Contact of CBS TV Network customer service

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Contact CBS: Find below customer service details of CBS TV Network, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
CBS Corporation
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019-6188

Customer Service
Phone: 1-888-274-5343 (CBS All Access)
Phone: 1-212-975-3247 (program related)
Phone: 1-212-975-4321 (corporate)

About CBS TV Network
CBS, which is the short for Columbia Broadcasting System, is a leading American television network founded by Arthur Judson in 1927. Operated by CBS Corporation, the broadcasting giant was formerly called United Independent Broadcasters, Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System, Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. and CBS, Inc. The company is headquartered in New York City. CBS’ operations span cable publishing, radio, TV, Internet and film.

The company’s portfolio include CBS Television Network, CBS News, CBS Television Stations, CBS Studios Intl, CBS Home Entertainment, CBS Films, Showtime, CBS Sports Network, CBS Radio, Simon & Schuster, CBS Scene, EcoMedia, CBS Sports, CBS Television Studios, The CW, Smithsonian Channel, CBS Interactive, CBS Sports Radio, Watch! Magazine and Pop. More than 1 billion users visit CBS’s properties every quarter. They include,, Cnet,, Gamespot, ZDNet and

To see the TV schedule, the shows and timings, you can visit the CBS website. There is also Live TV for whose who want to stream episodes and have access to all CBS All Access Originals. You can stream live TV on smartphones, Apple TV, Chromecast, among other devices. You can sign up for a subscription on the website and pay using major credit cards. For more information or queries on schedule, TV programs, live TV, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the CBS customer service.


  1. Lexie Snyder Reply

    Please bring back Rachael Ray at 9:00am and get rid of that Around the Tiers program. I turn off CBS when that comes on. Sponsors should be aware of that. Thank you for listening.

  2. LeeAnn Burton Reply

    I have many favorite shows but it is increasingly hard to watch because the background music drowns out the dialog. This is relevant to most new programs but especially all the FBI shows. I do not have impaired hearing but have to use captions because of the music drowning out the verbal lines of the story. I’m sufficiently irrated enough to just stop watching entirely. Please fix this issue with the producers and sound specialists. It’s a big issue with my family and friends as well. I like the shows just want to be able to enjoy and understand them. The music isn’t that great! either! Please lower the background music levels!!!

  3. I just got through watching a TV show kindness Steve Hartman. CBS you got this one right. I watch your programming all day CBS. Besides the crazy Sunday night lineup what do you mix up the shows after the football game. I love NCIS Los Angeles. You got this show right I hope you make it a regular program show on a night when families can get together and watch TV. The show shows you that there’s good people in the world and that we can keep it going forever. The most positive show I’ve ever seen thank you. This country can use a little bit of kindness 101.

  4. George Torres II Reply

    On several platforms, the TV show Young Sheldon is listed as NEW. So, I set it to automatically record it. Then I guess RI find out it’s an old episode that I’ve already seen. So it’s an OLD episode labeled NEW. Is this a way of artificially boosting ratings? Most of these auto record systems on cable, satellite or local antenna boxes send recorded information to different rating companies.

  5. Really like show So Help Me Todd. Funny, exciting, intriguing and not gruesome.
    CBS had the most clean, entertaining shows without being dumb and predictable

  6. Most of the shows I watch are on CBS. It must be very difficult to produce quality shows year after year with the expenses of original scripts, talented actors, producers, sound technicians, editors, legal staff, and cameramen. I am sure that investors are interested in the show they are underwriting being as professional as possible. Of the skill sets that I mentioned I think the weakest link in the chain for CBS programs is the photography. There are times I must look away from the screen because of the jerking and shaking of the picture I am trying to watch. I am sure there are dollars to be saved by hiring a cameraman who absolutely cannot hold a camera steady. Put the camera on a tripod. Hire a person who does not have a nervous condition or DT’s; but get someone who knows how to video a scene. Programs are really starting to look like they were shot by amateurs.

  7. It is truly a huge aggravation to have so damn many irrelevant commercials during every episode of a half hour sit-com. The ratio is ridiculous!!16 minutes of ads and…maybe 14 minutes of the actual show!! And the ads are usually for other shows! I have to pay a “broadcast ” fee to my local cable company which I resent because there is so little of quality programming on any of the networks. So we consumers get less choice and get slammed with excessive fees and commercials.

  8. Several years ago I purchased a DVD of Classic CBS Christmas Shows, including Mary Tyler Moore and Wings. The DVD also included several CBS Christmas Commercials including birds singing in a tree and a man with a saw. I lent it out and it was never returned. I am trying to replace it, but have been unable to find it. Can you help me? It was a favorite of mine and my family at Christmas.

  9. Why can’t CBS get their Sunday night scheduling right? I try to record “Equalizer & East New York through DirectTv and get only partial recordings. The same thing happened last season with 60 Minutes & The Equalizer. At first I thought the NFL games had something to do with it but the problem continued after the football season.

    • I am with Rick and others who complain agout your goofy Sunday night schedulling. Why can you not key the On Demand recording to a PROGRAM and not to a schedule that is screwed up on Sunday night. Don’t blame it on the NFL scheduling … it is dumb to have your ONDEMAND tied to a fluctuating schedule and not to a program title.

  10. I loved watching Big Brother. It is so entertaining and I love the drama and the games. However, last year I hated that so much racism was a factor.

  11. I am appalled to see you are airing a show called fire country. I am currently evacuated from my home in California directly in line of a large developing fire. How dare CBS choose to make a show about something so real and traumatic for us in the state of California. Every single person here has either lost their home, known someone who has, or been evacuated at some point in time. This causes series stress and PTSD every fire season, yet here CBS chooses to make a show based on this (especially when CalFire a brave and amazing organization that we owe our lives doesn’t support or have give any advisor factual checks). This show needs to be cancelled not only for the content but mocking a very serious and real issue people like myself have to live through. This is appalling and a slap in the face for those in the real fire country.

  12. Very disappointed that you canceled Magnum Pi. This show had great ratings and was the best show on your network. In fact it was the only show my family watched on your network. Have you not seen the effort to get it picked up by another network. Big mistake CBS!

  13. Vyvyan Lucas Reply

    CBS is the most watched station in my house, but we are sick and tired of all the damn commercials. Why so many commercials, and then the same ones are shown in the same commercial break. Example on the local news, they will have a commercial break, then 30 second story and another commercial break to come back and end the news. Then another commercial break. It is getting that there is more commercials than program. I don’t enjoy watching your station any more.

  14. We all LOVED Beyond The Edge!!
    And every week we really looked forward to watching this show. It was an uplifting show and refreshing for a change! Please renew this for a second season. Hopefully we won’t have to wait an entire year for Season 2.

  15. Kathy Barbour Reply

    I was so disappointed to lean that “United States of Al” has been canceled. I have watched every episode of this show. I think the storyline is fresh and timely. It caught my attention and interest in Season 1 when it portrayed situations with both soldiers and Afghans after the war. The cast and writers are strong and with the different character relationships, there are many stories to be told. I was shocked when Mom was taken off the air at its height of popularity and Al gave me a new show to love. I am a disabled person and TV is one of my few outlets. Please reconsider canceling this warm, funny, and fresh show. I hate to think that good network TV will be lost in the shuffle of the streaming services. Thank you for your consideration.

  16. I am upset that your station CONTINUALLY jerks episodes from the show “Equalizer”. It is SO unfortunate that this new show is on a Sunday night having to compete with all sorts of sports and TV specials. Why don’t you put it on a different night so it can have a decent chance of being renewed? Queen Latifah and cast do a remarkable job in their roles in “Equalizer”. We absolutely LOVE this show. Like tonight, May 1, 2022, the episode is NOT on. You skip Sundays and that creates a fan base that finds it more difficult to even locate when it is on. I find I have to check GOOGLE to find when “Equalizer” is on. That is just ridiculous and short-sighted on your part. If you want to kill a show, well then…just keep doing what you are doing and jerk the show around. There is some real talent on this show. If you have to get rid of shows, get rid of some of your comedies or infinite spin-off versions of NCIS. PLEASE GIVE “EQUALIZER” A CHANCE TO SHINE, DON’T KILL IT.

  17. Survivor just lost me as a viewer because of tonights episode. I’ve been watching since day one. Survivor got WOKE last season, now it’s playing race cards

  18. What is CBS Daytime thinking? First for the Bold and the Beautiful. Killing off the character of John “Finn” Finnegan is very unfortunate. They finally had a story line for Steffy that doesn’t involve the love triangle with Hope and Liam. That story line is old and outdated not to mention a continuous repeat of Steffy and Hope’s mom’s in a triangle with Ridge. Out of all the storylines the kids are repeating what their parents are still doing. Come on I’m sure you have better writers than the same old stuff. Hell I could write better stories than that. Now onto the Young and the Restless. Finally you had an interesting hispanic family and slowly you have gotten rid of all of them. I guess the hispanics on the show are only good if they are never seen like the Abbott’s housekeeper Mrs. Martinez. You had a great character with Jordi Villasuso playing Rey Rosales and finally giving Sharon a different storyline instead of being with Adam. Not to mention the storyline that seemed to be brewing with Rey and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). So what’s next now the same old storyline where Sharon runs to Adam. Come on CBS you’re losing great characters and potentially losing long time fans including me. I’ve watched since I was a kid but this same old circle of stories is enough already. Bring back Finn on B&B and the whole Rosales family on Y&R. Fans need something new

  19. NCIS is GIBBS AND GIBBS is NCIS. The series has been dominated by the Gibbs character for 18 seasons. Many characters which were an integral part of the NCIS series have been removed over the years. Gibbs’ character has sadly changed over a number of series and NCIS lost its “all consuming must watch attraction”. With the Gibbs character being written out of NCIS the plots are weak and the characters mismatched and awkward. After partially viewing three episodes of season 19 without the main character, I am done, even if NCIS is not.
    End the misery and cancel NCIS. There are many spin offs of NCIS … is this the best you could do.

  20. I downloaded the CBS app hoping to watch new episodes of “B Positive” since I no longer receive cable and given that the show run’s very late on a work night. When I opened the app I came to find out that unless I have a cable subscription I can not watch any new episodes. I get CBS over the air with an antenna. Technically speaking if you can get CBS over the air with an antenna and it’s technically considered a broadcast channel, then I don’t understand why I can’t watch any of the shows on your app? Either move “B Positive up to an earlier air time or unlock all the episodes of the show. Nobody really ever watches the “United States of Al” anyway. I can argue to that case with the show only having a 31% on rotten tomatoes

  21. I know that we are small fish in the sea in the Upper Peninsula Of Michigan (U.P.) but I was wondering why CBS is no longer on WJMN in Marquette, MI? I understand they were the only station that was not renewed with CBS. Instead it has been assigned to WZMQ I have Direct TV and now CBS either blacks out or freezes continuously. This is not a good situation for either CBS or the viewers. They appear to be a very amateur operation and not up to CBS standards. Is there something that can be worked out with WJMN so we can have the CBS reception that we have come to expect previously?

  22. My husband and I are upset at the theme song you have borrowed from CBS Sunday mornings, and applied to the every day news program in the morning. This is not right. Chuck Mangione’s theme music belongs to the Sunday morning show. CBS news mornings needs its own theme song (desperately).

  23. How can you keep Tony Romo on the payroll? He has something against the Kansas City Chiefs. That’s to weeks in a row where he has said the Chiefs have lost before the game is over. Last week he was wrong. This week he was correct. He is unprofessional. He sides with one team or the other and it’s very noticeable. I hope you are able to change his ways. It’s sad when I have to mute the television. Only him. He was not a good quarterback and an even worse announcer.

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