Contact Gulf Air: Find below customer service details of Gulf Air, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Gulf Air. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Gulf Air services.

Gulf Air Head Office
Gulf Air,
P.O. Box 138, Manama
Kingdom of Bahrain

Gulf Air Customer Care (Bahrain)
+973 17335777
+973 17339339 – Flight Information
+973 17222820 – Reservation
+973 17224494 – Fax

Gulf Air Seef

Manama Center
17224494 – Fax

Gulf Air Cargo
17 321399
17 321366

Reservations – Worldwide
United Arab Emirates – 02 6516888
United Kingdom – 08 44493 1717
USA: 1 888 3594853
Australia – 1300 366 337
Germany – 71911211
France – 4952.4141
Spain – 93 217 15 65
Singapore – 6738 2500
India – 1800-123 7474
Hong Kong – 2926 2030
Canada: 1 888 359 4853
Indonesia – 30016028
Malaysia – 30016028
Italy – (0)2 67077382
Korea – 5607016
New Zealand – 308 3358
Pakistan – 2272201/03
Thailand – 2547931-4
Taiwan – 02-25603355 ext 209-212
Vietnam – 3914 7614 – ext: 14

Web Check-In
You can check in from 24 hours until 90 minutes before the flight departs. To check-in online right now click here

Flight Status
To check Gulf Air flight status online click here

Flight Schedule
To check Gulf Air flight schedule online click here

Falcon Gold lounges are found in Bahrain, Dubai, London and other major cities.

Baggage Information
Checked Baggage:
Falcon Gold passengers: 40 kg
Economy Class passengers: 30 kg
Gold: an additional 20 kg
Silver: an additional 15 kg

Hand Baggage
Falcon Gold members can carry one bag with total 9kg weight and Economy Class passengers can carry one bag with total 6kg.

Track Lost Baggage – Gulf Air
To track lost baggage click here

Duty Free Shopping
Duty free shopping is available on Gulf Air flights. You can select products from a range of categories including Gifts, Watches, Electronics, Fragrances etc. For more details visit the website at

Gulf Air Destinations
Gulf Air flies to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Tehran, Dubai, Bahrain, Cairo, Khartoum, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Muscat, Mumbai, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Peshawar, Islamabad, Chennai, Kochi, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Jeddah, Alexandria, Cairo, Milan, Geneva, Milan, Beirut, and more.

Gulf Air Frequent Flyer Programme
The frequent flyer programme lets you earn miles every time you fly with Gulf Air or its codeshare flights. You also earn points on hotel booking and car rentals. There are three levels of membership – Blue, Silver and Gold. To enroll click here. For questions or feedback email at [email protected]

About Gulf Air
gulf-air-pictureGulf Air was founded in the year 1950 and is the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The airline, headquartered in Muharraq, operates from its main hub at Bahrain International Airport and serves over 40 cities in 26 countries. Gulf Air’s onboard service includes the award winning Sky Chefs and Sky Nannies. Skytrax has ranked Gulf Air as a 3-star airline.  Bahrain Grand Prix is one of many events sponsored by Gulf Air.

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  1. Eric Reply

    Don’t fly Gulf Air, terrible food, terrible customer service, they have bad movie selection too; and they are not even listed correctly!

    With so many Amazing Middle Eastern Airlines why would anyone pick Gulf Air??

  2. nova b. ticsay Reply

    Last Tuesday, 02.01.2018, we’re booked on GF155 for our return flight from Manila to Bahrain. Having heard the previous day that some flight have either arrived late or cancelled; we tried hard to contact Gulf Air Customer Service, but to no avail! Since we have a lot of friends in Bahrain, we asked them to call Gulf Air if our flight is cancelled or will be delayed; they replied that Gulf Air have resumed normal operation! Since we received no advisory or message from Gulf Air, we proceeded to the airport, leaving our place at around 04:00 hrs, we reached the airport at 07:30 Hrs and proceeded directly to the assigned check-in counter as indicated in MIAA monitor. Details of the flight GF155 was on the monitor, so we queued on the check-in counter indicated! To our dismay, at around 8:00 am, details of GF155 flight, disappear on the monitor! Soon words spread that the flight is delayed! The Gulf Air plane GF 154 from Bahrain to Manila will arrived at 17:30 hrs; then changed again to 18:30 hrs! A delay of more than 6 hours! Since it was Gulf Air fault for not informing us about the delay, Gulf Air Manila Office should have booked us in a nearby hotel! But Gulf Air check-in staff proceeded to take our tickets; then made us wait for 6 long hours in the departure lounge! We even have to ask them that we should be provided with some snacks and lunch!

    Had we been delayed in checking in even for 30 minutes, Gulf Air will surely close its counter and impose heavy fine on us for checking in late! You, Gulf Air have been delayed for more than 6 hours!

    At this modern age of advanced communication technology, Gulf Air should have at least the modesty and respect to inform its passenger and customers of whatever changes or delayed in their flight schedule! But you have none of it!

    Next time we book our flight to Manila, i’ll never ever think of Gulf Air, such a rubbish customer service!

  3. Mr. Dominique Stowe Reply

    Good afternoon Sir/madam,

    I recently returned to (St.Vincent) from ( Bahrain), via ( Hethrow) to ( Gatwick) on flight (BA 2155) & (GF 7) respectively, which arrived on Friday 12th May at (London Hethrow Airport).

    My luggage, which was supposed to be checked all the way through to my final destination ( Barbados), baggage tag No. (PNR:IRVHTX GF260978) has apparently been completely miss-placed and possibly off loaded in Heathrow. The ground staff at the (Heathrow) lost luggage counter, where I spoke with a (Miss.Hafeez) informed me that they would be in touch within (24) hours to inform me of where and when my luggage would be tracked down and arriving.

    It has been 3 days now; I have lodge a complaint at the Gulf Air Agent at Heathrow and they told me to lodge complain to British Airways in Barbados ( LHRGF19786) which i did. Up to this present moment i have absolutely no information for me as to the whereabouts of my luggage!

    I find it completely unprofessional how in our world today with the security and technology available to you as a large airline can completely miss-place baggage.

    I have already claimed via my insurance and my lawyer but the total value of my belongings inside my luggage is more than double what my insurance are able to pay out. I have certain items inside which are completely irreplaceable.

    I hope that the bag will be located and sent back but should it never turn up and be reported missing indefinitely, I believe that I am entitled to some form of compensation from the airline.

    I can be reached on my mobile (1-784-593-5408/ 1-784-433-1504); I would appreciate an update as soon as possible.

  4. Melissa Reply

    DO NOT FLY WITH GULF AIR!! Gulf Air has the absolute WORST staff and customer service I have ever experienced. After travelling worldwide to over 30 countries I have never experienced such horrible customer service as I did at the Cairo airport on 18 November, 2016 trying to get to Manama, Bahrain. I had a connection that arrived to Cairo 60 minutes prior to boarding. I paid 100 pounds to have a taxi beeline it from terminal 3 to terminal 1 in order to run through and make my connection. At 50 minutes prior I arrived at security and was told my flight was already closed. I informed them that per my ticket the flight was still open for boarding as long as you made it to the boarding gate 15 minutes prior. Security stated they required 60 minutes prior – so I ran to the Gulf Air operations section asking for assistance, they could not help me – they took me to the reservation section where I ran into nothing but roadblocks. The man at the counter had a bias attitude either to women or Americans and I was informed by him my ticket was non-refundable due to me being a “no-show” (this was still 30-40 minutes prior to the flights scheduled departure). Also, he stated I would have to wait 30 minutes for his supervisor (how convenient). I have had several other airlines and several other staff members be able to assist customers for such short connections with a fast pass or a staff member walking us through, but the Gulf Air staff refused to assist us. After succumbing to the fact that we were going to miss the flight due to lack of action and an unwilling to provide customer service on part of the Gulf Air staff we asked for a voucher or to be rebooked. I reminded him we were not a “no-show” due to being in front of his desk 40 minutes prior to departure and begging for assistance that was never offered. He nor his supervisor ending up helping. Instead the man at the counter was trying to charge us “100 USD” to rebook, while the supervisor stated “60 USD to rebook” (this reeks of corruption and in any other organization these people would be FIRED), they would not place us on a waiting list for the next available flight and wanted to rebook us for 24 hours later. They also refused to work with another airline who had a flight departing 2 hours from then with 8 available seats. We were the only customers they had for a period of about 1 hour while we tried to work a solution. We ending up leaving without solution and going to the EgyptAir counter where we were provided the opposite service Gulf Air provided. EgyptAir was amazing and sold us tickets (best $600 I have ever spent to get away from Gulf Air) to a flight that was departing in an hour, EgyptAir had a staff member walk us to the head of security due to the line being enormous, and even walked us through immigration. We arrived at our gate about 40 minutes prior to departure only to find that there was also a Gulf Air flight departing at 2315 – the same time as the EgyptAir flight that the Gulf Air office told us did not exist. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, HORRIBLE OPERATIONS, AND OVERALL HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I will NEVER fly with Gulf Air again!!!

  5. Ahmad Reply

    Never travel by Gulf Air because, Gulf Air staff will not even care about transferring your baggage. I traveled via India, Bahrain to Paris. At Delhi Airport Gulf Airways staff told me to travel and they will send my baggage next day. Because they couldn’t transfer baggage due to unknown reason. Today is my 3rd day in Paris waiting for my baggage. I’m very disappointed and not sure what to do. No one is helping to find my baggage. I went to lost and found and wrote my email address with my name and haven’t received anything from them as well.

  6. akbar Reply

    I traveled from Karachi to Bahrain to Riyadh on 15 Aug, I was with my family had 4 tickets. I got very bad behavior from ground staff of gulf Airline at Karachi Airport. There was Mrs Sadaf who attend me for boarding I had 4 kilo access Weight in my luggage (only sweets and kids gifts), I request to hand carry that weight but she Refused asking for money but I did not pay. She told me to return that weight or throw at dustbin beside her. At same time other counter were doing well, I don’t know why she behaved very arrogantly. I was very upset to adjust that weight. Really she was laughing at me to see me in panic. I got boarding in 3rd attempt every time she weight my all baggage plus hand carry around 7 bags. I decided to not go by Gulf Air next time Why to Pay Gulf Air to get insulted by their worst and arrogant staff.

  7. Khalil Reply

    I booked a flight as detailed are mentioned below and also attached an e ticket for your reference:
    Ticket number: 0722427124383
    Date Departs Arrives Flt # Route Passengers Seat Term
    Sat, Apr 04 6:35 AM 7:15 AM GF 751 KHI to BAH 1
    Sat, Apr 04 9:45 AM 10:20 AM GF 103 BAH to DMM 1

    There were following letdowns on this flight experience:

    • Flight from Bahrain to Dammam was cancelled without telling any reason and I was informed by SMS late night, i tried to call many times the helpline numbers at Karachi airport but no response as it happens once in past too.
    • The representative of Gulf Air at Karachi airport was not cooperative and helpful. Lady Officer at Karachi airport tried to stopped me carry a hand bag along with my laptop bag, which was surprising for me as I have never been stopped from carrying both during my all international trips, later on after long debate other officer allowed me to carry.

    • Flight# GF 751 was delayed from Karachi to Bahrain; it was supposed to fly at 6:35 local time but delayed till 8:15, then 8:50 and later on again delayed to 9:55, I waited at the airport for 4 hrs.
    • When we reached Bahrain airport at local time 10:45 as connecting flight# GF 103 was cancelled without telling any reason and we were informed that we will be transferred by bus service, there was a long queue at the airport for the bus but at 12:30 few of the passengers were given the tickets to go through bus and rest were informed to wait till 2:30 so that they can arrange the other bus. I waited again for more than 2 hrs.
    • At 3:00 PM the Gulf Air representative officer came and started giving tickets for the bus, it was very unfortunate that there were 3 queues instead of 1 which was injustice for those who were there early including me.
    • I sit in the bus at 3:30 PMs and till 4:30 PM all the passengers were inside the bus but we were not allowed to move as it was informed to us that out of 48 passengers 08 passengers did not received their luggage so we will move when they will receive their luggage, we requested the officer to shift them in the other bus which was scheduled afterward but he refused and this caused us to wait till 9:30 PM till they received their luggage.
    • During this period of approximately 7 hrs, we were not allowed to go inside the airport nor outside and there was no food no water, which you can understand how worst time it was for me.

    These failures were compounded by Gulf Air employees who were curt, insensitive, and ineffective. We talked to an innumerable chain of people and found ourselves begging for help like a child begs for a cookie.
    As a result of these failures, my whole day was wasted and on top of it the mental and physical stress I have received is beyond compensation, it took 3 days to get to normal life after that stressful journey.

    I would seriously ask for the compensation for all the physical and mental stress I had and time I have lost and to take serious actions against those responsible for this pathetic service and mismanagement to avoid this painful experience in future. I hope that I wouldn’t be needing to raise this issue to higher authorities and will be resolved quikly.


  8. Syed Shahrukh Reply

    I have lost my baggage on 16th August 2014 since then I have been following up and submitted the claim but till there is no response from Gulf Air. I am really very much disappointed with the services of Gulf Air and really want your intervention in this matter, my claim ID is DMMGF26388

  9. Rehan T Sultan Reply

    One of the worst ground level customer desk services ever seen. i was travelling from London Heathrow T4 to Bahrain (Flight GF2). I cheked in online and went to drop my baggage. At baggage drop desk, they took more than one hour to accept my baggage on board. They did not have anyone to read expiry date written in Arabic on my traveling documents.

    When i have shown my disagreement to wait so long, they communicated very rude and given an inappropriate gesture. Anyway after more than hour, a lady came and confirmed the expiry date written on my travel documents and finally accepted my baggage; but lady at the ticket desk did not bother to regret about the inconvenience caused by this.

  10. Rana Husain Reply

    I would like to ask for your help regarding finding my missing camera.

    Yesterday 2nd june I came from Sudia Arabia to Bahrain and then Qatar ,but after we reached Doha ,I found my camera was missing . I used your airlines alot and this is the first time that something like that happened to me .

    I will be happy if you try to look for it andfind it because my camera has all my personal photos.

    Thanks for your cooperation .

    • Abdulmajid Hammoud Reply

      Hi Rana,
      I saw your comment to Gulf Air from June 3 2013 regarding your camera you had lost. I had recently lost my iPhone on the flight from Amman to Bahrain. I am just wondering if you have got your camera back. my experience so far is bad and cannot find a responsible person in Gulfair to speak to. I am unable to contact anyone one who would take my claim. Bad experience so far.

      Thank you

  11. Ahamed Najeeb Reply

    The gulf air staff at Manama (Bahrain) Airport denied to carry Zamzam water which was accepted and loaded by Gulf Air from Jeddah. When I contacted the staff, he behaved very arrogantly and forced me to throw 4 bottles of zamzam water that was allowed to carry by four passengers (my family). I was travelling from Jeddah to Muscat by Gulf Air through Bahrain. The transit time was more than 7 hours and Gulf Air told me that they cannot provide me the hotel, which I accepted. They allowed me to go out by obtaining Visa on a condition that they will drop off my luggage in Bahrain. My luggage was 3 bags and 4 packed bottles of zamzam water. These zamzam water was in the bottle issued by the Makkah Haram Authority and Packed by Safewrap (approved packers in Jeddah Airport). When I came back to load my baggages for my journey from Bahrain to Muscat, they refused to load the water bottles. Initially they told me that they will not allow to load the water bottles into the luggage and shouted at me and treated me like a criminal. I was never insulted in my like this before. When I told them that the same bottles were accepted by Gulf Air in Jeddah and I am on transit in Bahrain. Then he told me that all bottles were leaking. Unfortunately, one of the bottles was leaking. I told them that I don’t want to carry the leaked bottled and requested them to allow me to carry other three bottles in good condition and well packed. The staff was too arrogant to check the bottle and packing. He declared the package as rejected without looking at it. I had to leave the zamzam water at the airport. As I understand it was a big insult to the zamzam water and to a Muslim who was returning from Umrah. My relatives and friends were eagerly waiting for the zamzam water in Muscat. Let Allah forgive the Gulf Air’s arrogant staff in Bahrain. I am frequency flyer and I will never choose Gulf Air in my life again. Why to Pay Gulf Air to get insulted by their worst and arrogant staff.

  12. Hana Reply

    Being a Bahraini, and having Gulf Air as my National Carrier, i’m totally disgraced.

    Every time we deal with GF they have to have blunder, errors and all that u may call it. Unprofessional staff, wrong information and customer Pays for it.

    Recently i bought a ticker of BD 200.900
    Just about 5 hours before my flight i called to make changes…with changes and no-show penalty i was charged another BD 97.000.

    This makes my ticket 297.900 on total expenses.

    the next day i decided to cancel the ticket. on speaking to 17373737, Staff ‘Sahar’, I was told that after deducting the Cancellation charges which is about USD 60.00, I ‘d be refunded almost BD 274.000, and this would be about 2 weeks from now. I said fine!!

    Then another staff calls and says, sorry maam, the cancellation Charges are 10 Dollars more then what u were informed of. i said ‘thats not my problem, if she told me it was 10 dollars more, i wouldn’t cancel my ticket. so he spoke to his manager, and got back to me saying ‘ok mam, we’ll charge you with what u were quoted by SAHAR.

    Now, to my surprise, i’ve been refunded only BD 239.900 and not approx. BD 274.000 as informed by the call center staff SAHAR.

    The manager speaks to me and says, yah but she told you approximately BD. 274.000 (I think the manager AHMED AKBAR himself doesn’t know the meaning of APPROXIMATELY) Trying to cover up for his colleague, he tried to convince me that she said the right thing and nothing of the NO SHOW penalty and Changes made to the ticket will be refunded.

    SAHAR never told me that!!! all she said was of 279.900, we’ll deduct some cancellation charges of about 50 Dollars, and the rest approximately BD 274.000 will be refunded (they have a recording of this conversation)

    If i knew that i’d be refunded only 239.900 and loose BD. 58.000, i’d not have cancelled my ticket.
    but because GULF AIR is inefficient like always with untrained staff, who makes mistakes and a customer is asked to pay – WHY? Its not my fault, why am i paying for it.

    I should be refunded as informed, and the difference should be deducted from CALL CENTER STAFF / SAHAR’s account.

  13. phaedon Reply

    With this mail I would like to inform you on an unpleasant and unacceptable event incident that happened to me traveling with gulf air from Larnaca to Bahrain.

    Saturday January 12 I booked to travel to Bahrain with gulf air flight xxxx, arriving at Bahrain at 17.30.
    Before booking my flight with gulf air I have talked with a responsible lady employee of gulf air in Cyprus regarding the need for visa, and I hold a passport form Cyprus. This was done on January 7.

    After checking in at the Internet site and the internal systems of air gulf, I was informed by gulf air office in cyprus that I can travel to Bahrain and get a visa for 24 hours upon arrival at the airport as I have a booking at a hotel and a flight to Dubai within 24 hours.

    Based on this information I booked my flight to Bahrain from larnaca traveling there from Athens Friday January 11.

    I have travelled to larnaca paid the expenses to stay Friday on Nicosia and Saturday I was at the check in desk of gulf air to drop off my luggage and get the flight to Bahrain.

    Again the check in lady together with the manager in charge checked the issue of visa, looked at their computer systems, phoned to other responsible people and confirmed that I will get a visa for 24 hours as I have the right documentation, eu passport, hotel voucher, ticket to Dubai next day, within the 24 hours.

    The check in counter accepted my luggage and gave me my boarding pass.

    Arriving at Bahrain airport I was taken for an unpleasant surprise!

    Police control denied to let me pass, got my passport confiscated and with their behavior humiliated me as of I were a criminal! I was waiting for more than 30 minutes treated as a low class person, unacceptable for my age, education and experience!

    After begging to the policemen to guide me and tell me what I should do, an officer told me that they need another hotel voucher to be issued by gulf air at the transfer desk.

    I got my passport and traveling documents, waited more than 20 minutes at the transfer desk.

    Arriving in front of gulf air desk I explained what the police officer asked me, a new hotel voucher from gulf air so I can pay and get a visa for 24 hours.

    To my surprise, the responsible lady from gulf air, when she saw my passport started shouting to me and saying that she will never give me a hotel voucher and will not allow entrance to Bahrain.

    When I dared saying that I was allowed by gulf air officers and managers who have checked in the computer my issue and allowed me take the plane from larnaca to Bahrain, this same lady in an impolite and insulting way denied to give me the hotel voucher shouting that ‘here is Bahrain, I do not allow you entrance to Bahrain even if gulf air manager at the airport of larnaca comes to bahrain to beg for your entry to Bahrain’.

    Totally unacceptable behaviour!

    As I had no choice, I had to cancel my business meetings in Bahrain and asked at the counter of gulf air a ticket for Dubai the earliest possible.

    Another humiliation, I was asked to pay cash 46BAD as credit cards are not accepted. I gave 100 euro, the lady manager in charge refused to accept euros and asked me to go at the arrivals floor, find an exchange office and come back with local currency.

    Humiliated, I run to the arrivals to change money. No employee was there, I was waiting for more than 15 minutes !

    I decided to return to the transfer desk, after begging gulf air lady manager, she accepted the payment on euro and issued my ticket.

    Asking if this new booking and new ticket to Dubai will not affect my other bookings with emirates for my return to Athens Friday 18, I was ironically assured that there would not be any problem.

    I travelled with gulf air and arrived to Dubai where I stayed until Friday 18th.

    Thursday 18th another bad surprise! my booking to Athens with emirates had been cancelled!

    I was obliged to rebook and pay a higher price ticket to return to Athens.

  14. Shamila Reply

    I am Shamila Neemat Sarwar, My ticket number is ETKT 072 9588611858-59. I will arrive in Miami from Atlanta ( GF 6898) on 13 December at 18:00 hours by AA and leave Miami for Dhaka, Bangladesh through Paris at 0900 hrs by GF 6662. Since I have a very short transition period of 1.5 hours, I would request you to do my immigration early.

  15. AR Reply

    Gulf Air does not handover kids strollers during transit and will be returned only at the final destination. If you have layover or have to walk long distances to other terminals during transit you’ll have to carry your infants in your hand.
    Booked Gulf Air because of its competitive pricing but in the end it was not worth it. Too many complaints to list (lost luggages, broken baggages etc.) Also noticed that the employees were not empathetic towards the issues of its customers, this was prevalent in every office I interacted regardless of the country.

  16. Ehab Dahshan Reply

    I have a an FFP card supposed to be upgraded, suddenly i received another blue card and my online account was blocked without any prior notice, however the service was in use very often in use, i filled in a complaint recently on board, but to no avail. I tried to contact the cairo office which was of no much use, i have no clue about how many points i lost, or do have. I don’t seem to get any reply from any one at all. I understand that your service has deteriorated rapidly in the last few years, i’m not really encouraged to carry on with your flights in the near future.

  17. Dr Fayez Najjar Reply

    To Gulf Air Management:
    It gives me great pleasure to write this comment to thank Gulf Air Saudi manager Mr Shaikh Ishtiyaq. Mr Ishtiyaq’s efforts and dedication going out of his way to accomodate me and my family on many occasions. I am a frequent flier of Gulf air and i have enjoyed flying to many destinations particularly the Manama to Manila route.
    Again my sincere appreciation to Gulf Air Saudi Manager Mr Ishtiyaq for all his help.

  18. zainab Reply


    This is to bring to the attention of higher authorities that recently I travelled from karachi to nairobi on the 17th feb 2012 by gulf air flight at 6.00a.m.I am extremely dissapointed with the staff at the check in counter at karachi airport.They are very rude, shrewd, heartless,extremely corrupt and disgustingly inhumane.The ladies with their skin deep beauty are even worse.I was travelling with two other passengers.Our main baggage was within the required limits.
    We were terrorised over the hand luggage and was almost going to miss the flight.In fact they did not inform us as to why they had stopped us half way through the clearing at the check in desk.. On inquiring they told us to wait and would let us know later.I was forced to throw away my precious personnel effects with no reason at the last minute.Had I been told earlier I would have returned . The officer requested for the bribe and had no choice but to pay him. My earnest request to the higher authorities is to look into such incidences where the passengers are terrorised for no serious crime. In fact there was another african passenger who was terrorised and was forced to pay a bribe to the officer on duty even though he had limited luggage.Finally I have decided never ever to travel again by gulf air line .Your early reply and your course of action will be highly appreciated.thanking you.

  19. Manohar Reply

    dear sir,
    I traveled as a group of 4 members in Sept & oct2011 from Chennai to Bahrain to London to Chicago and back. On return, extra baggage charges was demanded, even though 2 per head was allowed in onward, and i paid and claimed with Gulfair. They also asked me to fill and send indemnnity bond; this also i completed and sent 2 months back. i am yet to get reply and also refund of $180. I give reference from their mail :Gulf Air ITEM:2011566703.

  20. Harpreet Kaur Reply

    I’ve used Gulf Air previously for my family’s trips to India, and experienced no particular dissapoints. This time, however, I am VERY UPSET with the way Gulf Air has handled my situation. My younger siblings & I are traveling via Gulf Air from Dallas, TX to: New Delhi, India in mid March for a wedding in the family. When I purchased my tickets 2 weeks ago, my itinerary had a layover in Frankfurt for about 3 hrs 15 mins and then another lay over in Bahrain for about 3 hours. Despite the cheaper ticket options available, I chose our ticket simply because of the short stops, as with 2 younger siblings… it’s quite difficult to manage long lay-overs. I received an E-MAIL notification today indicating that my ITINERARY HAS BEEN CHANGED and I have NO OPTION but to accept the changes. My trip to India, which was initially a 25 hr trip, has now been extended to 40 HOURS. My stop over in Frankfurt has been extended from 3 hrs and 15 mins to 14 Hrs and 35 mins!!!! … & not only this, my second stop in Bahrain has also been extended to: 6 hrs and 40 Mins!! I AM IRRATE and the way that Gulf Air has chosen to handle this matter. I called, almost pleaded that they understand my situation and was advised that NOTHING COULD BE DONE. I am even willing to change my travel dates by a day or so, in order to assist them in finding me a better option, and still, was advised that nothing could be done. Not only has Gulf Air failed to take credibility for the situation, but even failed to offer any sort of accomodations to ease our (nearly) 15 HOUR STAY in Frankfurt. I am requesting that someone please assist me in handling this matter in the best way possible… I refuse to be treated in such a poor manner, especially when my younger siblings are also having to suffer the consequences. I paid a heavy price to purchase the 3 airline tickets, and am appalled at the service they offer their “valued” customers.

  21. Dr. R. B. Sharma Reply

    I traveled to Delhi (INDIA) from Riyadh via Bahrain on the 19 January, 2012, I had TWO luggage (One Suitcase + ONE SONY LCD), the baggage was safely delivered but the other one (LCD) went missing. I have contacted to Gulf Air Customer Services (IGI AIRPORT, NEW DELHI), they responded very softly and assured me to find my LCD within few days. I was very upset and thought I will never get back my SONY LCD.

    I regularly touched with Mr. Balel Singh (at IGI Airport, DELHI), he gave personal attention on me and by his hard affords, my LCD safely reached at my home by currier within 12 days.

    I appreciate to Gulf Air. I am very much thankful to IGI Airport, Riyadh Airport and Bahrain Airport Gulf Air staff members. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mr. Balel Singh for his affords.

    With Regards!

  22. Gomathi Reply

    My children and I travelled from NY to Chennai on December 25th. While coming back to NY, my childern came alone. I requested for assistance. In the beginning they were not ready to provide assistance for 16 year old. Finally, they agreed. They did a very good job from Chennai to NY. Even in Paris Gulf air line employee helped them to get the boarding pass and their help was great. Thank you very much for the great people in Gulf air lines.

  23. Subhi Haddad Reply

    Before booking my tickets on the flight of Gulf Air (Kuwait – Damascus) I contacted the Office of Gulf Air – Bahrain to ask about the weight allowed on the trip. The employee who answered the telephone replied(40 kg). I called again to talk to another employee who said it is (30 kg) and not 40. Not good customer service.

  24. Rahul Reply

    Gulf Air, please improve your customer service. It is very poor compared to other competitors of yours. If you dont take passengers seriously, your business will be hit.

  25. Mohamed Reply

    In reference to the above claim and constant follow up with your office in Nairobi, I would like to remind you that it has been 75 days since our travel with Gulf air. Our baggage was misplaced by your airline and it contained very personal belongings. The questionnaire dated 30th October has relevant details.

    We are not very happy with the response we have been getting from your end towards the compensation of the said baggage. After one and half months your Nairobi office informs us to accept 300$ as full claim of goods worth K.Shs 191,200 (approx. 2,000$). It being very difficult to comprehend we declined the said offer from your Nairobi office and we were informed that the case will be forwarded to Gulf air in Bahrain.

    On further follow up I was asked to put down my issues in writing.

    Its been long since we travelled now. The year too is ending. We don’t want any extra compensation from Gulf air but only what belonged to us.
    Your response has been very poor so far and I feel that the public in Kenya should know about the poor response by Gulf air regarding lost/ mishandled baggage.

  26. Agusta seki Reply

    i travelled to kenya from dubai via bahrain on the 27th of october i had two luggages one was safely delivered but the other one went missing.. i have tried calling gulf air customer services but no response.. the kenyan agents out here have turned out to be hostile and request me to keep on checking with marhaba in dubai.. wont recommend travelling with ths flight..i have another gulf air ticket for december now that i have seen even refunding that will be a problem coz i wanted to cancel i will travel in it one last time but with only a hand luggage..

  27. Martha Susaimuthu Reply

    My husband and myself traveled from London to Chennai via Bahrain in Gulf Air. We had stayed in Bahrain for a day to do shopping. when we reached Chennai on Oct 30 from Bahrain our checked baggage did not reach Chennai. The service in Gulf Air was also very poor.
    After reaching Chennai we did not have any change of clothes,toiletries and medication. We filed a complaint at chennai airport and then informed Gulf air. Both promised that the 4 baggage will be delivered on Monday but it did not come.Then they said Tues morning, but it came only on Monday afternoon. We had to buy clothes, toiletries and medication. I would like to be compensated for the delay in receiving my baggage and the trouble that we had to undergo. Please reply immediately to this email as I am wary to travel with Gulf air.


  28. Ivan Reply

    Had a wonderful experience travelling with Gulf Air last week. Would surely look forward to travel again. Enjoyed the food, seats and everything.

  29. George Reply

    Gulf Air customer services are very poor. The telephone numbers hardly work and the executives are very rude!

  30. con veneris Reply

    My Baggage was delayed from athens to bangkok,flight no gf 150,28th july.I had to wait over one and half days and needed to buy clothes and toilteries to value of $ 200.00.Can I please be compensated for this.Regards Con veneris

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      reach the customer service of the airline..they should provide you the right details..

  31. Alagappan Reply

    I cancelled two tickets from Jordan to India last december. Until now I have not got the refund. It has been four months..what has happened? I cancelled return tickets of my wife&daughter name A.soundaram&A.saraswathi.I cancelled from Indian agent name Sugir Tours&travels.Tickets numbers ETKT 072 1671545197 & ETKT 072 1671545196.Suppose to travel on 25th december 2010 but I cancelled one week before. Still the agent have not received money from you or Agent has been making delays.I want to know the status of this issue.Please reply me in my mail alagu***** I like to know the refund amount also please.

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