Contact MoneyGram: Find below customer service details of MoneyGram, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for MoneyGram locations, rates, online money transfer, money order, tracking, international wire transfer or questions on other MoneyGram services. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on MoneyGram services.

MoneyGram Head Office
MoneyGram International
2828 N. Harwood St, Floor 15
Dallas, TX 75201
United States

Customer Service Support (USA)
You can reach the below numbers for queries on MoneyGram payment, locations, sending money, complaints or other queries on MoneyGram services
Phone: 1-800-MoneyGram
Phone: 1-800-666-3947
Phone: 1-800-328-5678
Phone: 1-800-926-9400 (MoneyGram Rewards)
Phone: 1-800-955-7777 (Spanish)

International Contacts
Find below numbers of MoneyGram offices worldwide. You can enquire on MoneyGram payment status, locations or other queries.
Andorra: 901-20-10-10
France: 0805-540-406
Germany: 00800-8971-8971
Ireland: 1800-558792
Italy: 800-785-353
Netherlands: 0800-023-3880
Spain: 800-098595
Sweden: 800-8971-8971
United Kingdom: 0800-8971-8971
Russia: 8 800 200 47 26/(495)3-636-636

MoneyGram Email Support
To email MoneyGram for queries on sending or receiving money through MoneyGram write to [email protected]

MoneyGram Locations
To locate a MoneyGram office nearest to your city click here. You can filter results through city title or postal code. You can also narrow location by services such as “send money” and “receive money”.

Calculate Rates
You can calculate the costs incolved in sending or receiving money through MoneyGram. Click here to access the online cost estimator tool.

MoneyGram Rewards
Members of MoneyGram rewards program can get discounts and special promotions when sending money through MoneyGram Rewards. The program allows you to earn up to 10% off transfer fees for all eligible transactions.  To sign up for MoneyGram Rewards click here.

About MoneyGram
contact moneygramMoneyGram was founded in the year 1940 as Travelers Express. It is the second largest money transfer business in the world with revenues of $1.17 billion. Headquartered in Texas, MoneyGram employs some 2,500 people around the world. The company in fact has about 244,000 agent locations in more than 190 countries. The global payment services company allows consumers to send and receive money worldwide. MoneyGram has about 35,000 agent locations in the US.

For sending money MoneyGram offers Same Day Service through which money will transfer in minutes from your credit or debit card. Customers can receive money from any of MoneyGram’s 233,000 agent locations around the world. In the U.S., MoneyGram directly offers online transfer services. MoneyGram products also include MoneyGram Money Orders (to pay bills and send funds through mail) and MoneyGram Prepaid Visa Debit Card (to make purchases wherever Visa debit cards are accepted).

MoneyGram’s network of agents include brands such as Forex Bank, Rosbank, Bank of China, Walmart, Wegmans, CVS, Citibank, Supervalu, Advance America, AFEX, Standard Bank, UBA, Punjab National Bank, IndusInd Bank,Westpac, Donga Bank, Thomas Cook, SBI, Maybank, Carrefour, Post Office, SRD, Canada Post, etb and more.

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  1. Tonya Reply

    MoneyGram needs to do something about their customer contact center. These people are from other countries and really do not understand and then they have the nerve to be rude. Will be filing a case against them immediately. Makes no sense that there is no one that will go over and beyond to hear and help a customer. I wired 1049 and MoneyGram cancelled my transaction without my knowledge or consent but is telling me oh sorry you’ll have to wait 10 plus business days to get it back. My bank is so fed up and all they want is for someone to email the transaction was cancelled with the merchant ID and authorization number to them and they will release my money back to me but oh no MoneyGram states they do not have email or fax capability. What you’ve got to be kidding me. I have a family to support but when it’s not you no one gives a shit. Promise you this is not the last they will hear from me.

  2. Sikanyiso manyika Reply

    Am so disappointed with the service I got at the USA call centre. Calling from Africa zimbabwe wanting to enquire why my daughter cannot receive money I sent . The call refers to hire office which never answers the call. Meanwhile costs of calling and holding from Zimbabwe escalate to more than us$100

  3. Terrisa Reply

    Moneygram is a joke.They customer service reps that are in other countries that are no help what so ever. I did a complaint to the BB do to not receiveing my 450.00 money order back. Everytime i call they always sorry but nothing ever gets done. I will be posting a blog about this.

  4. Faran Reply

    MoneyGram is charging a lot of fees for transfers. There are some new services that offer pretty affordable rates.

  5. John Reply

    Moneygram rocks. Have been using its service for quite some time and happy with the way it works. It is the fastest way to send payment! Thank You guys

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