Find below the customer service details of Credit One Bank. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the financial services company.

Head Office
6801 S. Cimarron Rd,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113,
United States
Phone: 702-269-1000

Phone: 1-877-825-3242 (general)
Phone: 1-702-405-2042 (international)
Phone: 1-877-825-3242 (lost cards)
Phone: 1-800-797-4299 (web support)

About Credit One Bank
Credit One Bank is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and is considered the leader in the credit card space with over 12 million cardholders. Using technology and data analytics to provide the best financial services, Credit One Bank offers a whole range of credit card options that make shopping safe and secure. Credited with over 17,000,000 mobile app downloads, and more than $128,000,000 in cash back rewards, is it any wonder that Credit One Bank is the leader in its field?

One of the most popular cards of Credit One Bank is the Platinum Rewards Visa card, which provides users with maximum rewards – up to 5% cash back on the first $5000 purchases every year. Eligible purchases for this cash back rewards include grocery, gas, mobile phone, internet, cable and satellite TV services. For all other purchases, users get 1% cash back and there is no limit on the amount spent. For purchases from top retailers, you can even get up to as much as 10% cash back – and all this for an annual fee of $ 95 only.

Next in line is the Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit – a card that is well suited for daily purchases as you get 1% cash back rewards on all purchases you make on groceries, gas and monthly bills for mobile phones, cable, internet and satellite TV. Another advantage of this card is that if you pay back on time, your credit history is built up and you are rewarded for being responsible. One can also choose the due date for payment based on your comfort and convenience – with an option to defer the date if some exigency arises. A nominal fee of $75 is charged in the first year and thereafter you pay $8.25 every month.

Credit One Bank’s next popular card is the American Express Card which earns a blanket 1% cash back reward on every purchase you make with no specific categories. A unique feature of this card is retail protection wherein all your purchases are protected and in case eligible items are accidentally stolen or damaged, you will be reimbursed the amount. You will also be eligible for special benefits and Amex offers, when you use the American Express Card. Top brands and outlets for retail, food and travel offer special discounts and benefits that make your shopping experience even more enjoyable. American Express cards have an annual fee of $39, which will open up a whole world of possibilities.

Other cards offered by Credit One Bank are the Wander Card that help you get astonishing deals at National parks, amusement parks, eligible restaurants and lodging. You can opt to become a Credit One Bank Platinum preferred card member with no annual fee that will earn you excellent rewards such as 2% cash back on eligible purchases, and about 10% additional cash back rewards from allied merchants. You can also check your online credit score – all this is possible without having to pay an annual fee. Pet lovers will love this next card from Credit One Bank – the Best Friends Credit card, wherein Best Friends will receive donations to the tune of 1% of all eligible purchases made on this card. You can also avail of 5% cash back at all pet supplies stores. Check out the Credit One Bank website to get complete details of all the cards they provide.

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Last Update: October 25, 2021