that is in arrears in my records, that i know nothing of.

  4. I am totally a sad man as I write,on July the 25th you guys debited my account a sum of R982, and again on the same date of August,the same amount was again deducted. Upon my follow up to the matter, I was told that I ordered a sound system which I know nothing about,as my last order I am aware of is of a Samsung microwave oven which I am still paying up to date.

    I was then emailed by Miskha who said I must get an affidavit together with a copy of my identity and send it to her in order to investigate the matter,which I am also worried about it.Does this means that during the process of their investigation, will my account still gonna sucked dry for something I don’t know about?

    Lastly,I would like to know,who received and signed for the delivery, and the courier company who delivered that,as their protocol says you must provide an identity document upon receiving the goods.

    Adding salt to the wound,I am no longer receiving my monthly catalogues, neither am I receiving anymore calls from them.

    Guys,please try to get you act together because it’s clear that one of your employees over those desk is a double agent.

    Extremely sad:Brian.

  5. Buyiswa masiza Reply

    I’m so upset with you guys I order something from you but you never deliver but you calling everytime you want me to make a payment for something I didn’t even get, now I can’t even make loan because I’m blacklisted please try to solve this this is to much how can I pay for something I didn’t even get

  6. On the 11th April 2019 at 10h08am, I received a sales call on my cell phone. I asked the lady that called, why would I place another order if I still haven’t received the order I placed last month. The lady checked on the system and advised me that there is a delivery notification on her system that an sms confirmation was sent out to me on the 02nd April 2019, stating that my order was at my nearest post office, which is the Gugulethu post office. While I was trying to advise the lady that I haven’t received that sms, she raised her voice and put the phone on my ear while I was busy talking.

    I called in on the same day, spoke with Unathi who advised she was the team leader, she took the details of the call, the name of the lady (who’s name I can’t recall), the number she called me from the number 0871580658 and the time of the call which was at 10h08am. Unathi advised that she will escalate the matter to the quality department to trace the call and she will provide me with feedback after 48 hours. ( this was on Thursday 11th April 2019) Unathi then provided me with the Waybil number stated above on the subject line.

    On Saturday the 13th April, I hired a van (paid money)and went to the Gugulethu Post Office, which is my closest post office as I was told that my goods were already there according to the sms that the lady and Unathi advised was sent to me on the 02nd April. I was told at the post office that my goods haven’t arrived.

    Today at 10h44, I called in for my feedback as I haven’t receive any from Unathi where she promised me she will provide after 48 hours on Thursday the 11th April. I was then told by Lusanda that she is on tea and she will give her a message to contact me back.

    At 12h04, I called in again, spoke with Siphokazi who advised me that Unathi is busy with another escalation and is unable to take my call.

    Firstly, as a loyal customer of HomeChoice, I am very disappointed and angry with the level of service that I am currently receiving from both the lady that was rude to me and the team leader Unathi that is not taking this matter with the utmost urgency.

    I received a statement of the goods that I haven’t received as yet and on the 25th April a debit order will be loaded on my bank account to collect for something I haven’t received. I wasted time and paid money to go to the post office and collect my order which was not even there and I was told it was at the post office.

  7. I just went to the homechoice store in Marshaltown Johannesburg and want to applaud Desiree Mpati for the excellent customer service I received. She was very polite,humble and had excellent customer services skills which I feel that the so called manager Rachel Chango can learn from. Rachel spoke to me as though she was doing me a favor and could’nt come up with a solution for my problem. May many of the customers receive the love and respect that I felt from Desiree today.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  8. I am very disappointed I ordered 6 piece Jody duvet covers. On you catalogue you said you get both red and white but when I received it it was white and black.

    I returned it. After I few days I received a call from you asking why I returned it and I explained. They asked me if I still want it I told them only if I am getting red and white like what’s on the catalogue. I was told yes you will get red and white. I reordered it and was surprised today to receive exactly what I returned to you 2 weeks ago. The way you have treated me is not professional and I am very angry with you.

    Last time when I returned I paid R73 so meaning tomorrow I will pump out another R73 all because of your mistakes

    Not happy at all

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