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Contact Samsonite: Find below customer service details of Samsonite, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Samsonite products whether luggages, bags, laptop cases or other products. You can also enquire on Samsonite stores, product warranty or service centers for repair. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Samsonite services.

Samsonite Head Office
Samsonite International,
575 West Street, Ste. 110
Mansfield, MA 02048, USA
Phone: 508-851-1400

Samsonite Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-262-8282 (US)
Phone: 1-800-265-8555 (Canada)
Phone: 01800 – 904 89 00 (Mexico)
Phone: 1-207-832-0814 (other countries)

New Purchases
Reach the below contact for queries on new purchases of Samsonite bags, leather goods, tables and more
Phone: 1-800-765-BAGS (2247)

Email Support
Write your feedback or complaints to [email protected]

International Support
Below are phone numbers of Samsonite offices across the world. You can reach the contacts for new purchases, service center locations or other questions
Australia: 1800 331 690 (toll free)
India: 22 33212600
Malaysia: +603 – 7957 6928
Singapore: 6733 2608
Thailand: (662) 610-3200
Germany: +32 (0)51 280 840
France: 0032 51 280 840
United Kingdom: 0032 51 280 840

Stores/Repair Centers
Locate a Samsonite store nearest to your street here. You can purchase new Samsonite products or even repair or replace your existing bags. You can filter phone and address details through company stores, authorized retailers or repair centers.

Samsonite  Online Store
To purchase Samsonite products online click here. You can find here carry on bags, garmen bags, boarding bags, luggage sets, lightweight luggage, softside luggage, suit bag, suiters, business cases, laptop bags, laptop backpacks, travel backpacks, messenger bags, duffle bags, gym bags and accessories such as locks, neck pillow, umbrella, adapter plug kit, luggage scale, travel wallet and more. Some of the top collections include Cosmolite, Cubelite, Aspire GRT, Bright Lite, Cruiseair Elite, Curv, DKX, Duralite, Fashionaire 1, Lift, xSpace, Winfield, Skywheeler, Supra and Pro 3. You can make purchases through Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club or JCB. If you are not satisfied with your online purchase, you can get a refund if you return the merchandise within 30 days.

About Samsonite
samsonite-logoSamsonite was founded by Jesse Shwayder in the year 1910. It is today world’s largest travel luggage company, manufacturing luggage bags, business bags, laptop cases, backpacks and more. Its products are sold in over 100 countries. In 1993, Samsonite acquired American Tourister, another leading travel luggage brand. As of 2011, the company had net sales of $ 473.8 million. Samsonite has strong presence around the world, mainly China, India and South Korea. It’s Cosmolite and B-lite luggage ranges have been a hit among people. Samsonite products have a global warranty of about 3 years. The warranty network is applicable in more than 80 countries. This warranty applies for only products that have manufacturing defects. In 2010, Samsonite celebrated its 100th year.

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  1. I bought 2 luggage at Ross store, Corpus Christi, Texas in March for my trip to Vietnam In May. In April, I found one of them is torn when I prepared stuffs for my trip. I took picture and came to store to tell them the issue but they did not receive my complaint because I have not kept the receipt. What a laughable 10 year-warranty!

  2. I purchased the 76cm Lite Cube DLX in June 2017 in Silver colour. I would definitely not recommend the purchase of this luggage. It has only been used twice, on international travel. On those two occasions it has been scuffed, marked, zip protector is torn, the shell is dented, the leather label has been lost and the back hinge is coming off.

    Samsonite say of this luggage (from Shop Samsonite)
    Lite-Cube DLX luggage collections offers a highly stylish and comfortable travel experience.
    • Made in Europe from extremely strong, and incredibly light Curv® material with an innovative metalize look.
    • Leather soft touch handles and details.

    • Curv Material – Layers of woven polypropylene are formed into self reinforced composite sheets providing superior durability while being extremely lightweight.
    • Top leather handle – Is more comfortable and durable way for you to lift the case with ease, to carry it by hand when rolling isn’t an option.

    I have long been a Samsonite user of their fabric range which is a third the price of the Lite Cube DLX luggage and it has travelled well. I cannot say the same for this luggage which, in my experience, is expensive, shoddy and easily damaged despite their claims that it has superior durability. The highly stylish appearance has disappeared because of the number of scuffs, dents and marks on the exterior. It looks like I found it on the side of the road. By necessity luggage gets handled by airport crew as they see fit. Luggage should be able to accommodate this handling as it is not possible to baby sit ones bags as they travel to the destination.
    In addition I have not been able to contact Samsonite directly to get satisfaction with these issues.

  3. Ramzi Zeini Reply

    Dear Madame / sir,
    I am a regular client at samsonite. In the the last 20 years, I purchased more then 20 suitcases from your store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In the past 3 years, I purchased 10 suit cases “Black Label” supposingly they are premium quality with a 10 years warranty. Within 2 years ,the outside body has been damaged and started to open. At once, I took the bag for service at the samsonite repair store in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. After 3 months,I have reclaimed my bag and after several follow ups and number of unaswered calls by the service center and the management the matter has not been resolved.
    It is so frustrating and I am really disturbed by the fact that a company of your repute can have such a degraded customer care and I will seriously think twice before I buy another Samonite product in the future.

  4. I should have read these reviews prior to calling them. Thankful that I didn’t buy the suitcases from Samsonite. HOWEVER, I am compelled to let everyone I can know how poorly their customer service is and how they don’t stand behind their words,

    I called looking for direction in purchasing a new set of luggage for my travels. Damien, the salesperson on the phone, was very informative in the product materials and the latest in luggage ware safety as well as airline regulations for fees applied to the dimension size and qhat is now considered appropriate for a carry-on. I was very satisfied and was ready to make a purchase. At that time, they had two sales which were stacked. The first was a reduction from the regular price and the other was a one day sale soon to expire that night for an additional 30% off the sale price. After looking at all the different luggage styles, Damien informed me of the additional 30% off. HE ACTUALLY SAID “30% OFF YOUR LUGGAGE WHEN YOU CHECK OUT. JUST MAKE SURE TO ENTER ‘VIPDAY’ IN THE COUPON SECTION OF THE CHECKOUT.” I thanked him and that was it. Call consisted of approx. 30-45 minutes. I know it was a long call, but he did provide much useful information.

    Not wanting any future regrets about not doing my homework thoroughly, I decided to check a few other places to compare prices on the items. Amazon had these items at a slight bit lower cost after discounts and would ship out at the earliest the day I was to leave on my business trip. Cut-off to make that deadline was in 30 minutes. My suitcases are simply falling apart and I was willing to pay the few extra dollars for the assurance that these items will be delivered to me in 2 days at no cost (ADVERTISED AS 2-DAY SHIPPING). So I decided to return to the Samsonite website and purchase the products so I can stay within a reasonable time limit and have time to pack accordingly rather than be in a rush.


    HEre is where the problem comes in. I went to make the purchase. VIPDAY is accepted as a valid discount. HOWEVER, it doesn’t apply to all the products as informed by Damien. According to Adam, another salesperson on the phone, it only applies to specific luggage which we looked at and not all. After advising him that this is the information I was given, Adam places me on a hold to return and tell me there is nothing he can do. I asked him if there was ever anything he can do and he said that even if he wanted, it’s not his call. I asked if I could speak with someone who could and was transferred to a supervisor. I asked if they could pull records of the conversation and she said they can. It will take approximately 2-3 weeks to pull and review. At that time, they can address where the problem is but no guarantee that they will honor anything. And the 2-day shipping is preceded by a 2-4 day processing noted only at the end of the checkout in small lettering. At this point, I missed the Amazon deadline to see if there was a chance to get the luggage just before the 12th hour. She then proceeds to ask me how I would like to be contacted for the results of the recorded conversation. I informed her that my goal is not to get anyone in trouble but get what was promised. And with the way this conversation is going with a Samsonite employee, I would definitely have a complaint in the shoddy process the next time I spoke with Samsonite. The response later indicated to me that the people I spoke with are 3rd party meeting their phone quota at a 7×24 helpdesk hired by Samsonite.

    Needless to say, I WILL NEVER SHOP FOR LUGGAGE ON THE SAMSONITE WEBSITE EVER AGAIN. And by the other horror of complaints listed here, I no longer consider or will promote Samsonite products to anyone ever again.

  5. I am completely and totally shocked at the customer service that this company has. I had ordered a bag to North Chicago back at the beginning of February and it was delivered to Woodridge. I had a planned trip in a week and unfortunately had to get a refund instead of asking them to send out new bags again. I called asking for my refund and they were unable to give it to me due to them creating an investigation. I have waited 2 months at this point where my matter got moved up to urgent to we are still working on it and it “will take as long as it takes” from multiple different representatives. No one seems to be able to do anything about this and it seems that no one cares enough to put this through.
    For someone who never even received their items that they ordered and still can’t get a refund, I would never recommend this to anyone.

  6. Magdy Mohamed Adawy Reply

    My bag which I have bought from your branch in Algeria at Bab Elzowar mall in October 2013 has been broken and I realized the place of your branch in Cairo, so I contacted them and they advised me to contact you because of my warranty is not sealed and I have lost the receipt.
    So kindly tell me what I have to do.

  7. Vrushiket Bodhe Reply

    Horrible Customer Service
    I had bought an 30″ spinner from US 6-7 years ago and it has 10 years international warranty. Recently,one of the wheels just came out while walking and I visited JM Road, Pune branch to give it for repair. Not only was the representative extremely rude but has also asked me to talk to someone in Samsonite US. Luckily I recorded a video of this pathetic customer service representative.
    We customer pay a premium amount for Samsonite products for its quality and service!! Here I am disappointed with both.. sub standard product and horrible customer service.

  8. Dear sir/madam,

    This is to bring to your attention the laxities, lack of initiative and failure of your partner or company here in the Philippines wherein they failed to have my bag repaired, replaced or whatever means necessary to make it appear good based on the standard of samsonite. If you have set of standard.

    I bought my samsonite bag at Europe and i have it repaired or changed to a samsonite store here at Paseo, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna on November 30, 2016 for a damage part at the bottom section. The bag was forwarded to samsonite Philippines.

    Samsonite Philippines did nothing to my bag and when i visited the samsonite Paseo to get my bag on the second week of March 2017, they got my cellphone number to inform me of any development. Later, samsonite Philippines and samsonite paseo sent me sms messages where samsonite Philippines informed me that they cannot repair or replace my bag. Samsonite Paseo informed me that they notified samsonite Philippines.

    So, it is clear that for how many months samsonite Philippines did nothing. If i did not visit samsonite Paseo, they will not check my bag. Later, samsonite Philippines is offering me a 20% discount for my next furchase of your product.

    I would like to inform you of this incident to correct you system and to bring to your attention the inaction of samsonite Philippines. Imagine for how many months, they did nothing and now my bag is not repaired.

    Thank you very much.

    customer/ owner of samsonite bag

  9. Steve Walker Reply

    I bought a great 29 inch suitcase from online about a year ago. I was under the impression that it had a 10 year warranty and if it broke you guys would fix it. It Broke! The first time I called you guys I was told that I could take it to your “repair center in Portland, OR or to Salt Lake City, or send it in at my expense to the repair center. I live in Boise, ID and it is 7 hours to either city.

    You see, my suitcase first of all lost the little Tabs to pull the zipper across, they just disappeared after the first 6 months or so. I was not that worried about that except that it was a pain to open the bag. The part that bothered me is that the actual zipper on the front of the bag that sealed the pocket shut was separated and could not seal due to the zipper being broken.

    The second time i called you guys the lady on the other line was most helpful. She actually sent me a label to send the bag to Portland to the repair center so the repair center could properly inspect the bag to determine if the damage was due to wear, neglect, or manufacturing defect, and Samsonite only covers one of those issues, and of course it is NEVER manufacturing defect.

    I received a call from the “repair Center” in Portland today and they informed me that to fix my bag, which they say is reasonable wear after less than a year of having it, will cost me $75.00 plus 35.00 shipping to get it back to me. If I am not mistaken this would cost me $110.00 to get my bag fixed. By the way I paid $109 for it new.

    I again called Samsonite today and was on hold for about 25 minutes and then was pushed to Customer Care who was reading from a script, or just didnt care about my issue. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was placed on hold another 10 minutes. The original guy came back to the phone after the 10 minute wait and told me all of his supervisors were busy and that they would call me back when they were not busy. I got BLOWN OFF! They never called me back, guess they are too busy taking care of other disgruntled customers.

    To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I am a customer and I am being RIPPED OFF, not to mention, your “warranty” should undergo some serious repairs, kinda like my luggage. The sale on the bag was great, and now I know why. Just know that I did order a new set of Samsonite Luggage, please look me up as my case “in repair” is an open order, and also notice that I did order new luggage due to my other bag breaking, did I mention that I bought it a little over a year ago, like Dec 3 2015, but it actually broke in November, but it has a 10 year warranty……I will be totally shocked if I hear back from you guys but do know that I am a loyal customer until I am done wrong by a company, then I NEVER shop them again. Usually I wont write to the company when this happens, I just NEVER shop with them again. You guys need to do the right thing!!!


  10. Dina El Zahed Reply

    I have purchased a vert. shoulder bag in July 2016 from your shop in Cairo festival city mall in new Cairo, Egypt. i got it as a gift for my husband.

    This bag is supposed to be the best and most expensive in your line of shoulder bags.

    Since that all my luggage are Samsonite products so I decided to try your line of shoulder bags and paid almost 2000 egp for a small shoulder bag which is extremely high to what other brands offer in the same category.

    But I have decided to give it a shot, but i was extremely disappointed.

    After using the bag for a month, it got cut and fabric got eaten up from one of the corners, which For me was a total shock.

    I headed to the shop again, they took it And told me that they will send it to the repair section and see what they can do for me and that they will get back to me in a couple of days.

    5 weeks have passed, and still no one called. So I returned back to the shop, i asked them why they haven’t returned back to me, they had no explanation, apparently they forgot, and after 5 weeks of ignorance they told me, we are sorry we can’t fix this or replace with a new bag and this is a misuse.

    I was about to head to the consumer protection agency in cairo, and issue a formal complaint about the low quality vs. high price product that I have bought from your shop especially that the bag is still in warranty phase, and also the extremely reluctant after sale service you guys offer here in Egypt. but I thought I should email you first, hoping You could solve my problem.

    I have simply switched from being a loyal customer into a customer who would never recommend your products to anyone due to my personal experience.

  11. I purchased a Samsonite suitcase in 2014 from RAYON D’OR, Paris. In two years the suitcase has started coming apart…apparently the material used was very low quality. Since I was told that it has 5 year international warranty, I went to Samsonite store at Phoenix Market City, Kurla, Mumbai, India. The salesman Santosh Jadhav was very arrogant and rude and returned the suitcase without repairing (After keeping it with them for 10 days). When I asked why it has not been repaired, he very rudely said “Why don’t you go and read the warranty card”. Let me clarify here that the warranty card does not have any details of what is not covered in warranty. It just says “Limited 5 Year Global Warranty”

    If you cant repair, you should replace it in warranty period.

    I purchased from Samsonite hoping that it is a big brand and will offer good quality and some integrity. But am disappointed with both. Will never buy Samsonite again!

  12. i have a samsonite suitcase that was a gift, purchased in the USA in 2012. The past couple of years I find it a struggle to manage the case as one of the wheels appear to be stuck. It has a ten year warranty. Is there a place in London that it could be repaired. Thanking you in advance.

  13. subhash goyal Reply

    Hi, my name is Subhash Goyal from Noida. My ph. No. Is 9818673941. I purchased a samsonite suitcase four years back from shoppers stop shipra mall Ghaziabad. I got a problem with the trolley of this bag few days back. As the bag was having 10 years warrenty, i gave it back to Mr. Ali manager of Samsonite store first floor shipra mall Ghaziabad. After 3 days, they said that this model is discontinued now so i talked to the customer care samsonite. They told me that in this case when we are not able to repair , we replace the item and he said to talk to Mr. Mahendra in this regard. During this episode, Mr. ali called me up for the warrenty card which i provided him. He talked to Mr. Mahendra in front of me and explained everything, but later on when i talked to Mr. mahendra next day, he didn’t take the matter seriously n showed as if he doesn’t know anything. Such type of behaviour is unexpected from such a reputed company like Samsonite. And if nothing is done soon i will take legal help.

  14. I brought a Samsonite case from Wertheim Village around19:00 18 Feb 2016, we paid for a case EU160 but then later upgrade to EU279, service was great but when I got to Tax Refind from Global Blue the lady only agree to Tax Refund EU10 as she demand both receipt for which I already return to the shop. I think your company should make the receipt more clear to assist in Tax Refund

  15. Gayle parmelee Reply

    After turning in my luggage to be mailed for repair,they called to say the broken handle wasn’t mfg defect and it would cost 47.00 to fix I had them mail it back to me. This should have been made clear at the samsonite store. After reading all above comments, customer service and quality isn’t what it used to be!

  16. I had purchased a double duffel trolley bag in 2014 from a retail store in Thane, Mumbai, India.

    After the first use (within 2 weeks of purchase) the trolley developed problems (would not collapse or eject. The retail shop has a record of this complaint)

    The bag was in the guarantee period, however it was only repaired. (We accepted in good faith)

    After the second use (in dec 2014), it developed the same problem.
    Disgusted we stopped using the bag (which was stupid on our part)

    Recently when required to travel, is when we reviewed our bags and found this samsonite bag we had stopped using.

    Surprised that the American Touristors, VIPs and Ecolacs which were much older purchases are still in mint-working-conditions we have decided to seek your response on this pathetic quality and service attitude your sales representatives/dealers are displaying.

    I spoke to the regional representative of Samsonite in Mumbai today after he inspected the bag. His comments were that if it were under the guarantee period the company would repair it free of cost else I would have to pay for the repairs. Repairs?
    Does your organisation have a policy to identify manufacturing defects? And how such defects need to be handled?

    There seems to be a misunderstanding here. As a customer I was willing to pay a premium for the brand Samsonite. The product quality is a let down. Your company representative is talking about repairs with complete disregard to the low-quality-delivery of the product?

    “Is this your quality?” and “This is your customer service guideline”. This is the pride you take in quality standards? I want your clarification.

  17. Yasser Farouk aglan Reply

    I have bought a big Samsonite from USA about 2 years ago. I took it in my last trip to Spain and unfortunately 2 wheels were damaged by the Turkish Airlines in Malaga Airport and I filled a complain. When I came back to my home in Alexandria Egypt, I went to the only Samsonite store in “City Center” to fix my bag.
    I was shocked and sad when the representative refused to take it for maintenance and I further asked to meet the manager who confirmed that in order to take the bag, I should present a stamped warranty and the purchase invoice.
    I would like to know anyone who keeps the purchase invoice for 2 years or less.
    I don’t know to whom I should take my damaged bag, or should I throw it away.
    I had the same issue before with Delsey Bags Agent in Egypt but they were very helpful and maintained happily my bag.

    Please I need a solution.

    Yasser Aglan

  18. Hello, I purchased my Samsonite laptop wheeled bag about a year ago. I did so because I owned one many years ago which lasted 6 years. I am very disappointed in the bag currently. The front lining has torn and ripped across the bag and then last week the handle broke. This is with normal use. I am a school psychologist and this is my third bag in 8 years. The last one a bought was very cheap (not Samsonite) and fell apart so I decided to pay the extra for a better bag, although I’m very disappointed. This bag is nothing like the bag I had years ago, it’s similar to the off brand cheap bag. There is not a repair center near me. I purchased my bag at Office Depot.

    I’m hoping you have a good solution as I used to love Samsonite and now I may not purchase another. Thank you

  19. Shane Hollonds Reply

    After purchasing a samsonite suspension duffle bag, with wheels. The main zip failed. I had it fixed through warranty 6 months later it failed again, once again fixed through warranty. And now whilst checking in at Dublin airport to return to Australia the zip failed once again! The wheels no longer worked, so I had to use a cart to move it! Wrapped it up with tape, so hopefully my clothes would arrive at Singapore so I could buy another bag to return to Australia. I have contacted the Samsonite office in Victoria and buyer beware!!They have offered a 55cm carryon bag to replace 74 cm duffle bag. Great after sales SERVICE.

  20. Hello,
    I bought a samsonite cabin bag about 18 months ago from an airport in the UK. I chose it because I was told they are rock solid and it would last for years. It turns out that the extending handle sticks and doesn’t collapse without manually pushing in the pegs. It causes me anxiety when I am trying to get through customs and board aircraft having to constantly rectify this problem. It started after a few months of purchasing the bag which cost about 140 GBP. Could you please let me know if there is anything you can do about this.

    Justin Speight

  21. Dear Madam/Sir,

    I am from Romania. I have a Samsonite luggage with a broken handle(we have many luggage’s from Samsonite – we are a devoted customer for this brand). I bring it in service but the importer company( has a defiant behavior regarding this service problem.
    The handle was broken in my hand during the travel. They made a false ascertainment about the luggage and ask me to pay the handle. The luggage is in their service, can be checked that it has not any traces of shocks or impact. I don’t agree to be cheated by this company. Please tell me how you can support me.

    Thank you and best regards.

  22. I bought a suitcase from Samsonite at Sahara center in Sharjah, took it home finding out that the locking mechanism was defected, it will open at any combination. Took it back to the shop to replace the case or replacing the locking mechanism but was told that I have to leave it for repair. The product was manufacturer defect and should be replaced. The suitcase was inspected by 5165 as per the sticker inside.
    Samsonite quality is no longer good, this is the last samsonite suitcase I buy, It’s not worth paying high price for a name only not the product.

  23. Adrian Varner Reply

    I have a set of Samsonite luggage that I received as a gift, the middle spinner has the wheel wore out like a flat tire. I received the luggage in 2010, I actually only used it twice once I realized that the wheel is coming apart. its not really spinning correctly after the wheel became messed up. can you send me some information about getting this repaired, thanking you in advance for your assistance,

  24. I purchased a samsonite suitcase, the lock of which has come out partially and it is in guarantee period. I would like to know where i can take it as i stay in virar. Please let me knw asap.

  25. I own a Samsonite suitcase. For some reason the suitcase will not open despite us entering the right combination. I will be grateful if anyone who has had a similar problem could advise what I should do to resolve this issue. Thank you.

  26. We requested, and recieved two Samsonite cases as part of a wedding gift in 2009. We were happy with the purchases. However the large suitcase has only been used twice (both times just for normal holidays) and has developed a large split, making it almost unusable. I have tried many routes to talk to Samsonite and all have failed. I’m becoming more angry by the day as email are ignored and phone numbers appear dead.

    So I would warn other customers to cautious if thinking of buying Samsonite – personally speaking this has been a farse ever since the product became defective.

  27. Marlene Creola Reply

    I bought a Samsonite lock and forgot the combination I have set up. I realy like my lock and don’t wanna lose it, is there anyway I can reset it?



  28. Roger Stickler Reply

    I have what appears to be a 21 inch spinner. Two of the wheels are single castors that spin 360. Two of the castors are double wheels and mounted on short arms that retract when the bag is stood vertically. These double wheels are in need of replacement. Appears that it would not be necessary to replace the entire assembly, only the wearing surface of the wheels. The hubs appear serviceable. Are replacements available directly from Samsonite or is it necessary to take the bag to a luggage repair shop? The luggage repair shop here in the Kansas City area charges outrageous prices for their work. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  29. vinod kumar Reply

    i have purchased a trolly bag from best price, Bhucho kalan Dist. bathinda (punjab) india, through my friend. i am in doubt that it is not original brand.please tell me that are you a supplier of BEST PRICE STORE BHUCHO KALAN ? WARRANTY CARD of my trolly bag is not in indian language.

  30. We bought two Samsonite bags – one from US and another from India. Got it 2 years ago. One suitcase now unable to lock with its number mechanism. The other one’s handle broke during my stay in London. Please advise how we should fix the same.

  31. Marios Karapateas Reply


    I am using Samsonite product for many years now. I own at least 7-8 travelling bags from Samsonite same as my business briefcase.

    I never had a single problem (that is the reason am using the brand name) with any of the products.

    Lately one of the locks of my briefcase broke. I took it to the local agent here in Cyprus (COSTAS THEODOROU LTD).

    Store Repairs :09SE00-00002

    Date 03/01/2012

    Today, even if 3 weeks passed since then my briefcase is NOT ready yet. Someone called me some days ago from the agent telling that my briefcase is a bit old (2 years old) and Samsonite might not have the part. He promise to call me back the same, but never did.

    I wonder if 3 weeks for a simple lock is the standard service that Samsonite provides?


    Marios Karapateas

  32. Sourav Deb Roy Reply

    Dear sir,
    I had bought a Samsonite bag from a local store with a 3 year warranty in 2009.Within 2 years ,the stitching started to open up at many places. I promptly gave the bag for servicing. They marked 3 places with chalk and said the remaining they would check while stitching.
    However when I reclaimed the bag after 1 month I could see that they have not stitched at many places. Upon telling them they replied that it was because I had not marked them. I remember clearly telling them that I had pointed it out while giving it for servicing.
    I took the bag .I am really disturbed by the fact that a company of your repute can have such awful customer care and i will seriously think twice before I buy another Samonite product.

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