Contact of Defy Appliances customer service

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Contact Defy Appliances: Find below customer service details of Defy Appliances, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
135 Teakwood Rd,
Jacobs, 4052, Durban,
South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 086 100 DEFY (3339)
Phone: +27 31 460-9711
Phone: +27 31 460-9738

About Defy Appliances
Defy Appliances is a manufacturer and distributor of domestic appliances in South Africa. Founded in the 1920s, the company operates as a subsidiary of Arçelik Group. Headquartered in Durban, Defy Appliances manufactures products from its three factories located at Durban, Ladysmith and East London. It also operates sales and service centers in major provinces across the country.

Defy’s product lineup includes stoves, microwave ovens, cookerhoods, hobs, refrigerators, laundry/dishwashers, air conditioners, blenders, coffee machines, kettles, mixers, stand fans, steam irons, toasts and vacuum cleaners. You can purchase the products at a brick and mortar store or via popular online retailers. If you have purchased a Defy product, you can register same on website to keep track of purchase, service or warranty. There is also a Manuals section for those needing help with usage. If you need help with repair or replacement of parts, reach the nearest Defy service center for assistance. For more information or queries on payment, cancellation, warranty, repair or others, reach the Defy Appliances customer service.

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  1. I bought a defy fridge and the hinge was loose. They came and fitted a new hinge and never put the the door back properly. I called them and gave them the times I will be home so they can come. They call after the time. The technicians are very rude. No respect for their clients. The only thing they say is that they are sorry. Really pathetic service. Please don’t ever support them

  2. Sunday Okoro Reply

    I bought a defy glass stove from defy on October 2020 it worked for six months and started developing errors I logged a complaint a certain man was allocated to me I was so disappointed… The man said it was damaged by cockroach???, how can a common house hold insect damage an appliance that was built to last long? Further more their warranty does not cover such.. In my kitchen I have many other appliances which have lasted for a very long time.
    I hope defy knows what this can result to because I know that they are supposed to consider all the home conditions when manufacturing their appliances. Or is this a a strategic to diverse from their responsibilities?

    • Farida Sayed Reply

      I purchased a Defy Chest Freezer two weeks ago. This is my third chest freezer from Defy. I expected this last purchase to have the qualities or more than the previous ones. When the freezer was delivered I noticed that it was scraping on the floor after it was placed in my Pantry. The delivery guys had left and I thought that it was just missing the wheels. Three screws fell out the bottom as well.
      On contacting customer service a representative came in to look at it made his observations and walked out. He said they will be in contact with me. next day. It is bare metal on the tiled floor. One cannot move it to clean under or around the freezer. Its like placing a car on the street without tyres and expecting it to move on the rims. I am so disappointed. Who lifts up a Chest Freezer to look at the base before purchasing it. All the Service Center could tell me on my second call that it was made that way the complaint was closed.

  3. I bought a stove that never worked. Defy has sent more than 10 technicians to fix with zero help refusing to change or refund us. I am very disappointed and angry Jan Van Zyl has zero customer service etiquette. Brand new stove bought in February never worked from day one
    People must never buy their products

  4. Iqbal Yunus Reply

    I am extremely disappointed in the service I have received from defy. It has now been over 40 days without a fridge as they continue sending the incorrect part . It is impossible to get a hold of anyone at customer care and the Manager Danny is ALWAYS in a meeting and unable to take clients calls. This is DFF400 4 door fridge and was in excess of R17000. How can it take so long to replace a pc board? How incompetent must you be to send out the wrong PC board 4 times!! They keep telling us they will call back but never do. How do I escalate this further? You have definitely lost a client here,

  5. Faizal Kahan Reply

    Called the Durban office. Pathetic service. Not given a chance to explain problem. When asked to speak to a technician was told cant. Called the call centre holding on for about 7 minutes. Then call terminated. So much for Defys customer service. Catch this complaint on LinkedIn.

    • Andre Cilliers Reply

      I have had the same pathetic (no… non existent) after sales service from Devy. I am baffled that such a Company can, without after sales service continue its operations. It is evident that in Africa such Companies force consumers to accept mediocrity as a standard. Shame on Devy SA !

  6. I have never experienced worse customer service in my life. Your call centres are dismal in solving queries. Gave logged a ticket on the 9th, technician confirmed TWICE to attend to our query at 12:00 today. No one has showed up, no calls have been answered, and if we ger an answer we are transferred again. Spent hours on the line, wasted airtime and receive absolutely NO SERVICE. I work in services myself and this is absolutely horrible.

  7. I’m beyond agitated as well as disgusted by the level of incompetence in the repair department of both tzaneen and Polokwane, my fridge has been damaged ever since January and till this date it has not been fixed. I have to be the only person to call everyday to ask when they will attend to my matter..they always say we will call you back but never do.

  8. Ryan Rugbar Reply

    I have bought a stove from defy in 2018. within the 2year warranty I had endless problems. The plates kept on needed to be replaced. The stove caught rust after the first year and i was told that I cannot have a new stove, they replaced the part that had the rust and now a few months after warranty, the rust is almost through out the whole stove. Complete waste of money and I have no faith in the brand anymore

  9. Reading all the complaints about Defy service agents I’m pleased I’m not the only one !
    Shocking and rude attitude.
    I will never buy another Defy product again and I will warn everyone about the sloppy after sales service – it’s not worth the trouble buying defy products because when they need parts or repairs it’s a total nightmare.

  10. I bought a Defy dishwasher in Nov 2017. Since then I have had to call out the technicians for n multiple occasions to fix issues. They fixed them under warranty which was great. Now, 1 month out of warranty the same issue pops up and they cannot help me. Incredibly frustrating! The last Defy appliance I am buying!

  11. Shirley Kilian Reply

    I am very disappointed in Defy. I’ve bought a brand new Top Loader Washing machine 16 Dec 2020 where it was delivered on 17 Dec.. On 19 December i finally wanted to try out my new machine. Where i plugged it in and IT’S NOT WORKING. Since when does brand new appliances NOT work?! I have called them and after 2 days a technician came where he had to remove and take in the PC board. Today is 26 December and still i have no washing machine. Aren’t you supposed to exchange the brand new machine?? I’m fed up with Defy and highly disappointed. At this point i feel like getting a refund and go buy something else. So much for a brand new Christmas Gifts and only to find out it was a ripp off. Really sad.

  12. Catherine Jones Reply

    Requested a repair for a gas leak at the main ignitor switch of a Defy hob. Ignitor switch had been previously repaired. Technicians came out, looked at the switch. Claimed that they do not repair “other people’s work” (even though they had been informed telephonically prior to the call out that the unit had been repaired), took the call out fee in cash and left without leaving an invoice or receipt. Defy has always been my choice of appliance but service support is more important. If this is the standard of service in Durban, I will be looking at another brand. A full refund of the R650.00 call out should be paid.

  13. Ferne Kalamer Reply

    I purchased a frost free Defy fridge 2 years ago. The fan would freeze over and I would need to defrost it on the regular. A technician came out and “repaired” the issue. A few months later and the problem reoccured. The food in my fridge freezes and spoils and I have to resort to throwing away food. Finally as I get on leave I contact Defy and log the problem on a Monday. They call on Tuesday and asked for me to be available on Thursday for a technician to come out. I sit at home all day on Thursday only for at 17:55 ,for the tech to just rock up at my house with no phone call to check in. He cannot repair the issue and says they will need to pickup and take to the workshop. I request a loan fridge. On the Saturday I wait all day only for the driver to not pitch to pick up my fridge or bring a loan fridge. This service is absolutely pathetic and lack of communication. I don’t even want this fridge repaired, I just want my full monies back

  14. I logged a service call with Defy on Monday morning and only received a text that later that day when I called back. Service Number 1384393. We are without a fridge since Sunday and no one has made contact with us to arrange assistance. when I called to follow up I am transferred from pillar to post. to a point where Jonathan one of the call centre agents told me that this call was logged on Monday. and today is Friday I am not understanding his arrogance. I have called your service centre number 0116210200 and the number just rings with no answer. no team leader comes to the phone. Can Defy explain to me what needs to happen

  15. My Defy Slimline oven has been out of order for over two months. We are at the bstage where we have been phoning the call center daily, every time we are told a technician will contact us. We are now entering the festive season with guests arriving and still no oven working. I would not recommend that anyone purchase any Defy product. I definitely won’t.

  16. Bought a new fridge for my 79 year old mother in February 2020.Have had to call out technicians on 4 occasions.Was the temperature gauge,then the gas,then the thermostat.Each time she was left without a fridge for a couple of days.Last Monday the 7th December 2020 the fridge stopped working.The technician said the compressor has to be replaced and there are no compressors available at this time!Bearing in mind she is 79 and cannot drive.She has been pushed from pillar to post and it has been a week with no fridge.Will never buy a defy appliance again.This dud fridge either needs to be replaced ASAP or preferably refunded so we can buy a fridge from a reputable company with some sort of aftercare service!Shocking service!You expect an 80 year old to spend Xmas without a fridge that was a dud from day one?Because she doesn’t drive,it is impossible for her to pop out to the shops regularly.Las time I ever deal with defy and hopefully get a refund…

  17. Jules Hendry Reply

    I used my brand new Defy Gem Gourmet mirror once and the rubber seal came apart at the join and cannot be rejoined. I went to the trouble of getting the oven all the way to Zimbabwe thinking it would be better quality than anything we can get here. Now what am I supposed to do?

  18. Channelled Sharp Reply

    My double door fridge/freezer broke down on Sunday 25th Oct. I logged the fault with Game on Monday, which was only reported to Defy on Tuesday. My job ref is 1357155. I have been waiting for a Defy technician since then- despite following up each day (multiple times a day) with many broken promises of prioritising the job. I was told a 2-3 working day lead-time, tomorrow is day 4 (Friday) and I have little faith of it being resolved by the weekend. This is the SECOND TIME I have had the fridge break down within the warranty period. What has happened to the quality of Defy appliances? My experience with the after sales service is horrendous, I have been without a fridge /freezer for 5 days now. So disappointed in the Defy brand which up until recently I have always trusted. SHOCKIING.

  19. Brandon naicker Reply

    I was having issues with my defy side by side fridge freezer. At first it stopped freezing n thereafter the fridge stopped working. Game was contacted n defy sent a technician over. I was informed by the technician dat the item had to go in for testing. I have made numerous calls. Each time the buck is being pushed to somebody else. I was told after 3 weeks dat a replacement fridge will b issued. They r awaiting approval on paperwork. Its almost a month now without a fridge or a loan fridge. This service is ridiculous n extremely pathetic. Should i persue this civilly?

    • Jennifer du Preez Reply

      I bought a DEFY oven DBO488 slimline oven from Metro Home Centre Pretoria on the 30 September 2020
      Deliver of the oven was paid for and Metro delivered the product. The product was installed by an electrician.
      The first call was logged with Defy – Ref:- 1349524 on Monday 12 Oct. Technician came out on Wednesday 14 Oct.
      Technician found connection block was faulty and that the control panel over heating to such a point that you need pot gloves to turn the control knobs. I sent an email to defy and called Metro.
      On the 18 and 19th Oct I again followed up. The oven is switched on to 180 heats and 1 hours baking and the controls are so hot that you cant touch them. How does a manufacture not action something so serious.
      Metro home centre tells me the technician will be coming out again, I call Defy and give the reference to be told that the ref. number is closed. ? I again call Metro and told that they have just rebooked a call new ref: 135 3995 – Judith is the person who booked the call. Metro holds no responsibility as the warranty lies with DEFY – happy to sell a product and then the customer is off the costumer satisfaction list. I have asked several times that the Manager from the call centre “Danny” call me , i gave my cell number to the call centre person who assured me he would get the manager to call me back .

  20. Henriette Saif Reply

    It is a nightmare to own a defy product. Every know and again something must be fixed. You just buy the product and after a few weeks. There is something wrong. I had to pay in for another fridge / freezer cause it was discontinoued and the racks kept on rusting. This one that i had to pay in extra is a nightmare. They even put a stronger van in. It sound that i am starting a tractor. I do not want this one I WANT IT TO REPLACE bought it that if i go on pension i will not have problem. But really. Keep on fixing is not the option. Sounds that there ia a tractor in my house. Please sirt this matter out urgently. You buy a Defy because it is a good product. Now it is giving endless problems. But i am not happy at all.

  21. Ian Robinson Reply

    On the 16th of March 2020 I bought a Defy oven and hob from Makro. Invoice no: 543
    The oven has had to be repaired once already. (several weeks ago) I have been married for nearly 50 years and have always bought Defy appliances. I have never had a problem with Defy until now. It looks like your quality is going down and the price is going up. I AM MOST ANNOYED AND WANT THIS OVEN REPLACED AND NOT REPAIRED AGAIN.
    The connections for the oven look like the same terminals used on alarm batteries. Surely these are not heavy enough to carry the current to power an oven?
    Ian Robinson

  22. Atish Ramkissoon Reply

    Defy it’s being a real nightmare dealing with you guys, your after sales service is truly pathetic, I have being having problem with a new fridge that has being supplied to us, it is not cooling efficiently , I originally logged a complaint last year in December 2019( our 1st fridge) as it was still under warranty and from that time 3 technicians came out and they finally found the fault in February 2020, then it took a month to actually get our new fridge.(the replacement)
    Then the tech did come out a few times and finally agreed that the fridge is faulty. I logged a call in March 2020 and till today the 17/8/2020, the issue hasn’t being resolved, and the amount of lies that I get from the service department is absolutely shocking,the stuff in our fridge gets spoilt and like no one cares. Please can I get some help with this matter.

  23. I purchased a defy toploader washing machine the 1st one was faulty and pick a pay hypermarket replaced it with a new one. With the 1st washing machine I locked a call with Defy and up to today no one responded back to me. The new top loader is faulty as the washing is still wet and dripping with water after it had spinned. I’m very disappointed in the purchasing a Defy product. I need help as it is not pick a pay hypermarkets problem but I feel it’s a factory fault on Defy side.

  24. Mr. A. Jardim Reply

    We bought a DEFY 631 M/F Thermo-Fan which is still under guarantee, cakes have of late just flopped due to temperature problems the technicians told us that when you bake you must set the controls to GRILL.
    Three times the technicians have been out and we’ve got no satisfaction.
    All these complaints must be taken to the Consumer Council.

  25. mamokete mokoena Reply

    I bought a defy oven on the 07th of July 2020 at witbank and only to try to use it once when I realized that the thermostat does not regulate the temperature in the oven. All the muffins in the oven got burnt as I thought I don’t know how to use the oven. I called the store and they logged a call for job number :1304345 on the 13th of July 2020, and the appointment date for the technician was the 15th but he never came through to assist until I called the call center on the 20th…and the lady who assisted me was very rude and even hung up on me. I called again two times on the 21st of July 2020 and the two consultants assured me that the technician will get hold of me later on the very same day but he never called. I am really not sure what to do and I am appealing to u guys to assist me. Regards,

  26. Richard Lemmer Reply

    Complaint Job number : 1281615 (this is just unacceptable service from defy)
    I bought a new dishwasher from takealot in May 2020 and only had it for three weeks. I was only able to use it 3 times and now it does not work. Even if the knob is turned to the off position it still flickers green that it is on and if the door is closed and sounds like it wants to work. It does not react at all when cancelled or stopped and cannot start.

    Takealot tells me I must approach defy directly and defy tells me if I want to return the machine I must contact takealot to return. I logged service request on 28 May 2020 and got a generic email from your consultant Moleboheng Lofafa that due to lockdown defy cannot confirm when they can assist. I sent a follow-up requesting more clarity and was ignored.

    I then called your contact center on 28 May 2020 at 08h45 (3 times and no answer), 2 June 2020 at 08h39 and your consultant promised your team is coming out on 3 June 2020 to have a look and never showed. On 4 June 2020 at 08h39 called again and guess what your consultant promised again that your team would show and they did not.

    I had to pay, but you believe it is fine that you can ignore me when you ignore me. I support defy often and bought a microwave as well and this is how you treat your loyal customers.

    This is unacceptable and I expect feedback from your team and an apology for the poor service and false promises.

  27. I just bought a Defy dishwasher from Marko in Edenvale. My plates dont fit and tall spoons bumps against the spinner on top. I’m very very unhappy with Defy why would you make a dishwasher and none of my plates fit? Highly disappointed in Defy.

  28. Saloma Veldman Reply

    I purchased a Defy 60cm oven solid at Game @Carnival Mall on the 17th May 2019. I would like a for you to contact me via e-mail to provide me with an e-mail address for customer services of DEFY,. I would like to forward you pictures so that you can se how the plates (hob) is rusting. This is a brand new stove and this should not be happening.


    I bought a four plate stove at Makro Johannesburg. I will put a pot on stove thinking that it is cooking only to find later that the plate has turned itself off. A complaint laid during guarantee, technician sent but reported something different. I still leave with the same problem. Never in my life will I encourage one to buy a defy product with their poor service.

    • Miss M.S. Padavatan Reply

      I purchased a Defy double door.fridge/!freezer from Pick and Pay Hyper South Coast Kzn which was delivered to me on 31 July 2020. Followed all instructions but appliance was not cooling. PnP logged compliant with Defy – received an sms with a ref. Number on Monday 3 August which stated I would be contacted shortly for an appointment to be set up. Well this is the longest “shortly” I have ever waited!!!! Today is the 11 August and I still have not been contacted by them. I contacted PnP on 5 August and.was told that my compliant had been escalated – still no response. On 7 August I again phoned PnP and asked them to fetch the appliance which was done this morning. Needless to say I am very disappointed with the shocking lack of after sales service experienced – definitely not.buying another of their products and will discourage friends and family from buying them as well based on my personal experience.

  30. Non existent telephonic service….bad…..
    drove all the way to Montague Gardens as no one answered the phone…….got told I would be contacted in 10 days to collect my fridge door seal…THAT WAS 15 DAYS AGO!! Not the first time I have had this type of non-existent service from Defy…I will be buying any other brand next time – not Defy!

  31. I bought myself a defy touch stove at Makro Woodmead using card 15364247. That was the worst mistake ever. Every time I need to start cooking I pray first. I’ve had people from defy come through 3 times in the 1st 6 months to come fix the stove. I have went to Makro 3 times, they said I must speak to Eddie Knust whom is always not available. Mbali from Makro said I must call Defy to come replace the stove, When I call Defy they say Makro must replace the stove. Currently the oven is not even working. I’m not getting any joy from Defy nor Makro. A 2 plate stove can do better work that this. I wasted my money and I trusted Defy??

  32. Mookgo Mabe Reply

    My washing machine is not even a year old, but it has stopped draining water.
    A service ticket was logged at the Game store where i had purchased this machine.
    on the 02.01.2020 – 7087469A-AACE-4260-AAC7-8F22B143050 A&LNG=19.

    The service technicians arrived on Saturday the 4th , said some fuse had burnt they’ll need to order it and never returned. No courtesy call nothing.

    All I want is simple, please collect your scrap and refund me my money back R3 399 So i can buy a reliable washing machine,

  33. I recently purchased a Defy Eco wash Dishwashing Machine. I used it for 1 month and it now is not functioning. Am devastated. It is a beautiful product and worked beautifully for a out a month. Am looking forward to finding out where to take it to get some assistance with repairs and warranty – etc.

  34. Good day.

    We bought a Defy oven and hob about a month ago at Game Menlyn. It has a ceramic hob and when switched on, there is a funny looking black mark/ line visible from the inside of the top. It is only visible when the plate is on.

    Where can I send a photo to show you what I mean?

    I need to know if this is a problem and if we should get it replaced?

    Thank you.


    Good day

    I purchased this appliance on 23/12/2018 from Game in Benoni.

    I reported the malfunction on 07/05/2019 to the store representative but I am still waiting for technicians to come out and sort out the problem.

    Please assist urgently.

  36. Fridge stopped cooling. Phoned the very new high-tech service center and said that a technician would be dispatched within 4-5 working days!!!! What a laugh, I lost all the foodstuff that I had in it due to the humidity and heat. Needless to say the technician never pitched up. When inquiring about it, they said that they will look into it. In the meantime I spend a LOT of money on a fridge that has now been out of order for a week. It’s only 2 years old and has a 5 year warranty.

  37. I purchased a washing machine in February from Hyperama House and Home. The model is a DEFY DAW381 front loader. The 2 main reasons for purchasing this was the trust in the brand, the A+++ energy rating and affordability.

    I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in the product. this is the worst washing machine that I have purchased. It takes close to 3 hours to do a single load, regardless if we choose the Cotton 40Deg or Cotton Eco 40 setting. The mini load setting is not any better. It is absolutely ridiculous. how exactly is that efficient?? its a waste of electricity and water. The duration of the wash cycles are not published prior to purchase. Unfortunately, the consumer will only realise this after they read the manual when purchased and by then it is too late.
    I wish I could return this awful machine for a full refund. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

  38. Very angry and with Hi-Fi Corp and Defy, I bought a fridge in April 2018 and now it stopped working, Defy does not want to take my call saying Hi-fi Corp must be the ones logging a call, Hi-fi Corp says I must phone Defy cause if they log a call will take two weeks, In the mean tine what must I do I cant stay without a fridge, I need my money back and nothing to do with Hi-fi Corp or Deny

  39. Heather Lutge Reply

    I bought a cookerhood from Game at The Glen shopping centre.
    My electrician tells me that the covering for the fan is missing. He showed me what it looks like on the old one. All I want to know is if the news ones come with it or not. I have spoken to all your departments at Defy Durban and Johannesburg.
    No one can help. Here’s hoping someone on the email can.

  40. Brian Lloyd Reply

    This tumble drier has a memory, so when it is set on 60 minutes, and you want to change the timer, not only must the timer be moved to a new position, but there is a finicky reset button which has to be held in for a few seconds till lights change their position and then the timer has reset. It does not always work. My switch was faulty and I have had a Defy technician out three times. The first time he misdiagnosed the problem the second time he repaired the switch. Then the knob came off the shaft of the switch which he has just repaired.. It seems to be working. The main fault of this machine is the design of the timer and the finicky reset button. Even if it is set to 80 minutes, there is no way of knowing that the computer is reading 80 minutes, so it has to be reset each time it starts, which is not just a straight forward pressing of a reset button. Or maybe one needs to set it to max time and just leave it there. Rather buy something else. My machine is now tripping the power after the technician left for the 3rd time. Job reference no, 1046602

  41. I purchased an under counter oven and glass top. It is the 31st of January. I would like to enter the competition to win my money back. I have tried 3 cell phones in my house without any luck. as soon as I have completed the details of the emails the cell says insufficient funds to complete. what a lot of nonsense. I am going to try my daughters phone later and if there is a problem as well then “I really dont know”?????

  42. John Auton Reply

    I am trying without success to get hold of the spares department. Do they have an email address as they do not answer their phone. Even if I select Receptionist I do not get an answer.

  43. Mrs Strydom Reply

    Good Day. I need advice please. I bought my Defy 420 stove in 1980. Being 38 years old and never giving any trouble, it set alight the other night while cooking. The spiral plates wiring must have had a short or something. Now, my question is, is it worth it to buy new spirals and get it rewired, or would I have to buy a new stove which I cannot really afford at this stage? If I have to buy a new one, do you have a supplier in Bloemfontein that maybe sells stoves with a scratch or two on it, as they normally a lot cheaper, if so, pls can you send me their number? If it can be fixed, do you have a recommended electrician in Bloemfontein that does not charge rediculous rates ?

  44. Brenda Roberts Reply

    Good day Im in a similar situation. I bought a washing machine from House and Home Blueroute Tokay. I never used the machine> I have reported it several times, even send proof that ive been sending my waching to the Laundry every week since I bought the machine. House and Home requested photos which I send via e-mail,they promised me that Defy will contact me. Don’t know what to do machine still brand new

  45. I pride Defy on their exceptional quality and about three months ago, I was finally able to purchase a 13kg Defy washing machine at Game stores. I was told about the immaculate features including tangle free.

    On arrival I excitedly opened the box and noticed water drops in the machine as if it were used…I thought this to be odd??? I did not go back to Game store because they are a mission to deal with. The machine since bought has not been a pleasure at all to use. My clothes have fluff after every wash. It tangles the clothes so badly even ripping some of them.

    I do not know if this is how this product is suppose to work but I am really not happy with it.

  46. Brenda Pierpoint Reply

    Good morning, I have a Defy Automaid DAW369. Recently
    it has started to go out of balance when spinning. I’ve checked the level and that is solid, I’ve reloaded the washing and it seems balanced. Is it possible that something has gone wrong with the stabilising weights?
    Do you have an agent in Port Elizabeth whom I may contact?
    Preferably an email address as I work out on site all day.
    Thank you. Await to hear from you soon. Kind regards

  47. Geraldine Melrose Reply

    I have a Defy Stove 4 plate gas/electric oven. I purchased it in South Africa in June 2016. It is a DGS 159 serial no AA 15 10 100109. This morning for no reason the glass lid shattered. I did not have the gas on or the oven. The glass flew all over my kitchen – a distance of approx 3m and was 1000s of tiny pieces and some of it was as small as ground glass. I had the lid down and nothing was on the lid and it had not been used for approx three hours. If anyone had been in the kitchen they couldpossibly have been badly cut by the flying glass. I realise this is not something I can claim on as I have had my stove for over three years but feel you may not be aware of this glass being so dangerous. Perhaps you need to check with the supplier of your glass and make sure this can not happen again

  48. I bought a washing machine from Game Store at Westgate on the 01/10/2017 and in April 2018 I called them to report a faulty machine. This washing machine is no longer doing it’s normal functions which is washing, rinse and drying. They asked a Defy Technician to come assess the situation but how could you assess a situation by not making sure that the machine is washing, he asked for the machine to be switched on which is fine as the machine does switch on but does not work it’s normal functions. He just said the machine is not in par with the machine in terms of height and he put a tap so that the machine can be at the same height, but failed to ensure that the machine was working. Now I was called by the Game manager who was too quick to pass the bug, from speaking to Sam and then his manager. They said they will speak to Defy to get this issue resolved. Now my question is why are they involving me in their internal affairs cause I am the customer, I was never there when they Game and Defy made arrangement. Now it is my problem to deal with Defy whereas I bought my washing machine from Game, and Defy is refusing to give me a refund or a new washing machine. I want my refund and feel frustrated that I still have to use a washing machine which has to be assessed all the time and has a 3 year warranty. The service from Game and Defy is appalling and they should be called out for such treatment towards paying customers. I am angry and highly disappointed at this terrible situation that clearly has no resolution and I refuse to get yet another Technician and Defy is forcing the situation as I explained that I do not want another technician and I just want my money back.

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