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About Coin Master
Coin Master is a popular mobile game across the globe and is the topmost grossing mobile game in the United Kingdom and Germany. It is a free single-player adventure game created by Moon Active, an Israeli studio and was initially released in 2010. It is rated a high 4.6 and 4.7 on Google Play Store and App Store and has had over a million downloads. Coin Master is a combination of a slot machine and a village building game.

Playing Coin Master is very simple. Players have to spin the slot machine to earn coins and then use those coins to build and upgrade their villages. They can earn coins by spinning the slot machine, attacking other player’s villages and raiding other players’ treasure chests. The slot machine has different symbols, each of which has a particular coin value. When a player lands on a combination of symbols, they earn a reward either in the form of coins, attacks or opportunities to raid.

Players build up their stash of coins till such time that they have enough to buy and upgrade buildings in their village. Buildings are assigned specific functions such as a shield to protect the village from attacks, a bakery that produces food to feed the player’s pet and a piggy bank to store excess coins. The game gets more exciting as players progress through the game and they unlock new villages, each with a unique theme and set of buildings.

Though Coin Master is a single player game, it is a social interaction platform too. Players can connect their game through their Facebook account and invite friends and other Coin Master aficionados to play with them. Players can join or create clans, which allow them to team up with other players to participate and compete in clan challenges, enabling them to earn extra rewards. Players can also visit other player’s villages and attack or raid their treasure chests, adding to the excitement and adventure. Competing with others and teaming up with clans provides a degree of social interaction and competitiveness.

Coin Master is free to download and play from the Google Store for Android devices and from the App store for iOS devices. So, one can play the game without spending any money. However, there is an option for a player to make in-app purchases of coins, spins and other items using real money. This helps them progress faster in the game and to compete with other players.

Some of the in-app purchases are very inexpensive and cost only a few cents, while there are more expensive options ranging up to several hundred dollars. Both options have gained immense popularity over the years. Moon Active is aware of the addictive nature of the game, especially when purchases are involved and in order to control excessive use of in-app purchases, they have set a daily spending limit and a host of parental controls.

Coin Master is fun to play and a very exciting way to pass time, especially while collaborating with friends and like-minded players and while competing with other players or clans.

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Last Update: June 27, 2023