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Find below the customer service details of GE Appliances, US. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the appliance manufacturer.

Head Office
4000 Buechel Bank Road
Louisville, KY 40225
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-GECares
Phone: 1-800-432-2737
Phone: 1-800-626-2005

About GE Appliances
One of the most recognized global brands in the field of home appliances is undoubtedly, GE Appliances. Founded in 1905, and with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, appliance brand leader, Haier, now owns GE Appliances. Chances are that almost every other home in the US has appliances made by GE. They have over 13,500 employees taking pride in the whole production process – right from design and building, to delivery and service. GE believes in providing products that make life better for all the people they touch. In the US, manufacturing plants are set up in Louisville, Kentucky, Alabama, and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

At GE Appliances, you can buy the complete range of home appliances and make your home tech smart. For your kitchen, you can pick out refrigerators in various styles: side-by-side, bottom freezer, counter depth or French door. Choose from black, black slate, black stainless steel, slate, stainless steel and white. They also have fingerprint resistant options in different finishes, capacities and sizes, so you can get the most suitable refrigerator for your kitchen and family needs. You can also pick out energy efficient freezers in chest or upright models. Fit your kitchen with all imaginable appliances such as ice makers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, cook tops, microwave ovens, hoods and vents, trash compactors and disposers. This will make your kitchen look good and help you work smart. You could check out the GE Kitchen inspiration gallery for ideas and options if you need ideas on how to set up your kitchen or want to know which appliances are best for you.

GE Appliances also produce a large range of smaller devices that help make your life more comfortable and work easy. They have a line of countertop ice makers, air fryers, toasters, coffee makers, food processors, blenders, kettles and immersion blenders in space and energy saving models. You can avail of free shipping for all small GE Appliances. For your laundry solutions, you can choose from GE’s range of washers, dryers, accessories and stacked washer dryer combos. All your heating and cooling needs are also addressed by GE. Choose from the range of water heaters – electrical and smart, air conditioners for your home or commercial establishment, water softeners and water filtration systems. All GE Appliances also come in the smart range where the technology enabled SmartHQ app connects with smart appliances through Wi-Fi and voice control technology to make your daily chores easy.

Visit the office website to check out the range of appliances available that will help make your house efficient and user friendly. They have a whole host of special offers that will get you your favorite appliances at prices that will make you smile. Once you purchase an appliance from GE, you will be given the assurance of support from the company in terms of spare parts, accessories, manuals, instructions on how to connect your appliances or any other product support that you need.

You can either buy your favorite GE Appliances online through their website or use the store locator to check out an outlet closest to you to start shopping. Authorized agents will deliver your appliances to your home address and set up the installation, making it ready for you to switch on and use. Note that if you purchased a small appliance online, you have the option to return for refund or exchange within 60 days of delivery. Large appliances can be returned within 7 days. And if returning or replacing within 30 days, there will be a restocking and pickup fee charged. Register your product on the website to keep a track of warranty, service or repair.


  1. Vance Howard Reply

    I am extremely disappointed with the customer service I received from GE. On 1/24/2023 I had a GE service person come to my home. The gentlemen ordered knobs for my GE gas stove. He ordered double the amount needed and I have been trying since January to get my refund. I was charged $283.66 for knobs and have been waiting over a month for my refund. I was told as soon as FedEx picks up my return I will be reimbursed. That happened over a month ago and I continue to get no progress every time my wife or I call your customer service department. I am totally dissatisfied with the service GE has provided thus far. I have been told multiple times what you can’t do for your clients but no attention to rectifying an obvious problem that began with your device technician ordering more part than I actually needed.

  2. I’ve bought eight of the GE laundry centers for rental property. Four of them (50%) have failed within two years. It is always the washing machine. Repair costs more than the whole unit. I need to buy new washing machine ANDER dryer since they are connected despite only the washing machine failing. Really terrible product. Please do not buy GE Laundry centers.

  3. Tina I Sholter Reply

    Your top loading washer GTW335ASN1WW is almost as terrible as your customer service. I had this less than two years when the tub started flying around thumping and the washer would bounce across the floor during every spin cycle. My tech said he knows of several people with the same issue with the same washer. That tells me that it’s a manufacturing issue not a fluke. Then, GE wants to charge me for trouble shooting via text! Terrible product…. terrible service.

  4. Patricia sciarillo Reply

    So very disappointed in your microwave product. Was an over the counter microwave oven. Had good reviews. I paid $268 at Home Depot for it in Late April 2021. Hardly used. July of 2023 it wouldn’t “heat up”. So called GE technician and paid $109.95 just to come our and look at it. Now cost is 377.95. Plus i paid $100. To install . Total $477.95. And if I wanted it fixed the price would be $381.88. Oh they would take $109.95 OFF. . Leaving another 368 add that to $477. Almost $800 spent out of pocket on a microwave that apparently was a lemon!. There is no way I could have broken what needs to be fixed. Really really disappointed. I have the original GE dishwasher in my condo still working from 1984! I don’t want to hear ” well they don’t make them like they used to” no excuse.

  5. I just want to say that your top loading deep fill hydro washing machines are absolutely terrible. My wife and I heard that GE machines were reliable quality but we paid over $900 for this wash machine and we can’t run more that 3 loads at a time without the machine shutting down. Then we have to pay $120 just for someone to come out and tell us nothing is wrong with it. It’s a terrible product and from what I’ve gathered from technicians and other customers it seems like they are all terrible. As a company, you should feel ashamed to be putting out such a terrible product without holding yourselves accountable.

  6. We have a GE Cabrio washer, 5 yrs old – lights started flashing when I turned it on. I looked on-line & found sometimes it’s necessary to re-start by unplugging, which I did. When I attempted to plug it in, there was a large spark. It then would not turn on at all. We called a repairman who removed the back & found a wire that did not have the proper covering, apparently frying the dial board. He said he could order a new board, around $500 but if the mother board was ruined it could run about $800.00. Of course we decided to purchase a new washer at that price! Just wanted to inform you of this problem & maybe technicians need to be more careful putting these together. We’re lucky it didn’t cause a fire. SER – C72871496

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