Contact of Beat Saber game support

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Find below the customer support details of Beat Saber. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the VR game.

Head Office
Beat Games,
Pod Klaudiankou 1156,
Prague, Czech Republic

Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

About Beat Saber
One game that has been a hit among VR users in the recent past is Beat Saber. The rhythm game for VR headsets had its debut in 2018 and has already become the top-grossing VR game across multiple platforms. Available on Steam, Oculus and PlayStation 4, the game was developed by Prague-based game studio Beat Games. At the end of 2019, Facebook acquired the VR game studio. The game became an instant hit that by 2021 it sold more than 4 million copies. Beat Saber can be played on any VR device as single or multi-player.

As to how the game works, players use the handheld wireless motion controllers to slice floating cubes to the beat of music. You have two lightsaber, one in red and another in blue. Like any rhythm game, you avoid obstacles with your body and sabers. The blocks must be cut according to the beat of the music. On your Oculus headset, Vive or PlayStation, you will see that each block has a color matching to one of your lightsaber. As for the music, while you have a popular collection, users have the option to add expansion packs and songs through modding. VR enthusiasts are also playing the game as part of their workout due to the constant movement of body in an enjoyable immersive environment.

Beat Saber has a scoring system allowing players to get a maximum of 115 points per block. There are tutorials available online on improving the techniques and scoring higher on each level. The points are determined by the swing angle before cut, swing angle after cut and center cut. The swing angle before and after the cut can contribute to up to 100 points. You can earn 10 points on how evenly you cut and 70 points for pre-swing and 30 for follow-through. The game, which was recognised by the Game Developers Choice Awards and DICE Awards, is currently available for purchase on Steam, Oculus and PlayStation store.

Players can visit the official website to buy the game or listen to the soundtrack. The Music section will show the different volumes of soundtrack available for hearing. The music packs listed also show the tracks and the cost to purchase. Having issues with tracking, controllers or music pack? You can visit the FAQ section of the website for responses on some of the common problems players experience. Here you will also find instructions to reinstall Beat Saber without losing data.

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  1. Honestly I love the selections you have to choose from as far as dlc, but another great add on in my opinion is an Arctic Monkeys bundle; With songs like Do I Wanna Know, etc. It is a great genre of music that would match up with all the other add-ons. Early 2000-2010’s type of music.

  2. Please make an unkle song for free!!!This group has so much potential for beat sabre songs in my opinion I think the beats will coincide with the graphics phenomenal.

  3. I would like to see some upgrades to the game that include characters instead of just blocks…
    For example if you were given permission to use the song Copperhead Road, we could hit exploding liquor kegs, bombs could be copper head snakes, and later in the song blocks could explode with smoke….
    Other songs could have these kind of matching targets to their songs too.

  4. I love beat saber. Most of the packs you can get are horrible. Loved greatest showman song. Wish they come up with more 80s songs. Know that it is not just teenagers that play the game.

  5. I used to love playing Beat Saber with my Oculus Quest 2 but since December 2021, I only get a message ‘Searching Server Status’ when I want to play online with others. I have written to Beat Games support several times and they don’t even bother responding.

  6. This is just an idea if you guys want more people to play your game. You should make it so players can play songs made by other people aka custom songs cause then more people will play cause then they dont have to spend like 3 hours to downgrade the version then spend another 3 hours to download something to play custom song or half the time not work which is what happened to me..

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